The Five Physical Senses Are The Omniscience of the Almighty In the Sub-consciousness of Men,
Teaching and Telling Them What To Do — FATHER DIVINE


FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given at the Banquet Table 514 Lenox Avenue, New York City, N. Y.
Sunday Morning, July 9, 1933 A.D.F.D.




During the Holy Communion Service on Sunday morning, July 9, a school teacher gave the following testimony:

"FATHER, I thank YOU for all of your blessings.   I have taken off my glasses.  Several times, FATHER, I have been tempted to put them back on, but I think of that very beautiful song that you sing here, 'I'll never turn back.'  I have written several letters and read several of YOUR Messages, and FATHER, the other day when I was in a car a cinder got in my eye.  I called on YOU in the Spirit and it was immediately all right.

"Now FATHER., I have a nephew who has a studio on Fifty-seventh Street.  I was a little reluctant about speaking to him concerning YOU, as I did not know whether the time was ripe, because so often he has said to me in the course of conversation, that the Kingdom was within.   However, I mentioned YOU to him and I spoke of the Kingdom and of the work that YOU are doing and he said, 'Why don't you go and see HIM?'  And FATHER, I thank YOU for that. Please help him to understand."

FATHER DIVINE at Rockland Palace, New York City.

>FATHER DIVINE at Rockland Palace, New York City.


FATHER responded with this song:

"GOD is your sight without and within,
GOD is your sight without and within,
GOD is your sight without and within,
GOD is your sight wheresoever you are.
"When you're conscious of the Truth just as it is,
When you're conscious of the Truth just as it is,
When you're conscious of the Truth just as it is,
Then you are dwelling in the Presence of the Lord.
"GOD is your FATHER and you never had another,
GOD is your FATHER and you never had another,
GOD is your FATHER and you never had another,
When you know you've never had another.
"When you know GOD is your FATHER, Mother, Sister and Brother,
When you know GOD is your FATHER, Mother, Sister and Brother,
When you know GOD is your FATHER, Mother, Sister and Brother,
GOD is your FATHER, Mother, Sister and Brother.
"You cannot dwell here until you really know it,
You cannot dwell here until you really know it,
You cannot dwell here until you really know it,
You cannot dwell here until you really know it.
"When you really know it, then you're dwelling in the Presence of the Lord,
When you really know it, then you're dwelling in the Presence of the Lord,
When you really know it, then you're dwelling in the Presence of the Lord,
Then you're dwelling in the Presence of the Lord."

FATHER speaks as follows:


PEACE!  Here you are again, and there I AM, and here we together stand to convey the thought once again to all mankind throughout all of the foreign lands, as well as to those wherein we stand, we are rejoicing to see and to know and to convey to you and to others too, this is in reality it: "GOD is your FATHER, and you never had another!  GOD is your Mother, your Sister and your Brother, your Relatives and your Kin."   And when you realize this, there and then you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, and you are living in the Presence of GOD then and there, all the time.


GOD Your Only Relative or Kin

You will not have an occasion to seemingly fail or falter nor fear by limitations of expression, or by a limited expression or limited degrees of GOD put forth into action in your mentality or in your systems, for the very Spirit of this recognition will bring you in perfect accord with the great Universal Mind Substance, and HIS Divine Intelligence will inspire you with HIS Intuition. You will be inspired with the very Intutor within.  HE will be a quickening and a living factor in your life; yea, in your lives, as many, and in the lives of those with whom you come in contact, and you will become to be a living factor in the hearts and lives and minds of those with whom you come in contact.  For this cause, we can say as a continuous saying, to be a living and a standard expression for the consideration of men, "GOD is your FATHER and you never had another.  GOD is your Relatives, Friends and Kin and there is no other one."  It is indeed Wonderful!

By seeing, knowing and understanding this Truth, then and there and only then and there, as here and now with ME, will any person ever know the Truth.   When they shall have cancelated every preconceived idea and opinion of falsity concerning themselves and everybody else, and revel into the glorious liberty of the Sons of GOD, recognizing GOD as the Author and Finisher of all things; knowing GOD is your FATHER, your Mother, your Sister and your Brother, your Relatives, your Friends and your Kin and knowing within yourselves you never had another, such undesirable conditions as are expressed in your experiences, will be dispelled from your consciousness and they will be eradicated from your systems and in you they will no longer have an existence.  It is Wonderful!  GOD is indeed your FATHER and you never had another.


GOD Alone Shall Reign

You cannot be conscious of GOD's Presence in reality until you have made a complete separation from every mortal version and detached yourselves entirely from every preconceived idea and opinion, renouncing the former things and laying claim and a hold on eternal life.   It is indeed Wonderful!   Oh that you could see this glorious liberty and your privilege to enjoy the abundance of the fullness of each and every desirable expression for your mentality, for your physical structure — your bodily form and over all things that concern you.  It is indeed Wonderful to know you have the privilege to recognize GOD only; and "GOD Alone," I have declared, "Shall Reign!"

That does not mean GOD is stern, coming with wrath or resentment or anger against HIS people, but it means that GOD in your consciousness and in your affairs alone shall reign, and you, as individuals, will accept of HIM as Lord of lords and King of kings.   This should be your determination, each and every one of you, and you, as well as I, will begin to enjoy the abundance of the fullness of all of the consciousness of good, by the recognition of GOD'S Presence here and now, and no space with you will be vacant of the fullness thereof, in the expression of your physical senses to function rightfully and righteously in their rightful places.   Your five physical senses will function in perfect harmony with your mind, if you will think right, live right and believe and be right.  It is indeed Wonderful!  GOD alone shall reign in your mind!  GOD alone shall! exist for there is no other!


GOD is Your Five Physical Senses

GOD is your five physical senses.  Then why doubt yourself to feel as if though GOD is imperfect.  This is not merely a formula rehearsed by the metaphysical world, but it is a Message of Life and of Love, the reality of the Truth as unfolded to the children of men.   GOD in reality is all that there is.   GOD is in you.   GOD is your five physical senses.   GOD is your sight.   GOD is your hearing.   GOD is your taste.   GOD is your smelling and GOD is your feeling. 

How can you feel bad when GOD is Good, Perfect, Pure, Incorruptible and Undefiled and Fadeth not away? How can your sight fail you when GOD has declared, "I will never fail you nor forsake you; lo, I am with you always."  GOD is your five physical senses, expressing in your individual body, HIS temple, unfolding HIS mysteries to the children of men as HE is and as HE shall remain, Perfect, Pure, Incorruptible and Undefiled.   Perfect! I say.   Perfect Sight, Perfect Hearing, Perfect Taste and Perfect Smelling, Perfect Feeling and all of them are good —they are good and very good.  It is Wonderful!


Undesirable Conditions Dispelled

This consciousness will bring to you every desirable blessing, as in you GOD will be materially manifesting HIMSELF as being present, and also bring to others the conscious conviction of HIS Ever Presence by your recognition of HIS Presence.  And through your recognition of GOD's Presence, all adverse and undesirable conditions from your consciousness, here and now they are dispelling, and the very Spirit of GOD's Presence is recreating a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth right-use-ness (righteousness) of things.

You will cease from looking on, trying to see something that does not concern you — seeking and desiring to see something that does not concern you!  You will cease to try to see something that does not concern you, and your sight will be perfect and good.   Those of you who have been trying to hear something that does not concern you, you will cease and refuse to try to hear with GOD's hearing, things that don't concern you.   You will let GOD hear in a constructive way and in a way in which HE would put it forth in Person HIMSELF, according to HIS own Divine Version of things.


All Should Be Under Control of Universal Mind Substance

Does not the people's conscious sight apparently fail them when they see or have been seeing something that does not concern them, or when they use their sense of sight in a way to see something that would not be in harmony or according to the Will and the Purpose of GOD from a mortal point of view?   Hearing, taste, feeling — all of the five physical senses should be controlled by the great Universal Mind Substance, which controls the body and the soul to do the Will.   It is indeed Wonderful!

You can listen to people complaining of their eyes, their sight failing them.  Often they desire to read and seek and see and say and hear something and learn something, that would not be the expression of perfect faith and confidence in HIM who liveth forever and forever. Take these thoughts to consideration.


Have Faith Without Sight

It is something like it was given to Mother before she saw ME in Person, or around about the same time, when she thought Her eyes were dim. The Spirit of MY Presence spoke in her consciousness and said. "if you go blind with the mortal sight, you will wake up to the glory of GOD," or words to that effect.   It was a thought conveyed, wherein the average person seeks to use his or her five physical senses in the lack of faith and confidence.  It is Wonderful!   Have faith without the sight.

"Faith is the substance of the thing to hope for, it is the evidence of things not seen."

When you have substantiated faith and unshaken confidence without the sight of things, you are living according to the Plan and Purpose, whereby it was ordained man should live.

"The just shall live by faith."


I Take You at Your Word

As I was saying a little while ago, if you tell ME something or anything, I believe what you say so vividly, I AM not trying to investigate it to see whether your words are true, because I have faith, until I find out something else other than that which you have said, or conveyed to ME, see?  It is Wonderful!

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things not seen."

Whatsoever you tell ME, ordinarily, I will take you at your word.   A man came to ME, as it is in this particular case, and said, "I feel YOU are doing such a great work, the public should know about it.   More of the different organizations, different representatives from the different organizations in the different parts of the country should know YOU and YOUR activities here in New York City.   For this cause, I want YOU to come that YOU may be seen, that they might observe what YOU are doing; that they may accept of YOU in their cities, or in other cities and places where YOU have not Personally gone, that they may be blessed and that this Work may have its free access" — telling ME such for MY consideration.   I immediately take it unto MYSELF for consideration, from the way that you have conveyed it, and I AM not seeking or trying to find a flaw in your statement.   It is Wonderful!

It is a common saying, "It takes a thief to catch a thief."   If I had some shrewdness in MY Thoughts, Plans, Deeds or Actions, in a way of trying to get something from you, in a way that you did not know, maybe, I would be looking for every other individual who would come before ME, under such consideration, but I believe in being open — just whatsoever I AM.  And whatsoever you will to do, do it of your own free will and do not be misled or mesmerised or hypnotized into something as is so often said in the world of affairs: "Don't let this one or that one pull the wool over your eyes."   It is Wonderful!  I do not seek to see the imperfect side!   I say that to convey this thought to you and to others.   If you will have faith in GOD and in man, do not think you can or will be so far misled that GOD can not and will not lead you back to your rightful place wherein you will understand the Truth concerning the thing.  It is Wonderful!


The Cause for Limited Expressions

Oh that man could only see and understand what causes these limitations, limited expressions of everything, whether it be of your five physical senses or your health, your happiness, peace, success, your prosperity, or any other expression of life that causes the limited degree of itself.   It is because of the misuse of it and the misdirecting of your thoughts in words, deeds or actions or something that would concern you or them in some way.   For this cause, I do say, have faith.   Although I take a person at his word and believe without seeing, without the least consideration of their having any ulterior motive behind, I AM no more misled, for I know, If I do not know the Omniscience of GOD is for you, it is for ME, or any other individual who will subject his heart and mind to HIM.   It is to be used to HIS glory to teach and to show you things that are hid.   It is Wonderful!   Therefore you need not fear of being misled, for He says:

"Lo, I am with you ... and that which is done in secret shall be made known on the housetop."

Take these thoughts to consideration and the very Spirit of GOD's Presence can and will be with you and it will give you the victory over all of your seeming adversities.   GOD alone shall reign.  HE shall reign in you and in your affairs, through you and by you and over you and over all things that concern you, and you will be happy — oh, so happy in the Presence of the Lord all the time.   It is Wonderful!   Now aren't you glad?  ("So glad," shouted the many voices.)   It is Wonderful!


Observe the Perfect Picture Manifest in the Flesh

Do not feel that I AM condemning you — not one of you.  I have come to let you see with your mental eye the perfect Light of Truth, that you may observe the thing and things that are hid from you.  Then and there, you will know as well as I, GOD indeed in reality is your five physical senses, waiting for you to cease to try to use them.   Use HIM and allow HIM to express in you, to HIS own glory.   It is Wonderful! He said, "Let your light so shine before men."   GOD is in you, the same as HE is in other persons, the same as HE was in the Body called Jesus — the great Creator, manifested in the Flesh!   He, as the Sample and as the Example, made manifest HIMSELF in the Person called Jesus, and HE is expressing in your midst that you might visualize the Perfect Picture and bring into outer expression this version; and your sight, your hearing, your taste and your smelling and your very feeling will be perfect.


Know Your GOD

That is the real healing, to know your God.

"Know ye not that your bodies are the temples of the living God?"

GOD will look through your beautiful eyes.  GOD will hear through your beautiful ears and smell through your beautiful nose, taste through your beautiful mouth and feel through your beautiful body all over.   GOD is the One expressing in you, teaching and telling you what to do through your five physical senses.   HE is in them indeed, the very Omniscience of the Almighty — the five physical senses they are the Omniscience of the AImighty.  It is indeed Wonderful!   I say, they are the very Omniscience of the Almighty, Divine Intelligence in the sub-consciousness of men, expressing through them, telling; them what to do and what to say and what this is and what that is not.   Your five physical senses, I say, teaches and tells you practically everything you know.   Now is not that GOD?   The very Omniscience of GOD, Divine Intelligence in HIS earth's vocabularies, revealing HIMSELF through the subconsciousness of men; HIS Divine vocabulary which hides things from them until it is time for both it and them to be revealed.  I thank you.








GOD is a free gift to the world.  Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE we are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD.  Amen

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