NOVEMBER 4th, 1940 A.D.F.D. TIME: 5:30 P. M.










The testimony of a sister brought forth this timely Message by FATHER on this occasion. In her testimony she condemned the conduct of two of the guests at one of the recent Banquets, stating that one of the guests had powdered and rouged her face right at FATHER's Holy Banquet Table, and also that when pictures were being taken of FATHER and those seated at this particular Banquet, these two guests had hidden their faces in their napkins. Such conduct, continued the sister, according to her version, was most unforgivable and she had cried shame on them for so doing.

In this beautiful Message FATHER corrects the sister's misconception of what she thought was FATHER's Will in such a circumstance and our Saviour once and for all gives HIS Version of how HIS guests should be treated while amongst us and at the Banquet Table.


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)



I would just like to say in reference to what the last speaker said, that is the last speaker's version. As I say this is a democracy and every person has a right to his or her own conviction.

When I give people, visitors, the privilege to come to MY Banquet Table I give them the privilege to come, not because I think they should think as we think especially or do as we do especially. As visiting guests we permit them to sit at our Banquet Table. Whensoever they are vowed to live according to MY Teaching it is a different proposition. Whensoever they claim to be MY immediate followers and will live exactly accordingly it is a different proposition but strangers and friends and visitors and others who do not know anything about MY Teaching, I permit them to come to our Banquet Tables and I permit them to speak in our divers audiences, therefore they are free and privileged to speak if they care to; and we know the custom of using face preparations, toilet preparations is common in mortal consciousness. We are not trying to change them because they sit at the Banquet Table. We do not consider it a crime because I allow a stranger to come in and sit at the Banquet Table as courtesy to them or to what they are representing, we do not consider it a crime if they happen to do that—I mean to put powder on their faces or something of that sort at that particular instance. It is so much a custom to them they do that automatically and unthoughtfully; hence, unless you are born out of that state of consciousness you would do it yourself no doubt unthoughtfully! That is ordinary, they do that anywhere and you all know it.

So then as I say, I want to say to the last speaker, if that is her version and her conviction she would not do it, then she should not do it; but someone else if it is permitted, it might be permitted without insulting the person unless they do something more detrimental.


Reasons for not Wishing to be Photographed

Now in reference to hiding their faces—that of course is an expression that would be considered by the majority of MY hearers and followers as if though they did not want to be in the audience or known to be in the audience. That has been spoken of, it has been considered, and it is an expression that would show segregation or prejudice or reflect it or something of that sort in a way of speaking, but yet on the other hand at times I have tried to avoid being photographed by the publishers and newspaper representatives. It was not because I was trying to hide MYSELF or hide anything I was doing but because of distortion and because of ridicule, because of criticism and because of slander I just would not participate in it.

Some people do not care to have their pictures taken, but on the other hand, as you see, it does show as if though the person or persons who would hide their faces in an audience like this, as if though they just do not wish to be identified with the insignificance of us as it may be termed, and according to information as unearthed— I did get some information as though this lady did not care to be photographed; she was worth about ten million dollars.

Now this is not in MY Consideration; I do not care anything about their money nor their monies for I AM independent without any of them; but as you might have thought, such is the cause of many people trying to hide from the public in coming in our audiences. They do not know, as you say in part, that they should consider it an honor to be at the Table of GOD, the Supreme and Superior to one and all!

These thoughts should be considered for they are insignificant with all of their millions and multi-millions unless they bring themselves into subjection and live soberly, righteously and godly and see their nothingness and see the Allness of the Almighty.

I thought I would drop these thoughts for consideration because I want you to know and others to know I AM not compromising with those who are called wealthy and do not compromise with them in a way of speaking as much as I do those who are called poor and under-privileged in a great measure. But I want you to know I stand for Righteousness, Truth and Justice for everybody and I do give each and everybody a privilege to speak in these different audiences as this is a democracy.

They are not obliged to live according to MY Teaching especially so long as they do not do anything in the audiences that is actually detrimental or express profanity or obscenity. So long as they live soberly and righteously and godly while they are in these audiences we do not try to coerce them into doing and believing as we do and believe. That is the mystery!

So take these thoughts to consideration. We know at the time of election and before election the people come from far and near and naturally they are seeking their own respective self-gain, self-honor —trying to get you to endorse them; but as you all see and know where I stand, I AM carrying out MY Plan and Purpose to the letter. And as I mention quite often about the Anti-lynching Bill and other measures according to MY Plan and Purpose, I will carry them out to the letter with or without legality. If they are not legalized they will be carried out to the letter, for the Mouth of GOD has declared it!


"I AM not here to Criticize"

Now I AM not here to criticize. There are those who may come as strangers; they do not know the custom or the system unless someone has told them. Can you not see the mystery? You cannot expect a child to read or write unless he knows his alphabet. You cannot expect a person to know or understand this Truth before they have contacted it. They have been steeped in ignorance, superstition, prejudice, division, segregation and all of those detestable tendencies. Unless they say something directly to offend us we are not here to criticize them or accuse them or bring any thought or accusation against them. You see the mystery?

Just the same as I said, people come at times and they may say things and use words that are not in our vocabularies. Because they have not learned better and they are ignorant as far as those things are concerned, we give them a chance to get first-hand information, and then . . . ! I thank you!








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