SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1939 A. D. F. D. TIME — 4:15 P.M.



FATHER'S Madison Avenue Residence

FATHER'S Madison Avenue Residence




The general house cleaning continued, after FATHER had delivered several Lectures (one of which is printed above) as good lessons for the benefit of one and all.

A testimony from one of the angels, in which she thanked FATHER for the lessons HE daily gives, said at times, individuals disobey unconsciously and unwillingly, because they are weak and let the "other fellow" get the best of them, but thanked HIM that all might learn to do HIS Holy Will from now on!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)

PEACE EVERYONE! Now in reference to those of all — or all of those of you who do disobey unwillingly and those who disobey willingly, there is a difference. If, as I explained, a person has something that would keep them away from the Table, some business or obligation, or something that would actually be necessary that they would be called off or called away, it would be a different proposition. But I AM speaking especially to those who do those things purposely and do not have seats, special seats, and yet they expect for someone to get up and give them seats and such like as that. Then expect to get here in time enough to get special seats such as you want!

Those are the points for consideration of which I have considered, and I have stressed it and explained it and it is not necessary to try to hide anything for anybody with whom you may be connected. That which is done justly and honestly and truthfully in actions by being conscientious and sincere, and do not do anything deceivingly, it is a different proposition. But when you do things selfishly, deceivingly, and have an ulterior motive, why then you see, you are dealing with GOD and I just do not want those kind of germs in the atmosphere in which I AM living!


A Pure Wholesome Atmosphere

I want this room to be cleansed from all of the germs of selfishness, of antagonism, of deception and every untruthful germ of mortality's version that is in your psychological atmosphere in which you are living. Cleanse your minds of all filthiness of mortality's version, all human tendencies, fancies and pleasures, and let this atmosphere be a pure and a wholesome atmosphere in and around ME; for psychological and mental germs are as contagia us and as effective, as destructive and undesirable as the germs of contagious and unclean physical diseases — diseases that affect the physical body.

Your minds are affected by dishonest germs, the germs of falsity, untruth, incompetence, deception and other detestable tendencies within you. When you send out those thoughts in such an atmosphere as this, those of MY hearers, especially MY followers who are as little children — their minds are susceptive to such germs of mental diseases and psychological contagions. They will affect the mind and cause them to react at times, as the last speaker said, unwillingly, in slothfulness and in disobedience, in incompetence, in deception and untruth and other detestable tendencies of expression which are in violation to MY Spirit, to MY Mind and to MY Teaching! That is what I AM speaking of! So these thoughts are well worth considering.


A Sense of Ignoration

Now when you do anything unwillingly and unconsciously, it is a different proposition in a way of speaking, yet you may be guilty for being in that state of consciousness where you would do anything unconsciously and unwillingly, that is in violation to MY Teaching. But when you consciously know it is not according to MY Personal Will and pleasure, and yet you claim ME Personally and live under MY Personal Jurisdiction apparently, or under the present surroundings where I AM presiding, it would cause ME to feel as if though you are actually trying to ignore ME — and you would be, if you do those things willingly, consciously, voluntarily, and yet know definitely they are in violation to MY Will and to MY good pleasure.


Consider this a Sacred Gathering

Hereafter, wheresoever I preside, at this Table or in any other audience, you must consider it must be a sacred gathering and you must act honest in deeds and in actions. In your emotions you must be truthful! You must be truthful in what you say and in what you do, for actions speak louder than words. You can tell a lie in actions as well as in words.

Your emotions, your gestures and every expression can be conflicting, if you allow them to, because they can be in violation to the Truth ... can be motivated and demonstrated and controlled by deception, dishonesty, incompetence and untruth; then those germs in Your actions will be conflicting! That is as I was saying the other day, you may not know — as it is written, ". .. what manner of spirit you are of."


Antagonistic Spirits Provoking

If you have an old antagonistic spirit, sometimes it is provoking. You may not show it, you may try to conceal it. You may be able to conceal it and I would desire to conceal it, for you may not want to be mean in outward expression, but your heart, your mind and your temperament, your disposition, your characteristics, your ideas and your opinions may be conflicting, antagonistic, and may even be malicious! Not anyone else could see them but MYSELF, but someone else who contacts ME harmoniously, the reaction of such a repulsive and conflicting character or characteristics that would be in such a person, would stir them. You see the Mystery?

I do not like nor enjoy being annoyed nor provoked in any way whatever, but you have those old detestable tendencies, fancies and pleasures and ideas and opinions. Some times you come filled with antagonism and even with malicious ideas and opinions concealed within you — rebelliousness and every other detestable tendency within you. Many times you are conscious of it and try to keep it concealed from ME. Then it is provoking, it is antagonistic, it is rebellious and causes you in turn, having conceived such a thing, to be rebellious to ME and to others with whom you come in contact. I thank you!

(After this stirring Lecture, a sister started a long testimony, saying first one thing and then the other, detracting from the beautiful Message; however, after she persistently kept speaking, FATHER. said, "Live the life and deny yourself!" Immediately after this remark, HE again stood and delivered this brief but very significant Message.)

PEACE, EVERYONE! That little thought as just conveyed, is essential to be considered by each and every individual. A SELF-DENIAL is the great essential! As I said in the composition,

"Hear the blessed Savior, calling the oppressed:
All ye heavy laden, come to Me and rest;
Come! no longer tarry, I your load will bear.
Bring Me every burden, bring Me every care."

But remember, a SELF-DENIAL is the great essential!

When one denies himself or herself and puts forth his or her physical body in the defense of that which is his or her religious or spiritual conviction, and be conscientious and sincere, why then that which comes forth into expression will be much convincing.

All those who seek to save their lives shall lose them! Those who are always seeking things selfishly and through and for a selfish purpose, such a person cannot justifiably be used even by the Spirit effectively, for in whatsoever they send out or say or convey, would be the germs of self and selfishness; therefore it could not work effectively.


Unselfishness Appealing to GOD and Man

The reason for some being appealing to GOD and to man, it is because of being absolutely unselfish and by living according to same. Then that which comes from the within will be of an unselfish intent and for an unselfish purpose; therefore GOD can use such a person effectively. But when a person has not denied himself or herself, whatsoever may come forth, even if it was or is directly from the Infinite Mind, it cannot work effectively and it will not justify you, because it is coming forth from the spirit and the mind of selfishness — it cannot work effectively, unselfishly! Do you see ME?


Though Spiritually Inspired "Will Not Take" If in Self

Those of you who desire to speak, even to testify, GET OUT OF SELF COMPLETELY by living Evangelically mentally, spiritually and physically ... by living absolutely unselfishly and being impersonal in words, deeds and actions and being consecrated to the service as a living sacrifice. One who will lose his life for MY sake physically, conscious]y, willingly and voluntarily, then I can use such a person effectively, for that which will come out from such a person would be unselfish and they could send it out unselfishly ; but you cannot send it out unselfishly if you are dishonest, if you are incompetent, if you are untrue, if you are selfish, or if you are self-exalted. If you have those selfish tendencies to justify self mentally, physically or otherwise, even though you may be spiritually inspired, your inspirations and information that you may get from the Infinite would be adulterated and would be diluted so with yourself and selfish tendencies, it would not have the effect wherewith you send it. Can you not see the Mystery?

It will not take with ME! I cannot get you in consideration when you seek self and self-justification, when you seek to be self-exalted and self-honored and self-praised, when all of your selfish tendencies are still within you! When you seek to save yourself physically in your daily activities, your service to GOD and to man and everything else that may be claimed or that you may claim as your own — when you seek those things and cling to those things, it is a matter of impossibility for you to be a real servant, and even so much as send the Message out through you effectively and unselfishly! Because in you, your nature, your characteristics, your disposition and your personality and your individuality will express self and selfishness; therefore the message through you could not work effectively and could not be conveyed constructively! It would tend to deteriorate or low-rate or hinder the advances the Spirit of MY Message would make!


A Reason for this Request

A SELF-DENIAL is the great essential! Did I not say in the Gospel?

"If you hear of any man inquiring after me, tell him I said, first deny himself."

This request was not made in vain. There was some meaning for it! — there was some reason for it! It was necessary for every man to deny himself wholeheartedly and be willing to sacrifice his physical body in hard labor and be heavy ladened and burdened with the burdens of a physical service to GOD and to man in any way he can, to be a message-bearer and to be pleasing in the sight of the ALMIGHTY! That is what I AM talking about!

If one is not willing and ready, and will not sacrifice their life physically, mentally and spiritually and from every angle of expression wholeheartedly to the service, that person's message cannot carry as it would, effectively, if the person was consecrated and a living sacrifice to the service.


Appreciated by GOD and Man

Some people would not even work to pay their honest debts, their old bills. Some would not even so much as work to pay their daily obligations and yet think GOD would want such a dishonest spirit in evidence in Himself and in the Kingdom! It cannot take! Your characteristics, your disposition, your ideas and your opinions, your personality nor your individuality cannot be used physically in the Kingdom as a sample and as an example for other persons.

But if you are self-denied, if you are consecrated, if you follow the Life and the Teaching of Christ and will make a wholehearted consecration and a complete sacrifice, spirit, soul and body and everything you claim, and follow the Light I have given and I AM daily exhibiting, there and then you will be appreciated both by GOD and by man. And thoughts that may be conveyed through you would not be destructive nor hinder others, neither would you become to be repulsive if you are absolutely unselfish in all of your activities and in all of your endeavors. That is what I AM talking about! So take these thoughts to consideration!


Talkers — Produce Something Desirable

Now those of you who like to talk a whole lot, why not produce something that is desirable? Produce the desirableness of the desirable and bring such a character to fruition and express such characteristics that go with such a character, that would be desired and be desirable by all of the people.

Then you will be appreciated by both the angels in heaven and by GOD Himself, and the inhabitants of the earth. You will have good jobs. Everybody will want you, almost. You will be desired and be desirable, by bringing such a character with such characteristics to fruition that is desirable — a characteristic that is desirable — and you will be the person of that desirable character and others will seek you, other than those who have you.

You will have plenty of work also, physically to do, as your daily occupation or profession. Be ambitious! Be courageous! Be absolutely unselfish, but bring forth every effort into expression to serve GOD and all humanity as near and as much as possible, absolutely unselfishly, and GOD Himself from this angle of expression will be with you.


As I AM So Will You Be

I AM WELL! I AM HEALTHY! I AM JOYFUL, PEACEFUL, LIVELY, LOVING, SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS and HAPPY in Spirit, Body and Mind ... I AM more than that: in every joint, every sinew, every vein and every bone, yea, every fibre and every cell and every atom of MY Bodily Form. As I AM so will you be, if you love, obey, trust in, and be with ME wholeheartedly throughout all eternity. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!








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