"I AM bringing out the significance of what the nations should have been thinking 30 or 40 years ago.

"Trials and Tribulations and Oppression Have Caused the Nations to Seek the Unity
I Have Been Teaching, Stressing, Emphasizing and Advocating." — FATHER DIVINE

"Train a child in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it!
"If you think about how old you are, why then you begin to think about getting old!" — FATHER DIVINE



" Our FATHER'S Message" While at the Banquet Table 152-160 West 126th Street New York City
Sunday Evening & Monday Morning June 23rd and 24th, 1940 A.D.F.D. Time: 3:16 A. M.






As FATHER brings out in this glorious and soul stirring Message, the thought is well worth considering by all, that, while the aggressor and warring nations were preparing for this present war, their message to other countries through their propagandists was — Disarm! Disarm! Disarm! And while other nations were disarming and preparing for Peace instead of war and thinking the warring nations were fast asleep, lo and behold! they were making preparations for war! Not only so, but they have prepared their men, women and children that they might be ready when they are called for active service! Their children from sixteen years and up have been trained from a military point of view, the same as grown men!

Although we do not advocate and emphasize and stress the expression of war, how well would it have been with this Country and other countries, if they are not fully prepared, had they followed the policy of preparing for war in the time of Peace! Then they would have been ready to meet any emergency, any crisis that may befall them. Take deep consideration of this beautiful Message delivered by our Savior concerning the above mentioned subject!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber after which FATHER speaks as follows:)


Peace Everyone! Here we all are again with good health, good will and a good appetite, with life, liberty and the reality of happiness, with all success and all prosperity and a foreknowledge of what shall befall you!

At this particular instance I have arisen to say one thing most stressful for your consideration. I have often heard the saying,

"Necessity is the mother of invention!"

I say crises, trials and tribulations, lacks , wants and limitations, adverse and undesirable conditions will bring you to your senses and cause you to learn what you should do and what you should have done! It is written or often said—

"Prepare for war in the time of Peace!"


Preparedness Gives Control of the Situation

We are not speaking now from that angle as stressful, the exact expression of war, but yet the parable stands good indefinitely for you. If you prepare for whatsoever emergency that may come, when the emergency comes you are prepared for it and the emergency or circumstances and consequences will not control you, but you will be able to control the situation by being ready and prepared to meet it!

At the time of these crises in the European countries especially, they have through oppressions, through trials and tribulations, aroused something in the European nations  and caused the major powers over there to endeavor to do something that they should have been considering long before the crisis!

Great Britain has offered to unite with France and be just One Nation, as to say, "Let us be One Nation, One Language and One People!" This is an inspiration that was given them through and by trials and tribulations and the crises that has befallen them! Trials and tribulations and the oppressions of the oppressors have caused them to seek that unity that I have been teaching, stressing, emphasizing and advocating!

It should have been put into expression centuries ago, that which they are seeking now from that angle of expression in the act of Uniting together and permitting no divisions  to be in evidence in the Cabinet of the royal powers that be. They all should have been united together; or if they had whichever, they would not have been a failure!


Something New Among Nations

The next thought I wish to say is, there is something else to be considered as the crises come. Through the analyzation and the diagnosis of these crises, trials and tribulations and the different proposals that the authorities are making, we are drawing out of that, something that had not been seen and had not been understood by the nations!

Now another point for consideration, they are planning and have prepared children to be practical, not to be destructive, but to be constructive in the act of harvesting the crops. According to information, children from sixteen and upwards will be authorized to harvest the crops in the European countries this year.

The propaganda they brought about or bring about, about the  Child Labor Law, is preparatory to setting you and this democracy in the condition that Great Britain has been in  and France is now in; in other words, that France is now in and that Great Britain will be in, unless there is something intervenes!

These different moves of un-American propaganda and of un-American custom and system to cause you and your generation to be impractical, unprofitable and good for nothing — those things lead you in such and you do not know it! Children, as they may be termed, from sixteen and over, will be trained to be of practical service this fall in the harvesting of the crops!

If they would have had a law to that effect, to let children be trained to be industrious, practical and profitable as well as seeking merely an education, they would have been ready as far as those things are concerned, to meet the emergency!


Showing the Cause of Conditions in European Countries

I had thought I would drop that thought for consideration by diagnosing the case and the observation of what is going on in the crises. I AM bringing out information of what caused such conditions to result in the European countries! Germany, Italy and Russia may not in your consideration, allow their young men and young women to do anything until they are twenty-five. Search the results and see what they do!

See what they have been doing for  the last twenty years — see if they have not been training their young children, causing them to be practical and profitable, if you please; causing them to work and earn a livelihood when they were able-bodied and qualified and physically fit to do it! But we got the message over here, "Don't let your children do anything, keep them dumb as far as physical ability is concerned!"

Through the different crises and oppressions, we find through the analyzation of these inspirational proposals, that the authorities are now making, I AM bringing out the significance of what they should have been thinking thirty or forty years ago!

If in the time of crises it is justifiable to unite together, it is justifiable to unite before the crises! If it is justifiable to allow your children from sixteen and upwards, to give practical service  and be independent and make a livelihood in the time of crises as they are now endeavoring, then it is practical and justifiable and constructive for them to do it before they get in these crises!


Children Are Trained Physically in Germany, Italy and Russia

Take these thoughts to consideration and you will learn what you should do as a nation and what you should endeavor! Why raise up generation after generation of weaklings physically, as weaklings industrially?  Germany and Italy and Russia are physically fit — are they not? — because they trained their children to be physically-fit!

I will bring out more as I analyze through the spirit of analization, the divers proposals and the inspirations I AM giving the Allies and others — they warrant such information by the trials and tribulations they are undergoing! Can you not see the mystery? If you do not see it , it is plain as one, two, three to ME!

Naturally I would see it, because when you have a physician and you get a fractured bone or something, you may not see it on the outside just by looking on the outside, but when it is something he does to show you and show himself just what is the trouble, on the outside — an X-ray is as an abstract expression of GOD'S Wisdom scientifically discovered and the machinery is invented to bring out this X-ray to let you see definitely what is within, that could not be seen otherwise.

Through the spirit of analization I am bringing out now, many things that have been hid, the same as the propaganda that has been scattered throughout this land and country — Disarm! Disarm! Disarm! Well, that is the same thing as far as mortality is concerned, with the Recognition of GOD as a Redeemer and the Savior, as the Protection, as the Help in the time of need — yet they say, Disarm!


You Can See the Result of Propaganda

If you are going to try to protect yourself, why is it they would say Disarm, and why is it you should think you should disarm, unless you are depending on self-defense from that angle of expression? But the propaganda that is scattered throughout the land and country, you can see the results of it. Can you not see the mystery?

So then, I thought I would drop these thoughts for consideration, for there was told a story once which is said to be true. There was a man who use to carry a great big, thousand pound  ox around; said he was a very small man too, and he was not so very strong, not more than an ordinary man of his size would be. And they questioned how he could carry that ox so easily! He said, "Well, I have been carrying him once or twice a day from the time he was born, I never knew the difference when he was grown!"

Train a child in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it! And the thing that you can do and are doing, if you do it effectively and continually, daily, you will not know the difference — matters not how great it grows and how great it may be, you can do it as easy as you did it in the beginning! These thoughts are well worth considering!

I hope you all will consider them and put them into practice and cause yourselves to know, you must use your five physical senses and your five mental senses combined and allow them to work constructively for you daily and you will never know the difference!


The Same With Growing Old

As I have often said, if you practice anything and keep it up daily, continually, you would never know the difference. In same like manner about getting old; you will never think about getting old, unless you think about how old you are; but if you think about how old you are, why then you begin to think about getting old!

Therefore if you cancellate and dispel the thought of how old you are and how old you were, you will not get older unless you think about it, but if you think it and begin to stress it in your memory — you will get older according to what you think about it and you will feel the same, if you will allow yourself to! But work cancellation on that version of thinking how old you were, how old you are and how old you will be at a certain time!

You will get there before you are there and you will be old before you are old!  So it is with each and everything else that is negative and undesirable — you can produce it and bring it to fruition in your experience, if you will allow yourself to, but if you are true and faithful and will not deviate nor digress in words and in thoughts, from the Fundamental, MY Spirit will lead you and give you victory and will keep you as you think you are!

I just thought I would drop these few thoughts for your consideration, for the spirit of analization and the spirit of X-raying conditions and circumstances and the causes and the effects and the difficulties, I will show you both it and them as plainly as the unfoldment of MY Mystery  reveals them. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.








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