FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters at the Circle Mission Church of Philadelphia



It's an International Magnet for All People - By Pearl Vee - 1959

Philadelphia is a famed American city with many historic buildings. It is known as the Cradle of Democracy; City of Brotherly Love and foremost as the International Country Seat of the World; loved and honored for its eminence as an inspiring symbol to citizen and visitor alike.

Communion Service at the Circle Mission Church

Sorority Peace Mission Home

The Circle Mission Church.

Welcoming the Many Visitors, Guests,
Friends, Followers and Strangers Alike,
From the Second Floor Porch.

Sorority Peace Mission Home




The Headquarters of the Philadelphia FATHER DIVINE Peace Mission Movement is located at the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School at South Broad and Catherine Streets. Those who desire to see and meet FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in Person receive a warm welcome at all times as well as do worshipers of other faiths and denominations.

People from other countries have made Philadelphia their home solely because it is the location of FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters.

The familiar address 764-772 South Broad Street is of world renown. A letter came to FATHER DIVINE'S Office one day simply addressed, " La Casa de Cam[po del Mundo", or in English, "The Country Seat of the World".

Cradled in the hallowed walls of this Church is the very essence and presence of Almighty GOD — FATHER DIVINE and the Church Personified in MOTHER DIVINE.


FATHER DIVINE'S Spirit Draws All Men

How true is the saying, "Where FATHER is 'Tis Heaven there". And this could be interpreted to mean, "Where FATHER DIVIVE'S Mind and Spirit are in expression, 'tis heaven there."

In the eyes of the real true followers, the Circle Mission Church is the most highly esteemed building in the world. It is the Personal residence and Headquarters of FAHER and MOTHER DIVINE and Their Presence makes it so.

Circle Mission Church, Zurich, Switzerland

Circle Mission Church, Zurich, Switzerland

FATHER DIVINE'S Spirit is the magnet which has drawn thousands of people to the Country Seat of the World. None of the Peace Mission Churches send out missionaries nor do they endorse proselytism. Whether anyone comes seeking a blessing or through curiosity matters not; the Name of FATHER DIVINE has gone abroad.

Many people have heard about FATHER DIVINE in their native countries and welcome the opportunity of meeting Him in Person when they come to America. The far-reaching effects and the results obtained by these people are sometimes recorded and printed in the New Day which carries among other things FATHER DIVINE'S sermons and letters of correspondence.

Listed here are a few outstanding visitors who have met FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at FATHER'S Headquarters: Dr. Hamka, Kem Agama, Minister of Religion of Aakara Ta, Indonesia; Professor Harry Viteles, University of Israel; Mr. N. Isayus, Attorney General and United Nations representative of Ethiopia; Mr. William Langer, Unite States Senator from North Dakota; Mr. Marcus Bach, Professor of Religion, Iowa State University; Mr. Melvin L. Sutley, Superintendent of Wills Eye Hospital of Philadelphia; Father George B. Ford, Corpus Christi Church, New York City; Judge Harry S. Mc Devitt of Philadelphia; Dr. Sushila Nayar, member of the staff of the late Mohandus K. Gandhi; Dr. Stoddard, former Superintendent of Schools, Philadelphia; and Mr. G. Ackah with the official party of Dr. Kwame Nkrumh, Prime Minister of Ghana. And there are many more and they continue to come that He may teach them of His Ways that they may walk in His Paths.

The DIVINE Law as it goes forth from the desk of FATHER DIVINE at the Circle Mission Church takes the form of letters of correspondence, ultimatums and words of encouragement to people of every walk and strata of life. The wonderful part of it all is that FATHER DIVINE'S words of Spirit and Life do not come back to Him void, but they come in bodies willing to acknowledge His Deity and proclaim the profoundness of His accomplishments so great.

Activities at Headquarters

Since 1942, the building housing FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters has under gone extreme renovations of the interior and the exterior so that now it is a completely new and different building. It has risen from simple charm to grandeur. Modern trends, equipment and inspiration in decorating create comfort and convenience not imagined at one time. The progressiveness of the Church management, providing an ever increasing number of facilities, is deeply appreciated by followers and n0n-followers who benefit by them.

Holy Communion Hall at the Circle Mission Church
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Holy Communion Table

Sorority Peace Mission Home

The Circle Mission Church Philadelphia, Pa.
Public Dinning Room

Sorority Peace Mission Home

Nationally and internationally others in charge of Peace Mission Churches and connections strive to bring about the same perfection as seen at FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters.

The staff at Headquarters of the Movement represents E Pluribus Unum, One Composed of Many. People have come from all over the world and varied walks of life to make up the working staff here. They all serve with love and devotion to GOD for the advancement of His Peace Mission on earth.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and the Staff
with a group of followers from California
at the Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, PA.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and the Staff 
    with a group of followers from California at the Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, PA. Melbourn, Australia

There are those who come from Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Panama. England, Germany and other countries and have permanent residence in the building.

In the early part of November, a complete aluminum counter service was installed for public service in one of the dinning rooms. Additional chefs and waitresses were put on. This added convenience is primarily enjoyed by the general public who wish to partake of and enjoy the blessings FATHER DIVINE so freely gives.

Other extended improvements have been, newly equipped kitchens, decorative painting of rooms, offices, lobbies and a self service passenger elevator. Renovations and modernization are constantly taking place, thereby making work easier and service more efficient.

The Golden Rule is taught at FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters through actuated words of expression. One does not have to be a follower to see and feel the results of the fine principles as taught by FATHER DIVINE from a spiritual point of view and exemplified by His adherents. Neither does one have to be an adherent to these teachings to avail themselves of the educational facilities offered, except for the observance of the Modest Code when on Church property; but everyone is given a chance to advance in scholastic training.

Courses in academic and commercial subjects, the arts, and the reading and study of the Holy Bible and Peace Mission Creeds are available.

The Auditorium
at the Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, PA.

The Auditorium
at the Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, PA.

The Circle Mission Church,
Class Room

The Circle Mission Church, <br />
    Class Room

There are also technical and industrial subjects. These are mainly shop work courses and are adapted to the immediate needs of the Church, but are available as a foundation for advanced study.

These workshops are located in a section of the newly renovated basement.

Visual education, lectures and the use of motion pictures are all part of the training program. Photography and journalism clubs at FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters have unlimited possibilities where instructions are given in photography and newspaper techniques. There is a fully equipped darkroom complete with enlargement facilities in the building. It is from this photographic studio that FATHER DIVINE'S famous International Peace Cards are made and sent to people all over the world.


Ultimatums Issued From Headquarters

From FATHER DIVINE'S desk, many important ultimatums have been issued, including the following telegram which was sent to His Excellence, Mr Trygve Lie, Secretary General of the United Nations, on October 9th, 1946 A.D.F.D.

"I propose that the UN accept of Philadelphia as the Capital of the United Countries of the World as this is the Cradle of Democracy. Let us establish the foundation of the Universal Brotherhood of Man and make this the Country Seat of the United Sovereignties of the World.

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)"

FATHER DIVINE has really made Philadelphia the Country Seat of the World by nature and without legislation. People make pilgrimages each year to Philadelphia from as far away as Australia to see and hear FATHER and MOTHER .DIVINE.

April, particularly, is a favorite month at Headquarters. It represents gaiety and holy festivity. Each year thousands are attracted to share in the felicitations and celebration of the marriage of Christ to the Church. Well wishers, followers, friends and others who cannot come, remember this special occasion and use telephone communications, telegrams, cablegrams, written correspondence and other methods of conveying their congratulations to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE for the Union of Heaven and earth.

Influence Felt On Front Lines

Young men and Crusaders, during the years of the war, paid their last visit before leaving for overseas duty, to FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters. They wanted advice and solace and a sense of protection. And they got it.

FATHER DIVINE, always eager to be of service, went out of His way during His busy schedule to encourage servicemen. When they were on the brink of leaving for "destination unknown" FATHER Personally interviewed them, served them at Holy Communion and gave them the promise of protection and returning home unhurt and unharmed if they would be true to GOD and man.

These same boys wrote to FATHER when they were in the thick of battle and FATHER always responded. On one occasion He wrote,

"Your faith in Me has been your salvation. When many thousands were killed in the last days of the fighting in Korea, by your faith in My Name you were sheltered although many of your immediate outfit with which you trained at Camp Picket were killed."

"Likewise." FATHER said, citing the case of another of the Crusaders, "although Mr. Bunch was in the very front lines of fighting on Outpost Harry, through his faith in Me by living according to My Teaching, he was protected.

Never a Dull Moment

Headquarters is always bustling with activity. There is never a dull moment. During the course of a year's time there are daily Holy Communions served by FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in Person in which many interesting and prominent guests participate.

Activities connected with the Training School include graduation parties, school programs and commencement exercises.

Annual Business Meetings connected with Church activities are usually a high spot.

Anniversary time in April always seems like a family reunion. Followers come from all over and everybody is glad to see everybody else, especially FATHER and MOTHER.

Devotional Services Instituted at Headquarters

FATHER DIVINE Personally instituted the Devotional Services of the Rosebud and Crusader Choirs at His Headquarters. Now they are held in Peace Mission Churches the world over. These Services are conducted jointly on Wednesday evenings. The inspirational quality of these services is far reaching. In appreciation to FATHER DIVINE for His tender care and devotion to the youth of the Movement, chains of lovely thoughts are linked together from the sincere hearts of all.

MOTHER DIVINE wears Her Rosebud qualities as jewels in a glittering diadem. And She wears them with glittering pride in Her demeanor. The surging love and praise which emanates from the true and faithful penetrates the hearts of those who love GOD and the atmosphere is charged. In these services there is that continual flow of thanksgiving and praise for the principles taught by FATHER DIVINE, the bishop, Founder, and Pastor of all Peace Mission Churches, that elevates man and enriches his life, bringing peace and contentment.

Good Influence in Community

City officials and departments feel the influence for good that FATHER DIVINE has created in Philadelphia since His Headquarters have been established there. They do not hesitate to call upon FATHER for help when some particular problem is too big for them to handle and FATHER is always ready to assist.

The community, the whole city and the nation at large are better because of the influence of FATHER DIVINE in the hearts and upon the lives of its citizenry. It is a good influence like a mighty flood tide that will eventually envelope the world.


GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE we are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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