FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to a Lady Seeking Healing and Work



In HIS private office study Peace Center & Nazareth Missions' Home for the Aged, Church and Training School Inc.
of New York,13-17 West 128th Street, New York City Sunday Evening February 15, 1948 A.D.F.D Time - 7:05 P.M.




 FATHER DIVINE on the Farm




Secretary: FATHER DIVINE, this is Mrs H.

FATHER: Peace Mrs H.

Lady: Peace FATHER.

FATHER: What did you want to see ME for Mrs H.?

Lady: FATHER I was here last Sunday and I had an interview, and I had to come back this Sunday because I couldn't tell YOU a thing because I was so tearful. And FATHER, please let me come back this Sunday and explain things to YOU.

FATHER, please let ME tell you. I had to take a job and the woman wanted me to take the job, but FATHER, I don't feel well enough to take the job even though the woman was willing to let me try. And my so-called husband doesn't believe anything about YOU and he is very angry because he thinks I am coming in this Truth, and I just can't help it because if YOU could save my life, truly YOU could help me further. And I would like very much to take a job and go to work. And then FATHER, I would like to be healed of this complaint I have, so I can work; and I have dizziness and shortness of breath.

I always believed YOU could help me when I was doing everything, FATHER. When I would get in trouble I would call on YOU and YOU would always help me. And FATHER, I believed that some day YOU would make me behave myself and I would have to come and confess these things. Please, FATHER, just tell me what I want to say. So FATHER, every night when my so-called husband comes home, I thank YOU to give me strength to be up and feeling good because he said if I call YOU GOD Almighty nothing should be wrong with me, and I try so hard to feel good in the evening so he won't say anything against YOU and YOUR Teaching.

And now, FATHER, I have to go and see the doctor. FATHER, he said, if you could save my life, why, he wanted to know why I would need to go to a doctor now; but FATHER, I do know YOU are in the doctor.


FATHER Works in the Doctors

FATHER: It is true. If for any cause you seem to need assistance and MY Spirit does not reach your condition, it may be for some unknown cause to you why MY Spirit does not reach your condition, but if you have implicit faith and unshaken confidence in ME, still on those terms you could go to the doctor if you desire to, because I said if you do not get results in three days, it is your privilege to consult a physician and get a physical examination. I work with the doctors because I AM All Skill, I AM All Scientific Ability and I work in them and through them to reach the condition of the people! And if for any cause they can be reached through a physician, if they cannot contact ME accurately, mentally and spiritually, I can wok through the physician because I AM the skill and the ability of man!

I have inspired man with skilful medical skill and medical science and of course,if for any cause I can reach one through those channels, I do so and I do it without condemnation! Even at times physicians call on ME to help them when they have a case, because they know that I work scientifically, mentally and spiritually.

I just had a clipping here that came from the Evening News or the New York Evening News, speaking of how GOD reaches the conditions of the physical system of men and adjusts matters satisfactorily at times mentally and spiritually, in other words metaphysically. Even though this is medical skill, they have turned to the recognition of the Power of Spirit and of Mind to work through the minds of men by scientific truth to reach the condition of them.

So it is possible and it is going on daily when and where I cannot reach a person from a mental and spiritual point of view for any cause whatsoever, I still give them a chance or privilege to seek the next best aid if they are in sympathy and in harmony with ME, I can work through those channels with them.



Physicians Recognize FATHER'S Deity

In Philadelphia, so many people have had major operations and several different physicians have declared if they had never known ME, patients they have operated on, they would have just actually sewed them up and let them go because they knew there was no physical or medical skill as far as they knew of that could reach the condition, but they declared, because they knew ME, they knew that I was with them and they recognized MY Deity scientifically and from a scientific point of view! They knew MY Spirit could be transmitted and it was actually transmitted to them and through them and the patients were healed and did not even suffer as much as an ordinary operation would have been.

So it is possible and it is true, if you are physically ailing and need assistance from a physiological point of view, it would not be necessary to contact ME Personally especially, since I AM not an M. D. I AM an Ms. D. and D. D. I reach your condition without MY Person contacting you in any way whatsoever. The same as I told Dr. Goodloe of Washington, the great physician from Washington who came to see ME a few months ago; if he would get all of his theories and doctrines and versions out of the way and x-rayly behold the impersonality and the unindividuality of GOD, or not even behold the personages in question, which meant MY Own Person known as the Deity, I would reach the condition of the child!


Working by the Spirit

But many times the personages in the consciousness and consideration of individuals set as barriers of prohibitation that will prevent the Spirit from permeating and penetrating the system of the afflicted because they have held those personages in question in their own way and in their own light in consideration and they have held MY Own Person or Personage in their light and as an obstruction to them instead of getting MY Personality and individuality out of the question or consideration whereby GOD can work undisturbed and unlimitedly into the mystery of reaching the condition of the patient; and when they do, I can reach the condition every time, because it is not by power nor by might, but by MY Spirit, says the LORD GOD of Hosts!

So it is in your experience. If you allow all persons or personages to evaporate as far as you are concerned, but recognize MY Deity, as you see ME to be, and realize I can and will work effectively with or without the Personality or individuality or the personality of any other individual, GOD is your only deliverance and your only hope of your redemption!

Through such a recognition GOD can and will reach your condition matters not what the ailment or complaint may be; because GOD is Omniscient and GOD is Omnipresent and GOD is Everpresent; therefore, operative and expressive with or without any of the personages in question, even MY Own Personage and without MY Own Individuality for the purpose of reaching the condition of the patient and the one who is suffering, and they do get results! Thousands and thousands of them get results.

But if I cannot reach them directly that way and they must observe some individual or some personage through which the skill and ability might be observed from a scientific or from a medical point of view whichever, I will use the person or personages of certain physicians that are in sympathy with ME to work through them to reach the condition of the patients and they are at all times made well and whole when they contact ME from that angle of expression, because it is GOD unadulterated!


Observing the Person of GOD May Hinder the Work

But if they look on Me even, the Perfect One, as a Person, and observe MY Person or Personage or observe ME as an individual, the Individuality of GOD or the Personality of GOD gets in your concept concerning the mystery, or MY features or likeness from a Personal point of view, those will be obstructions you will have to go through and MY Spirit will have to transcend those conditions or versions in your mind to reach your condition and when it does, it will give the desired results because it is GOD unadulterated! You see, that is the mystery. So you just have faith and if it is necessary for you to have a physician, it is perfectly all right.

Lady: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Well, even if it seems to be necessary, I can and will reach your condition unadulteratedly, yet I may use the personality of a physician and the personages of the same to reach you through those channels through which you have observed and understand. So have faith and I will be with you.

Lady: Yes, SIR. Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: And you need not worry about what your husband thinks or says; yet as far as those things are concerned in reference to having a physician, I do not tell you not to have one, because having a physician, I can and will help you through the physician.

Lady: I know YOU can, FATHER. And just let me thank YOU for being here talking to YOU. Thank YOU, FATHER. Thank YOU.

FATHER: You are welcome. Peace.









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