Inteligent Civilization!  Where Art Thou?

If You Have Hid Your Face, Come Forth Into Expression and
Let Brutality and the Ignorance of Prejudice Depart from the Face of the Earth!— FATHER DIVINE



SATURDAY, MAY 4th, 1935 A.D.F.D. TIME : 3 :00 P.M.








Standing as closely packed as could be, eager thousands of every walk of life filled FATHEER'S New York City Headquarters, Saturday afternoon, May 4th, to hear the Words and be in the Presence of HIM Whom twenty millions have recognized as the Personification of GOD.

From all parts of the country, and many parts of the world, unsolicited and voluntarily they had come, drawn by their Love for HIM — a Love that had proved to be greater than anything they had heretofore known or imagined. Without seeing, they had Loved, and after seeing that Holy Body their Love had been confirmed, causing those of every nation, language, tongue and people, and of every walk of life, to unite "as one man at Jerusalem".

Such Love had stirred the jealousy and the hatred, the prejudice and the bigotry of the critics, to the depths. Judge Panken, already heard from, had again risen up filling the Press with criticisms — but to the world at large it was but another fulfillment of the Scripture, Isaiah 42:13, if they had eyes to see: "The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war."

The thousands gathered in FATHER'S Personal Presence on this occasion rejoiced and were exceedingly glad as they sang their great Redeemer's Praise. Among the many who testified was one who told of walking one day with a friend of years standing, when suddenly because of the speaker's recognition of FATHER, they had decided that neither could go the other's way, and had parted — he going his way, and the other going in the opposite direction.

FATHER arose Personally, speaking as follows, at the conclusion of the testimony:

PEACE EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite for everybody — with Good Manners and Good Behavior, with Righteousness, Justice and Truth, to exercise and to execute a Righteous Judgment. For this cause I came and for the act of MY duty I stand, in opposition to the criticisms of men, lifting up a Standard among them that they cannot criticize in reality. It is indeed Wonderful!

While listening to the last speaker, a thought came forth for consideration, It was a parable in the last speaker's experience, of weaning yourselves from mortality, and mortality being weaned from you. As a mother bird leads and feeds her little chicks, they will go along for a season, but the time will come when they must be weaned. So it is with GOD and HIS children, and the children of men.


The Spirit Shall Not Always Strive With Man

Remember in the days of old, even before the Flood, the Sons of GOD looked upon the daughters of men, for they were fair and good to be looked upon by their version. Therefore they took unto themselves wives after the imaginations of their own hearts. They lived in flesh and sin; and GOD said, "My spirit shall not always strive with man," therefore GOD suffered the Flood to come, to destroy the mortal version of men. The physical bodies were the outward expression of the mystery of the destruction of mortality; there was a dividing line put forth into expression. GOD commanded Noah to build an Ark and gather in all of the true and the faithful that would believe the Message HE had sent them. When they failed to live and believe and do accordingly, they were left on the outside of the Ark of Safety. Those that were true and faithful, though they were few in number, they entered into the Ark; they weaned themselves from mankind — those that were under the curse of living after the flesh — therefore they were no longer the sons of men but the Sons of GOD.

The Sons of GOD took unto themselves wives, of the daughters of men. That was just before the Flood, you understand, and GOD said, "I will show them that they are also flesh ... and My spirit shall not always strive with man." Therefore GOD caused the flood to come, as a parable of the destruction of Babylon, the mortal versions of men, their human fancies, tendencies and pleasures. There must be a separation between GOD's Spirit, Life and Love, and the mortality of the human affections of men.


Be Persistent in Ambition

Therefore, the parable of the last speaker was a parable in reality. When he and his friend were walking together and they decided to take a stand in different directions, one after this manner and the other after that, they immediately departed from each other. One was weaned from the other and the other weaned from the other one. The Spirit of MY Presence in the last speaker went on his way rejoicing, going on to perfection in the positive direction in the way he was going, being not changed, neither turned by winds or doctrines of men, but being persistent in his ambition. The other one turned, as an outward expression of how the mortal mind is changeable. They do not desire to go in the positive direction, for it is not according to their custom. It is indeed Wonderful! Therefore they will turn back, when they see you are persistent in your ambition. Nevertheless, if you are persistent, lo, I AM with you!

I AM with you, I say, and this is not matter of which I AM speaking, but the Fundamental of Salvation; according to the speaker, this great Seminary of Salvation, and the Dean of the Universe, your Teacher.


Still Mentality in Reality

Look not upon the insignificance of the Person or persons you see sitting and standing. The Significance of the Infinite, with all of HIS Majesty, Mercy and Compassion, with all of HIS Omniscience, is here with you! It is indeed Wonderful! The Omniscience of GOD is hid in the insignificance and ignorance of man. When man's mentality shall have been stilled in reality, the Spirit of GOD with all of HIS Omniscience, will teach mankind wisdom such as they never read of!

Truly might have one said: "Be still and know that I AM God." MY version by this interpretation as I interpret it, is:

"The relaxation of the conscious mentality is but the re-conception of GOD's Omniscience, of GOD's Omnipotence, of GOD's Omniluscence,"

giving Light in every direction; giving Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, bringing these qualities and attributes to Perfection, as fully to Perfection as is possible to be brought in the consciousness of humanity.


Energies Harnessed

For this cause we are rejoicing and we are exceedingly glad to know this Truth as a Standard, is fascinating to the conscious mentality. The mentalities of men, by it have been harnessed. It is indeed Wonderful! Your detestable characteristics and energies have been harnessed. I have brought them into subjection. They must serve ME scientifically, they must serve ME willingly. Your detestable characteristics, they must serve ME scientifically, willingly, and voluntarily, for they have been harnessed and brought into subjection, with the Significance of the All MIGHTY.

Mankind may try, as the speaker said, to decry ME, but the Spirit of MY Presence has harnessed his energy, it has harnessed his detestable characteristics such as bigotry and prejudice, and every other detestable characteristic. I have harnessed it and them, and I have brought them into subjection, and they must serve ME scientifically. That is the mystery! That is what has spread this Truth from shore to shore and from land to land. That is why mankind is stirred from center to circumference — from the crowns of their heads to the souls of their feet they are sincerely and devoutly stirred! It is indeed Wonderful!


The Mystery and Significance of this Contact

Now a Word for those that may question MY activities with the Communists, as it has been criticized. Jot this down in your vocabularies! I participate with the Communists in their demonstrations because they are humanitarian workers — the Mission of Christ on earth among men. Whether they are claiming to be Godly or non-Godly is immaterial to ME. It is indeed Wonderful!

The next thought: I say the Communists are intelligent enough to know that the sky is nowhere and is nothing, but is everywhere where there is nothing. The Communists are intelligent enough to know that every man is MY brother — they all are MY brothers, and the Universe is MY Country. They are intelligent enough to know that all the earth is a paradise. When Righteousness and Justice shall prevail, the earth is a Paradise in which we all shall live, and there will be no more wars and race riots among the people, for GOD HIMSELF shall have Dominion mentally, spiritually and otherwise.

Hence, that is the mystery of the significance of the contact with the Communists, for they are intelligent enough to know these Truths. They are intelligent enough to know they must not hate their fellow-brother on account of his color. They are intelligent enough to know it, even though the Religions and those that claim to be Christians, will murder you. It is indeed Wonderful! Calling yourselves intelligent and civilized people, murdering men and women because of their race, creed and color! Do you call that intelligence? It is ignorance! It is the grossest ignorance ever read of! It is worse than brutality! It is indeed Wonderful!


Civilized? Heathens

Talking about heathens—who is more a heathen than a person that will hate his fellow brother because of his color? I would rather be a living pet dog, than to be a dead king. It is indeed Wonderful! It is better to be a living poodle dog—not even a pet–living outside, not in the house but living underneath the house in the country, than to be a dead king, cursed as many of them have been, and as many of the officials are cursed, by butting at ME!

Intelligent civilization! where art thou? Have you hid your face? If you have hid your face, come forth into expression and let brutality, and the ignorance of prejudice depart from the face of the earth — for when light appears darkness disappears; when the Truth appears, false disappears; and every false illusion and delusion will disappear when the Truth appears in its purity! It is indeed Wonderful!


Establishing Heaven on Earth

Yes, I say the Universe is MY Country, every man is MY fellow brother after the manner of the flesh and the earth is all the paradise and heaven I AM looking for! I shall establish a Universal Heaven on earth, and materialize that which was surmised, that which was visualized, and that which was imagined by the ignorant. That which was imagined and surmised and visualized by the ignorant and superstitious, I shall materialize and make it a reality among the people!

That is why they are stirred and worried about ME. I will accomplish it with or without MY Body — it is immaterial to ME. I AM Spirit and I AM Mind! Then I say, none can hinder me! I command the attention of men and women in all walks of life, for I have harnessed their mentalities and I have harnessed their energies, and I have harnessed their harmonious, or detestable and hateful characteristics. They all shall serve ME, from the least to the greatest!


For this Cause GOD Raised up Pharaoh

That is why I AM using the prejudice that is in Judge Panken; TO SERVE ME! Now tell him I said it! That is why I AM using the prejudice that is in Judge Panken; TO SERVE ME! I AM using it, because I have harnessed his detestable and hateful characteristics. I AM riding his mind — that is what I AM doing! I will ride his mind! It is indeed Wonderful! What I AM saying, it can be released to the press. I want the press to have it. Every detestable and hateful characteristic, and especially that which is in the Judges, I have harnessed, and I will use it to MY Glory and to MY Honor.

"For this cause God raised up Pharaoh, to spread his name throughout the whole earth." By the opposers, and by the oppressors, the Name of GOD has been established, and Christ has been elected as the Perfection of the Perfect, and the Perfection of Perfection. Therefore, none can hinder HIS existence, none can hinder HIS activities, for they are, with or without a Person, Omnipotent. Therefore they cannot be hindered!


Spirit Shall Continue Marching On

May I call your attention to one of MY often repeated and rehearsed statements, as a Message for the consideration of the people, of MY Mission, MY Endeavors, and MY Activities. I have called your attentions to it over and over again, but when there are strangers around, it behooves ME to call your attentions to it again, that they might see where I stand, and understand that I AM not speaking of man, and I AM not speaking as man — the old Civil War song:

"Old John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the clay,
But his spirit goes marching on."

With or without a Person, MY Mission shall not retard its access and its endeavors. It will accomplish that for which I came. MY Spirit, with or without the Person, shall continue marching on! It is indeed Wonderful!

If I would Personally leave the community and this Country, it would be WOE to the inhabitants of this Country, for I have brought peace, and I have brought harmony among millions.


An Outward Expression of Harmony, Peace and Unity

In the Communist demonstration on the first day of May, it was an outward expression of MY Mission among the people, to bring about harmony among all of the Parties — among the nations, languages, tongues and people, and to bring about Peace and Unity, where there were divisions and strife. It is indeed Wonderful! I have brought the Nation together. I have brought the Parties together. Those that will participate with ME, and will allow ME to, I will give them the victory over strife and divisions among themselves as being called organizations. Partisanism will be a thing of the past after a while! Religious Denominationalism will be an expression of the past, after a while. All will work for the common good of man, as was ordained by HIM that lives within. I have come to bring this Light of Truth to fruition, that you might live it and be it! Now is not this a wonderful place to be? On May Day, such a demonstration of three or four hundred thousand people in a mass parade as we demonstrated, and not the least disorder expressed, not the least disorder reported. Why is it? It is because the Peace of GOD, that surpasses all understanding, it has Dominion; it was predominating even before we demonstrated in the demonstration. It is indeed Wonderful!


Cosmic Forces Work in Harmony

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies, and take them for consideration for your own selves, and for the good of your future welfare, for if you are negative to ME, or contrary, it is woe unto you. The very weather is in harmony with ME. The cosmic forces of nature, they work in perfect harmony with ME. Then how DARE the insignificance of a man, oppose ME? I WILL SHAKE THEM OFF the BENCH! I WILI, MOVE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! THAT IS WHAT I WILL DO! I will do it with or without MY BODY! I have Spoken it, and the Spirit will accomplish that for which I have Spoken.

I said, "We will have a pleasant day." Pleasant weather came. I did not go up in the clouds Physically, Personally — I did not try to make any change up there in the atmosphere as a Person, but I had Spoken, and something heard. The weather answered MY simplest request. It is indeed Wonderful! It was a beautiful day! In all of MY demonstrations, when we have outdoor demonstrations, boat rides, or any such expression that it is necessary for it to be good weather, we always have pleasant weather. Look at the reports and see if it has not been that way for the last three or four years, running boat excursions, having public demonstrations, parades, etc. The weather itself will work in harmony with ME — how dare man with his insignificant power, with his prejudice and strife, speak in opposition! I WILL BRING THEM TO THEIR KNEES! It is indeed wonderful!


A Standard of Life

We are after educating the people, making them intelligent, scientifically, politically, socially, morally, and otherwise, that we might produce to the world in this Country, a Standard of Life for all humanity! It is indeed Wonderful! As I have developed and brought to fruition the expression of morality and modesty in your midst, and among the people, I will bring the perfection of human intelligence to fruition, and the quality and power of mind to understand and not be afraid of your fellow brother.

Why is it you have been divided, one race against another — one country against another? It was merely because of ignorance. When you know the Truth, the Truth will set you free from every detestable characteristic, and from all of your human tendencies that are not according to this Fundamental—set you free from all of them, and will establish your going in the land of the living. Then and there you will have the victory over sickness and diseases, and -over your ancestors' iniquities; their infirmities, and their sicknesses and inherited infirmities and diseases cannot find you!


No Longer Subject to Ancestors Infirmities

That is why MY Believers, even though you have inherited heart trouble, or any other contagious disease, if you are reborn into this Light of Understanding, and become a new creature in reality by being transformed mentally, your physical bodies will be healed of the diseases and you will no longer be subject to the infirmities of your ancestors, neither will you be subject to the iniquities of the fathers upon the children, as was spoken of in the Bible, in the Ten Commandments. When you see those errors of your fathers and your mothers, and turn from them by being born again out of that Adamic state of consciousness, you become new creatures — firstly mentally and spiritually, and your physical bodies will take on your mental conception, and your physical bodies will eventually become the personification of that which you have mentally conceived.

Remember, your physical bodies are the mental and spiritual conceptions — in other words, your physical bodies are the personification of your, or someone else's mental and spiritual conception. Your mental conception is conceived mentally, before it is conceived physically. If you allow your mental conception or conceiver to conceive a negative thought concerning your physical body, your physical body will be the personification or the reincarnation of negation.


Learn from Fount of GOD's Omniscience

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies! These Words are not coming from the books of men — these Thoughts are coming from the Fount of GOD'S Omniscience—It is indeed Wonderful — the Author and the Finisher of all good things. Therefore, if you desire to be blessed and to learn through this great School of the Universe, dial in on the Fount of GOD'S Omniscience, and GOD will teach you wisdom. It is such a privilege to remember, that with all of our thoughts, and with all of MY talk this afternoon, I did call your attention to the great significance of participating with the intelligent, that are radical enough to be intelligent enough to know, the sky is nowhere and is nothing, but everywhere where there is nothing. That is what the sky is, and men that are teaching a heaven above the sky, they are teaching something mystical and imaginary, and not a reality. They have not a leg to stand on — not one!

Speaking of the man that was called "a something" — I do not use the word so much — however, he is called something that sits on a three-legged stool; those that are believing in that imaginary heaven above the sky and thinking on going there some day to stay, after they die, they are not even sitting on a three-legged stool, they haven't even got a leg on a stool, to sit on! It is indeed Wonderful!


First Heaven Eradicated from Mind

I have dispelled, and AM eradicating from the consciousness of humanity, your fondest imagination of that mystical and imaginary Heaven. The first heaven and the first earth have passed away. They shall no longer be called to mind. Read it in the Book of the Prophecy. GOD predicted it through the Prophets, through the Prophetic Age, that the first heaven would not be called to mind some day—would no longer be called to mind, I say! I AM eradicating it now! That is why this Truth is so far-reaching, and that is why the Communists — those that are called the Atheists and Agnostics, can participate with ME, for they believe in GOD in reality, when GOD is Personified and made Real on the material plane, whether HE is called GOD, or MAN; but to believe in GOD as a Physical person sitting up some place in a mystical heaven in a big box seat, with a physical body, looking down on the creatures of the earth, why they are intelligent enough to know it is not true. Now is not that Wonderful!

We believe in all of that heaven that they have surmised, that has been in your imagination, but we believe in it being brought into your conscious realization, and living it here and now? That is what we believe in — no longer keeping it in the mystical imaginary realm, but bringing it down to the material plane, making it real among men, in fulfilment of the Prayer Jesus taught you to pray:

"Let thy kingdom come, and thy will be done."

Millions and millions of people have been asking GOD to let the Kingdom come out of that mystical and imaginary heaven, let it come from that mystical and imaginary heaven. You have been praying it for nineteen hundred years. Don't you think it is time for it to come?

"Behold, I create a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness."

This new heaven and this new earth is actually righteousness made practical and real, for it is brought down on the material plane, no longer in the mystical realm or mystical region where your imaginations have been. I think I had better stop!


Critics Shall be Confused

After a while every opposer and every critic of the so-called intelligent, they will lose their mother-wit I will baffle it — I will confuse them, because GOD'S Light that shineth in the darkness, the darkness cannot understand it. When the Glow of GOD'S Rays, and the Ray of GOD'S Glows glowed on Jesus so, why Peter, James and John, they fell as dead men. So it shall be with all of humanity. They all shall fall mentally, they all shall fall spiritually, when this Light of MY Glow, and the Glow of MY Rays, shall shine on you! Every intelligent ignorant person that has been trying to find a foundation for a mystical imaginary heaven, trying to define a heaven far beyond all of the other planets — I will find them, for they must come down to the earth where they were first found. They must come down! "That which goeth up, it must come down", either on your head or on the ground. They may go up there in their imaginations — they may go up there in their suppositions and in their mystical conception concerning heaven, but they shall find no place for lodging up there!


No Man Has Ascended There

I will take their own Scripture to confound them. Jesus said:

"No man has ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven,"

No man has ascended there — It is indeed Wonderful!—"even the Son of man which is in heaven." Now that should be convincing to any person! I AM eradicating and dispelling that heaven in your imagination, that you might fix your mind on something that is real, something that you can apparently define — you cannot define heaven — but something you can apparently define. By one version it -could be defined, because it is brought into materialization, and Jesus declared:

"Know ye not that your bodies are the temples of the living God?"

He declared it through the mouth of Paul, and He said through His own body, "The kingdom of God is within you," If the Kingdom of GOD, in other words the Kingdom of Heaven, is within you, then where are you going, to get to heaven?


The Nowhere and Nothing Sky

Then apparently the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of GOD are defined, but not as man has supposed, to put heaven just upstairs above all of the other stars and planets, for in that sky you will find nothing, for the sky itself is nowhere and is nothing, but everywhere where there is nothing. It is indeed Wonderful! You know the reason why the majority of the people have ignored — I mean lots of the people have ignored, the religions? — because they teach you something about heaven and will not treat one another right, here!

The Communists, they realize I AM doing what they are endeavoring to do. I have brought about the Universal expression of the brotherhood of man. I have unified all nations together as one. I AM lifting up the laboring class of people, I AM helping those that need it. That is what is the matter — and the mortal mind, the prejudiced people that oppose this, they are stirred because they know if I endorse any Movement, I will put them over the top. I will convert and add to the number daily, and everyone that is converted to MY version, they are converted to MY activities, they are converted to the direction I AM going, politically as well as religiously.


All in the Melting Pot

Now is not that Wonderful? Although I have not said I AM representing a special Party! This Movement is non-partisan, it is representing the fundamentals of life for all people. I will have some from every Party, from all of the religions, and from all of the denominations, because I AM emphasizing and advocating the Fundamental of salvation. That is what it is all about! That is why they all will eventually be dissolved in this Recognition, whether they are called Socialists, Communists, Democrats, or Republicans. They all will eventually be dissolved, for I AM dumping them all in the melting pot!


Being Qualified to Register and Vote

Now MY Followers will not refrain nor cease going to school and being made eligible for registering and voting, for we will put some out of Office, and we will put some in Office — those that we feel are worthy — but I say, do not vote for one that reflects prejudice, that reflects or endorses segregation and discrimination. We mean to put them out of Office, even if we have to stop millions from voting at all! If a man will stand for that which is just and right and good for the people, by the people, and through the people, unselfishly, that person can be endorsed scientifically, harmoniously and Evangelically, by MY Followers; but that person that will not, we will put him out of Office. If we don't get him out by the ballot, we will WILL him out! It is written, "What God wills, must be, and what he commands, it must be done." All GOD must needs do is to Will, and the work will be accomplished, without HIM, or without any of HIS, doing a thing Personally. The Will in itself is sufficient to accomplish that for which HE has sent it. Now is not that a wonderful place to be?


Principle of Mathematics Not Confined

As I said to a party this A.M., if a person conceives, or will develop the principles of mathematics and bring it to fruition, what is he? ("A mathematician, FATHER," came the immediate response.) If this is true, why not each of you realize Someone has brought to fruition the Fundamental of Salvation, and as it has been brought to fruition and materially manifested it, it is the Personification of the Fundamental? The principle of mathematics is not confined nor bound to an individual, but it is reincarnatable, reproducible, and personifiable. If you desire to personify it, study it and put it into practice, and become the personification of it, and you as well as others that have gone on before you, will be a mathematician! This is your privilege! Therefore, dial in on it, produce it and bring it to fruition, and you as well as I, will have the victory, for I will be in you and you in ME, so says HE! I thank you.





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