The Miracle of Good Health is Greater than That of Cure of Disease



Office Talk Given by FATHER DIVINE in 1946 A.D.F.D. at 764-772 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




Given by FATHER in His Private Office of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc. of Pennsylvania,
764-772 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wednesday Afternoon August 7, 1946 A.D.F.D. Time— 1:35 P. M.



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This altogether beautiful and constructive Office Talk was inspired as our discussion in the Office turned to the testimony  of a brother visiting here from Washington, D. C. In his testimony he told of his miraculous healing of cancer of the stomach in the last stages, through FATHER'S Wonderful Healing Power, yea, HIS Love and Tender Mercy!

As several were voicing their thoughts on how wonderful was his healing, FATHER, the Dean of the Universe, condescended to bring us up higher, still higher into the realm of HIS Understanding and Wisdom, through explaining to us the greater significance of gaining the Preventative of such undesirable conditions, and not having to be imposed upon by sickness and affliction and have to seek healing of the same.

For THY Wondrous Knowledge that THOU dost impart to all the children of men, and for the blessed privilege to be in this number that can comprehend with all Saints, Dear LORD, we do truly thank THEE!

Praise THY Holy Name!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)


But when you are blessed to have health, that is the greatest miracle! The greatest miracle of all is  to produce the energy that will prevent those effects, to eliminate the cause.

Just think of it! It is more than healing of the leper or consumption or cancer or any other so-called incurable disease when you, by the Spirit of Faith, can and will and actually do produce the preventative, so these things cannot be; for if you live it and express it, the Preventative is operative and as expressive as that of the contagion!

It is marvelous to see how and what the Spirit can do! That is the greatest miracle, if it is a miracle; to heal mankind from the cause of all defects, of all ailments and complaints, and ward off, by the healing of the cause, everything else, as a preventative! For truly I have said,

"One percent of a fraction of a grain of a percent of a fraction of a grain of Prevention  is worth millions of tons of cure.!"

For the mortal mind marvels at the healing of bodies, and especially instantaneously, and bodies that are afflicted and sick incurably, but to prevent that from coming, it would be better!  It is least or less thought of and considered,  but it would be much better to prevent it than to let you get it and then heal you!

So the preventative is the great essential and the great unfoldment of the mystery that proves GOD'S Omnipotence and shows definitely the Omniscience of GOD— to get at the cause of those things, and the effects will not appear!


The Greater Miracle

So the greater miracle is that the preventative is instituted, inserted and injected. But the more greater miracle is that the atmosphere in which you live is contagionized with it! When you can imbibe it and can inhale it and exhale it and express the Preventative, without getting it personally or directly, but through the contact with the germs of it that have contagionized the atmosphere, you have won a victory and have received something greater, bigger and better!  For greater is the Preventative than all of the cures!

So it is a glorious privilege, a privilege rare beyond compare, to observe that ofwhat you have observed!

When I first started to speak from that point I thought how marvelous it is to have health, to have happiness, to have all of these desirable expressions of life, both for the body and for the mind, and to keep on having them! It is marvelous! It is greater, it is bigger and it is better, for it is the Preventative that causes you to have it: health, vigor, courage, life and love for the spirit, body and the soul! That is the great miracle! So I thought of it.

When you hear us speak of times back that you can verify according to letters of correspondence, according to legal documents and according to papers that publish such events and such things, and yet have remained healthy, remained happy, remained successful,prosperous, loving and kind, remained in perfect peace, harmony, unity and tranquility, it transcends all of the cures that have been demonstrated or enacted miraculously, as miracles; because greater is That that can prevent it from coming than that of the cure that will heal it after it has happened! So you have something to praise GOD for! ("So true, FATHER Dear!" responded those present.)

When you think back of what we were just talking about years back, can you not see the mystery? Isn't it convincing? ("Yes sir!" we replied) It should be convincing to the people that it is something greater, bigger and better than all miracles!

As miraculous as instantaneous healings are the Preventative of all those ailments, complaints, afflictions and diseases through from whence or from which you may be healed, is greater, bigger and better and mightier, than the miraculous healings that have been performed!

So then you have something to praise GOD for when you have your health and are free from all of those complaints and ailments; because healing is great, but health is bigger and better! The freedom from those conditions is much bigger, better and greater; to keep you healed and filled and thrilled with joy, peace and happiness now, henceforth and forever! ("So true , GOD Almighty!" declared those present.)

Then you should Love that Spirit or Something— whatsoever it is— that such blessings can give! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! But those who are in mortal consciousness and observe things mortal-mindedly, they speak from that angle of expression and they think thus accordingly, to observe a demonstration of a healing because it is done miraculously, apparently, it is a miracle and it is stressed in the minds of the people.  But greater would be the stresses in your mind if you could only see the Spirit and the Thing that did it and That which did prevent millions of others from having it, you see!— having that complaint, having that ailment, having that disappointment, having that failure. Greater is it to prevent it than to heal it! It is wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! How marvelous it is!

Secretary: FATHER, in 1928 when the plaque of diphtheria swept through the Northwest, whole families were wiped out, and at that time I was being influenced to study surgery. Something rose in me and I said, "Let me not search to cure, but let me find the cause, and the cure won't be necessary!" That is why I have been so satisfied since I found YOU, because YOU have given us the understanding of the mystery of the cause of all such conditions!

FATHER: It is true! Just think from what you have seen, from what you have heard, from what you have learned of even ME, in health, in happiness, in peace, in joy and in pleasure with all success and all prosperity! You have heard, you have seen and you have felt the results of that Preventative that prevented poverty, that prevented disappointments, that prevented failure, that prevented sickness, afflictions and diseases! You have heard and you have seen the Glory of MY Righteousness and the Wonders of MY Love! ("Yes FATHER DEAR!" we firmly declared.) If the world could but see and know!


Thinking Back

Retrace your thoughts back to just as many years ago as that of which you can verify by what you have seen and heard others say concerning ME and MY Work  and Mission. You could see definitely, one percent of a fraction of a grain, of a percent of a fraction of a grain, of a percent of a grain of prevention is worth billions of tons of cure! For this cause and for this you should all rejoice ever more! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

And when you start out in this thought in all simplicity, conscientiously and sincerely and in all sincerity, you feel, you taste, you hear that which would be deemed  a miracle, if you did not have any taste and did not have any sight and could not hear; and then something comes along miraculously as a miracle and caused you to hear! —It is greater to see and hear and taste and feel and know what you actually do know, than not to have it or know it or see it or taste it or feel it and then Something or Someone comes along and gives it. It is greater, bigger and better to have it!

Therefore, praise GOD now, henceforth and forever, for that which is Eternal! That which is Eternal is It which can and will prevent any undesirable conditions from resulting in your experiences! For this cause I should be able to hear you say, "I do rejoice!"

Then when you praise GOD for all of these blessings, from Whom all blessings flow, the blessings will continue to flow more and more and verify that of which I said:

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"Of HIS Kingdom and of HIS Peace and of HIS Increase there shall be no end."

Write, for these things are faithful and true! I thank you.

It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! It is Marvelous! It is Marvelous! It is Marvelous! Just think of it! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! GOD in the midst of the Children of men was in the world and the world was made by HIM, but the world knew HIM not!


June Sixth, 1882

Naturally, they would not think of it! They would not even think, as a re-tracer, back to the time and the season of the time as mentioned recently— June the sixth, 1882. It could not be imagined! Men and women have been born since then and died at an old age— to old to live! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! But just think of your experience and of the time you have seen and heard in these last times; how you and others have seen heard and experienced what you are now experiencing, and some have been cut off from the expression of these Blessings and could not and cannot posses them longer! And you, since you have seen and heard, have enjoyed these Blessings of GOD'S! Just think of it! ("So true, FATHER Dear!" we responded.)

If it is only ten or fifteen or twenty years some of you have seen and heard and have been under this Influence, though it may be deemed as fanatical and otherwise radical in expression; yet you think of your health, your happiness, your peace and your pleasure, your comfort and your convenience and your victory over economic slavery, over the oppressions of the oppressors, over the division and the  discrimination of the people, over the adverse and undesirable conditions existing in sickness, afflictions and diseases, over disappointment and failure, over worries and confusion, over lacks and wants and limitations, it is something to consider!  More deeply to be considered and more greater, more bigger and more better than the so-called miracle that is done miraculously!

I need not say more. It is marvelous! It is marvelous! It is marvelous! It is marvelous! You have something to praise GOD for! If it was only for the time that you have seen and heard and been under this jurisdiction, and from sickness and diseases and all adverse and undesirable conditions you have been lifted, and have been prevented from having to go through such experiences, you would have something to praise GOD for and know within yourself the miracle of the healing of the man with the cancer is not to be compared with the miracle of your experiences and of that which prevented the undesirable conditions from existing in your experiences! Though it was Marvelous! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

If you conscientiously and sincerely Praise GOD for the Blessings you have received, your Blessings will be multiplied and increased and you will not have room to receive them! I thank you. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

(As FATHER leaned back in HIS chair and looked out into the distance of HIS Holy Spirit, HE dropped this last significant thought for consideration, speaking as follows:)

In 1945, in the beginning of the fall of the Kingdoms— when the kingdoms of them were falling— Virginio Gayda— I can tell them a little more about that!  If you re-trace back what he said all along, about what he had said about the Italian Government or the other countries would not want this nation to be a leader for them— concerning ME! Shortly after then he was shot! I thank you.








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From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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