Pulls Back Curtain of Hidden Mysteries Revealing G0D'S Secrets to Mankind

Peace Mission of FATHER DIVINE a Great Seminar of Salvation






One of the baffling and self-appointed problems of the psychiatrists and psychoanalysts of late, has been what they have chosen to term "The Psychosis of the Followers of FATHER DIVINE." They have used this term to describe the expression of the Holy Spirit in bodies in a few cases that have come under their observation, which they have tried to classify as mental cases.

In looking for a mental or physiolgical cause, however, instead of a spiritual cause, they are completely in the dark, and have shown their ignarance of what they are dealing with. An intelligent and impartial investigator wou1d have looked into the religious experience of countless other sects and denominations down through the ages, and would have seen that the experience of the outstanding religious characters would have been considered abnormal according to average standards.

What would have been their judgment on the disciples that fell as dead men when they saw Moses and Elias standing with Jesus in the Glory of GOD on the mount of tra.nsfiguration? What of Paul being knocked from his beast, being blinded, and following the directions of a voice? What of Abraham about to sacrifice his son at the voice of GOD's command?

Referring to this subject, FATHER delivered a mighty message in the presence of thousands at HIS New York City Headquarters, Thursday evening, May 16th, following a survey HE had Personally made of two Iong Island hospitals where such cases have been handled. It was a forecast of an unfair comparison to be made by the New York Times on the following day, in which the number of such cases among FATHER,'s followers was to be mentioned, but no mention of the fact that a greater percentage could be found in almost any religious denomination.

Preceding FATHER's remarks were many testimonies concluding with a typical one by a speaker from California in which she spoke by the inspiration of the Spirit, thanking FATHER for being ion in HIS Perdonal Presence and "having a course in Righteousness by the Dean of the Universe Himself."

Following the testimony, FATHER spoke Personally as follows:

PEACE EVERYONE! Here you are and there I AM again. There I sit and here you stand. When I say that, I do not mean man, but I mean a universal stand. It is indeed Wonderful! It is such a privilege to know you can speak into actuality every positive thought ... every positive word. When it is spoken from a sincere heart it can become to be a reality just the same as you thought. It is indeed Worulerful! Hence I can say, Righteousness, Justice and Truth, good health, good will and a good appetite for you, with good manners and good behaviour through the transmission of the Spirit that is within you to cause you all eventually to do what I would have you do.


Dean of the Universe

While sitting listening to the different testimonies and the songs of praise, I thought with a thought that ran over the earth — according to the testimony of. the last speaker, as she declared through the Spirit that was within her —"The Dean of the Universe!" While sitting listening to the testimonies I thought of this great Movement, and thought of how the Spirit has revealed it to two of our outstanding features or figures among us—the one that is commonly known as Daddy Gray, and also the one that is commonly known throughou~ the world as Poet Titus. It is indeed Wonderful! Humanly apeaking, neither one of these men is a child. In his years, neither one of them is a child. Each of them is what has been commonly known by the physical world, "Old men for wisdom, and young men for strength." Wisdom speaketh through them, although they have been changed. It is indeed Wanderful!

The Spirit, through concentration on this Movement and MY Work, brought out to Mr. Gray a declaration within him in a composition, that I had "come to bless the world with a School." This composition came forth several years ago. The Spirit in Professor Titus declared that I, of Whom you say am GOD, Am "The Dean of the Universe." Each of these outstanding figures was pointing to just what we are doing today. We are blessing the world with a school, for they need to be educated. It is indeed Wonderful!


No Diagnosis for Spirit of GOD

While the physicians of our country and other countries were gathered together in Washington to study and try to diagnose the Spirit of GOD — which mental hygiene cannot tell them anything about — mental or physical hygiene cannot tell them anything about it, for Webster declared the soul is the spirit, and I say he did not know it! But while they were studying, I thought I would take a little outing MYSELF, for a couple of days. I took a survey of two of our outstanding hospitals—the Kings Park Hospital on Long Island, and the Central Islip Hospital. I wanted them to get a little closer study of ME, and also I wished to see how many followers or believers of Mine were out there.

In Central Islip there was one I found, and they said there were two or three, but I went over to some of the other wards and they had been discharged, especially one. In Kings Park I found one, and they will soon be discharged. It is indeed Wonderful ! But did you ever stop to consider, the majority of the people that have studied natural history, they have never studied the History of All Religions? The majority of them do not know anything about it! They do not know anything about the history of religion, therefore, I will teach them a lesson. I will put them to study — give them a course in and on religions, that they might learn the mystery of the Spirit, and of GOD's Presence as HE functions.


Lessons on Spiritual Hygiene and Relaxation

As I said to the superintendent today, when you treat a person with ether or chloroform, in other words, when you put them to sleep, I said, the preconceived ideas and opinions that are within them, they will speak them. I want to teach them a lesson, not on mental hygiene especially, but on spiritual hygiene — the mystery of GOD's Presence in the consciousness of the People.

Practically every person, when he is under ether or under dope, he will act peculiar because that ia his preinherited nature. When his conscious mentality is relaxed he wiil act differently from the way he ordinarily acts. The ordinary actions are forgotten and he acts upon the impulse of the moment when his conscious mentality is relaxed. That is the mystery! But I will give a better lesson along this line in writing, and let them see how great is the mystery of relaxation.

Those of MY followers are not the only ones that act apparently abnormally when they cease to function in consciousness. When you relax your conscious mentality, that innate action will act upon the impulse of the rrioment unthoughtfully, because it is your inner man acting, and not you as a person. That is why I say: The relaxation of the conscious mentality, is but the reconception of GOD's Omniscience. You will reconceive GOD's intelligence through the relaxation of your concious mentality.


Super Intelligence of "Inteller"

Remember, your attention was called to the mystery of the true intelligence that you are expressing, a few years ago. One of our speakers from the West, and a teacher of Truth for many years, continued to stress the intelligence that you reflected — the intelligence that was and is the super-intelligence af GOD in man. Expressing your "Inteller" by living according to your highest intuition and by acting accordingly, you are intelligent enough by your "Inteller" telling you not to wear glasses, that you will not wear them. You are intelligent enough to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, where you would have been sad ordinarily. You are intelligent enough not to believe in a place of torment where you would go and burn for millions and millions and millions of years. Your "Inteller" will tell you that GOD ia too merciful to allow a snake to go some place and burn for millions and millions and millions of years and never burn to death — to continue to be burning in life, feeling such pain that fire would bring. Your "Inteller" will tell you that there is not hardly a human person, even though they may be wicked and brutal, that would allow you to suffer and burn and burn and burn for millions of years with the sense of feeling as you can feel fire here now. Your "Inteller" will tell you better, for that is the true intelligence that expresses through your mentality that will teach you wisdom.


Relax Conscious Mentality

When you relax your mentality, your "Inteller" will act through your mentality to teach you wisdom such as you have not understood. Your "Inteller" will tell you. "Why should you fret or worry for tomormw?" All of the things that apparently will be, according to the mortal prediction, your "Irrteller" will tell you not to fret, "Do not fret and do not worry, for lo, I Am with you." The true intelligence of GOD reflected in man, will teach you wisdom, knowledge and understanding such as man cannot give. Therefore you are expressing true intelligence, super-intelligence by living in the conseiousness of GOD's Presence, and hence when you relax your conscious mentality, your subconscious mind will be quickened by your intuition within you, and will cause your conscious mentality to act and act differently from what you have been acting.

That is why we can say in reality, you are expressing super-intelligence. Hence, those that have not come to this place in consciousness whereby they are intelligent enough not to believe in a supposed place of torment, better known as h--1 but not heaven, those of you that are intelligent enough not to believe in such, why you are more intelligent than those that do, though they may have read the natural history and Bible through. It is indeed Wonderful!


Seminary of Salvation

Therefore we wish to teach the world wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as this is truly the great Seminary of Salvation. Therefore, I AM stirring up the natian: I AM thinking of giving them a history of religions. It is indeed Wonderful! Speak of men being moved by the Spirit, and you are abnormal if you believe in hearing a voice or anything of that sort — I heard John say: "I heard a voice ... as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of harpers harping with their harps: and I heard the voice of a great thunder." The voices were heard, although men that look on these expressions and imaginations merely to be fanatical emotions, they may see all of the expressions to be the same, but there were expressions of emotians that were brought about by the intutor, the intuition, and not by the conscious thinking or conscious endeavors to act. It is indeed Wonderful!

While talking, I ca11ed to mind the mystery of how they are put under ether at times. Practically every one, when they are coming out from under ether, they will act abnormally. Giving them dope to cause them to lose the sense of conscious thought — to cease to think consciously and cease to act normally — when they cease to think and act consciausly, there and then they will act abnormally, and when they act abnormally, in other words, when they act abnormal, the expression will be equivalent to those of yours at times, when the Spirit has caused you to lose your consciaus thought of the things that surround you. That is the mystery! It is equivalently the same.


The Real Inner Man

When your mind ceases to consciously think and act, the subconscious mind may act according to your innate nature and it is your real inner man; but if you have conceived some ideas and opinions that are not according to an harmonious condition, you may act inharmoniously through the quickened inharmonious idea, and opinion that has been conceived in your mentality. That is why it is essential for a person to be born again, and put off the old man with all of his deeds, that the new man might have access and express in yau, and tell you exactly what to do, and cause you to act harmaniausly.

Through all of your emotions, if you are transformed by the renewing of yaur mind, your emotions will not be an inharmonious emotion, but you will direct your emotions, your deeds and your actions in the positive direction instead of the negative. Your conscious mentality has been harnessed and it has been brought into subjection. Your very energy, it is actually materially manifesting GOD's Presence in reality. Even though it may be termed as if though you are abnormal, if by being abnormal you can bring about the harmonious condition, do you not think to be abnarmal is a blessing? When it can bring about Peace and joy and happiness~—when it can bring about success and prosperity — when these views and ideas and opinians through your conscious realization of GOD's Presence can tangibilate success and prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and understa.nding, do you not think it is justifiable?


MY Views and Version Worth Considering

It matters not what it may be, MY version can and will tangibilate every desirable blessing that all humanity has been seeking. They all have been seeking succeas and prasperity, they all have been seeking wealth and peace and happiness. We tangibilate all of these blessings and bring them into subjection, materially manifesting them and proving to the world conclusively there is a reality in MY version. As I was saying today, if MY versian and MY view concerning GOD's Presence can tangibilate, materially manifest and bring into materialization the limitless blessings that I AM producing and enjoying, why not recognize MY view? Can anything else bring it abaut? They have tried and failed, but MY view and MY ideas and opinions will bring into tangibilization, into materialization and materialize and personify every good and desirable blessing all humanity has been seeking.

They desire to have a full and a plenty if it is only money, houses and lands, yachts and aeroplanes. They desire to have them. Then let their God tangibilate and bring into mate~rialization these blessings, and it will be convincing to ME that their God is the real one. Just what man has been seeking from the early days of civilization, I have it, and I AM producing it, and materializing it, and broadcasting it — not only broadcasting it, but I AM multiplying it, personifying it and universalizing it. It is indeed Wonderful!


Divine School

These thoughts are well worth considering. Truly might have the Spirit said through the individual of wham I was just speaking, "HE has come to bless the world with a School." The school and schools which you all are naw attending, they are but an outward expression of a sketch and a reflectian of a percent of a fraction of a grain of the mystery of the School in reality. They are expressing it parably speaking, to the conscious mentality, but in reality the School is going on universally. The School is teaching people, and especially those that have overlooked the true mental and spiritual subjects, the reality of the mental and spiritual subjects. Those that have not taken up these courses or subjects, I came to bless them, that they might have something to atudy: It is indeed Wonderful


When you are expressing from your intuition, your intuitive innermost seif, you are expressing from the nearer part of you to GOD — that part which is nearer GOD — and that is why the conscious mind of men cannot understand these seeming emotions. They do not stop to consider, they cannot understand anger. Anger is an expression that reflects in individuals, that causes them to be emotional. When they are emotional through anger, through excitmeent, through fear and through doubts, etc, these expressions may be emotional, but they do not consider they are emotional! Anger can cause you to be as emotianal as gladness can.


The Religion Not to be Condemned

Jot these thaughts down in your vocabularies and consider for cansideration, you do not see as many of those of MY believers in prison, nor even in the insan~ asylum, as you see of others that are not MY believers. Because a person belongs to the Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church or Catholic Church — does that condemn his religion if he happens to go wrong? Even if he happens to go wrong, I do not hear them talking abaut "Such a one was a Catholic and he went to the insane asylum." You do not hear them talking abaut "He was a Baptist, or a Methodist, and he went to th~e insane asylum." You find some of those that are called Baptists and Methodists and Catholics especially in prison and in the insane asylum more than you do those that you call atheists. It is indeed Wonderful!

Take these thoughts to consideration. It is not the person, but it is the condition of the mind. It is not the religion, but the disposition of the person. Every person can be subject to the different emotions if they get in the wave lengths of them. It is just the same as electricity, it is transmittible and contactable to those—I mean, it can be transmitted through metals and other expressions through which it can be transmitted, and it can contact other metals, other than those it is immediately in. The transmission of your thoughts and mind can be transmitted to others as well as electricity can be transmitted from one wire to another. When these truths aha11 have been studied carefully, they all will eventually see that there is a reality in this Fundamental, and they will be able to see it is essential for people to be brought into subjection to an infiuence that will cause them to become obedient, self respecting and law-abiding citizens.


Study Religious History

It was such a wonderful demanstration in MY survey, meeting many out there while conveying the message of Truth. The majority of them ere glad to see ME because they desired to study ME out. I went just at the right time to give them a chance to study ME out. Now I will give th~em a lesson in practical psychology, and cause them to atudy the spiritual side and the religious history, as well as the other natural history. There are thousands f peaple have never heard of the different religions that were emotional as that of Ann the Word, and yet it was right here in New York State and in New York City abaut a hundred and fifty years ago, just as emotional as those of you are, and more emotional. It is indeed Wonderful!

Study the History of Religions, and you will see many different individuals and different organizations that have produced this expression of emotions, the same as you are expressing. Those that ca11 themselves intelligent, they ahould have studied the History of Religions before they would try to me measure someone else that others would take to be abnormal, or sometbiug that has no~ been. It is indeed Wonderful! I haven't said anything yet to what I will say! I have not done anything yet to what I will do, for the time cometh I will pull back the curtain and reveal the mystexy of some of GOD's screts — how HE controls the people and how HE will control the masses continually.


Controlled by Something Within

You heard ME say the other day, your conscious mentality has been harnessed. Your deteatable characteristics have been harnessed, and all of your energy has been harnessed. By so doing and by tauching the sympatheticness of your soul, by this Power you are controlled. Your bodies are controlled by that something within, therefore I touch that something, and by it you are controlled because it is that something that causes you to yield.. It is Wonderful! I will tell you more along this line, but I will write something better than telling them. Time will not permit to go into the details and to give the mystery of all of these Truths that I will endeavor to convey to them as well as to you. Oh, it is such a privilege!

If this, MY Presence, can cause you to be filled with the spirit of merriness, and the spirit of merriness ca.n heal yaur physical bodies and keep you rejoicing, is not this Presence and this Teaching and MY version worth considering? It works! Every desirable blessing will coms automatically without you seeking after it. Without your conscious consideratian, but by the relaxation of your conscious mentality, by letting, GOD will let it come, and by you letting GOD, GOD will let you. That is the mystery!


More than Mortal to Command

Just think of the million's and million's the universe over today and tonight, that are filled and thrilled with joy unspeakable, without coming in contact with ME Personally — without I doing anything for them Personally. This is enough in itself to convince any person there is a reality in the relaxation of the conscious mentality, and lettin;g GOD act within you. The nations are compelled to be stirred if they are impelled within and without — they cannot help thetnselves because it is something more than common that can bring about millions and millions of people together as one man at Jerusalem, and each and every one willing and ready to serve GOD and to cease committing sin and vice and crime of every kind for MY Name's sake.

Who is it, and what is it that could cause men and women throughout the universe by the millions, to be willing and ready to forsake all of their pleasures? They know and you know, it is not mere matter, it is not mere personality, and it is not the person, but it is MY Spirit, says the Lord. "In the day af my power, my people shall be willing." This is not a supposition, this is not an imagination, this is the conscious declaration of the Almighty: "In the day of my power, my people shall be willing." MY people are willing and ready to forsake all of their pleasures, and all of their fancies, tendencies and pleasures for righteousness' sake.

That is why you can say it is a reality! It is evidently known, millions and millions could not and would not be inclined to believe and deny themselves of all of their worldly pleasure if it were not more than mortal to command, but by the grace of GOD, of Whom you say I AM, you can say as some have said, "I AM that I AM!" I thank you.




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From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD.  Amen

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