Correspondence between Walter Lanyon and Father Divine.








Walter C. Lanyon Thanks FATHER for HIS Blessing.

Rear Garden, Sayville, Long Island, N. Y.

Rear Garden, Sayville, Long Island, N. Y.

March 21, 1957
Dear Father.

I have been thinking of You much these day -- have recalled many wonderful LAWS You gave to the world and how true and wonderful they all are.

I hear the echo of Your voice so often when I move about speaking the Word -- and so I just wanted to write You and say Thanks and thanks again.

Now You are entering into a new phase of it all - where even greater LIGHT shall be given -- it is wonderful.

Bless You always - a rich reward is Yours
Walter C. Lanyon

P. S. As I went to fold the letter it seemed I was impressed to say to You that You are coming OUT into a very definite expression again -- only greater than before. Bless you always.






Children's banquet,
Unity Mission Church

Childrens banquet Unity Mission Church





764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia 46, PA
March 28, 1957 A.D.F.D.
Mr. Walter C. Lanyon

My dear Mr. Lanyon

Thank you for your letter of the 21st postmark, and I AM glad to hear from you.

As I was just speaking about you to some of MY Staff the other day, you were obliged to get in touch with ME, for when MY SPIRIT calls anyone into consideration, if the individual is in harmony with ME and in tune with MY MIND. he or she will respond immediately. Therefore, by your instant reaction to the thoughts of MY MIND, I weigh the Spiritual progress you are making.

It is true, as you say, this is the Day in which a greater unfoldment of expression is being made, and millions who have walked in darkness, shall behold the LIGHT. They are coming from the North, South, East and West up to the Mount of the House of the LORD, and I AM writing MY LAWS in their inward parts and engraving it on their hearts. Men shall no longer walk in ignorance and superstition as they have done; for in this New Dispensation the LIGHT of LIBERTY is shining and they shall be partakers of the FREEDOM of the SON of GOD as heirs and joint heirs with HIM.

Thus, I rejoice to know that you have kept the faith and are walking In the LIGHT as it is revealed to you for I desire that you might he even as this leaves ME, as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit. Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb. vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of MY BODILY FORM.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM
REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D.
(Better known as FATHER DIVINE.)

** *** **


Editor's Note: Walter Lanyon wrote many books. The one best known to followers of FATHER DIVINE is entitled 'IT IS WONDERFUL!' The most recent printing of this book omitted much of the following information: The dedication of the book to FATHER DIVINE, as found on page 5 of the original printing by the Camelot Press Ltd, London and Southampton, is as follows.


'This book is dedicated to FATHER DIVINE 'In appreciation for the glorious revelation his words brought to me.

'In my search for truth, I had met many wonderfully enlightened souls, noble and fine;... from all of these I received help and understanding, but it was not until I contacted Father Divine that I fully realized the Presence of the POWER here and now. Not as something to be used to produce results, but as the very actuality of Being, Itself....

' It is with a heart full of love and thanksgiving that I dedicate this book to The Father, who has so richly given me of his Love.


Also on page 7 of the original book is the statement 'All quoted italics in this book are words of Father Divine.' The quoted italics are numerous throughout the book.

Then again from page 219 to page 227, the chapter titled 'Gleanings', Walter says: 'In this closing chapter I have massed together the words of Father(Divine).'

Why wasn't this information included in the latest printing?








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