FATHER DIVINE ---Re: Walter Lanyon










. . . . the same as when MY Message was transmuted through Mr. Lanyon nearly a year ago, and through his fame and through MY Name in him, the message of the Kingdom of GOD here and now and of this universal brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of GOD is being conveyed to the Orthodox Church and the Catholics. They accepted that, many of them, but through the lack of perfect love and in spirit and also in authority, they rose up with spirit of revolt and with the spirit of violence through lack of love but caught a glimpse of their liberty, their freedom, their rights to be free, and they stood to free themselves from the king as I have conveyed the message of deliverance through the name of Mr. Lanyon and by the fame of the Spirit of the CHRIST Consciousness. And in Spain they rose up to dethrone the king to drive him out as soon as I conveyed MY Message through the fame of Mr. Lanyon and through the name of the CHRIST Consciousness and they rose up to dethrone the king and drive him out. And as MY Spirit turned in a different direction towards Italy, even before the body arrived, the Spirit had arrived in Italy to dethrone the Pope.







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