It Is Essential to Have the Spirit of Discernment and Be Qualified to Analyze the Spirit and Mind of the Children of Men

An Open Confession Is the Only Hope Of Your Redemption For the Spirit, Body and Mind
For You Shall Not Hide even If You Commit Suicide


The 126th Street Extension.

The 126th Street Extension.


Our FATHER’S Message Given at the Banquet Table
152-160 126th Street, New York City
Wednesday Afternoon January 4, 1939 A. D. F. D. Time: 2:45 P. M.



The day of judgment has truly come when the LORD shall judge the quick and the dead! O ye wicked people, born out of sin and corruption, arise from the muck and mire of your filth and confess your dirty sins!   To think that GOD ALMIGHTY has come here on this earth in a Body so Pure and Holy for the purpose of redeeming all men— coming in Love and Mercy and Tender Compassion, and yet there are those who are undermining snakes with black, deceitful hearts that go around in the very Pure and Holy Kingdom of GOD, trying to kill and murder the only Savior and Redeemer of the world if they could!   With lying tongues, these serpents creep and sneak slyly around in and amongst the True and Faithful spreading their filth and even attempting to verify the lies that were previously told, but by those who at least had come out and told them!

It is wonderful to think of the extent of the mercy and the Tender Compassion of GOD upon this present generation so filled with pretentious ‘angels’ whose minds are biting snakes and as stinging Adders; but now the time has come when all must confess; if they will not, their bodies will confess for them, for all shall see and know just who they are by what they do in the near future, for which we thank YOU, Sweet FATHER!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER Speaks as follows:)


Peace, Everyone: That little thought brought out many weeks ago is well worth considering. Then I say reconsider it! The tender vines of Love, of Mercy and of Tender Compassion, the deceiving minds of the malicious and biting serpents at times will try to get in the vines and hide in order to come in through the vines as an arbor of vines around the window.   They try to come in at the windows at times, instead of coming in through the door. I mention this because there are those who consider when a malicious person or persons are outspoken, they are the worst persons in expression.   At times there are those who do not speak out who are deceiving and undermining and more poisonous and more malicious than those who speak out!

GOD sees and knows the heart!   For this cause it is essential to have the spirit of discernment of which is qualified to analyze the Spirit and Mind of the children of men.   These thoughts I bring to your consideration because there are those who are as biting serpents and as stinging adders!   Can you not see the mystery?   They come in when things are quiet!   They undermine, they deceive!

Now think not to say within yourself the worst person in the world is the one who has always openly spoken things, nor the worst act that has ever been done is not always the act of someone that has spoken openly maliciously, but those who have spoken deceivingly, underminingly and fraudulently for the purpose of entering into the hearts and minds of the children of men by doing something deceivingly and still continue to hang on.


The Sly Serpent Is Worse Than the Outspoken One

If you can say a word, as I said there in that Message, ay MY Personal absence, you would not say in MY Personal Presence and will not openly say it, why, you may be worse than that person who maliciously has declared things openly that are untrue!   When you can come and sit in and around the Banquet Table and have said such things as others may say openly but undermining and deceivingly and try to get others to believe their malicious lies but yet try to hide, that serpent is worse than an open-spoken one!

Because of resentment, because of anger, because of maliciousness and jealousy, some have said the same things that Faithful Mary said! They go around from place to place and try to get it into the hearts and minds of others, but would not come boldly to the Throne of Grace and tell ME and yet they would not confess it!   Some have not confessed yet and I know they said it!   If you all would know, you would lose your religion!   If you all knew and I did not hold you, you would lose your religion!

Now whosoever is as a snake, deceiving and undermining, trying to get in the tender vines of Love and Tender Compassion and lie and try to deceive others underminingly, that person is worse than one who will come out openly and say what they have to say and you know them!

We have some who lie around here and still will not even come and confess to ME privately— will not even come and confess privately; but there is no place to hide!


If Anything Ails You, You Have Been Lying

When you see a person sick, they have lied! When you see them dying, they have lied!   The wages of sin is death!   If anything ails you, you have been lying!

“In perfect Peace I keep you if your mind is stayed on ME!”

So you see that is the idea.

A deceitful heart and an undermining heart and a deceiving, biting serpent, trying to get in the tender vines of love and continue to do such things and yet will not confess them, and even say that what the other said is true— said that they are true when they know it is not true!   They do not think it, they know definitely, it is not true; but because of malicious jealousy and selfishness and desiring to be exalted and put up higher or above everybody else and because GOD does not do it, why, then they are malicious and hateful and undermining, deceiving, biting serpents trying to enter into the Kingdom of your Consolation and into the Kingdom of your Love as a biting serpent and as a stinging Adder!

A snake does not talk; it does not say anything much.   If he says anything it is such a little it is just like a blow.   Most of the snakes, that is the way they are; they slip around.   Now is not that true?   That is the way you do, isn’t it?

Now that one who would like to try to stay in the Kingdom and then say the same thing and then try to tell others the same thing because I do not make them the head, they are worse than someone who would say it outwardly and shout it on the housetops, because everybody knows that person then is not with ME; or that deceiving snake that will hang around or stay around— try to stay around where you think they are in the Kingdom but right around ME and want the head seat, they say and do the same things and I, for months and months, in Love and Mercy, continue to tell them to make confessions and still they will not confess it even to ME!   Now that is a whole lot worse than someone who is filled with the “other fellow” and knows it and lets you know it, but the ones that go around like a biting serpent and a stinging adder and saying everything like that and even saying everything she said was true.   This is Judgment Day!


GOD Waits Patiently

If I were not Who I AM, they would be pulled to pieces right now!   They know they said it too!  They are right here in this building and they know they said it!   They know they said it! For months and months and months I have been waiting patiently to see will you come and confess to ME privately and forsake your dirty sins!   I know you!   It is Wonderful!

An Open confession is the only Hope of your Redemption for Spirit, Body and Mind, for you shall not hide, even if you commit suicide! That is what is deceiving when one will go around and say the same thing provokingly, trying to poison everybody else’s mind because I do not give you Mother’s seat! You all do not need to know everything, because I will take care of the situation, and yet the Bible did say, “The Son took the Book out of the FATHER’S Hand!”

Now I need not say more.   You will see by the effect or the result of what I have said!   If they do not confess, they will be going or they will be sick and cannot move around, one or the other, or they will be dying!   You shall know it by some one of these ways and means and I do not have to say a word to them Personally!   Your conscience will condemn you because you know you said it, and think GOD does not know it!   Now those are the kind of s snakes and undermining serpents that are around at times that are much worse than a mad dog that makes a whole lot of noise, because you know he is just a mad dog.   But a deceiving , undermining serpent, they will try to get in the individuals, everyone they can get in and say the same thing, the same thing, and even verify— try to verify— ”Yes, it is true, it is true!” and then come to ME and say, “FATHER, I love You!”   And I continue to call their attention to it by calling their attention to make a confession openly or privately and they will not do it.   After a while they will not have time to do it!   See, that is a whole lot worse than someone who gets the “other fellow” in them and lets everybody know they are the “other fellow!”

I need not say more.   You all will hear, you all will see, you all will know by the individual’s going personally, and I do not have to say a thing to them— going to the grave or going some place that will show you and let you see and know that they did say it and are trying to hide and are worse than the one who said those things and told those malicious lies and did not try to hide.   I thank you.   And then come and sit up around ME and think I do not see it and do not know it!   It is enough to try to hide from everybody else but when you think I do not know it, it is wonderful!   I thank you.






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