Mrs. Rachel Mabulelong of South Africa.
Subject: Better the Condition of the South Africans.





In FATHER'S Private Office Study of the Peace Center & Nazareth Missions Home for the Aged, Church and Training School, Incorporated of New York
13-17 West 128th Street, New York City Sunday Evening, October 18, 1953 A.D.F.D. Time: 3 P.M.

at The Holly Communion Table
128th Street, NYC.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Holly Communion Table 128th Street, NYC



(Mrs. George introduces Mrs. Mabulelong to FATHER as follows:)

This lady is from South Africa, FATHER DIVINE.

FATHER: I see. What did you ladies want to see ME for?

Mrs. Mabulelong: FATHER DIVINE, I came from South Africa to ask YOU for a blessing. We have struggled so in South Africa.


Mrs. Mabulelong: We have so much of a struggle and it is so hard to live there. I told my people that I would come and see if I could place it before FATHER.

FATHER; I see. Well, it is not anything I do as a Person, but if anyone makes their mental and spiritual contact, they can be blessed according to their Faith.

Mrs. Mabulelong: My funds are low. I came all the way from South Africa to come here.

FATHER: I see. Well, I am supposed to be the head of many Churches but I do not take up any collections.

Mrs. Mabulelong: No.

FATHER: I don't do any soliciting or begging and I try to teach and keep the people away from soliciting, begging and stealing or getting anything dishonestly.

Mrs. Mabulelong;: Yes

FATHER: I believe in everybody working and earning a livelihood, if they have to work for it, or having a business, or whatsoever they have, and GOD can bless them in anything they can do, to make them successful and prosperous.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes, FATHER. I think YOU have heard the way they are in South Africa.

FATHER: You see, the average person sows the seeds of poverty. So many of them sow the seeds of poverty. So many of them sow the seeds of poverty and they reap the fruits of the same. Because they go around soliciting, begging and saying about how #hard #it is to #make ends meet.# But with ME and with Mine, those who live according to the Life and the Teaching CHRIST, we are successful, prosperous, healthy and happy.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes, Sir.

FATHER: #And of their Peace and of their Increase there is no end!# So I present others with it so they might be partakers of My Infinite and Omnipresent Spirit and work systematically and sympathetically with it!

Mrs. Mabulelong: Do you think, FATHER, that there will be anything good in South Africa? Will we all have our Peace and Blessings in South Africa?

FATHER: When they recognize GOD!

Mrs. Mabulelong: They pray, day and night!

FATHER: CHRIST is the only propitiation, not only for the Africans but for the Englishmen, the Americans, the Germans and all others. They must recognize the Presence of GOD and be conscious of GOD# S Presence and they can be emancipated individually, severally or collectively and nationally, if they will deny themselves , lay down the world and take up the cross and follow Jesus! Okay.

Mrs. George: May I ask YOU, FATHER, how can we go about forming a Mission under Your Name?

FATHER: No, no, no! No one can form a Mission under My Name on the plans of soliciting and begging and such as that, for My Missions are independent and I demand all of those with whom I come in contact to do the same! We want to be Real American Citizens Universally, even as we are Real American Citizens here locally, and declare our Individual Independence even as our Country declared Her Independence as a nation! You two are sisters, aren#t you?

Mrs. George: No, no, we are not. We are friends. I live here but I brought her because she told me she heard so much of YOU, and she said she wished she could contact YOU to take a word of hope to her people.

FATHER: Well, the word of hope is in the Bible and in the Teaching of CHRIST as recorded!

Mrs. George: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome. (FATHER picks up a Supplement as HE says:)

This is a Supplement of the Dedication of the Mount of the House of the LORD# Dedication and Consecration of it and this will give you some information of what My Work is doing.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes, FATHER, (She accepts the Supplement.)

FATHER: (indicating page 5 of another Supplement which HE has opened). Now that is the Sermon on the Mount. Our Churches are founded on the Sermon on the Mount according to King James version of the Bible. And this, on the third page, will tell you why My followers do not accept gifts and tips. It tells you why they are so successful. I have set before you and all of the world of religion not only the world of religion, but even of all civilization I have set before you an open door if you live exactly according to the Ten Commandments in the Bible and according to the Sermon on the Mount, and refuse to accept gifts, tips or presents# you will not be adjudged a pauper and will not reap such fruit as they reap. You will reap the Abundance of the Fullness!

Mrs. George and Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes.

FATHER: My followers have unlimited purchasing power right here in America when there is so much segregation among this, the nations; and they have all Success and all Prosperity; but they do not go around soliciting, begging or anything of that sort. Therefore, I present them to CHRIST, the great Emancipator! CHRIST came to emancipate the people from all barriers and from limitations, from adverse and undesirable conditions, and to establish their going in the land of the living and give them Peace with Victory in the midst of a perverse and crooked generation of wicked people.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes.

FATHER: If you would like to take that along, you are welcome to do so.

Mrs. Mabulelong: I would like to; thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: And you will see where I have been doing this many years back. But one letter in there tells you how in 1931 twenty-two years ago, while I was living in Sayville, a man came out there and he was blessed to eat at My Table. At that time we did not receive donations or love offerings for meals, or anything of that sort now only for meals. Of course, now, everyone who eats at the Table, they are expected to donate for food, and if they live in the Churches, or Church connections, hotels or rooming houses, they are expected to donate for sleeping accommodations, for rooms or for space. If they use any of the church cars they are expected to donate for that.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes.

FATHER: But as far as the Spiritual Work and Service generally, My Service is a Free Gift to the world Gratis to mankind! And therefore, we request all others with whom we come in contact to do the same!

Mrs. George: It is beautiful!

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes, I thank YOU, FATHER, for all of Your time.

FATHER: By living exactly according to My Teaching you will no longer be in lacks and wants and limitations.

Mrs. Mabulelong: Yes.

Mrs. George: It is beautiful!

FATHER: (offering Mrs. George a Supplement): If you would like to have one of these, you are welcome to.

Mrs. George (gratefully accepting same): Yes, FATHER, I thank YOU! She will have much to take back with her!

FATHER: It gives quite a little information. The center spread in the Supplement will show you some pictures. It was about a little over a month ago when we dedicated the Mount of the House of the LORD. The Mount of the House of the LORD was dedicated about that time, and we had The New Day which also has a lot of information concerning same. I doubt whether I have any New Days that far back here on the desk. Maybe you could find some, however. They are sold on the newsstands. From ME they don#t cost anything. But you, no doubt, could buy one of that date and you will get full firsthand information under the date of September the twelfth. (FATHER hands them a New Day as HE says:) This is September the nineteenth. But in the center spread in the Supplement, here, will show you a picture of Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the LORD. And the other picture is the International House. This is in Philadelphia.

Mrs. Mabulelong (gazing at the pictures with interest): Oh, I see.

Mrs. George (also looking at the pictures in her Supplement): It is beautiful!

FATHER: Each of these buildings were dedicated those three days. We had to add an extra day to give others a chance, however, for there were so many people, they could not all get into the building! It is Wonderful!

Mrs. George: It is Wonderful! We thank YOU, FATHER! And we thank YOU, FATHER, for this privilege to see YOU!

Mrs. Mabulelong: I thank YOU for the encouraging words YOU gave us.

FATHER: You are welcome, I AM sure. On the third page will tell you why My followers do not take tips, gifts and presents and why I do not take up a collection.

Mrs. Mabulelong (surprised) : Oh, YOU don#t take collections?

FATHER: No! I just said that I do not take up collections and I do not receive a salary!

Mrs. Mabulelong: Oh.

Mrs. George: It is Wonderful!

FATHER: Some with whom I have come in contact, to some extent, they get as much as a thousand dollars a manuscript, and even more; but My Service is Absolutely Gratis! And you can get The New Day that carried a number of My Messages in each copy of The New Day, for only a nickel. You can buy them on the newsstands. I AM fulfilling that part of the scripture where the quotation in the Bible says,

#Feed My Lambs,# says CHRIST, your shepherd.

I put the food within their reach where they can get it for almost nothing!

Mrs. George (enthusiastically): Yes, yes! It is Wonderful! Thank YOU, FATHER!

FATHER: And if you have not dined, you can go down and dine at the

Banquet Table.

Mrs. George: We would like to!

FATHER: And MOTHER DIVINE will no doubt be down. Of course, it is left with the individual as far as remuneration for the meals are concerned. It is left with the individual to donate what their heart dictates for the meals, because that is a material service. But this, I AM giving, it does not cost anything only a little time for it is free for the world at large! I thank you!

Mrs. Mabulelong: Thank YOU. I#ll tell my people. Thank YOU!

Mrs. George: Thank YOU, FATHER! It is Wonderful!

FATHER: Peace!

Mrs. George and Mrs. Mabulelong: Peace!








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