FATHER DIVINE'S Words of Wisdom to Convalescents



Westminster Apartments 873-905 N. 41st Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Saturday Afternoon March 11, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time — 4:00 P. M.




Ever mindful of saving both soul and body, FATHER our ever patient Savior and Redeemer, paused in the midst of HIS many duties and activities for the day, to pay a visit to a few who are convalescing — and HIS Words to them are of such vital importance that it is deemed that they may be of equal value and benefit to all others who may find themselves in the same category or state of consciousness! They are, therefore transcribed that all might take cognizance of them and benefit in spirit, mind and body!







(FATHER to one having lost a member of the body:)

It is better to enter life halt or maimed than for the whole life to be taken. And you feel good?

Patient: Oh, I feel fine, FAHER, I thank YOU!

FATHER: It is wonderful!

Patient: And I have a wonderful appetite!

FATHER: But you don't want to have an appetite that will recreate and accumulate sugar in your system; but you should eat only the things that will be good for you! The diet should be such as the doctor recommended for you. There should not be any sweets or starch or anything that would tend to accumulate sugar.

Patient: Yes, FATHER Dear!

(FATHER, to another patient): And how are you?

Patient: Oh, I am much better, FATHER, I thank YOU.

FATHER: That is good, and what do you eat?

Patient: I eat everything.

FATHER: Well you better stop eating everything.

Patient: Well, I lay off all citric things.

FATHER: Yes, you had better abstain from all sour things and all starches and all sweets and all things that are salty, and keep warm.

Patient: Yes. it has been lovely now.

FATHER: And the Spirit can and will bring it out of your system if you will allow it to and not agitate it by eating all things, you see. You should not eat all things but should abstain from eating anything salty and anything sour and starches.

So take these thoughts to consideration, and if you do as I say you will feel better!

Patient: Thank YOU, FATHER, for every blessing!

FATHER: Okay. All right, keep the Faith and live the Life and everything will be alright!

(FAHER to another patient): And what seems to be your trouble"

Patient: When I was in the hospital the doctor did not do anything for me.

FATHER: What did they say in the hospital?

Patient: They said I had high blood pressure.

FATHER: Well, each one should abide by the instruction of the doctor. You should abstain from all things  that would agitate and increase the high blood pressure and cause the blood pressure to rise. Whatsoever it is that would be the thing that would agitate it, it should be abstained from and life itself will replace health and vigor in the place of sickness and affliction!

Patient: Thank YOU, FATER!

(FATHER to another patient): And what seems to be your trouble?

Patient: I don't know, FATHER. The doctor had a slip they made out.

FATHER: Of course you know, "The wages of sin is not only sickness but the wages of sin is death!" — and you all should abstain from the things that agitate the conditions — whatsoever your conditions. may be.

Nurse: Her condition is a mental condition.

FATHER: And you know MY Spirit and MY Presence will heal the people— will heal them from all of their disease, ailments and complaints— then what causes these conditions to come upon you? Even though they may be natural physical ailments and complaints, you should abstain from the things that would agitate the condition— the material things; as well also to abstain from the mental and spiritual things that cause such a condition!

(Turning to the four patients in general FATHER says:)

I do not have the time at this instance for each of you to confess your sins that caused these conditions to result, though they may be physical conditions, but they are resulting from a mental and spiritual conception! Then the ailment itself can be eliminated, in a great measure, by abstaining from the thing and things that would be detrimental to your physical condition and by confessing and forsaking your sins that cause such a condition— for you all should be well, healthy and happy if you live the Life, if you know who I AM— or even if you don't think you know who I AM; but if you know who GOD is from and invisible point of view you should be blessed and healed and should not have gotten in such a predicament, if you did it! But something caused such a condition and it is a lesson to yourself and others!

Patients: Yes, FATHER Dear, it is true!

FATHER: But now, each of you can write ME and tell ME everything you have done or said since you have known ME, contrary to ME, MY Work and MY Mission, and especially against MY Spotless Virgin Bride, for it is a live wire!

Patients: Yes, FATHER!

FATHER: It is a live wire to speak against ME or any of MY Work and MY  Mission, or to think antagonistically, criticizingly, or anything of that sort!

Nevertheless, if the condition has resulted from your sins, as it was in the days of old when Miriam spoke against Moses— they repented of what they had done— confessed their sins— and I forgave them!

Patients: Yes, FATHER!

FATHER: So confess your sins, every one of you, and forsake them, and get out from under that curse and then abstain from the thing that would agitate such a condition, that would conflict it and annoy the condition! Having pains in your limbs you should abstain from all sour things and all salt and all such as that. Hardening of your arteries through eating salt and sour things, drawing your muscles and arteries up, could be eliminated if you abstain from all of those things and eat only the thing that would be good for your system! That is for your physical condition. But to get at the cause of it that brought such conditions and eliminate them by confession and forsaking of those things and those sayings, and try not to any longer hide what you have thought and what you have said, or anyone else— what you have said to anyone else or concerning anyone else or MY Work and Mission— and you can be restored to health completely!

Patient: FATHER, can I come down to Broad Street to see YOU?

FATHER: Can you walk well?

Patient: Yes, I walk with a cane.

FATHER: Well, but you cannot tell ME what you want to tell ME and you may not want to confess those things right now, at this instance. You may think it over in yourself and examine your heart and your mind and see what you have thought and said.

Patient: FATHER, YOU are so merciful!

FATHER: That request, yea,, the demand made upon you— those who are afflicted— to you, and to all others it is applicable! Peace!

Patients: Peace, FATHER Dear! And thank YOU and MOTHER so much for coming to see us!








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