FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mr. and Mrs. E. Jones. Subject: Mental Condition of Son





In HIS Private Office Study of Peace Center and Nazareth Mission's Home for the Aged,
Church, Home and Training School of New York
13-17 West 128th Street, New York City Sunday Evening
March 12, 1950 A.D.F.D. Time: 6:25 P. M.



Mr. and Mrs. Jones: Peace, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace. What are your names, please?

Mr. Jones: Mr. and Mrs E. W. Jones.

FATHER: I see. What did you two want to see ME for?

Mr. Jones: We want to speak to you about our son, Ronald. He is a very brilliant boy and when in school, when the teacher starts a lesson, before she is finished he has the answer for her. The class doesn't seem to hold his interest. The teacher says he gets up and walks around the class, and she took him to a psychiatrist and they said he is too brilliant for his age. And he is down in a psychopathic ward in Bellevue Hospital.

FATHER: He isn't violent, is he?

Mrs. Jones: They feel he will commit suicide.

FATHER: I see.

Mrs. Jones: We feel he will do away with himself. He is a very sick boy and has been very sick for a very long time. I remember when he was about four years old, he wanted to put his face over the stove and blow his face off. We lived in a private house at the time and the stove blew up and he and his brother were  blown out through the window and there was no apparent injury at the time, but incidentally it must have shocked him. They feel he is mentally incompetent and they feel the child is not well rationally.

FATHER: I see. Well, I would just like to say, it is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition under the circumstances. The more severe the mental or physical condition, the less it is therefore for ME to do anything Personally, since it takes the Spirit of GOD to do the work that you desire to be done for your child. Since physical science has failed and the psychiatrist cannot accomplish your endeavors, it is good at this time to relax your conscious mentality and cease to worry and trust GOD implicitly, wholeheartedly and sincerely by making your mental and spiritual contact even as you have made your physical or personal contact. You can and will get results according to your faith, for it is written:

"It is not by power nor by might, but by MY SPIRIT , says the LORD GOD of Hosts."

Mrs. Jones: Yes.

FATHER: By the Spirit, automatically matters are customarily adjusted satisfactorily, if the individuals can and will make the rightful contact and have implicit faith and unshaken confidence. So if you can and will but make the contact mentally and spiritually even as you have made it physically or personally, you can and will get results, for it is written again:

"He that puts his trust in ME shall never be confounded."

GOD is the author and finisher of all things! The SPIRIT was the Creator of the heaven and the earth in the beginning of the Creation, and the same Spirit is operative and expressive today! It is known to be the reproduction and reincarnation and the re-personification of that same Spirit! It is the embodiment of the same Spirit and it is declared to be! But it is operative and expressive and can be embodied by others, for the Spirit is Impersonal! The Spirit is Omnipresent and the Spirit is Universal!

So if you can  and will but realize the Spirit that moved out upon the face of the water in the beginning of the Creation— it was Spirit and Spirit alone, without flesh, blood, body', and bones! The flesh did not create the earth, but GOD as Spirit and Spirit alone said,

"Let there be Light and there was Light,"

according to the historians! —The Spirit also said,

"Let dry land appear,"

according to the historians! We are speaking historically now and the Spirit Scripturally and Biblically declared through and by all religions, the Spirit then said:

"Let us make man in our own image and likeness."

The Spirit had not formed man until after dry land appeared! And GOD formed man out of the dust of the dry land according to the historians and it was by the Spirit of GOD that formed all things in the beginning of the Creation!

That is why I work by the Spirit; whatsoever I do for the good of the people and those of MY immediate following and MY church members and MYSELF, I represent the Spirit and do not depend on the flesh! I do not depend on MY Personal ability! I do not depend on MY intellectual ability! I do not depend on MY skilful ability from a Personal point of view, for it is not by any of these things are these things we accomplish accomplished!

So if you can and will but realize the Spirit can and will do it, the Spirit will do it for you as it did in the beginning of the Creation, for the Spirit never dies! Therefore, those who recognize MY DIETY, they realize that the Spirit is it that  was reincarnated in the Body called Jesus nineteen hundred years ago and the same Spirit is operative and expressive, coming through many  different generations, but in the beginning of the Creation it did not have any Body, but it began its Creation of all creation!

So I AM saying this to let you know that there is nothing impossible with MY SPIRIT!  I say, MY Spirit can and MY Spirit will do it if you can but have ths Faith sufficient to X-rayly behold the Spirit and not observe the Person or the Personality, for I transcend  MY Own Personality and refuse to allow MY following to stress necessarily MY Personality for their salvation! But as they stress MY Impersonality and Unindividuality for their salvation, they get results because they are going back to the foundation of the Creation and they are getting in contact with the Spirit that moved out upon the face of the waters and began the Creation of all Creation!

That is why the people say GOD is a Spirit. It is true, GOD is a Spirit, yet the Spirit has been made flesh! The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us! But that did not prohibit the Spirit from working just as effectively; just as effectively without a Person or Personality! So I AM saying that to say, for your sake and for your son's sake, that if you two and your child can and will but contact ME from a mental and spiritual point of view, the same Spirit that created the creation of all Creation and spoke the invisible earth that was void and without form into visibility and into outer expression, the same Spirit can and will work just as effectively in bringing the desired results for your son! So have faith and I will be with you!

Mrs. Jones: Thank YOU, FATHER.

Mr. Jones:  Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many blessings. I will be expecting to hear from you to know that you are getting results, just to have a record that your prayers and your coming has not been in vain!

Mrs. Jones: Oh, YOU certainly will hear from us, FATHER, and we'll let YOU know how he is getting along. Oh, we certainly will! Thank YOU, very much.

FATHER: You are welcome.

Mrs. Jones: We appreciate YOU seeing us. It is very kind.

FATHER: So just know you will get results.

Mr. Jones: Thank YOU.

Mrs. Jones: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace.





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