We Are Encouraging Modesty, Honesty, Morality and Virtue
As The Sample and Example For All Humanity --- FATHER DIVINE





Our FATHER'S Message given While at the Holy Communion Table, Krum Elbow,
Highland, New York, Sunday Morning, December 7th, 1941 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:00 P.M.





Herein is the standard for Righteousness for all nations and for all manhood and for all womanhood. Herein is the hope of salvation for all civilization presently and for the future.

FATHER DIVINE in majesty rules the world proving HIS Majesty over all adverse and undesirable conditions and causing all mankind to do HIS Will, for even the winds and the storms and the very creative forces of nature itself shall work the Will of GOD.

Truth is a flaming sword and it shall sear the wicked as it cuts at the heart of all that is unlike GOD, for righteousness shall abound in the earth and FATHER DIVINE is

"Ruling the nations with a rod of iron."

To all who desire to know how to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and of Righteousness in this beautiful Message terminating with the attributes of a "Crusader" you will find the answer.

Thank YOU, Holy King of Kings!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber and the following the song sung by the assembly is FATHER'S Message.)

"I am a jewel for His Crown,
I am a jewel for His crown,
Never mind how the world may frown,
And if I wish to prove my love
For my FATHER in this world,
I'll go forth on the battle field,
Conquering in my FATHER'S Will
I am a jewel for His crown."

(FATHER speaks as follows:)



Peace everyone!

That little composition just sung as a declaration of what you really are and of what GOD has done, made you a jewel according to one of Christendom's original compositions,

"All hail the power of Jesus Name,
Let angels prostate fall,
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown Him Lord of all."

That little composition is no longer merely a supposition but the conscious conviction and realization of millions since you have become to be a jewel for His crown. It does not mean a material crown for the material or physical head of GOD, but a jewel to the Life as a crown of Life GOD has so freely given for one and all.


While listening to the singing and thinking and beholding the Mystery of what I am doing among this people, I thought how marvelous it would be if honesty, competence and truth, virtue and holiness would be encouraged. It would be increased and multiplied and your morals of your nation would be lifted and you would have the victory over all immorality.

You would have the victory over all deceit, incompetence and untruth and have the victory over all corruption such as the political world and even the social and civic world in which we live have been corrupt, GOD would cleanse your nation of every sense of indecency and undesirable conditions would have no longer an existence in such a national and international sanitation as this one.

I was thinking how marvelous it is, if I must say it MYSELF; for others do not know definitely what I AM doing in the act of encouraging the Spirit of morality by endorsing the Spirit of your virginity and by establishing it as an issue for the coming generation, the foundation of all government in the future generations. Aren't you glad!

Therefore I say, it is well worth considering; every issue actually cost someone something, but those who are MY true and faithful followers who live exactly according to MY Teaching, they are willing to make such sacrifices for righteousness, for holiness, for virtue and for truth. By this we encourage the "Rosebuds" who are willing to sacrifice all mortal tendencies, fancies and pleasures and all immorality for righteousness.


The Living Standard

Those who are willing to live soberly, righteously and godly they do not have to depend on immorality for the sustenance of their bodies neither for the hope of the redemption their coming generation; and the virginity of Mary and the holiness of Jesus should be manifested, advocated and demonstrated by all just and honest and decent people,

"Lift up a standard for MY people."

A standard has actually been lifted that is non critical to bring about the perfection of morality; to discourage incompetence, indecency and untruth, to discourage immorality; even comes by the way of legality at times. Millions of people are married just for the benefit of what they might acquire or gain for the sustenance of their bodies. They are living immodest and are not expressing morality if they marry, even through legality just for that mortal purpose.


Legalized Crime

There is much legalized crime and more in a great measure than that of illegal crime. Therefore the true and faithful followers of MINE will not tolerate or indulge in legal crime, not more than they will in illegal crime.

For this cause I have lifted a standard of morality to eradicate all immorality, indecency and dishonesty even though such comes by the way of legality. Think of the "Rosebuds" by thousands and millions the universe over who are now being taught not to indulge in self or self indulgence according to the mortal version for a livelihood, not by the way of legality or matrimony, but by not indulging in any such, not more than they would by the way of vice and crime nor even by that which is termed common law among the children of men.

GOD observes sin or considers such as sin regardless to through whom it comes. It may come through and by the way of legality, but yet as I say sin is a rascal. The aristocratic as I speak of at times and I speak slangly in MY fanatical phrase, as those who are of that type as the rascality, for sin is a rascal regardless to through whom it comes. So it is a wonderful privilege; and there is no small degree of pleasure observed and attained by making a sacrifice for righteousness' sake, especially those who are called the future womanhood of humanity to cause them to imbibe the Spirit of Honesty, of Competence and of Truth and to dispel from among them the beguilation of Eve by which Adam and all mankind have been deceived. Aren't you glad!

Such has been the downfall of all generations and of every nation and even all civilization through and by the way of the love of money and the greedy gains of such filthy lucre. Oh how glorious it is to live above such mortal versions, to produce a sanitation that is above reproach or criticism, a standard that gives rise to all civilization and gives knowledge to the super-intelligent; that will lead them and teach then in the way of wisdom and will lead all coming generations automatically; for the future it will be tradition that will lead them on to victory for this day is tradition for tomorrow. Aren't you glad!

Traditionally you are inspired and your posterity for the future will be inspired by today's experiences and the days events which will be tradition for the future generation.


We Are Encouraging Modesty, Honesty, Morality and Virtue

Oh, how glorious it is to live in such a recognition and to build upon such a foundation as this one! I AM saying this because a good many do not know what we are endeavoring and what we are actually doing. We are encouraging modesty, honesty, morality and virtue and the virginity of Mary that must be re-established as the sample and the example for all humanity.

We encourage it in the act of lifting those with whom I AM concerned above the reproach of self indulgence to depend on mankind. Can you not see the Mystery? You have been taught, no doubt, a good many of you, to marry or get a wealthy fellow — sell your virtue for the wealth of a fellow; sell the hope of your salvation and the hope of your future existence for the wealth of some wealthy fellow. Can you not see the Mystery! The preachers will teach you that. The mothers and fathers will teach you that.

Truly might one have said,

"The leaders of the people have caused them to err and they that are led by them are destroyed."

If you sacrifice your virtue by the way of matrimony a thousand times, it is just the same in the sight of GOD as if you just do it for the purpose of indulging in self or just for the purpose of the greedy gain of filthy lucre; you are the same in the sight of GOD as the person who did it without legality.

Now you can see, truly might have one said by declaration,

"Ye adulterous generation,"

called them all "adulterous generation." They diluted the True Life of Christ as exemplified and as had been handed down from the beginning of the creation. They were diluters of salvation and of the life that GOD gave them in the exact image and the likeness of HIS Majesty, of HIS Love and of HIS Mercy.


Independence of the "Rosebuds"

Now that is the reason we encourage the "Rosebuds." as I say, by seeing that they remain independent to any person or persons or even the Movement as a person; but the recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence would be their actual protection. Can you not see the Mystery? Therefore the majority of them have positions and can live and they are living absolutely independent by following the truth and living virtuous and holy otherwise according to MY request and teaching; naturally they get the endorsement of MY Spirit and MY cooperation by seeing that they do not have obligations and responsibility, yea, responsibilities when they are traveling in the interest of the Spirit and the work of MY Mission.

How glorious it would be if this nation would be under GOD, the whole nation, and have this new birth of freedom, as those of you under the Spirit of MY Mind and under MY Teaching in this Peace Mission! It would encourage virtue, holiness and truth and would discourage all dishonesty, incompetence and untruth among this nation and bring the abolition to immorality, to deceit and debauchery; for such has been the destruction of all nations.

They sacrifice their virtue, the most precious gem of life of decent people. They sacrifice it through and for the greedy gains of filthy lucre. As I quite often used to say many, many years ago, before the nineteen hundreds and in the early nineteen hundreds; if you find someone, man or woman, who desires to marry whom they cannot and whom they do not find as much fault in after a thorough investigation, as a grain of mustard seed cut in four parts, and just one part of that mustard seed as a sample of the fault to be found; and if they do not find as much as such in the person or persons' connection or expression, why, then you might be justified in marrying them. If you do not marry them for money; if you do not marry them for fame; if you do not marry them for any other ulterior motive; but marry them for the love of GOD as being termed the love you have for them, then you would be justified in marrying them. But if it is done for money, if it is done for any ulterior motive, why, then you are polluting and corrupting the hope of your salvation, and your mentality in itself will carry in it dishonesty and will be handed down traditionally and your off spring hereditively will be affected by such immorality as you created in them traditionally and Hereditively.


The End of Propagation Would Be the End of War, Misery and Sorrow

Oh, how glorious it is to observe the truth concerning the mystery! To be able to lift up a clean bill of health of perfection as a standard for the coming generation! I know there are those who are afraid of the unfoldment of this mystery and the perfect state of being such as I AM exerting and demonstrating, because they are afraid that there will be a sense of disintegration and propagation will cease; but the ceasing of propagation will be the ceasing of wars and destruction, of misery, woe and sorrow.

If the propagation is not transformed traditionally and Hereditively, the propagation of the future — the offspring of the future, would be the same as it has been, filled with misery, with all sorts of contagious diseases, not only physically contaminated with contagions, but mentally and spiritually, for it is transmitted and handed down traditionally. It is effective hereditively mentally as it is physically.

Therefore it is a privilege and a pleasure to change the minds of the people by this great conversion. This is it that should have been from the very beginning of the creation and especially after the crucifixion and the preaching of the Christ among the nations. They should have been converted, for Christ did tell Nicodemus,

"Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven."

It is essential to be born, if you have not been born; born out of that Adam-ic state of consciousness; have the second birth that will lift you completely from the condition and will alleviate you completely from all of your pre inherited tendencies, for those things handed down traditionally and that have cursed you hereditively, it fills you with all sorts of mental and spiritual contagions, prejudice, bigotry, and every other detestable and antagonistic tendency; those things are prenatal within you. But when you are born out of that state of consciousness you become to be new creatures.


An Example to Develop Kindness and Virtue

Now this Light of This Understanding I put forth into expression as a Sample and as an Example for all humanity. And as I say, the reason we are so kind to those who are so kind to themselves, it is to create and develop this kindness and virtue in them that they might be plantings of the Lord, as a tree that is planted by the river of water that will not fade, that will not wither and will not die.

I need not say more but I thought to convey that thought to you all, to those of our visiting friends and others, that they might see and know what we are doing. The "Rosebuds" in all parts of the world those who are true and faithful and live exactly according to the Spirit and Nature of the Name in itself, they are protected not only by their physical ability to earn a livelihood and be independent but by the cooperative cooperation of others who heartily endorse them. Therefore they can be independent of any man more than any ill-famed man can. Aren't you glad!

And those of the "Crusaders" who live according to MY Teaching they too have made sacrifices to this end, that they might present themselves unto GOD as though they are the church without spot or wrinkle, without a blemish. Cleanliness is next Godliness; but when they express truthfully Godliness, they have cleanliness and holiness and they also in turn express true Virtue.

The one hundred and forty and four thousand that John saw in his revelation-ic prediction as it came to him as though it was a revelation they were not defiled with women. Those who were in the likeness of men, though they had been

"They were redeemed from among men, they were not defiled with women."

So it is a privilege to observe the mystery, to see the Virginity and Holiness of Jesus are not confined nor bound to that which is termed womanhood alone but among the masculine the same is expressive and operative if they too live soberly, righteously and godly and free from all self indulgence.


Those Who Follow the Lamb

John declared,

"They who follow the Lamb whithersoever HE goeth, they are redeemed from among men, being the first fruit unto GOD and the Lamb, and in their mouths is found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of GOD. They are not defiled with women for they are virgins."

As men they are not defiled with women and women they are redeemed from among men that all are virgins. By some interpretation they may be called eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven's sake.

So it is a wonderful privilege to live in such a recognition, to build up a sanitation like this one that is actually second to none, but has been made the envy of all government, for they want cleanliness to usher before the colors to fight to protect their country. Can you not see the mystery?

But over and above such, when this has been established effectively universally there will be no occasion for mobilizing and organizing armies and navies as they have been, for we will have a law within a law that will control the nations of the earth according to one of your original compositions handed down through Christendom,

"HE rules the world with Truth and Grace and makes the nations prove the Glory of His Righteousness and the Wonders of His Love."

This is now being done, I AM causing the nations to prove the Glory of MY Righteousness and the Wonders of MY Love and oppositions will help to prove it and to show mortality GOD'S Victory over such conditions and to let them know, GOD is the Supreme ONE and His Supremacy is recognized among all nations! I thank you!








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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