The Circle Mission and Its Network of Churches



These Churches exemplify a Practical Christianity
Strictly Lived After the Example of Jesus Christ and
Portrayed in the Persons of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

South-East View of the Circle Mission Church.

The Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc. of Pennsylvania, also FATHER DIVINEs Headquarters (until 1957), attracts thousands of people yearly who come from various parts of the world to pay homage to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE.

Circle Mission Churches have mushroomed up all over the world in large metropolises and in the byways. But the central church authority is established at the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc. of Pennsylvania. This particular church building also holds the title of Headquarters of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission Movement nationally and internationally. The building is on the corner of Broad and Catherine Streets in the heart of Philadelphia.

People today need something more than a theoretical religion; they need a living, pulsing working force in their lives that is going to solve problems now; not some time in a future imaginary heaven.

The projection force of FATHER DIVINE'S Classic statement, "I AM here to tell you with GOD'S Own Omniscience, the sky is nowhere and is nothing, but everywhere where there is nothing," is just now beginning to be felt in this space age of ours.

The Peace Mission Movement is such a practical religion and its churches give to the people a spiritual sustenance for their daily spiritual and material needs on earth.


Both FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE take an active interest in the affairs of Peace Mission churches and are always ready and willing to assist in giving spiritual advice and encouragement to officers and church members. People all over the world revere and respect the Word of FATHER DIVINE. They also love and admire MOTHER DIVINE who is the exemplification of virtue.

Circle Mission Churches, Homes and Training Schools all over the world are doing their part in putting the principles of FATHER DIVINE within easy reach of the people to meet these demands. They are founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ as He lived them and as FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE exemplify them in our modern day so we may also know how to live the life of Christ.

South-East View of the Circle Mission Church.

Circle Mission, Inc., at 2064 Boston Road in the Bronx, New York City is the home of the Mother Church. It is a large institutional type building with ample facilities. Two Holy Communion Halls, a church chapel, public eating facilities and living quarters give space for church services, training school facilities and a home for members and others.

This Mother Church in New York City at 2064 Boston Road in the Bronx, is an imposing building taking up most of a block.



Los Angeles also has a Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School at 964 East Jefferson Boulevard and there is branch church in Seattle, Washington.



In Panama, Australia, Canada and Switzerland, and other counties there are branches of the Circle Mission Church.

Circle Mission Church, Panama

Circle Mission Church, Panama

The Church in New zealand

The Church in Newzealand









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From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD.  Amen

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