Remarks of Mrs. John Titus Taken from the New Day, June 14, 1952 A.D.F.D. Pg. 20





breaking down segregation.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE breaking down segregation.




"I just want to say, I saw so many evidences in the south land which reminded me of FATHER'S Glorious Work and of when Brother Titus--the night in Rockland Palace years ago when he termed FATHER DIVINE to be the DEAN of the UNIVERSE!


And as I was going down this year, through the South, I saw in many parts those things that are being corrected, those things that they are being reminded of, that FATHER DIVINE has been reminding them of, and I was very grateful for it and I thanked HIM many times as I came along, because those things, we know what the meaning of "Dean" is, and we know what it stands for; and I think so many times of what Brother Titus said: "The range-iness of HIM!" --and he knew HIM and understood HIM and manifested HIM through these many years, so that I am happy--happy that many of those things that you have heard FATHER DIVINE express here, are being manifested elsewhere!


"I talked with governors--the Governor of Mississippi, the Governor of South Carolina, the Governor of Georgia, and I know what they are thinking about and I know of some of those things that FATHER DIVINE has expressed, so that they might be changed and brought about, are changing! And I am glad to hear expressed, these things, and I realize that the world is getting better because these things have been said and these things have been put out into expression; and until that is done they cannot be put into action!--and that Democracy and Christianity, they are becoming to realize, are very much the one and the same thing! (FATHER exclaims, It is true! to which Mrs. Titus replies:) YOU understand!

"And so I thought of YOU possibly, every day where I went through those dense conditions and where I spoke to thousands of people in my talks; I had occasion to bring out many of those things! Some of those expressions, I don't even like to use them and I did not, through the South, and they talked of those things--of many things. To me, man was made in the Image and Likeness of GOD. Humanity, man, had nothing to do with the other part of it! And as I was able to put those things in expression, it was very helpful, even through the darkest part of Mississippi; and to the Governor of Mississippi himself, in fact, I expressed some of the things that FATHER DIVINE has said, and I know what I am talking about!

"And so I would like to say in closing, thank YOU, FATHER!--and I would like to give the poem that I know FATHER DIVINE loved: "Alone in the Field With GOD!" If we could only learn, as Mr. Titus used to say, to see the good in everyone and the little-ness of ourselves, how much better the world would be!"








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