And endeavor to express a perfect system of things by adhering to the rules, laws and ordinances under this jurisdiction — FATHER DIVINE








SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th, 1939 A. D. F. D. TIME: 3:10 P.M.

Even in the smallest detail FATHER DIVINE, the Perfect Model, exemplifies Perfection as a sample and example. When carried out according to HIS plan, the serving of the daily Banquets is a beautiful sight to behold. Each individual has a part in this unique system, and by all being alert, the service can be handled quickly and at the same time rhythmically and with ease. However when a slothful spirit finds access, the service is retarded and confusion results.

FATHER in this Message speaks of those also, who are late to the Table when it can be avoided, stressing the importance of self-denial and cooperation in this as well as other respects.




"Hold to His mind, FATHER'S unchanging mind,
Hold to His mind, FATHER'S unchanging mind,
Build your hope on life eternal
Hold to FATHER'S unchanging mind."



That little composition in the melody and the words thereof, it does not merely mean the rhythm and the music, the sound hereof; it means to hold to MY mind, if I AM the ONE of Whom you are singing. That little composition is well worth considering. In all of your works, your ways, your deeds and your actions, consider the mystery of holding to GOD'S unchanging mind. Even if this mind would not be the Ideal infinitely, or even universally, for you individually, severally and collectively, it is the Ideal


Under any and every alleged organization, under every alleged constitution and under every city government, there are divers ordinances, rules, laws, by-laws and regulations that are to be adhered to by those in and under such a jurisdiction; therefore the composition says: "Hold to GOD'S unchanging mind", or, "FATHER'S unchanging mind." It means the ones who are under this jurisdiction, under this calling in this Mission, have vowed to be obedient to the discipline.


Expressing a Perfect System of Things

In little things — as it happens only to be a limited few here this morning, in proportion to the thousands and thousands that gather ordinarily when the places are large enough to accommodate them — I wish to stress in all of MY activities I endeavor to express a PERFECT system of things! Even in serving, I, through MY condescension, have set apart a time to give all who desire to dine with ME that time whereby they can be here if they will — those who are to dine. Those who are not to dine with ME, if they desire to be here and see ME serve and participate and bathe in the Presence of MY Spirit and MY Mind, of this understanding I AM so vividly demonstrating and manifesting to all mankind, you know what time we have the regular Banquet.

Here in this private residence we have the Banquet — it is due to be at twelve o'clock noon. Those who desire to dine should be here on time. They should be right here on time if they expect to dine with ME! Those who are here, who can be here and will not be here, who even have seats and special seats, as the stenographers and the immediate coworkers around the head of the table, unless it is a case of emergency, something special to attract your attention to call you away, why you may expect someone else to take your place, even if you have a special seat, if you continue to stay away and will not be here on time.


Slothfulness Not the Spirit

The next thing: There are those who are not the special coworkers, who are only the co-tenants or co-inmates, or whatsoever you may call them, living here and having a home here or elsewhere connected, who have the chance to dine at this Banquet Table, they should be here on time, especially if they are not otherwise engaged; they do not have special seats. Those who do not have special seats, then special seats should not be set apart for them, for they should be here on time!

Slothfulness and impracticalnes is that of which is not according to the Spirit and the Mission of the Christ — is not according to the Spirit of Christ! It is written:

"Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the LORD."

You cannot be slothful, backwards, impractical and unprofitable and be GOD'S servant. You have to be practical, profitable and refuse to be slothful and good for nothing, for such will have the part in the outer but not the inner courts of heaven.


Serve Dishes Systematically

Nextly I want to say, what I AM saying to one, I AM saying to all. When we serve, serve just what you care to eat, whatsoever is passed around at the Table. If we pass anything that is swiftly going, do not block traffic with it. It should go ahead. We have many courses to serve at all of our Banquets. You should let the dishes go as quickly as possible and serve briefly. Do not block traffic!

You conflict the Spirit and attract MY attention and others to you and to your slothfulness and cause ME to think conflictingly and antagonistically to you, when I should be thinking in the Positive direction, whereby I might have a free access to continue to extend MY blessings.

"Where there is union there is strength; but where there is division, there is strife."

You do things conflictingly.

I have noticed some will serve the dish and hold it and wait for the other dish to catch up with it and block the different courses as they come; and when they are blocked, then the next dish that comes you should hold, you rush that behind the other to confuse the service apparently. System is heaven! Harmony is heaven! Union is heaven! So ]et these thoughts go home with you. Take these thoughts to consideration, for if you want ME with you, you must work systematically and harmoniously according to MY Mind, plan and purpose.

In the serving of any Banquet Table, the dishes of the different courses should go at a certain distance apart, to give each diner a chance to serve by the time the second course, the next course behind that one comes along. If it is bread, out of the eight, ten, twelve or fifteen different courses of bread, let the dishes go. Though they go swiftly, let them go systematica11y. Do not block the traffic!


Do Not Block Traffic

This is a lesson taught at home. You might take cognizance of it, when you are out on the highway, or in the trafl5c on the streets. Do not block the traffic wheresoever you are, walking or traveling. I3o not block the highway! Do not block the sidewalks! Do that which is just and good, and work scientifically and harmoniously with the system. of things, for it all works for the common good of man.


You are Not Great by Being Slow and Behind

These thoughts I want y0u to remember! Serve generously if you care to, but serve briefly or fast — quickly — and do not be slothful. You are not great by trying to be slow. Some of you apparently think that causes you to be great in the sight of GOD and of man — to be always slow, to be always behind in getting to the Table, getting in the meetings or getting to business or getting in any place. You think that is a great thing to be behind. If you are due there at a certain time, you should be there; and if for any cause the service is held up, let it not be on your account! That is what I AM speaking of. You will not be responsible.

So take these thoughts to consideration now, henceforth and forever from this morning on. Those of you who desire to dine at this little insignificant Table — the residence of FATHER DIVINE, in HIS private dining room set apart for HIM and HIS immediate coworkers, or staff whichever — if you desire to dine at this Table, be here on time; especially those who have nothing to do. Those who have something to do, if you expect to dine, you should try to be here on time; f0r you should arrange it so whatsoever you do have to do, it will be done in time enough whereby it will give you a chance to get here in time enough to serve with ME. Usually it is from twelve-thirty to two o`clock, and then a good many of you, or some slothful individuals among you, are not here even at that time, trying to get behind!


Do Not Act With Ulterior Motive

Some of you try to wait to be the last one to come in for some ulterior motive. Selfishness or self-exaltation! If you have any hidden ideas or opinions or tendencies, fancies or pleasures, where you desire to sit in these dining rooms where I AM, it is best for you to stay out, unless it is preordained or set apart that you have the privilege to sit at some special place.

This is a private dining room. At One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Street the same — where I AM serving generally when I AM in the city Personally. The places are known as HOLY COMMUNION TABLES. Not one thought of an act should be put forth into expression with an ulterior motive or through the spirit of selfishness, self-exaltation, human fancies or human tendencies or of human pleasures; but GOD should be reckoned in all of your activities and you should be conscientious and sincere in all of your endeavors, and you should be absolutely unselfish, that MY Spirit, MY Love and MY Blessings might work and be with you effectively, that you and others might enjoy them personally.


Custom of Seating

This I thought I would drop for your consideration. Hereafter I AM sure those who desire to dine will be here on time. Again I request the honor of those who are the stenographers, secretaries, and are so assigned to such duties, to be as near the microphone as possible and near ME as possible, so they can get every word I say. I mean those who are "stenographerated" secretaries, if you are not altogether stenographers at this time — if you have been set apart and I AM using you for that purpose, that you might get MY Words accurately and help you to advance and improve yourselves. So take these thoughts to consideration.

Those who are not taking MY Message and have not been set apart or assigned to take MY Message, it is a different proposition. It has been MY custom from years back that MY Personal chauffeurs, chauffeuresses, coworkers who work immediately with ME Personally, that I might call on at any time, for them to sit near where we can reach them at almost any moment. That is the reason for the chauffeurs and chauffeuresses to be sitting near; stenographers and secretaries and the immediate coworkers, that they might get the Message any time on the impulse of the moment, whensoever they may be called. That was the reason and I have not withdrawn that reason yet, for I may be going out at any time and I never say definitely where I AM going; but if they are with ME or riding with ME or following ME, or anything of that sort, it should be that they would know when I get ready to go, if they are required to go with ME.

Now, I hope you all will take cognizance of these thoughts, for changes may be made in the future from the way you all have been trying to carry out your plans and your purpose selfishly — your human fancies, your human tendencies, with some ulterior motive — waiting for a certain time to come in to get seats and such like as that, when you have the chance to come and be seated immediately without waiting. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you!

(Several who were seated at the Table, feeling condemned, rose and thanked FATHER to forgive them for being late to the Table and other little deviations, and then our SAVIOR sang the little song recorded below, to the tune of "Behold the Lamb of GOD;' after which HE rose to speak again.)


"Behold My Words, behold My Words,
Behold the Words of GOD,
Behold My Words, behold My Words,
Behold the Words of GOD.
"Obey My Words, obey My Words,
Obey the Words of GOD,
Obey My Words, obey My Words,
Obey the Words of GOD."


The transposed version of "Behold the Lamb . . ." as it came forth into expression in words firstly and then in the song, "Behold the Words," whilst if you would have beheld the Lamb of GOD and conceived the significance of beholding the Lamb, you could have understood even as I understand.


Behold the Word of GOD

Behold the Life of GOD in the Lamb likeness of Meekness and Obedience. The blood of the Lamb represents the Life of the Meekness of Christ or of GOD. That is the way your sins are forgiven — by the Meekness of the Life of G0D and the recognition of such in your consideration; but I brought forth that thought in words, "Behold the Lamb of GOD" transposed — "Behold the Word of GOD," for the Word of GOD had gone forth for your consideration.


A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser

It is true "A guilty conscience needs no accuser," yet I did not say Personally especially to whom the Message was directed, saving to all who are guilty. I did not call any names, but the ones to whom it concerned, the guilty parties, naturally if they are honest in their guilt, they would get up and confess as the last speaker did. But there are those who try to hide themselves, their tendencies, their fancies and their pleasures and "A guilty conscience needs no accuser."


Mortality Cannot control Heaven and Earth

It has been called to MY attention that some say they have thousands of years or eternity to get down here to the Table. GOD is not bothering about matter — mortality from every angle expressible; not any of it is in MY consideration! GOD is just and honest and right and true to all living creatures, but mortality cannot control the heaven and the earth ! But that is exactly what it tries to do though mortal sympathy, through human pity, through human affection, lust and passion and every other cursed version of mortality!


GOD's Pity Could Not Reach Condition

From your own angle of expression, without knowing ME, Personally, if that would be the case, when a person lives in sin and vice ,and crime and becomes to be all afflicted and cursed with the curses of sin, then GOD would have to be sorrowing and crying for him. That is according to the mortal versions of men.

Why is it according to the mortal versions of men, that people suffer and die in a pitiful looking condition? As I was saying the other day, I was speaking to a person who had sinned against the Holy Ghost many years ago and they are in a decrepit physical and mental condition, almost blind and in a state of being any mortal mind who is not antagonistic and malicious, according to the mortal version, would have pity on them; but yet, wheresoever GOD is, it seems like G0D'S pity could not reach them. Can you not see the mystery?

You have seen people all decrepit and in certain conditions and it would look to you as if though they should be pitied, but it is some cause that wheresoever the Infinite One is, the Omnipotent One is, HE does not reach the condition. Even according to their version GOD is Omnipotent, G0D is Omniscient, and in the version of a good many of them GOD is Omnipresent, yet HE cannot reach their condition. What is the matter with them? Yet you think that GOD, or any other person in a body, should take pity and have what you call mercy and compassion on such conditions. The wages of sin is not only sickness and affliction, but the wages of sin is DEATH! Over and above, or under and beneath, or through and around all of GOD'S Mercy, Compassion and Pity, the wages of sin is not only sickness, but "the wages of sin is death!"


GOD Has No Favorites or Pets

Then, LIVE RIGHT, DO RIGHT and DENY YOURSELF, and you will not be obliged to pay the penalty of sin, which is death for your sins; but you will have Life and Health and Love and Joy within, where others will be living in misery, woe and sorrow because of sin. Have Faith in GOD and live the life, and if what I have taught you is true, GOD will bless you ; and if that is true that GOD will bless you, then what is the matter if someone else is not blessed? Do you think GOD has any special favorites or pets, or anything of that sort? The wages of sin is not only sickness, but the wages of sin is death!


A Place Where Love and Mercy Can Reach You

Now, when you get in SELF and are SELF-conceited you bring conditions upon your-self that the Spirit of Mercy cannot reach! You see the mastery? I may try to do it Personally— the party of whom I AM speaking, apparently I tried to reach that person Personally, and brought out in MY Message and even showed to the world conclusively, there is a way out of sinning against the Holy Ghost, even though there is no forgiveness. I tried to bring her out that way, but apparently MY Spirit could not reach the condition immediately and she was not healed instantly or instantaneously. So you can see what it really means to get in that place in consciousness where GOD'S Love and Mercy can reach you.

It can reach you by you living and doing according to H1S Teaching and staying out of self and selfish tendencies, human fancies and human pleasures and all mortality! Then GOD can help you and bless you. You see, that is the mystery.

Get SELF completely out of the picture! The song says:

"Hold to His mind, GOD'S unchanging mind."

Then you keep the FAITH and live the life and be SELF-DENIED wholeheartedly, and bring your bodies into subjection to the FUNDAMENTAL, and GOD will bless you if you have not sinned or gotten to a place in consciousness or in body where GOD cannot help you. That is the mystery.


Some Retard the Kingdom

But if I would allow you to, those of you who are inclined to indulge in self and self-exaltation and selfish tendencies, fancies and pleasures, you would retard the advances of the Kingdom and would hinder the whole present existence of this economic system. Those of you who live here and those who live elsewhere, or who stay elsewhere whichever, you have the privilege to eat your breakfast in the mornings. It has been understood the time should be set apart at each place when they should serve a Banquet in the morning, those who care to eat. Because I do not get here to eat, because I AM busy all day and all night too, maybe I would not get here at twelve o'clock ; but you should expect ME at twelve o'clock. I AM here all the time, but you should expect ME Personally at that time.

If I should happen not to get here in Person for any cause, you may know it is not because of just trying to hold you up or trying to do anything in a selfish way, like a good many of you do. MY Work is from everlasting to everlasting!

So you should take cognizance of these thoughts and consider you have the chance and you do eat in the mornings, if you wish to. If you did not even happen to get to the Table, what would be the difference, when you have dined many times just before Banquet time, before this regular Banquet time? In the evenings the same way. Some of you all eat in the morning early and around two o'clock, or whatever time we serve the Banquet here; then you eat in the early evening and then you eat at midnight — four meals a day instead of two. And some of you say that I AM serving two Banquets a day when I AM serving four at least, in. most of these Extensions.

But just because I AM not there in Person, you discount those other Banquets as being Banquets, but yet I know you are eating. Then if it would happen to be that you could not even get to the Table, it would be perfectly all right. There are plenty more who should be at the Table, who maybe did not get the chance to eat as you do. See the mystery?

Be as Little Trouble as Possible if Late

The next thought: If it happens to be those who have special seats, if they get here late for any cause, if business calls them off and they have to be late, if they get here, why not be as I have endeavored to be, or tried to be whichever, as little trouble as possible? At times the service, the first service of all of the courses has gone around. We always usually serve the second service at the Table, then the second service you could take from the service practically the same of almost everything, unless it is vegetables or something of that sort. We may not serve all of the vegetables at the second service, because we think they do not care to serve the vegetables a second time; but if you want vegetables, they can be had. But you could get the second service without asking for special service. Can you not see the mystery?

That would be self-denial to that extent, and you should not expect for anyone to serve your plate before you arrive. How do they know what you want to eat? I do not expect anyone to serve MY plate, if I happen to be belated for any cause. I usually tell them to go ahead and eat.


Muster Plates Immediately

The next thought I wish to say, in serving all of the Banquets we want things to go off the Table systematically. Keep the dishes going off when they are going off and do not block the traffic going off the Table any more than you do going on the Table, if the waitresses are there to take them, or the waiters or whosoever may be serving. And when I say, pass your plates to your right, or whatsoever I say, pass your plates! All plates should be passed at once as soldiers on the battlefield. You should muster your plates immediately, all scientifically and systematically, and pass them in unison in action as well as in speaking and in singing. I thank you.

(Two of the diners in succession asked forgiveness for being late to the Tab}e at times; the latter, having come from the south a few weeks ago, saying that he did not know the appointed time for the Banquets. FATHER rose again at once to clarify this point.)


Hereafter, those who are MY real followers will read MY Messages and take cognizance of them. In Australia, in New Zealand and in the different countries of Asia, Africa and Europe, those who actually read MY Message, since I have been living here Personally, I have mentioned over and over again, as though I AM advertising it: We have the Banquet here at twelve o'clock noon and at One Hundred and Twenty sixth Street at twelve midnight!


Read Message for First-hand Information

So those who read MY Message and believe MY Message and have adhered to MY Teaching, as I have asked them to read everything in the Message in The New Day — if they desire to get firsthand information and know definitely what to do and what is going on at all times — why, those of you from New Zealand, from Sydney or Melbourne, Australia, and other places, you should know MY Message! You know I serve the Banquet here, if you read it and get the Message — if you believe it or know what I say — at twelve o'clock noonday, and at One hundred and Twenty-sixth Street, twelve o'clock midnight. That is the set time! If I do not serve exactly at that time, it is because I AM belated, or something of that sort See the mystery?

Many times I may be busy and hold up the service a while because Mother desires for ME to be here to serve, or be there to serve and others seem to desire the same ; but at twelve o'clock noonday is the time! But I AM usually maybe a half hour — from a half hour to two hours late — but I set that time and then do not rush MYSELF, to give all who may be out on business or who may be busy a chance to get to the Table if they care to eat with ME. That is the thought.


Alibis to be Disobedient

Now, many times business may call some out or call some off. We have the telephones ringing here all the time, many calls and callers from different parts, for those who may be connected in the Work or the business; but this should not be made an alibi to cause you to be disobedient to carry out your plan and your purpose.

Many times there are those who feel like they would just like to be out because they get tired of being around ME so much. (A great shout of protest greeted this statement) Some wish they would have the chance I give some of you all; but if they had the same chance, maybe they would get tired of ME, too. Isn't that wonderful! Anyway you always act as if though you do not get tired of ME. I use you that way to make others think it anyway.

Now, these thoughts are well worth considering. Get SELF completely out of the picture and you can be blessed with ME. If not, I AM just as well satisfied to shake you off, and I feel that much better when I get rid of mortality! I thank you.








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