The Festive Board That Extends Around the World.
There is a Welcome Table Where No One is Turned Away.

This is the Holy Communion Service instituted and presided over by FATHER DIVINE for several decades now
and served in almost every country of the world.



By Staff Writer
Part I

MOTHER DIVINE, Holy Communion Banquet Service

MOTHER DIVINE, Holy Communion Banquet Service

Thanksgiving is an American tradition and a good solid one too. Early American settlers set Thanksgiving apart as a day of feasting -- and a day of prayer. They all came together to share what they had and to give thanks to GOD for His goodness in sparing them from Indian massacres and providing them with His abundance in their harvest. It was a genuine heartfelt thing, this Thanksgiving.

Each year since those early days, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a national holiday by presidential proclamation. How many of us, though, stop for reflection before our Thanksgiving dinner and thank GOD for the freedom and abundance we now have and can enjoy because of the drive of our forefathers to be free from tyranny.

At no other place on the face of the earth, I think, are these principles the Pilgrim Fathers fought for so valiantly, so keenly felt and expressed as at the festive board of FATHER DIVINE. These services are genuinely outstanding. They include everyone, hundreds of people, friend and foe alike, yet the atmosphere is as intimate as a small family gathering where everyone is happy and content.

This is the Holy Communion Service hosted by the LORD. Everyone is welcome and no one is turned away. This is the Holy Communion instituted by FATHER DIVINE many decades ago and still is the main artery of FATHER DIVINE"S Personal Ministry to mankind. This is where the Holy One presides once or twice a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks of the year.

Yet, the seriousness of the occasion from a religious point of view is stressed by FATHER DIVINE, for it is not meat and drink alone, but there is something of value in each service for everyone.

In August and again in October of 1941 FATHER stressed this point. HE said, "This Communion is for those who have made up their minds to consecrate their lives, spirits, souls an bodies wholeheartedly to the Almighty. Then you could partake of it without any reserve, without any consideration of remuneration for the food you are eating."

"I thought of sitting at this Holy Communion Table", FATHER DIVINE said, "that Jesus said,

'Take, eat, this is My Body . . . but let a man examine himself!'

It was not the Plan of the Master to use the system of prohibiting persons from partaking of the Communion even though they were not worthy, unless it is made an issue; but let a man examine himself; for he that taketh this unworthily taketh that which is to the extreme reverse to that which is salvation to his own soul!

"These thoughts are well worth considering, and the very Communion, the material food we are taking, should be considered seriously for it is consecrated.

"Oh, consecrate us to YOU; oh, make us worthy of YOU!" I heard you say. If you are not consecrated to ME whole-heartedly you are not actually worthy of ME and you are not worthy of the Holy Communion set apart and prepared by the Spirit of GOD"S Presence and the very Life of CHRIST exemplified among you, as by interpretation being the Blood.

"One writer says,

'When I see the Blood I will pass over you.'

It is something to behold as being termed the Blood, but not necessarily the literal blood, but behold the Life in reality of your experience and the Reality of Life as exemplified among you, which is called the Blood of CHRIST. "When I see the Blood I will pass over you." The Life of CHRIST must be reproduced, manifested and materially brought into outer expression in your daily activity, in your nature, disposition and in your characteristics. If I see such an expression as the reproduction and the reincarnation and the re-materialization and the re-personification by dramatization, the Life of CHRIST in you and in others, I will pass over you and will not destroy you!"


Holy Occasion

To the casual onlooker, the service would seem to be just one of the lavish meals for which FATHER DIVINE is famous. But to those with discernment, or to those who have experienced the joy of participation, there is deep spiritual meaning to the service.

FATHER DIVINE does not, however, turn one away from this service merely because he does not wish to partake of it in a spiritual sense. HE so generously says that Holy Communion may be taken just as any other meal if one wishes to dine.

But no matter how mundane a person may be, no matter how cynical, once in the atmosphere of one of these Communion Services, he is bound to go away a better person because of it. Not because of the food is in some way different, but because of what is seen and heard and mostly because of what is felt. Services are so versatile that anyone from any walk of life can gain loftier values because of attending Holy Communion with FATHER DIVINE.


Biblical Significance

In the early thirties, many people saw Holy Communion served by FATHER DIVINE for the first time, although this was not the beginning by any means.

During a lecture given in 1938, FATHER DIVINE said, "Eating was one of the great things in the very beginning --

'Of every tree ye shall freely eat.'

It was a material expression and a material illustration bearing witness of GOD"S Blessings to the physical bodies, of His Comfort and of His Convenience and the things HE had created for the sustenance of the body; not for the soul only, but especially stressfully the body was considered -- for the eating of the trees, of every tree you should freely eat."

"Of course", FATHER continued to explain, "the material trees were a symbol, it is true, but yet the material trees in the parable did also in turn bespeak the reality of the things that you would eat and drink and wear for your comfort and your convenience and for the sustenance of the body on the material plane. Therefore it was fulfilled in those days. Yet in the act of the fulfillment of those things it was a prediction of what would be in this time in the last dispensation; for it reads,

'As it was in the beginning . . .'

The same was in the beginning! So it goes to show you the same was in the beginning that would be in the end, yea, in the end of all things."

Mentioning the feasts of Moses" time, FATHER DIVINE said, "In the days of Moses they did have feast days and those feast days of the Passover were days set apart by the Spirit of GOD through the representatives of GOD in this dispensation. It was handed down through all generations even until now, and those of the faithful are still believing and are protected in that of which was represented of GOD at that time. Therefore from the feast of the Passover came forth the Law of GOD to humanity, even though this country and a good many of other countries, the majority of them that are believers in GOD, they are Christian countries; nevertheless, the Law was handed down from Moses through the children of Israel to the divers governments of the past and of this present generation.

"The Law from this and other apparently insignificant assemblies wheresoever I AM represented," FATHER said, "wheresoever I AM serving the Holy Communion, is given by ME by inspiration to you for the sustenance of your bodies and for the redemption of your souls, to cleanse you from vice and from crime and sin and debauchery of every kind; to change your dispositions and characteristics; to cause you to become to be new creatures even as the bread daily is furnished and broken and passed around to you that you might take of this bread no longer merely as a symbol; but it is written:

'Bread is the staff of life.'

Scriptural prediction also verifies Holy Communion as given in I Corinthians 11:23-30. It says, ". . . the Lord Jesus the same night in which He was betrayed took bread: And when He had given thanks, He brake it and said,

'Take, eat; this is My body, which is broken for you; this do in remembrance of me.'

After the same manner also He took the cup, when He had supped, saying, "This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till He come. Wherefore, whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh d--nation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.""

Referring to the Holy Communion Marriage Supper in fulfillment of the Last Supper during one of the Anniversaries celebrating His Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE, the Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride, FATHER DIVINE said, "But this is not strange to you, those of My immediate followers and friends and hearers and visitors that have been around. You all know that there has been a constant unfoldment of the preview of the Marriage Supper for many years. It was depicting the Last Supper to those of whom did not know that it was a preview, from time to time, of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

"Thousands and thousands," FATHER said, "of people have attended the different places over which I preside -- the Holy Communion Halls and the Services given therein at the different places -- and have been obliged to say, "This looks much like the Lord"s Supper -- the Last Supper." They were thinking of the Last Supper, but not thinking so much of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when He would return.

"Jesus said,

'I will drink no more with you until I drink it anew with you in My Father's Kingdom,'

or "eat with you", whichever. It could have been vice- versal, meaning practically the same. Would have no more the Lord"s Supper with you, "until I have it with you in My Father"s Kingdom." Can you not see the mystery? Hence, the Lord"s Supper as depicted in the Bible, the Last Supper, could have been in the parable in an illustration, by interpretation, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when He would return.

"Hence, we have been demonstrating the preview of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for lo, these many years; and I did declare more than twenty years ago, more than twenty-five years ago in, that as I have it right here under My Personal Jurisdiction in this Banquet Hall, so shall I have it from shore to shore and from land to land . . ."I shall feed the people" -- and My declaration has not diminished in its determination and in its zeal . . ."

And again FATHER DIVINE referred to Holy Feasts, their meaning and purpose. On September 23-24, 1942, HE said, "As I quite often say, the reiteration of history and the Scripture and the fulfilled Scripture, I reiterate it, I repeat it, I re-fulfill it in this dispensation as it has been fulfilled from time to time in other dispensations . . .

"You all know how happy and harmonious things are where I AM Personally", FATHER explained, "how successful and prosperous and how I attract the masses and draw them, and how much love is in evidence wheresoever I AM Personally and wheresoever you are assembled together in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose. Therefore, as often as you do this, and as you do it continually in all simplicity and sincerity, I will be with you! If it is done unselfishly . . . if you are true and will do what you should do, success and prosperity, health and happiness and everything desirable will be your portion; for I AM wheresoever I AM Unified and AM living in harmony together!

"I retrace your thoughts back in the getting together for the breaking of the bread after the Resurrection -- Jesus met some men by the way and He talked with them -- and after which, they found themselves at the Feast together -- and then they knew the LORD, for they said . . .

'Didn't"t our hearts burn whilst He talked with us by the way?'

The same Spirit is speaking today! When they came together at the Table and unified themselves with one accord -- there and then the scales of misunderstanding fell from their eyes and they could see the LORD! Can you not see it?

"And also said Jesus in reference to same,

'Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, touching and agreeing upon the one thing that is needful, there I Am in the midst of them.'

"In all of My assemblies all over this wide extended plane presently and where I have been, they are not gathered together for graft and for greed to take the advantage, unlawful and unjust advantage of each other, but for the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose and for the Love I have for each of you! Wheresoever you assemble together and touch and agree upon the one thing that is needful, I will there to bless the needy. And this is the way it has proven it is to be, all the way through the ages! It came all the way down to you, yea, even to ME Personally! So it is a privilege.

"Dwelling together in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, meeting and assembling, you are bringing forth My Life and My Resurrection and Blessed Assurance now and forever! That is what you are showing forth at this time and in this dispensation, for we are not demonstrating death and suffering but demonstrating life and assurance forever!

"Oh, how glorious it is to observe the mystery and to see what it really means to be on this side of Jordan, the place that was spoken of by one of your composers of Christendom: "Over on the other side of Jordan there is rest for the weary, there is rest for you."

"It tells about a Tree of Life is blooming. Can you not see the mystery? Well, this is on the side of Jordan of which the composer was speaking. The leaves of this Tree are good for the healing of the nation; and truly this is peace and rest and love on this side of Jordan! "Live in this recognition and harmonize with ME systematically and harmoniously, and through harmonization and unification the very Spirit of My Presence will be so pronounced it will be a matter of impossibility for even the unbelievers not to see ME, not to see as it is, for truly it is the fulfillment of it. As often as you do this, do it in My Name (through unselfishness).

"You are bringing forth My Resurrection, My Ascension to higher degrees of expression than that of the first one; an assurance now, henceforth and forever, of life, liberty and the reality of happiness. I thank you."


At Sayville

It was during this period FATHER DIVINE referred to in Sayville, that thousands flocked to the little home in the fishing village on Long Island to see this FATHER DIVINE Who was performing so many miracles; Who healed the sick and raised the dead and gave sight to the blind in actuality, before their very eyes! And many of those who came to see, themselves went away healed and blessed and convinced.

It was at these Communions that FATHER DIVINE expounded His Message of Peace and Good Will to a world so very much in need of HIM.

Of these Services HE said, "My Communion Service is one continuous COMMUNION with GOD -- Communing with GOD and partakers of the mental and spiritual food that will make you new." (10/1/44)

"You are sitting at the Welcome Table -- a practical course in psychology and a practical course of our original system of worship. Aren't"t you glad? You are partaking or have partaken of the LORD"S Supper.

"This is it of which I AM now speaking -- the reality of it made tangible and practical! This is GOD"S Communion Table! We break bread, have Love Feasts and the LORD"S Supper daily, and all can enjoy it for the sustenance of their bodies and for the benefit of their souls and for the nourishment of their physical system, for the comfort and the convenience of each and all of them.

"We are actually enjoying that of which was spoken of, but we have made the ritual a living reality -- tangible and practical and a matter of course, that we might be built up out of the spirit of sincerity, conscientiousness and devoutness to GOD and to man in the act of our duty towards each of them." (6/25/41)

Finally the tiny home became too small and FATHER DIVINE was forced to go into New York City where the large crowds could be accommodated at Holy Communion Tables that were long and had grown from the small I-shaped table at Sayville to two and four and eight-wings tables to include everyone.

Still the people could not all be seated and FATHER DIVINE would set and reset the tables over and over again until everyone had dined. They were fed, these hungry people, of material food until they wanted no more, and of spiritual food which FATHER gave in such abundance to hungry souls, and those who wanted to know more of the deeper things of life, of things incorporeal, of things that do not fade away.

(The continuation of this article in Part II will explain the Actual system of service of FATHER DIVINE"S Communion Service.)


Part II

After moving into New York City from Sayville, Long Island, where more people could be accommodated, these tables, too, soon became too small and larger Communion Halls became necessary. Peace Mission Churches grew and expanded to large institutional type of buildings. But even today, in the most spacious of these, when FATHER DIVINE serves Holy Communion Personally, there is not even standing room and all the halls and auditoriums on all the floors are filled.

This is a smattering of love and graciousness of FATHER DIVINE. His Heart includes everyone and it is His desire that everyone who is worthy to live will live an abundant life. This HE had produced as a sample and example in all of the established Churches of the Peace Mission Movement where followers and non-followers alike are welcome to partake of the bounty of His store.

Of these Services FATHER DIVINE has said, "Now, all of My followers in all of the places where they have Extensions, they have a banquet table. That banquet table is as the Communion Room in other churches. This is our Communion Set (FATHER indicates the table service before Him). We daily serve Communion here -- not just once a month or once in three months, or not even so much as once a week, but we serve Communion every day! We believe in the practicality of GOD and of all of His rituals, of all of His Work and of all of His Mission. We believe in the practicality of it; hence, I have put forth My religious conviction in a practical system of serving GOD"S Holy Communion Table.

"You are serving Communion here when you eat. The food is passed to ME to bless, even as other preachers bless the bread and break and pass it around in the church when they take Communion. They do it as a symbol and as a custom; as a ritual, which is justifiable according to their conviction; but I think in My conviction, Mine should be practical and profitable for the people. They eat this food as blessed food. They cannot think as they have been thinking. They cannot have those antagonistic and malicious thoughts when they partake of the food that I have blessed.

"Every thought on the food here from the hearts and minds of everyone, they are all "God is handling the food." It may be foolish, but such a superstition put forth into expression scientifically and accurately, it actually develops the bodies of the children of GOD into pure and wholesome bodies as they take and partake of this Communion. Can you not see the mystery?

"We invite strangers to partake, too, at times; but these are My immediate members, as they may be termed, as the immediate staff, immediate coworkers. Now, shortly we will be ready to go and serve another Communion Feast -- the LORD"S Supper -- better known as a banquet. Can you not see the mystery? Could be termed a Love Feast -- it is the same thing.

"We do it daily and we sing and praise GOD just the same as they do in all churches when they give the Communion. Can you not see the mystery? But we do it in the actuated words of expression in the practical way for the sustenance of your bodies and for the benefit of your souls, to unite your souls and bodies together and to prohibit them from being severed. That is what I do it for; to keep your souls and bodies together and to keep you from being severed from your soul or from your body. You see the mystery? Therefore, this is GOD"S Holy Banquet Table -- not only here but at every place where I Personally preside. That is and this is My method of worship. This is the way I bless you all -- by giving you blessed food to eat, to drink and the blessed comfort and convenience such as we have for the nourishment and for the comfort of your bodies, and for the unification of your body and your soul, that they might be severed no more. I thank you." (6/1/41)


Actual Service

But with all this extension of FATHER DIVINE"S Communion Service to most of the countries of the free world around the globe, the style of service has remained the same up to the present day.

Many people do not realize the significance of the Communion Service and the necessity of the system at these tables. To flow smoothly, FATHER DIVINE has instituted service at His Tables with the precision of a time clock. For an infraction of a part of the service there is a possibility of disrupting the whole.

The service also has a practical aspect that succeeds in serving everyone with the least possible effort with a rhythm that FATHER DIVINE Himself instituted from the pouring of hot coffee, serving each cup as it was passed up to Him with a rhythm that was beautiful to behold, to the swift passing of the dessert plates from FATHER"S Hands down the tables, each one passing to the next.

The flow of these services is rhythmic and poetic and beautiful. At times when there are guests, members of the Crusader Choir, a part of whose duty it is to serve during Holy Communion, stand behind the guests to see that the service is kept going smoothly.

Women have come to FATHER DIVINE"S Communion Services and gone away inspired so much with the efficient service that they said they were going to serve guests in their homes in the same manner.

On March 1, 1940, FATHER DIVINE said of this system with which the Communions are served, "At this particular instance I want to convey and I thought to say, there is a system in everything I do. When you work in harmony with ME it is just like singing a song, just like playing music. If your music gets out of time and you try to play it out of time it does not sound so well, does it? . . . When I pass the food to My left and to My right, if you are in harmony with ME and in harmony accurately and endeavor to work accordingly, you will endeavor to serve systematically and pass your dishes accordingly. You will not block the traffic.

"It is wrong to block the traffic on the public highways in driving your cars," FATHER said, "but it may not be as conflicting to block the traffic on the public highway as it would be to block the traffic at the Holy Communion Table of the LORD, for this is the Work of GOD! Can you not see the mystery? And I AM working your soul salvation scientifically and working according to system through harmonization, that each and everyone might be a partaker of the identical spirit and the mind that I AM representing.

"Not anything should be blocked and not anything should be stopped unnecessarily; everything should go systematically around. And at a six-wing table or at an eight-wing table when we serve eight dishes of the course, everything should go systematically, harmoniously and in unison on either side and on each wing at the same time.

"Everyone should try to serve briefly. If they wish to serve generously, serve briefly; systematically and harmoniously, that the Spirit of My Work might have free access; for I AM the Musician in this Drama of Life! I AM the Composer of the Kingdom of GOD; the Composer of this rhythmistic song and expression of life that I have composed in and through and by you all.

"System I AM talking about now. "Where there is harmony there is heaven", and where there is system there is harmonization; and harmonization and heaven and unison are together. All work systematically for one common purpose and that is to bring all together in unison in spirit and in mind that you might be one with your GOD!

"These thoughts are well worth considering; jot them down in your vocabularies and consider them, and remember, harmony is the great essential, and system works cooperatively in the act of bringing about harmony; and through harmonization you will work in unison; and through working in unison, the rhythm of unison coming forth into expression even if it is an emotion, it will bring forth an inspiration that will give you a message more than what I AM telling you!"


"Come and Dine"

At FATHER DIVINE"S Tables One serves all and all serve One. A person dining for the first time is usually prompted by someone next to him who knows the service or one of the waiters who quietly and unobtrusively explains the method of service and its meaning.

Guests are usually seated before FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE make Their Personal appearance. When FATHER enters the Holy Communion Hall to ring the bell summoning all to come and dine, everyone rises and remains standing until FATHER and MOTHER are seated.

This bell which FATHER Personally rings is the "second bell". The "first bell" is rung by the head waitress at the exact time scheduled for the service. This lets everyone throughout the amplified building or buildings -- and all of the Peace Mission Churches, hotels and homes are amplified -- know that it is time to get ready for Holy Communion.

Those of the coworkers who are not directly concerned with the service stop their work and prepare to go to the table also. Of these, referring to those at His Sayville home and other places, FATHER DIVINE has said no one would know a coworker from a guest. They change from their working clothes and come to the table just as anyone else.

Explaining this, FATHER said on August 30, 1941, "The time to eat is at the banquet table. There are banquet hours, even for the coworkers, and they have been set apart at intervals of almost three hours, the same as you feed a baby, an infant about three months old. You feed some every three hours . . . and we have those banquets at intervals so everyone of the coworkers can eat at those different times; and it is for the purpose of their not going in the kitchen seeking or getting or taking things out when the time is not to serve."

Any time after the "first bell" rings, FATHER DIVINE appears to ring the "second bell". The sound of the silvery-toned brass bells resounds with a pleasant, musical ring that seems to say as FATHER says, "Come and dine!"

FATHER"S Personal secretarial staff, chauffeur and footman are always seated with FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. As FATHER has explained to His guests, these are the only reserved seats, and are so set aside because these people are giving service before, during and after the meals which FATHER Personally serves and it is not convenient for them to dine at the other tables.

Even a casual observer at these feasts will notice that at Holy Communion, as in every aspect of the Movement, there is a distinct separation of the sexes. Men, or brothers sit on one side of the table and the sisters or women on the opposite side. The only infraction of this rule is made when guests attend in couples or families and are seated in a group.

There is also a strict integration of the races. But even in this, the foresighted discernment of FATHER DIVINE can readily be seen. Complexion is the main issue and not race. An Afro-American of dark skin coloring would probably be seated next to a person of light complexion regardless of racial abstraction. This is also evident among those standing around or with any followers of FATHER DIVINE you might meet on the street.

There is a complete service at each place including a dinner plate, bread and butter plate, sauce dish, cup and saucer and two glasses; salad and dinner forks, knife and spoon and a butter spreader and linen napkin. Paper napkins are also passed later in the meal for anyone who wishes to have one.

When extra items are served as soup or consomme, a bowl will be set in each dinner plate. If there is to be a fruit or vegetable appetizer, an extra glass is provided for this. Other entrees such as fresh fruit may already be served in suitable glasses placed in each dinner plate. Dessert plates and silver for the dessert are passed before the service of the desserts.

When FATHER, MOTHER and guests are seated, the service begins. Everyone is always put at ease in FATHER DIVINE"S Presence because of the homey atmosphere and because FATHER is such a Perfect Host.

If the cup and saucer is set in the dinner plate, as it sometimes is when there is no other service in the plate, as service begins, each guest removes it on to the table at the right of his plate for easy service when the hot drinks are served.

The moment FATHER and MOTHER are seated the religious portion of the service begins. This is carried on by those seated and standing around. Everyone participates in praise and thanksgiving to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. Songs are sung by everyone and volitional testimonies are given to FATHER DIVINE for the many wonderful things HE continually does for everyone.

During this time, service at the table proceeds. The food is passed to FATHER by the head waitress. FATHER then blesses each item and it is passed down the table or tables as the case may be. If there are eight wings to the Holy Communion Table, eight separate containers of each item are served, one for each wing.

Of the many courses and the service of them FATHER said on October 26-27, 1938 and again on March 30, 1947, "Why is it we serve a variety of food? It is for the purpose of each and every individual getting something to suit his or her appetite. I do not coerce you into eating especially, some special dish I eat; neither some special dish some other individual eats; but I endeavor to supply you with the diverse foods, which is to say, the variety of dishes, that you might have your choice to eat whatsoever you may desire as it is passed around to you."

FATHER continued, "If you notice carefully, the different courses of the variety of bread, -- we serve many courses of the variety of bread for the purpose of giving all of the diners a chance to take whatsoever he or she wishes to eat. I will not force nor coerce you into eating something you are not accustomed to eating, unless you wish to. You are privileged to eat whatsoever I serve at this Banquet Table when it is passed around to you, without comment or without criticism.

"If you do not desire certain dishes or certain courses of the variety of dishes and of food, you are not obliged to do so. This is according to the Gospel. What said the Gospel, yea, the Epistle concerning the mystery? "Where the Spirit of GOD is, there is liberty." I have given you liberty and a privilege, according to the Gospel -- "He whom the Son sets free is free indeed." Therefore, in the name of the Sonship Degree, you are free to eat just whatsoever I set before you and whatsoever is passed around to you, without comment or without criticism or without accusation."

And again, "There are many courses, from one to many; from one course, I say, to many, which is to say, to hundreds at times. You are privileged to take some of all of the different vegetables and some of all of the different meats and some of all of the different breads, but you would not try to take a whole bread plate or pan of rolls at once; you would take one, and some of all of the other breads if you desired to; and when you shall have finished that which you have taken, if you eat it all and pocket or leave none, you are welcome to ask for the bread, or whatsoever it is, to be passed again. And if it is passed the second time you are privileged to serve the second time, until you shall have been served generously.

"So realize what GOD has done and what GOD is actually doing now for one and all! This is not just for those who are called My followers alone but for everyone who desires to be Honest and Competent and True and will deal Just and Right in the midst of the congregation of the people! You would not come in and expect to take a whole platter of pork chops or anything else but out of the many different courses you should take a piece of each if you desire to, but not more, until it shall have gone around; and when you shall have finished that which you have taken, and if you desire more, you may ask that it be passed again and you may serve again!"

On the same subject FATHER said, "The sacredness of this Mission should be considered; the sacredness of your actions should be considered, especially around the Banquet Table; for if the food is passed down and those who are near ME Personally take two pieces on their plates at times and if they would not take it if they were near ME Personally, they are stealing the Communion that GOD is serving from the Hands of Mercy." (10/18/38)

(The continuation of this article in Part III will extend the explanation of the system of service of FATHER DIVINE"S Communion Services.)


Part III

Entrees or soups are served first, hors d"d'oeuvres next and so on. As each item is passed down the table , each person serves what he wishes and passes it on to the next person. One never sets anything on the table to serve. If the platter is too hot to hold, he may be helped by the person seated next to him or by one of the waiters. This "keeps the blessings flowing", as FATHER DIVINE says, "in an unbroken chain around the table and ultimately around the world."

Rules of common etiquette are expected of all guests. Never does anyone serve with his own fork or spoon, for FATHER DIVINE has placed in each bowl, on each platter and even on the relish and celery dishes, forks and spoons so that no one need handle the food someone else might serve.

Also, should anyone desire a piece of meat, for instance, that is on the opposite side of the platter as it is passed to him, he will turn the platter around and serve close to him so that he will not have to reach over food someone else will take. And no one ever serves from the bottom of a bowl or platter for a particular piece of food, disrupting the rest of the platter to get at it.

As in the case of meats, baked potatoes and the like, and even hot rolls or slices of bread, one never breaks off a portion of a serving but will take the whole piece or leave it. For all practical purposes, meats are carved with this in mind so that there are small and medium-sized pieces on each platter. Also, some of the breads, when slices are very large, may be cut in half before serving to accommodate anyone wishing only half a slice.

Some desserts are also portioned in this way. FATHER DIVINE explained this when someone questioned why wedges of pie were cut so small. HE said it was not because of the lack of an abundance of anything or of everything, but because there are so many varieties of desserts served that most people would like to have a small portion of each.

Vegetables like broccoli are never cut on the serving platter, the server taking only the head and leaving the stalk. Nor are bones shaken from pieces of well-cooked meat and left on the platter. Each person is expected to take one serving.

If there are inedible portions, they should be left on the plate of the server. This is just another rule of common courtesy since there are others to serve from the platter after it passes each guest. If each one only served the head of the broccoli, guests further down the table would be obliged to serve from only stalks left on the platter.

When a bowl or platter is emptied, the person who empties it holds the silver on some one of his dishes he has not used and passes the empty container up the table to the waitress. It is replenished and "expressed" or passed over every other person to facilitate speed, until it reaches the person where it "gave out."

Of this phase of service FATHER DIVINE said on September 16, 1944, "Express the water; and that means, express everything where it gave out at, and it also means when the first course comes along do not try to take all you can eat from the first course, for there are many courses and many beverages. Serve yourself and when it comes again the second or third time you may serve again. I notice a good many will serve and serve and serve, and some on the far end may not get served while they are waiting for water and waiting for other beverages.

"Then I say, help yourself and pass it on to your next door neighbor and let them serve; and if you desire to serve again, serve when we serve the second and third time. That means the food and also the beverages and anything else we serve. Do not try, or think you can deal fair by your fellow brother if every time the water goes down you serve it before it can get to him every time. Give them all a chance to get served and then we will re-serve and re-serve again and again, if you desire more to eat or drink, until all shall have been served generously and abundantly supplied."

Should some item pass a person before he realizes he wants some, it is never passed backward up the table to accommodate an undecided guest. He may wait until the item has been served around the table then ask for it to be reserved so that he may serve.

If two containers of the same item are served at the table, one goes down each side of the table until they meet at or near the end of the table. They are never passed back up the table until each person has had a chance to serve.

If a guest likes something in particular he may raise his hand, and get permission from the head of the table, that is, from FATHER or MOTHER DIVINE, or the head waitress, if he desires to serve as it comes back up the table after everyone has been served. It is best, however, to wait until that particular item has gone back up the table, then ask for a re-service.

Neither is anyone expected to waste anything at FATHER DIVINE"S Table. Of this, FATHER said, ". . . Anything you desire to eat, just help yourselves, but try not to take more than what you eat! You will see I customarily clean My plate when I eat. I do not come to want for anything. I have a-full and a-plenty at all times. In and at the time of the extreme emergency of the last, and the world war before the last one, we had the abundance of the fullness, and to spare, at all of the time the war was going on!

"So he that will wilfully waste, will cause a woeful want. Take all you want and eat all you take, but do not waste anything; for Jesus said, "Take up the fragments that nothing be wasted."" (9/8/50)

And on March 10, 1952, FATHER said, ". . . Just because we have it in abundance of the fullness of all good things, do not think I endorse wasting anything . . . Do not be a willful waster and become to be a woeful wanter -- for I have all things to gain and nothing to lose! My Presence automatically is creative, as it was in the beginning of the creation. Wheresoever I AM Present and the masses are conscious of it, it automatically creates the abundance of the fullness; and you can be partakers of these blessings continually if you will use them unselfishly, constructively, and realize GOD never did intend for you to waste.

"As Christians, I say,

'Take up the fragments that nothing be wasted.'

Therefore, to you under the sound of this Voice, as this Movement is founded upon the Sermon on the Mount, I have requested you to take up the fragments that nothing be wasted! But if you eat lavishly, in the abundance, and do not waste it, you are welcome to it, and you will be happy with it."

Speaking of these things during a recent Holy Communion Service, MOTHER DIVINE said, ". . . FATHER said in a Message that you can serve some of all of the various courses as they go down, but do not overload your plate or serve so generously of one particular item that it doesn't"t give those at the end of the table an opportunity of serving, but I would like to say, that FATHER said that you can re-serve if you want something, but we do not serve the food as it is coming back up the table, as the dishes are returning.

"And then when we are clearing the table," MOTHER continued, "the various dishes are passed individually. You don"t pile your setting one dish on top of the other, your plate and your sauce dish and your cup, because that is inviting accidents and breakage of the dishes and confusion. But you pass each dish off individually and your plate that has your silverware on; you put them on so they will not fall off. You put the heavy end of the knife towards the center of the plate. Now FATHER has Personally given instructions to do it in that manner. When a dish is going down the table and it passes by and you decide that you want something, you must not call that dish back and serve; that is back-tracking. FATHER Dear, I have seen YOU indicate that You would want something, and You would let it go around and around; let it go around the table twice and then when it comes back and You seen everyone has well served. You would take a portion for Yourself . . . I thank You, FATHER, for all of these beautiful rules for they bring about this great song in expression . . ."

As MOTHER DIVINE said, system is the first law of Communion Service. When a person is finished dining, he closes his plate by placing his knife and fork in the middle of his dinner plate, and for efficiency of serving in passing off the plates, he places the heavy handle end of the knife toward the center of the plate.

Dinner plates are passed off first. If there is dessert to be served, the dessert plates are passed down the table by FATHER, each one placing a plate at his place as it comes to him, then passing the others along.

When dessert is finished, the waitress will indicate removal of the dishes and these plates are passed off first, followed by the bread and butter plates, sauce dishes, cups and saucers and last of all the glasses.

All silverware which has not been used and any dishes that were unused are left in their places on the table. Clean dishes and silver are never stacked by guests in a pile before their places.

At times, resetting of the table is done before guests are dismissed. In this case large trays are sent down the table for all soiled napkins. These are followed by table crumbers, each guest crumbing his place then passing the crumber to the person seated next to him.

Dishes are passed for resetting in the same order the used dishes were removed from the table and so system is always the order of the meal.


Order of Service

There is a system also to the order of the service. Starchy vegetables are served first, then the root and leafy vegetables; sliced meats, cold cuts, sea food, fowl and then others meats; salads of all sorts; then breads, cheeses, beverages and desserts.

Qualifying this, FATHER DIVINE has made stipulation that slow-moving courses, or courses with a variety of things on one platter or foods that almost everyone is sure to serve, are served last in their group. This keeps the service from "piling up" and "blocking traffic." Also in the case of vegetables, those served in bowls precede vegetables served on platters.

A typical holiday menu, and this is said with hesitancy because all of FATHER"S menus are lavish, reads like the one served at the anniversary of the dedication of Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the Lord, on Thursday, September 13, 1962 A.D.F.D.



Apricot Nectar



Hors d"oeuvres: Miniature Frankfurters; Gherkins wrapped in Bacon; Miniature Fish Sticks, Crabettes



Smoked Oysters; Cocktail Shrimps; Red Rose Caviar; Black Caviar; Norwegian Smoked Sild; Artichoke Hearts; Antipasto; Smoked Fish Plate;



Vegetables: Creamery Whipped Potatoes; Wild Rice; Buttered Corn on the Cob; Sliced Fresh Buttered Carrots; Tiny Rosebud Beets; French String Beans with Mushrooms; Fresh Asparagus Spears with Hollandaise Pimiento Sauce;

Sea Food: Ocean Fresh Fried Deep Sea Scallops; Imported Sauteed Frog Legs with Tartar Sauce;

Meats: Small Baked Squabs with Tasty Filling; Rare Roast Sirloin of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding; Baked Virginia Ham with Pineapple Garnish; Roast Capon with Chestnut Dressing and cranberry Sauce;

Salads: Lettuce Wedges and Sliced Tomatoes; Avocado Mandarin Plate; Waldorf Gelatin Mold; Pineapple Cottage Cheese Mold; Assorted Relish Plate with Olives and Celery;

Breads: Crescent Butter Rolls; Fancy Danish Pastries; Ritz; Butter Baskets; Woodmont Blackberry Preserves;

Cheeses: Roquefort; Cheddar; Swiss; American;

Beverages: Assorted Iced and Hot Beverages;

Fruit Bowl: Fresh Assorted Fruit Bowl;

Dessert: Fruit Medley Mold; Ice Cream Mold; Delectable Velvet Chocolate Pie; Blueberry Tarts; Fruit Cake.


Donations Accepted

FATHER DIVINE has often told His congregations and people HE might be interviewing from time to time, that at His home in Sayville, where many saw Him serve Holy Communion for the first time, no money was received for meals or any material benefits received at His Hands. This statement has been verified by many who lived or spent some time visiting at His home there.

However, with the passing of time, and as the many places where FATHER DIVINE served when HE attempted to accommodate the masses in New York City were not directly under His Personal jurisdiction, FATHER permitted the people to donate for material things, such as food and other accommodations.

This is still the case under the Peace Mission Movement. People are permitted to make a donation for meals taken at Holy Communion as well as for sleeping accommodations and the use of Church cars. But of His Spiritual Service, which is invaluable, FATHER DIVINE gives freely.

Since there is no charge made for these meals, FATHER DIVINE has said that it would be permissible do donate whatsoever one would pay for a comparable meal in any restaurant.


Seating at Communion

"I AM not satisfied unless My Table is filled . . ." FATHER DIVINE has said and HE fulfills this over and over again by seating guests in vacant reserved seats.

On November 29, 1941, FATHER went into this point in detail. HE said, "The Scripture is this day being fulfilled in your hearing, even to the point of view where I said,

'The Kingdom of GOD is like unto a man which prepared a great feast,'

and he sent out and invited, invited guests, to come and dine -- many of whom made mistakes by making excuses. Aren't"t you glad! And because of them making the excuses, they were making mistakes by trying to get out of coming to dine, when they were honored to have reserved for them a place in Heaven! You see the mystery? To have reserved seats in the Kingdom of GOD, as I spoke of yesterday; giving them reserved seats; and if you do not wish to consider My Deity as the Establisher and the Foundation, yea, the Founder of the Kingdom, you can at least consider, as said the Scripture, as it was likened unto a man which had prepared a great Supper!

"You know, there have never been such Suppers or Banquets prepared as I prepare for you! And the invitation was given and they getting their invitation to come; but they ignored the invitations that were given them, and they began with one consent, or one accord, to make excuse after excuse, in order to try to disappoint or defeat the LORD -- but they could not do it! And when His servant came and told Him that the table was not filled, the Bible says, He, being angry, said,

'Not one of those that were invited shall taste of My Supper!'

"Therefore, He said,

'Go ye out in the hedges, in the streets, in the alleys and lanes," whichever, firstly, "and compel them to come in that My Table might be filled . . .'

Therefore, the Scripture I AM fulfilling among you, those of you of whom I have honored to the degree to sit you up in and at all of My Banquet Tables in our Holy Communion Halls and Banquet Halls and have reserved seats for you, and have given you the right of way; because of them even superficial technicality of service you are supposedly giving, and yet you do not appreciate it and will not come and fill your seats without an excuse! You could come and fill them; the majority of them could; but it says that the Master or the LORD was angry and told them to go out and compel others to come in "that My House might be filled." That is the point for consideration!

"So then, when I spoke as I did and said, the reserved seats must be filled; if they are not filled I will acquire others to fill the reserved seats -- those who can and will appreciate them! That is what I AM talking about.

"So then, think it not strange nor think it not wrong of ME to be angry when you refuse to come and take your places that have been served for you, yea, they have been served for you and reserved for you; served with the silverware and the very same linens, the very same crystal-ware and everything else that we have for one and for all; we have served those places with the necessary setups and yet reserved them for you; and if you do not appreciate it, why then, you shall not continue to hold others out of the places, who might be appreciatable and might actually appreciate it."

Another point FATHER brought out was the fact that reverence and respect was requested of everyone attending the Service. HE said on August 4-5, 1949: "First I would like to say, those who do not respect My Ever-Presence, they need not respect My Personal Presence. If you do not be the same at My Personal absence you are telling ME you do not recognize My Personal Presence. If you do not be the same at My Personal absence you are telling ME you do not recognize My Personal Presence. So much for that! And that means this time and all times under the Peace Mission Movement over which I preside."

(The continuation of this article in Part IV will attempt to portray the sacredness of these Feasts.)


Part IV

Aside from the fact that Holy Communion feasts served by FATHER DIVINE and in Peace Mission Churches all over the world provide good wholesome nourishment served with the very best of foods that can be had, they add to the spiritual stature and mental attitude of those who participate.

Bringing out these points, FATHER DIVINE said in March 1945 and on June 6, 1941, "When and wheresoever you assemble under this Jurisdiction where I preside, because of your implicit faith you have in ME the food we serve is blessed. It is changed from a mere temporal use for the sustenance of our bodies but also to and for the benefit of our souls. It causes you to become more Divine-minded . . . Men of vice and crime, of sin and debauchery of every kind are changed when they partake of this Holy food, according to the religious convictions of millions. Therefore, they become to be new creatures characteristically and new creatures dispositionally. They are changed from vice and crime to righteousness, equity and truth and they learn to live our Constitution and they learn to enact the Bill of Rights.

"Then I say", FATHER continued, "it is a privilege to live in the Actual Presence of GOD! Truly might have the little composition said, "FATHER"S Love will get you, even if you watch out." There are those under the sound of My Voice who met ME years ago who were habitual drunkards, gamblers, thieves and robbers; but by the contact with ME, through partaking of the domesticated -- no, I might say Divine-ated food -- and partaking of the blessings GOD has blessed for the children of men, they are new creatures and no longer walking in their sins.

"Oh, what a privilege to live in such a Recognition! And because it is a blessing to the universe at large, it is also a blessing to you and for GOD . . . "Therefore, I have an odd way of service, it is true; but this is a matter of course with us and to us this is the same as a regular Communion Service in other churches, and it is the Actual way we serve our Communion. So I hope you all will take cognizance of what you see and have heard, and visualize the positive but do not visualize the negative, for "The thing you vividly visualize you tend to materialize."

"Now isn't"t this something beautiful to visualize?" At this time FATHER DIVINE pointed to the vast Holy Communion Table laden with every good and delicious food. "From this nucleus of democracy, brotherhood and the Golden Rule as exemplified among you, we shall contagionize the universe with it, and eventually it will be a matter of impossibility to have warfare and bloodshed with any nation."

FATHER DIVINE said again, "The very bread you eat from and at this banquet tables -- the bread is a blessing and it sustaineth the bodies; it strengtheneth you physically, mentally and spiritually. It changes your disposition and your characteristics; for the Spirit of My Presence, as it is blessed and broken, it is blessing to the bread and it changes the nature and the properties of it as it is used by others.

"Those of you who eat at these Holy Banquet Tables daily, you do not have that animalistic disposition and characteristic. You are changed characteristically and dispositionally because of GOD"S Presence in the blessing and breaking of the bread and bestowing His blessings upon it.

"When you partake of the bread and food such as we daily give, consisting of our method of serving the Communion, your disposition is changed, your characteristics are changed and you become new creatures characteristically and dispositionally; for such thoughts and such intention to bring about the complete change of humanity has been passed upon the food, and the blessings you are enjoying for the nourishment of your bodies and for the benefit of your souls, yea, even for the redemption of them. Therefore it is going forth."


Holy Communion Abroad

And yet, this atmosphere found in Holy Communion Halls where FATHER DIVINE Personally Presides is not confined. The very same sacredness, yes and even the same abundance served by FATHER is felt and seen in Peace Mission Churches all over the world.

This is because of the Consciousness of His Presence which brings every good and desirable thing with it.

From tables where FATHER DIVINE presides in Person, tables have been set up in the exact image and likeness in almost every country of the free world. This is one continuous table that has encircled the globe.

At churches and services where FATHER DIVINE is not in Personal attendance, as, for instance, in churches in Germany and Australia and other countries where FATHER DIVINE does not preside in Person, the second bell is rung about half an hour after the first bell. The head waitress, in these cases, touches the platters and bowls of food down at FATHER"S place at the table, thus blessing the food just as FATHER Himself does.

Everywhere, followers of FATHER DIVINE recognize that His Presence is with them because they know that HE is GOD and His Spirit is universal.

From this point, after the ringing of the second bell, service progresses just the same as at any table where FATHER might Personally preside.


Recorded Sermons

Followers and guests testify of the goodness, healings and blessings bestowed by FATHER DIVINE to them and recorded Sermons by FATHER DIVINE, speeches by MOTHER DIVINE and others and selections sung by the audience and church choirs are played at services not attended by FATHER Personally. People listen to them attentively and the hall seems to take on the mood of the recording. It would seem as if FATHER DIVINE were up speaking when a recording of one of His Messages is played.

Respect for FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE come naturally, even for guests. Their very Presence seems to demand respect from the crudest person. And when They speak, everyone listens.

On October 18, 1938, FATHER DIVINE said, "Those who partake of this bread and who drink whatsoever it may be that I AM handling, when you stop and consider GOD is handling the food and blessing and breaking the bread, it should be more sacred to you in consideration than that of those who are in the custom of serving communion in the churches . . .

"Nevertheless I have condescendingly permitted Myself to be as a daily Communion Server at all of the Banquet Tables, blessing and breaking the bread and giving it freely to whomsoever will. Yea, it is written:

'Whosoever will, let him come and take of the water of Life freely.'

Therefore, when they come around these Banquet Tables and live in these different assemblies and extensions daily, they should stop and consider the sacredness of the Movement, the Work and the Activities and all of what we are doing, with the spirit of sincerity. They should stop and consider, if they do anything dishonest in words, deeds or actions in communing at the Banquet Table, they are violating the Law of GOD as was given to the children of men by the oath or by the promise of Jesus. "The Words of GOD were given to you by Jesus, in other words to the children of men:

'If you take of this unworthy, you take d--nation to your own soul . . .'

condemnation to your own soul, it could have been said. Therefore I say, the Law of GOD as given to the children of this people and handed down through the ages and by Jesus, was to take and eat.

'This is My Body",

which was a symbol of taking the characteristics, the nature and the disposition of the Personal Tabernacle, the Body of Jesus, which was a symbol of it, you see. Take of this and eat and drink, typifying the Life of CHRIST and the Spirit thereof. Drink of this Spirit and take it freely; but if you take of it unworthy, you take d--nation to your own soul . . .

"Therefore the daily Banquets are served with the spirit of sincerity and with the spirit of sacredness, as much as the communion is served in the most sacred churches. These thoughts are well worth considering.

"You say, "This is FATHER"S Table." You say, "This is FATHER"S Home." You say, "This is FATHER"S Body," or "FATHER"S Temple." Then why should you do anything at My Personal absence you would not do or say in My Personal Presence? What said Jesus concerning the mystery of which I AM now speaking?

'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.'

"Perfection has been called for! It can be produced and it can be brought to fruition in you if you allow it to; for you can be the same at the absence of the Body of GOD by the recognition of GOD"S Ever-Presence, as if I would be Personally present and talking with you. By this you are purifying yourselves by cleansing your minds and your bodies, yea, your soul, of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, that you might be one with your GOD! These thoughts are well worth considering.

"Then I say, the Communion Table as a daily abstract expression, as the reality of the symbol as exemplified in the churches, should be deeply considered in all of your activities and when you go to these Banquet Tables, whether I AM Personally Present or Personally absent, you should consider with the Spirit of sincerity and be as sacred in your consideration at My Personal absence as you would be in My Personal Presence when I AM Personally serving."


Serenity and Devotion

Concerning the atmosphere of the Holy Communion Halls, FATHER DIVINE said on April 15, 1945, "I often think of those of you who claim to love ME so; how you do, as it has been said, that some cows will give a good pail of milk and kick it all over. You give this good milk, the milk of the Word and express your devotion for ME, for My Work and My Mission; you should see to it that it safeguarded and not spilled, much less than kicking it over wilfully.

"I AM about to call your attention to the fact that in our audiences we should be the most calm, the most serene and the most respectable and respect law and order and especially that of your FATHER"S. I have often said, when the Holy Communion Halls are opened, they are opened for the benefit of serving the Holy Communion to those who are worthy. The Holy Communion Hall is sacred, just as sacred as the lecture hall and more stressful to be considered. Then, because it is sacred, even though I AM universalizing My Love and giving even those a chance who are not members, followers and believers and do not even receive the Holy Communion as sacred and as the ritual of our religious services, it is sacred just the same! "Therefore, I appeal to you once again; I expect you to be as orderly as they were in Washington the other day. I heard the commentator say there was no rush, there was no push, there was no shove; everything was calm and serene and expressed an expression of devotion for the person in question and in consideration even though the body had ceased to function." At this time FATHER referred to the funeral of the late President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. "And GOD in His Love and Mercy and tender Compassion being here with you today, making a way for you where there is no way and making it possible for you to live throughout eternity, I appeal to you to show ME your serenity and your sincerity by expressing your devotion in love, in kindness and let your emotion in going into the services be those that can be respected and highly considered as real devotional servants.

"What a privilege to have, to express and observe the serenity of My Spirit, the Love and Devotion of Almighty GOD for you, and tender compassion to lead you and guide you. Therefore, you should be a standard as a sample and as an example for others and you should express perfection, yea, the perfection of serenity and of calmness in going into the auditoriums and places without rushing and pushing and shoving, for such expressions are expressions of aggression and emotional expressions of coercion . . .

"Now when the dining room is opened, walk in in all sincerity, in all sincerity, in piousness and in poise. Express My Love, and by doing so, you will not try to get ahead of someone else. You will take your time and trust in GOD. If you cannot trust ME to get a seat or to get another seat and get something to eat, how can you trust ME with your life, that no man can give you? A good many of you hear ME say from time to time, "If you love ME, trust ME." If you trust ME, you will not be aggressive and you will not race with another to try to get ahead of the other one to get a seat at the table!

"Now if you do not express as much appreciation for ME, for My Work and My Mission as they did in the demonstration in Washington for the one they loved who was dead, you need not claim ME as your Leader and as your Redeemer and Savior!

"We shall have a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle!"


Perfection of Woodmont

Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the Lord, is the epitome of perfection from a material point of view. This is where FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE and a portion of FATHER"S staff are now in residence. But, the same as it is with the Holy Communion Service, there is another picture of Woodmont. As FATHER so often says, Woodmont is the out picturing of a state of consciousness to which all can attain if they adhere to this life which HE and MOTHER portray before all mankind.

All during the days when FATHER Personally worked and worshiped with the people in New York City, as a Message just quoted shows so plain, even teaching them good manners as a father would teach a little child, FATHER was bringing the masses to a place of perfection mentally, spiritually and physically where they could see Woodmont and observe the spiritual significance of its perfection.

Now, when they come to Woodmont, their behavior is quiet and dignified. But more than that, followers of FATHER DIVINE can be an example of inner serenity and peace of mind that the world envies. This they obtained by attending Holy Communion with FATHER DIVINE.

Today, in every country of the free world, people attend these Holy Communion feasts that are peaceful and serene and calm in the face of disaster. They do not feel the threat of Communism although it may be just across the border; for they are hid in FATHER DIVINE, and they feel secure. This is the Table that extends around the world.

"I need not say more", FATHER DIVINE said on July 4, 1941, "but I thought I would call your attention to what I have been thinking. This is GOD"S Holy Banquet Table. Wheresoever I AM functioning and serving the food, as has been termed the Banquet Table, I AM serving the Holy Communion for the nourishment of your bodies and for the benefit of your souls; to supply you with Something that will give you victory over sickness and diseases and afflictions, over trials and tribulations and over adverse and undesirable conditions! That is what I AM talking about! Aren't"t you glad? Something that will give you victory when the world is on fire!"


GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE"S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD"S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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