We Are Willing and Ready to Receive and to Meet People at All Times so long as They Come Harmoniously — Father Divine


TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1937 A.D.F.D. TIME:  2:45 P. M.





PEACE, EVERYONE: As it is MY custom to invite guest speakers and visitors to speak when they come in our midst, we would be pleased to hear from you; however, it is your privilege to be governed by your own volunteer volition. But as you move and speak volitionally and are governed by your highest intuition, more information and more understanding will come, your body will be brought into subjection to the Spirit of GOD's Actual Presence within you and such a version will free you from the versions of others—if you speak volitionally.

For this cause I deem it a pleasure and also essential for each and every individual to be governed by his or her highest intuition and refuse to speak or act because others speak or act.

As I have often said, I do not wish one of MY immediate followers or those who are coworkers together with us to so much as even give ME or pass ME a drink of water because someone else might attempt to do so. But if each individual is governed by his or her highest intuition and moves volitionally according to his or her own volunteer volition, they are freeing themselves from the versions of men, they are giving themselves their real mental and spiritual emancipation,through which they will also free themselves from lacks, wants and limitations and all adverse and undesirable conditions, by firstly freeing themselves mentally.

For this cause and by this especially I AM extending the same as a sample and as an example to others that they might be partakers of it, and by so doing you can and will free yourself from all undesirable conditions. Now, if there are any of you wish to have a word to say you are welcome to do so, and in the meantime if you do not wish to say anything you are welcome to refrain from speaking. Be governed by your own highest intuition and be moved by your own individual volunteer volition—it will be the Christ within you to lead you and to guide you. I thank you.

(At this time one of the visitors rose to her feet and said, "FATHER we have nothing to say—we are only visitors. I thank you.")

As the lady resumed her seat, FATHER sang the following little composition, and spoke as follows:


"Blessings and blessings,
Blessings and blessings,
Blessings and blessings
Shall fall on you.
GOD, your Heavenly FATHER
GOD, your Heavenly FATHER
GOD, your Heavenly FATHER
Shall dwell in you."

PEACE EVERYONE: I would just like to further say to our visiting friends, the Message of Truth as has been conveyed to them and others concerning ME, may be a little strange and we feel it is your privilege to remain silent in speaking or acting if you wish to, and in the meantime I appreciate your actions in being present as visiting friends whether you have anything to say or not, for as it has long since been said, "How can you judge a person unless you hear him?"

In the City of New York where I AM most of the time Personally, there are thousands and thousands coming daily, many of whom come to learn, to get more information concerning MY Work and MY Mission. This is the thing to do if a person desires to know more, for there are many who would criticize the Message of Truth as given to them, according to the way others see things; even without seeing—but it is a privilege and it is a blessing for a person to be open minded enough to come in such an audience without criticism, but to hear, to see and to get some understanding.

That is why I tell MY followers from time to time, it is a blessing to be open-minded enough as I said at the beginning of this luncheon, or tea—they should be at all times hospitable or words to that effect, ready to receive and entertain any person or persons even if they are not conscious of their intentions, whether they mean good or not to them. If you know you are right, your Righteousness should be able to stand reproval, for it is written:

"He shall reprove the world of sin—of righteousness and of judgment."


Be Willing to be Tested

Our righteousness must be qualified to be reproved. Our teaching must be qualified to be reproved and we must be willing to stand the test of bringing it to the surface for investigation, for examination, to give others a chance to see whether it is the right thing or the positive way of living, or whether it is not the right way or the way that is leading you erroneously.

It is your privilege and you have a right to investigate, if one wishes to, and especially to listen, to hear and to see and to know. For this cause I was instructing these, MY followers here at this extension, we are willing and ready to receive visitors whensoever they come and to receive them according to the plans and the purpose of GOD, with open hearts and with open minds, without criticism, without accusation, without any thought of trying to deviate from the Fundamental for which we stand, but being open-minded and open-hearted in words, deeds and actions that our Work and our Mission might be ready for investigation or for examination at any time.

That is why I have as I have often said—when you know you are right you can go ahead. You have nothing to doubt, you have nothing to fear, you need not care what others may think, say or do, for if GOD to you is True and Real, why HE can be true to others as well as to you if they, too, will bring themselves into subjection to the Fundamentals of Life and live according to HIS Teaching.


Willing to Receive People at all Times

For this cause we are rejoicing and we are exceedingly glad, to stand as a standard lived, and willing and ready to receive and to meet people at all times, whensoever they wish to come, so long as they come in harmony and are not antagonistic.

This is what I instruct MY coworkers and followers to do at all times, and in all of the different places. Yet, as I said, as I was telling the followers here just as we sat down to partake of this tea, all of our places are private places. They are private, but this does not prohibit us from having hospitality and expressing it for others, because our places are private.

As I say, the same as there are private homes out in the country some place, and in the city your homes are private no doubt, but yet if you are not selfish you would receive strangers and treat them as you would anyone in the family, so long as they come accordingly, you see!


One Family of GOD

So that is what I was saying this afternoon when I came to partake of the tea with them. We are willing and ready to meet any and all persons so long as they come in harmony, the same as a person would in his or her own home—private home—if they only had a one-room bungalow. Why, we should know our privacy— at least, our homes are as private as a person with a one-room bungalow; nevertheless, we have more accommodation to accommodate the many from time to time than a person would with merely one room. But however, it should be as free as though it was public and a public home, or public meeting place, yet with the same understanding and the same Constitutional Rights as those of one's home or private home, as being just an individual private family; for we are representing the one family—the family of GOD.

All of the families of the earth shall eventually be unified together—all of the nations and languages, tongues and people shall unify themselves together when all selfishness, graft and greed shall have been done away with. For this cause you can see these of MY followers, coworkers and friends, those who are harmonizing with ME and with MY Teaching, they are unifying themselves together of every nation, every language and every tongue and every people, and we are actually dispelling division and segregation from among us.



907 N. 41st STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA MAY 28 and 29, 1946 A.D.F.D. TIME: 2:00 A. M.





PEACE, EVERYONE: We do not wish to bore you and we do not wish to disturb, or did not like to disturb the speaker and did not mean for him to stop at the instance, but I had arisen to say something as soon as he had finished his speech and that was this — we have visiting guests with us as usual, and our visiting guests are not accustomed of working all night and all day as I do. For this cause, we desire to give any and all of them that desire to go, after they have served generously of all the material and mental and spiritual food that they desire to eat—we want to give them the privilege to go any time after then, but not until then.

Our honored senat0r and representatives did not refrain from coming in to break bread with us. They had started away from the auditorium even before the services were over, down there; but I insisted on them staying to break bread with us, because this is where I preside. This is the great part of MY Work and Mission. Jesus said to Peter or Simon:

"Feed my lambs" and "Feed my sheep."

I told him to do both, I told him to feed the lambs and to feed the sheep. Therefore, this is our system of service especially and our custom of Holy Communion. It was in olden days more of the manner of a Love Feast, according to the way we see it, and, any and everybody, they are all privileged to come in and dine. Therefore, when we serve our Holy Communion, we are glad to have visiting guests to partake —not necessarily as Communion service to those to whom it is not Revealed, but I can say, we can give you a good hearty meal.

Now the senator and, no doubt, his party, are about ready to go, according to the message that came to ME. While I shall just go out with them for a moment, you all do not have to vacate immediately unless it is those who are going to. I will be back in a few minutes, no doubt, and Rev. Selfless may have something to say while I AM making MY seeming get-away with the senator and his party, to entertain them.








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