150-160 WEST 126th STREET, NEW YORK CITY, APRIL 6 and 7th, 1939 A.D.F.D.  TIME: 2:48 A. M.

Again I wish to say whilst bringing these thoughts to a conclusion in the act of conveying the Truth to you, whereby you might check up on yourselves and be more accurate in checking up on yourselves as individuals. I have taught you daily to be mindful how you entertain strangers. I have taught you daily some have entertained angels unaware. I have told you from time to time, as representatives of MINE you must represent the perfection of true and real DIVINE humane work, that you might express the Spirit of true Christianity and the Christ Characteristics as I have established them.

By this I say, if a person is in need of help, you should be hospitable enough to be mindful how you entertain a stranger, for you do not know what may be the cause of such a person being a pilgrim and a stranger in a far land. Take these thoughts to consideration.


Speak and Act with Kindness to All

As I was going to say last evening, there will be people coming here from all parts of the world, and especially whilst the World's Fair is here. You should be hospitable enough which is to say, be kind enough and be thoughtful enough to speak to everybody with the spirit of kindness, of love and of hospitality, and act accordingly from every angle expressible. To be representing ME you will do it, and if you do not wish to do according to the way I want you to do in ME and around ME and in MY Name, why, just go on out and do not be connected as a representative. Take these thoughts to consideration.

Be mindful how you entertain strangers and treat every individual as you would have them treat you. Even if a person may apparently be drunk or drinking, it does not say that that is not a human being just because he has been drinking. Characteristically or dispositionally he may act piggish or he may act doggish, but physically he is representing humanity as a person.

You should be mindful how you treat them, unless they do something physically detrimental or say something that would cause you to even say, speak rudely to them. If a person is out of doors in the cold and rain, or any such a thing, they could be taken care of until they are warmed up at least, and give them a chance to go on their way rejoicing; Do not get self-conceited and self-exalted! I have lifted thousands and millions of you from vice and from crime and sin and debauchery of every kind, from sickness and from disease and from all sorts of undesirable and unclean conditions. Now consider, as I have been by you, I will be even also by others, if you do not will to be.

Unless there is some cause for ME not to express such hospitality, such love and compassion for humanity, I will express it over and above every opposition. Those of you who may come here or be here in, opposition to MY Plan and MY Purpose and in opposition to MY Teaching, I mean to carry out MY Plan and MY Purpose to the letter, and not a one of you shall hinder ME.


"The Lord is Good to All"

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies and remember, I AM the same today, yesterday and forever! When you as individuals were sinking deep in sin far from the Celestial Shores, your dear Redeemer took you in, whilst you were sinking to rise no more.

Then I say, be watchful and mindful how you entertain strangers. Instruct and give advice to the best advantage according to your understanding. You will find people coming here asking how to get out to the fair grounds, find them asking different things—you should be courteous to all people, even as I have taught you; for when you came to ME, was I not courteous to you?

I have taught you in the way of wisdom. I have led you into the right path. I have shown you the way to go, that you might have victory by being kind to others, that you might be able to be and to say with David and with ME,

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall abide in the house of the LORD forever."

You will not be able to say this effectively and with the spirit of sincerity unless you express it and express it accurately—having goodness and mercy and passing it on to others, that you might be the reproducers of it and also receive at the hands of others just such as you have imparted. Take these thoughts to consideration.


Let Them Be Warmed and Cared For

As I say, when people come here seeking information, give them such information as is in your power to give—any constructive information that is necessary or that would be necessary for a person under such conditions or such circumstances, and when a person comes cold or destitute at that instance, especially if they are strangers, sick or afflicted, you can let them come in or you can bring them in or let those who may be in charge of them take them in until they are warm and cared for, even as you would desire others to care for you and even as I do care for you.

I have not left the point, although it may apparently be submerged, but the words I have spoken have gone down on record mentally and spiritually and even in your notebooks. They shall be recorded and you shall remember. You must be mindful how you entertain strangers. You must be true and do not be bribers, trying to bribe in the Kingdom of GOD. Do not be aggressive, expressing the spirit of aggression individually, trying to outrun same other person to get something.

Animals in the animalistic kingdom do such things, for they have no sense of reasoning or consideration to consider others effectively as they do themselves. They do not know it is a law that that which you do to others will come back to you.


The Majority in Hearts and Lives

Now take these thoughts to consideration and remember what I have told you. I may have to stand alone, even though I have been—at least I will have to—but if I AM in the hearts and lives of the children of men universally, I AM the majority, I AM the masses, I AM all after a while anyhow. For those bodies that will not adhere to MY Message, they will go one way or the other and MY Spirit will have free access over and above their opposition, yea, over and above every conflicting tendency within them, and I will establish MY going effectively in the place of them and will cause others to be the reincarnators of their respective calling, if they will not live accordingly.

Those and many other things I will do, that you and all mankind might know GOD HIMSELF is here among you, and at this Name of Whom you say I AM, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess, over and above every sense of your feeling, over and above every opposition; for the mouth of GOD has declared it.

Now I would like to say again whilst I AM speaking along this line, paving out the way for the indwelling of MY Spirit or for the access of the expression of MY Spirit to express—as I have often said, in this and all other auditoriums and dining rooms, keep the way clear as much as possible in the entrance. Consider your fellow brother who may desire to enter, consider the one who may desire to pass out, and do not forget about everybody else; but to the reverse, try to forget about yourself. I thank you!








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