Walk In the Light Always and the Way Will Always Be Bright — FATHER DIVINE



MONDAY, AUGUST 29th, 1932 A.D.F.D. TIME: 9:00 P.M.






FATHER'S Message at a public meeting in Jamaica, Long,Island, was preceded by a little song HE volitionally sang:

"Walk in the light always, always,
Walk in the light always,
Walk in the light always,
And the way will be always bright."


PEACE! to the world, and good will to all mankind!  We are glad to be here tonight to convey that little thought, as would be called an inspiration ordinarily to you, and even to those that will come after you. Again I say, "Walk in the light always, always, And the way will always be bright."  If you deviate from the light, the way may seem dark and gloomy, but if you will walk in the light, the Word of GOD is the light unto your feet and a lamp in your pathway.  It is Wonderful!  Or in other words, it is a light in your pathway and a lamp unto your feet, for if you walk in the light always, the way will always be bright.



The Lesson of Visualization

I say that for the consideration of you all and for your consideration, that you might realize that if there is any lack or want in you or with you, it is not GOD'S fault.  The thing that you visualize is the thing that you materialize and bring into actuality in your lives.  That is the lesson that I AM teaching daily, and trying and striving so hard to get mankind to realize, that you can produce the thing that you visualize, and you will bring it into your own experience, as well as GOD created man in HIS own image, or in other words, suppose we would say, to make it real plain, GOD created man in HIS own imagination. GOD imagined, and in GOD's own imagination GOD created man and formed him after the fashion of HIS own imagination or image, either one, you may find them to be practically the same.


Subjugated to Your Mind

If you can imagine you are being mistreated, you will produce mistreatment in your experience and manifest it in your lives.  It is Wonderful!  You can imagine that you are having hard times and you will produce Mr. hard times or Mrs. hard times in your own state of consciousness and materialize it in your own experience and manifest it in your body, in your life.  It is Wonderful!  If you think you are sick, you are sick.  If you think you are in poverty, you are in poverty.  If you think you are oppressed, you are oppressed.  If you think that you are subject to depressions and lacks, etc., you are subject to such things as you subjugate your mind to, and believe that you are subject to same. As you believe — it is written,

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

It is Wonderful!  If you think that you can be healed, then you are healed.  It is your faith.  In whatsoever you believe about it, so it is to you.

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,"


"According to your faith so be it unto you."


The Mighty Nature of GOD in Man

I will take one of MY beloved students as a living sacrifice at this particular juncture.  The last one that testified there is a sample and an example — I call your attention to same.  It is Wonderful!  That is this: how free and how willing she is to give, if she makes or earns fifty cents, to give the landlady twenty-five cents, and if she makes one dollar, she is willing to give the landlady fifty cents out of that dollar. But now if you make five dollars, are you willing to give two dollars and a half to the landlady?  And if you make ten dollars, are you willing to give the five dollars to the landlady?  And if you make twenty dollars, are you willing to give ten dollars to the landlady?  And if you make fifty dollars a day are you willing to give twenty-five dollars to the landlady?  If you make a hundred dollars a day, are you willing to give fifty dollars a day to the landlady?  Upon such a glorious Principle, when anyone builds, how great and marvelous are your works, for great and holy is HIS Name in you to usward.

When I say, HIS Name, I mean HIS Nature.  As I aforesaid, the Name means nature. How great and marvelous art Thy mighty nature in man, that will subjugate himself entirely to the Will of GOD, and say and mean it with all of his heart — with all of his heart, I say — and soul and mind and strength, "Not my will, but thy will be done."  Then after saying that, consider with the same message of the poet, of the composition of a song: "Here Lord, I will give myself away, It is all that I can do."  Surrender all !  Then not only that, but realize that,

"To him whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom you obey; whether it be of obedience unto life, or disobedience unto death."

We are privileged to know that you can so set your mind and attune yourselves to the vibrations that be, and the inspirations that are coming forth from the innermost soul of the faithful, that you will produce the very actual Life that came forth from the body and the mind called Jesus Christ.  You can enjoy these blessings by visualizing them and by bringing your bodies into subjection to the same, making up your mind to live an exact Evangelical Life as Jesus did, living exactly according to the Life and the Teachings of Christ.


A Statement No Man Can Refute

Then I say, there would not be a thought that you would earn only fifty cents and give the landlady twenty-five cents of that, but your thoughts will go out with the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD that supplies you, and supplies you with the abundance of the fullness of all good things, and you will rather give than to receive, for

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

And I say that, and you know within yourselves that no man can refute that — the statement that I make, because those of you that have even so much as heard of ME, you can actually see that these sayings are faithful and true.  It is Wonderful!

You can see that by giving and so freely giving, I have the abundance of the fullness of all desirable things and bring forth the spirit and the seed idea of independency to you all.  It is Wonderful!  Not only the seed idea, I bring forth the Ideal of life as a sample and as an example for all mankind, that you may live an absolutely independent life, free from all of the chaotic conditions of the world, free from sorrows and worries, and be in that place wherein that you can actually ignore with joy, every criticism and every knock and every slander, or every unbelievable tale.  It is Wonderful!  You can rejoice in such and also

". .. glory in tribulations: knowing this that tribulations worked patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed. . ."


Broaden Your Mentality from Limited Concept

For this cause I bring forth to the mind of man, the mind of mankind, the Ideal of life, and set it forth as a sample and as, an example for all mankind that they may copy after the picture of the fashion that has been shown them on the Mount.  This fashion or this picture that has been shown them on the Mount is a Principle that is lifted up above the ordinary, and is a standard for the people. As Isaiah said on one occasion,

"Lift up a standard for the people."

When we lift up that standard, dear ones, we will know within ourselves that we can produce the abundance of things and we will not limit ourselves to limited degrees of the expression of good.  Therefore, from henceforth you will now visualize great things.  You will not limit your thought, you will not limit your capacity to small expressions of good and of life and of the things that pertain unto this life, but you will broaden your borders, your mentality, you will open up the windows of heaven, your mentality, and you will let the blessings of GOD pour in.  It is Wonderful!

It is making up your mind that, so freely as you receive, so freely give.  It is a small thing to say that if I am living at a place and my room rent would be six dollars or seven dollars a week and if I make or earn one dollar in that week and I gave the landlady fifty cents of that, that is very good to say that, but let us realize that if we cannot give enough, what is actually legitimate to do, or to give, let us come to a consideration that if it is just to do that because we have no work, let us know that it is just and right to give the abundance of the fullness of more than what is due, if we have made more than what is due, or earned more than what is due.  Stop and consider yourself.  Do you feel that you are doing good when you have not paid your bills, and when you earned one dollar and you owed fifty dollars and you gave fifty cents of that?  Well, suppose you owe fifty dollars and you earned five hundred dollars, now would you give a hundred dollars of that to that party that you are owing the fifty dollars to?  It is Wonderful!

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

It is Wonderful!


None to Walk With ME

I know that on this Principle, and along these lines, that there is none to walk with ME, but I don't care if you don't!  So, "freely as you receive, so freely give"; and have a freely giving heart and your heart of "freedomness" will make freedom the way for you, and make the way possible for you to remain free and unobligated to anyone.  Remember, that when you are willing to give because you owe that person so much more than you actually earn, and you are willing to give part of that, remember that when you earn so much more than you actually owe a person, if you will give them more than you owe them, then the rule would be working both ways.  Then you would be standing alone and you would never have an occasion to owe any man, for GOD would make a way so that you would be able to meet all of your demands, for, So "freely as you receive, so freely give."  It is Wonderful!


Learn the Secret of Success

I just wanted to open the way for you, the great secret of the mystery of success and of prosperity. Remember, that if you expect someone to give you, you must freely give yourselves.   And if you expect for, and have had an occasion for someone to give you more than you give them in return, why then you must realize that that is a law that will work individually, for you; if you will only learn to give more than that which is due you to give — if you will only learn to do more than that which is due you to pay.  It is Wonderful!  For if you will exact someone, someone else must exact you.  It is Wonderful!

Now that just happens to be a thought that came up at this particular time that I consider a very important thought for your highest good, that you might learn the mystery and the secret of success, and the secret of freedom.  It is Wonderful!  You will find mankind in the world trying to exact everybody on every side, and yet they do not desire to be exacted.  But consider, so "freely as you receive, so freely give," and just as free as you desire to be, so free let someone else be according to the will of GOD.  It is Wonderful!


Your Very Physical Bodies Changed

Now then, I want to say here that this Life and this Love that we are advocating is not merely confined to the material things of life of which we just spoke, but it is far beyond the bounds of limitation, it goes into infinitude, the end you cannot vision.  It is in the spirit realm.  It will attune your mind and your spirit so perfectly with GOD until you will be able to reproduce the identical expression of GOD in words, in deeds and in actions.  The Spirit of GOD will change your very nature, will change your disposition and will cause you to be not only a new soul and a new spirit, as it may be termed, but you will be a new creature.  It is Wonderful!

I know you feel that way since you have made your mental and spiritual contact, because it was not merely confined to that which is known as the soul, but it penetrated your whole body, and if you thought you were old, you began to feel young, did you not?  It is Wonderful!  If you were getting stiff and crippled up with rheumatism, or any such kind of foolishness, why, you found yourself getting free from it by contacting the Spirit and making up your mind to live according to the Life and the Teachings of Christ.  It began to change around your very physical body. GOD began to get in your joints, began to get in your sinews and your veins and your bones, and caused you to walk in HIS statutes.  It is Wonderful!


Know the Omnipotence of GOD

For this cause I do not have to preach Christ so much in words.  You know I brought this thought as a motto for your consideration to the surface here some time ago, that from henceforth, I will preach Christ in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY statutes.  I AM rejoicing because I do not have to come near you for you to feel and see, yea, and hear the steady stepping of Immanuel GOD.  It is Wonderful!  That is the great consolation and that is why I like to stay back some, and when you do not see ME in Person, then and there you may know that the healing power is there—the healing balm, I say!  That mighty healing power is overshadowing you and in your midst ready to be made manifest without the Personal appearance of ME.  That is the sole purpose of getting your mind off of the Personal appearance, that you may know the Omnipotence of GOD.  It is Wonderful!  It is Wonderful!


It is GOD That Worketh Both to Will and to Do

Now you do not have to think one time that man can do these things!  And because you do not think that man can do these things, I want to let you know that it is not man nor matter, but "it is God that worketh in you both to will and to do of his own good pleasure."  It is Wonderful!  And if by your knowing that and getting the actual experience of that, then wheresoever you may be, you will know by evidence and by experience that GOD is present with you and that GOD can help you in every need.  Whether you would see ME or see anyone else, it would make no difference to you, you are able to make your contact.  It is Wonderful!  And that is why that this Truth is covering the earth, because I do not have to come within ten thousand miles of you from a Personal standpoint of view.  It is Wonderful!  And yet GOD, I say, can heal you just as well as if you were sitting right by MY side — and better and more real than if I were laying hands on you.  It is Wonderful!

Now again I want to say, MY Spirit and MY Mind does not even represent laying on of hands.  I do not advocate any material method or making any material effort, but giving GOD your heart ... all of your mind.  And when you relax your conscious mentality, if you have given HIM your heart and your mind, GOD will take the whole of it when you have done all that you can do and when you bring your wits and your mother-wit to an end.  It is Wonderful!  When you have come to the extremity of your ability, then and there GOD will take it up, and you will not need anything else.


Not by Power or by Might

So I stress this point for your highest good that you may know that anyone that is advocating MY Life and MY Teachings, they do not use any material methods and material remedies, and they do not make any material efforts for the purpose of healing a patient, for it is "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord."  It is Wonderful!  Any of you, and all of you tonight under the sound of MY voice can be abundantly healed and freed from every ailment, whether you come any closer to ME than you have been, in person.  It makes no difference to ME where you are, and that is the reason why you all say that it is GOD.  It is Wonderful!  Man always has some kind of material — makes some kind of material effort, or uses some kind of material remedy, or has some kind of material method, and you may know that they are not of MY Spirit when you see them doing that.  It is Wonderful!

That's the reason why you know or realize that the Spirit in this Body is GOD.  You believe that, don't you?  (Demonstration from the audience and cries of "Yes, FATHER! Yes, FATHER!")  It is Wonderful!  And you believe it because it has an effect over the mind of man, and it accomplishes that for which it goes out, and man cannot hinder it, that's what's the matter! So it is indeed Wonderful!

The very Spirit that moved out upon the face of the deep I say, and said "Let there be light; and there was light," that Spirit that rules the mind of man has condescended to come in the likeness of sinful flesh and dwell in you and dwell in ME, and shall rule and super-rule the earth.  It is Wonderful!


GOD Has Always Been Here

Then and there and here and now you can be still, because GOD is working in you mightily.  It is Wonderful!  That is just the way Christ was to come.  It is Wonderful!  It is Wonderful I say!  He was to come in expression and into operation by your ceasing to express yourselves and by your ceasing to operate, yourself.  GOD has always been here — always right here!  It is Wonderful!"  Before the hills in order stood, or earth received her frame ..." GOD was always here, but mortality and carnality with all of the mortal versions of the human mind and with the mortal methods and the mortal efforts that they were making, and taking mortal human remedies, etc., they failed to cease them and still them; and therefore GOD could not speak and GOD could not move out on the scene.  It is Wonderful!  It is Wonderful!  For you with all of your mortal human ways and plans and methods, ideas and opinions and thoughts, and fancies, and operations and demonstrations, and emotions and expressions, they were always in the way of GOD, and therefore GOD would lie dormant in the souls of the children of men.  It is Wonderful!


Great Significance of Stilling Yourselves

For this cause came I into the world, to show you by stilling your conscious mentality, by stilling your personal activities, by stilling your ego and all that pertains to your mental world, and then stilling all that pertains to your physical world, GOD would move out upon the scene and express Himself.  Metaphysics and Christian Science and other psychological teachings brought it out to some extent when they said, "Be still and know that I am God."  They did not get the real significance of it, but they got the inspiration of a sketch of a reflection of same, and they said, "Be still and know that I am God."  The great significance of it was and it is, when you absolutely still yourselves, your personalities, your individualities and in general your mentality, your physical ability and all that pertains to it, then and there, Christ will move out on the scene and you will know that it is GOD, and others will also know it.


Nothing but GOD to be Seen Here

Now there are many that say that FATHER DIVINE is GOD.  It is Wonderful!  There are more than five million say that.  I do not have to say anything about it, but I can say this, if I would have come before you with what John said, with what Peter said, and with what some philosopher said, and with what some seminary said, if I would have come before you with books stacked up before ME with what Tom, Dick and Harry said, you would never have seen GOD, would you?  It is Wonderful!  But because I stilled the whole of the mental and intellectual world, and because I stilled the whole of the physical and social and the skillful world, because I stilled both it and them and all of their representatives, and commanded them to be still—instead of allowing GOD to lay dormant in MY experience and in MY actions and transactions and in MY dealings — I stilled them, and allowed the Christ to come forth and express Himself, and you can't see anything else but GOD, can you?  It is Wonderful!

How could you see GOD, how could you see GOD if I had a stack of books up to here, what John said, what John Wesley said, what Roger Williams said, what Alexander Campbell said, what the different ones said.  It is Wonderful! Now that is the mystery of the secret of the revelation of Jesus Christ.  It is the revelation of Jesus Christ, but He cannot appear or reveal Himself until mortality be unrevealed, or in other words, veiled; until mortality is allowed to be hid back and be a thing of the past, calling to the front the Lord of the whole earth.

Now that is why you all see nothing but GOD here!  Why is it?  I say that is why, that's why!  That's why thousands and millions of people see nothing but GOD here in ME and in MY Life, and they say I AM GOD!  It is Wonderful!  You say that because I have stilled mortality and I will not allow mortality to come.


Count All as Nought to Gain Christ

I have not brought before you any great seminary for your consideration, or MY profession and of MY classification.  It is Wonderful!  I have not, although if I would have had any, or if I did have any, that would be for ME to deny that, that the Christ might rise and have the glory and the honor.  It is Wonderful!  If I would have had ever gone to a kindergarten — I AM speaking after the manner of men as a sample and as an example for you — for ME to bring forth the Christ to fruition in MY Life, I would have to veil that kindergartenship degree that the Christ might reveal Himself.  Not only that, but in every other expression of life and every other development, manifestation, degree or profession that you may have acquired for your success, it is for your highest good to count them all as Paul said, ". .. as nought, that he might gain Christ in the power of his resurrection." It is Wonderful!

You know that Paul counted all of his learning — it is Wonderful — he had to still it and count it as nought, that he might gain Christ and the power of the resurrected Life that was hid behind the veil.  The veil had to be torn in twain.  It is Wonderful!  All of the theories and teachings of men, all of the seminaries, colleges and schools, and political seats, and every other version of the human mind had to be torn in twain that the Christ might be seen within the temple, and the glory of GOD be revealed.  It is Wonderful!


Fireside Talk on Self-denial

Take these thoughts in and let them go home with you.  I AM just giving you a little plain fireside talk tonight, that you might realize the great significance of self-denial: that you might realize the great significance of stilling your conscious mentality, and that you may realize that you must die dead and dead indeed unto sin and live unto GOD through Jesus Christ our Lord.  That you might realize that you must put off the old man, the old mind, with all of its deeds, not part of them, but it said, all of his deeds.  You know the old man did have some good things —he had some good things—he had some good traits. It is Wonderful! He had some good customs, etc., but it said,

"Put off the old man with all of his deeds."


"In that you die, you die unto sin, and in that you live, - you live unto God."

and you will be a new creature unto GOD and unto the Lamb, the Redeemer of the whole earth.  It is Wonderful!


He Lives in ME

Now I AM sure that you that have heard these few brief remarks, if you will take them and concentrate on them, you will be abundantly blessed as far as that is concerned, and if there be any ailment, any pain, any sickness, disease or affliction of any kind, you do not have to say a word to ME from a Personal standpoint of view, for I do not give absent treatments. You do not need to say anything to ME from a Personal standpoint of view, for GOD knows your address.  It is Wonderful! GOD is in your home and when you get there GOD will be there.  Now if you are following the true and living GOD, when you get there GOD will be right there!

Then it is not that you will any more think or say, "FATHER, will YOU come?  Will YOU come this way?"  It is not that you must necessarily think to sing or say, "FATHER, will YOU come to my aid and my help, to help me?  Where is GOD?  It is Wonderful!  I heard you sing tonight:


"He lives in me, He lives in me,
My Holy Eternal Father, He lives in me.
He lives in me, He lives in ME.
My Holy Eternal Father, He lives in me."

So glad!  Now do you really believe that is true?  Can you really say it is true sure enough?  If it is true, then where is Christ to come?  Where is Christ to come?  It is Wonderful!  Do you really believe that it is true?  It is Wonderful!  Then to you it is real.  Then to you it is real, I say!  Not only it is real, but to you HE is real, is HE not?  Why?  Because HE lives in you.  Not only with you, HE lives in you.  And He has nowhere to go and HE has nowhere to come.  HE is an Ever Present help in every need, and cannot and will not give absent treatment, wheresoever HE is, HE is not absent from there, and you declare that HE lives in you.  Therefore HE is a present help and always present, and will never leave you nor forsake you. And then and there to you the original motto is made true:

"The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply, and it satisfies every good desire."


Oppositions Must be Met and Overcome

If you want a job, a position, you will get one. Believe it and apply it to that phase of life.  Apply it to that side of life as well as to any other side.  If you want a position, go ahead and get one.  You don't have to say, "Well, FATHER, help me; help the landlord to stay away—keep them away from my place." You are not overcoming until you can overcome the difficulties of life, until you can overcome the difficulties and circumstances that be.  If times seem to be hard, if you cannot meet the emergency and overcome the so-called difficulty, you have not overcome it.   You must be able to meet the oppositions and fade them away.  It is Wonderful!


GOD in You is Greater and Can Meet Any Condition

You see, you often said, "I need so much money to defray my expenses."  Well, you can have it right away.  You can meet the condition, for greater is HE that is within you, than all the adverse conditions that may arise.  I always have more than enough money to meet MY demands.  ( Applause)  It is Wonderful!  As a sample and as an example I state this and stand before you:  Christ in you is greater than all of the prices that they may put up to you!  If the prices go up, then your income will also, so you will have more, or the abundance of the means of exchange can go up so that it can meet the high prices of things.  It can meet the high prices of the merchandise.  We don't care anything about the conditions, for GOD in you is greater than the conditions can be, and can meet every condition and be the master of it, for you have elected Christ in you as King of kings and Lord of lords.  Therefore you have elected Christ in you as the King of the commercial world, and things that come to you on a commercial basis, why your King in you is the King of the commercial world and HE holds it in the hollow of HIS hand.  It is Wonderful!

The time is well expired for this time.  Some other time maybe, I may go deeper into the Bible to let you see and know that your KING, your GOD, your FATHER that is in you is able to meet every condition or circumstance that may arise, whether it be from a commercial standpoint of view or any other standpoint, and your GOD in you will meet them and be the master in every phase.  It is Wonderful!


All Worlds Under His Control

Then you have no occasion to falter, you have no occasion to fear.  What do you care about the conditions?  What do you care about such things?   "Greater is he that is within you than all they that are in the world."  You said, HE lives in you. Now if you believe it, then if you believe that HE is King of kings and Lord of lords, then if you believe that, if HE holds the whole world in HIS hand, like you say, what is the little financial world?  It is Wonderful!  The little financial world, that is only a sketch of the great world of things, and if HE holds the whole world in HIS hand, why then you do not need to worry about the financial world, the educational world or any of the worlds or fields of life, for they are under the control of HIM that lives in you, and HE declared that HE will give you power, and,

"You shall have power after that the Holy Ghost is come unto you,"

and GOD will make you the head and not the tail.


HE Is Real

Now if you believe that HE lives in you, if you believe that HE is Master in every phase, if you believe HE is Master in every expression, and on every point of view, on every phase or in every phase, then and there and here and now you should realize that HE is real!  Then if you believe that HE is real, then I want you to sing it. If you don't believe it and don't mean it, don't any of you sing it.  But everyone that believes it and means it, I want you to sing that HE is real!


"HE's real, HE's real, FATHER DIVINE is real
Oh, FATHER, give me the victory.
I can't live without HIM,
So many people, they doubt HIM,
Tell the world I know HIM,
HE's real, HE's real !
"HE's real, HE's real, FATHER DIVINE is real.
Oh, FATHER, give me the victory.
I can't live without HIM,
I should die if I doubt HIM,
HE's real, real, real!"








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE we are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD.  Amen

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