At this Banquet, FATHER had a Message proofread recently given in the Promised Land concerning the attitude of some of the employers the followers worked for. These critical employers accused the followers in their employ of giving their money to FATHER, or to the Peace Mission Movement, and for this cause they often held back some of the salary due the followers.

Continuing on this subject FATHER arose and spoke as follows:

PEACE EVERYONE! I heard you say and I heard you sing in the composition concerning ME, and speaking just what has been said:

"I AM THAT I AM, and no man can hinder ME."

I thought of how marvelous it is to live in a hotbed of praises and yet to be as plants that are fertilized by slander, accusation and condemnation.

If you notice those who are in opposition to the Fundamental, for which we stand, if there is anything that is good, if the press is obliged to write it up, they will put it down in some column that can hardly be seen; but if it is a slight word or information that may tend to reflect negation, it is the headline of the paper.

I heard you say by MY Spirit and inspiration:

"I AM THAT I AM, and no man can hinder ME."

Through all of these oppositions that have arisen from time to time, I establish MYSELF more effectively through and over and above oppositions, than I would or could apparently with harmonious conditions surrounding ME. Then I say,

"I AM THAT I AM, and no man can hinder ME." .

The "I" of Whom I AM, this "I" is not mortality nor materiality of which I AM speaking, but remember there is one capital "I" in the alphabet, and when you say "I" you are speaking of that one "I". Each and every individual is privileged to go to the capital alphabet and take that "I" out, if he wishes to speak of himself. Can you not see the mystery? I AM speaking this for those who are not acquainted with the Truth concerning MY Presence, that they might not have an occasion to stumbling or falling.


Work Dispellation on Yourself

How glorious it is to know your GOD! Then I say, I AM the one "I" that is in the alphabet and that "I" is applicable to you and everybody else. Inculcate and reincarnate the "I" and cancellate yourself; work cancellation on yourself to its lowest terms and when this has been accomplished concerning yourself, then work dispellation on yourself—something you have not heard of unless it came from ME.

Oh, it is a privilege to realize when you shall have been completely self-denied and your life shall have been crucified, dead and dead indeed, and your life in reality is hid with Christ in GOD, in other words, when you are dead and dead indeed unto sin—your life will be hid with Christ in GOD:

"For in that you die, you die unto sin; and in that you live, you live unto God."


Finding Your Savior in Oppositions

I rejoice at oppositions, as said the apostle on one occasion:

"Glory in tribulations also; knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope : and hope maketh not ashamed ..."

How glorious it is to glory in tribulation, for behind the veil of materialism and all oppositions, trials and tribulations, there you will find your Savior as a Redeemer and Savior of your soul. You must go through trials and tribulations and oppositions to find that harmonious condition, wheresoever it is existing. Harmony cannot exist, or is not a reality whichever, saving where there has been inharmony. But where there has been inharmony and tribulations, adverse and undesirable conditions, the desirable conditions will result immediately when cancellation shall have been worked on the undesirable, for the absence of the undesirable will be the presence of the desirable. Hence, when you find an expression such as this, you might know definitely it was essential and very necessary for this expression and activities to come through trials and tribulations and oppositions to bring about such a harmonious condition as this that you are now observing.

You have not seen such harmony exemplified; you have not seen such harmony slightly reflected. You have never heard of an individual that thousands and millions collectively could and would believe on so vividly and harmonize with HIM. This is accomplished because of the oppositions, because of the criticisms, because of the accusations and because of the prosecutions and persecutions and would-be condemnations, if it were possible. But how glorious it is to know, through tribulations deep, oppositions and trials of every kind, you are drawing nearer your GOD, the more you go through them.


Critics: Stop and Consider

As I said in that Message, there are those who attempt to interfere with MY followers— those of MY immediate followers throughout the country who have been lifted from vice and crime and from sin of every kind; those who have been lifted from depressions, lacks and wants and limitations and have sent in their resignations to all of the charities and all organizations for protection. They have returned all stolen goods and are paying all old bills: they are owing no man, but standing absolutely independent! And yet there are those who claim to be self-respecting and law-abiding citizens of our great country and city who will try to prohibit MY followers from earning their daily bread. There are those who will attempt to try to criticize them for believing in ME, where I alone, as it has been declared and according to the statistics, you can read it for yourself: "Twenty million dollars saved the city and state, yea, the city of New York." I might stretch it a little, the length of time in saving it that much, but it was said inside of six years, but I often say, inside of six or eight years. If this is not worth considering, I say, stop and consider! Consider why it is not worth considering!

Then there are those who will come to you, they will go to you, whichever, and others with whom you may come in contact, and will say from time to time, "I would not mind paying you so much, but I am afraid you will give your money to FATHER DIVINE." If I stop three million persons from doing anything at all in and around this state and the surrounding states in each year, who are under MY Personal influence, by the Spirit of MY Personal Presence, GOD could and would keep them absolutely independent, if they live according to MY Teaching.

Are not MY followers the most healthy looking? Are they not the most happy looking? Are they not the most decent looking? As a daily occurrence and as a common—I mean as we may say, as a matter of course every day— just look over these vast audiences and observe the cleanliness of those who are MY real followers, how decent they live and express the spirit of cleanliness, that of which is next to Godliness. Then I say, they should stop and consider!


Tell Them What I Said in this Message

But I stress again, even if you would be only worth twenty dollars per week, just say, even no more than twenty dollars per week, even though you do not have to spend more than five or six dollars per week, you are entitled to it. If you are worth that much for your wages, you should demand it, for if you do not earn what you are worth in part, those who do not wish to pay you for fear you will give your money to ME, they are trying to keep it for themselves. That is what they want to do: they want to keep it for themselves. As they have been robbing the people all the time, they desire to keep it up, but I have come to atop such; therefore, whatsoever you are entitled to, you shall demand. "You will not ask more than what you are worth according to your respective profession or classification in your respective profession or business or labor, but you will demand it. And if individuals do not wish to pay you because they are afraid you will give your money to ME, just tell them exactly what I said in this Message, and tell them I told you to say it! And further, let them know that I know, any person who is not willing to pay a person that which is due him because he or she is afraid he will spend it in any way it pleases him, when he is not undermining mankind and violating the law of GOD and of man, that person is trying to rob that employee.


Time is Out for Such

The time is out for any such, and GOD is on the scene And so far as what you see in the papers about anyone having authority over these MY followers or anything they own or claim, as the country declared her independence as a nation, even so each and every individual follower of MINE declares his individual independence; and they shall be as much protected as individuals, as this country protects herself as a nation since she has declared her independence.

We shall not have the least legal nor political invasion. Now tell them I said it! Law, or no law, we shall not have legal invasions. Aren't you glad? As this country declared her national independence, even so MY followers, each and every one of them, declares their individual independence. Aren't you glad? As with a nation, so with an individual. As with an individual, so with a nation. What did they declare this country's independence for, as a nation, if it did not mean in the Declaration of that document, that each American citizen should declare his or her individual independence! It declared its independence under the so-called mother country. Now something is on, isn't it? Aren't you glad?


All Shall Have Constitutional Rights

If this little handful of American citizens, nationally speaking, could declare their national independence as a nation, and win the victory over a great country like Great Britain, what about GOD's Army? If the country is looking for something, they may be able to find it — those who are in opposition to the Fundamental; for I shall have—each and every American citizen shall have his Constitutional rights. They all shall have their Constitutional rights and shall have it preserved and enacted according to that which is just and right by the Law of the Spirit of Life. If it is not enacted by the law and laws of man, so far as legality is concerned, it shall be enacted. The Constitutional rights of each and all of the American citizens shall be protected by the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in

Christ Jesus.


Stressing American Citizenry

I have MY individual independence and I shall express it individually and collectively and universally, and there are not enough powers the universe over to hinder, for the Mouth of GOD has declared it. We have been stressing American citizenry! To be American citizens you must live according to the Constitution and its Amendments and produce the spirit and the meanings of the Constitution so far as it is Evangelical, and bring it to fruition within you with all of its Amendments.

When you bring the spirit and the meanings of the Constitution to fruition within you as an individual, with all of its Amendments, there and then you are expressing true and real Americanism. Each and every individual should know that. You should not merely have the name of being an American citizen abstractly, externally or documentally, but you should know your American citizenry must be brought to fruition within you, and the spirit and the meanings of Americanism must be a living reality within you individually even as it has been declared documentally and Constitutionally.


Declare Your Independence

How marvelous it is to know the truth! Then upon this foundation we shall stand under the Constitution of this country and declare our individual independence when we are self-respecting, law-making and law-abiding citizens, and wee shall not be molested by the invaders. If any person or any persons with the law or without the law attempts to invade or intrude on our rights, we shall declare our independence as a nation and produce E PLURIBUS UNUM in us individually and declare our independence.

Oh, it is a privilege to realize what it really means to get your real emancipation and to pass same on to others. You need not worry about what men say. You need not worry about what the press says; the Spirit of MY Presence has declared its independence, and has declared your independence for you. And you as American citizens, from a national point of view, shall produce and bring to fruition your spirit of independence within you, and you will declare it even to all who may arise against you.

Time for Legal Barriers to be Broken

The invasion of the invaders shall not prosper. Those who may desire to do so legally or illegally, it is immaterial to ME. It was legal for this country to be held down by other countries if it could, or if they could hold her down. It is legal for every country when it has its subjects to keep them in subjection, whether they are just and honest or not. It was legal for the children of Israel, as being termed the Israelites, to be enslaved at that time—it was legal! It was legal for the Afro-Americans to be enslaved in America. It was legal! It was legal for the Afro-British subjects to have been enslaved at the time they were, and all others: it was legal, but GOD would not suffer it to continue.

Coming back to America! The Afro-Americans, they were enslaved by the British and Germ;an and Irish-Americans. It was legal! But the time came when those legal barriers were broken. When it comes to our rights, we shall stand for our rights. Our Constitutional rights shall be preserved, and we shall have free access in this land and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the same as others.


Why Rise in Opposition When Constitutional

Why should any law or any man come in opposition to the Constitution because of MY cooperative and systematic harmonious plan to lift the world out of the dilemma they have been undergoing? Why should they rise in opposition when I have come in accord with the Constitution and with its Amendments by MY cooperative system, which your document declares E PLURIBUS UNUM, the inscription inscribed on your coin:"One composed of many"; and many shall be composed of one.

We shall have our protection by the Spirit of MY Presence, and each and every one of MY real followers who have developed the spirit of independence and brought it to fruition, shall declare his or her independence over and above every opposition, and over and above any legal, political or illegal invasion. If there would be such a thing as an aggressive movement in the political or legal world under which we are living in this country, which would rise in opposition to the Fundamental, such as has arisen, and if perchance there would be something endorsed by legality, even if I would allow it to continue, invasion shall not be presented, for if it does, it will find it has risen up against something! Just the same if any other country would come in this country and try to take her territories.


Standing Absolutely Independent

This country declared her independence. I said, this country declared her independence! I hope you news representatives are hearing what I AM saying! If I, as one Person, would have to stand in opposition to all of the millions universally, I would stand absolutely independent and declare MY individual independence and the independence of MY followers, when they are living Evangelically and when they are living and expressing Constitutionally; because I have lifted up a Standard for this people, and I have brought about a Cooperative System that is not criticizable! Those who desire to be overthrown, they may continue until they are overthrown.


MY Spirit Shall Overthrow Everything in Opposition

Today in Spain, it would not be as it is, if each and all of those who were in authority would have dealt justly and been honest between man and man. The Spirit will not tolerate it continually. Then I say, when you are living Evangelically in expression and according to the Constitution in your endeavors and in your activities, when you are bringing to fruition the spirit and the meanings of the Constitution and its Amendments, and are making it a living reality to you individually, how dare any person or persons to rise in opposition to you!

When you are fulfilling the inscription as inscribed on your coin: IN GOD WE TRUST how dare any person or persons to attempt to try to prevent you when you are fulfilling the inscription also inscribed on your coin: E PLURIBUS UNUM! How dare any person or even a country or any other individual under the Constitution to rise in opposition to you, fulfilling the spirit and the meanings of the Constitution and its Amendments according to its document and inscription.

How glorious it is to know your GOD! We shall have a Righteous Government. We shall have it, I say! With or without legality, with or without politics, we shall have a Righteous Government. If they do not accept ME politically and legally, we shall have it spiritually and mentally, and the Spirit of MY Presence shall overthrow everything that is in opposition. Everything that is not according to the Constitution and its Amendments, everything that is not Evangelical, everything that is not according to the Declaration of Independence, MY Spirit shall overthrow it; for what said the Spirit concerning the mystery?

"It is not by power, nor by might, but by my spirit, declared the LORD."

I AM re-declaring the same that you might see and know, that it might be stamped in your memory once and forever: GOD is a Living Reality, today, now, yesterday and forever.


The Little Leaven

How marvelous it is to live in the Actual Presence of GOD! We shall fulfil the spirit and the meanings of the Constitution, as much of it as is Evangelical, and all of its Amendments that are Evangelical; and we shall also fulfil the Declaration of Independence individually, until all mankind will be able to see it distinctly and recognize GOD's Actual Presence with you.

We shall put true Evangelism through, and shall establish it, and the true Evangelism of which I AM stressing shall evangelize Americanism and change it from Americanism to itself —Evangelism, for, "The little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." That is what I AM doing here! Can you not see that I AM making legal, true spirituality? And making spiritual, legality? And the things that are on the material plane, I AM making them spiritual among the children of men.

Then I say, jot these thoughts down in your memory, in other words, in your mental and spiritual vocabularies. I will be with you and when the time comes, I will respond to your inner urge, if you abide in MY Word. What said I concerning the mystery in Jesus?

"If you continue in my words, and let my words abide in you, you may ask what you will, and it shall be done."

I re-declare the same. Aren't you glad?


Supreme Court of Heaven Shall Rule

Then upon this Foundation if you stand, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and its Amendments, as much of it as is Evangelical, shall be brought to fruition in each and every one of us, and we shall bring into legalization by the equalization of the Spirit, Righteousness, Truth and Justice, and legalize that which was spiritual and spiritualize that which was material.

Then I say, MY followers shall be independent continually. With or without legality MY followers shall be independent. If we do not get righteousness at the hand of materialism, mortality, we shall have it by the spirit of true spirituality and the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Christ Jesus. The Supreme Court, which is the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Heaven shall rule: and shall reverse all undesirable decisions, for GOD HIMSELF has declared it! Now tell them I said it! I thank you.








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