SATURDAY EVE. & SUNDAY MORN., DECEMBER 28th & 29th, 1940 A.D.F.D. TIME: 1:42 A. M.










(Following is the song sung by the audience just before FATHER rose to speak:)

"My desire is to love YOU truly,
And to do YOUR Holy Will;
To be wholeheartedly consecrated,
Self-denied and real.
It's true, I never knew
I'd be living in Heaven today;
Living with GOD in a Body,
Who is Ruling and Reigning, And having HIS Way.

"Minds and Attention,
Love and Devotion,
Ideas and Opinions,
All directed to YOU!"

(FATHER speaks as follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE: That little composition as a song or as a motto or even as a statement, is well worth considering, even though I brought that out by composition as a motto and as a message to be considered:

"Minds and Attention,
Love and Devotion,
Ideas and Opinions,
All concentrated on the Fundamental."

This thought is well worth considering, for by your concentration on that on which you are concentrating, you are automatically partaking; in other words, that on which you are concentrating you are automatically partaking. You are partakers of that on which you concentrate, if. it is good or evil, for the mental concept of that which you mentally and spiritually conceive will be your physical expression of the future. Hence, the thought you are conceiving today will be tomorrow's reality.

Your thoughts are mere expressions of your mental concept of things, and as you conceive these thoughts or shape and form them they become to be ideas and opinions established. Hence, when it is your conscious religious conviction or conscientious sincere conviction it is a reality, for it is made real, tangible and practical and has become to be a living factor.

You have often heard ME say,

"Minds and Attention, Love and Devotion, All concentrated on the Fundamental."

It is for the reproduction of the Nature and the Characteristics of the Fundamental; to bring it forth into expression for the purpose of a great exhibition that others might visualize that which you exhibit or manifest, to give them a chance to produce the reality of that idea you are producing and putting forth into expression.

Then I say, it is a privilege to realize, ideas and opinions, love and devotion are all concentrated on the Fundamental. By this you will take on the Nature and the Characteristics, the Spirit and the Mind of the Fundamental on which you are concentrating and you will harmonize with it until you will become to be a part of it.


Be Mindful How You Entertain Strangers

I have often said in MY Illustrations,

"Be mindful how you entertain strangers whereby some have entertained angels unaware ."

Your thoughts should be stressed in the direction of an expression of love and devotion for GOD. By so doing you will love to obey GOD and keep HIS Commands and walk in the light HE has given and exhibited as a sample and as an example for other people.

I thought to call your attention to the fact that if you are Followers of MINE you will walk in the light I have shone on your pathway as a sample and as an example.

Be mindful how you entertain strangers for some have entertained angels unaware."

Be watchful and considerate, for if you are not considerate to those whom I would consider, you are not with ME.

A thought even in such an expression of something you may say or do deceivingly or not considered in thinking, I AM observing what you are doing, that thought in itself would bring about a separation if you would do it with the thought of not considering I would be taking cognizance of what you would be doing Personally.

As it has been the experience of many people coming to the different extensions and places of the representatives, as they are supposed to be representatives of ME, yet you ignore guests, you ignore visitors and you ignore friends. At times even such as may be gathered around here now, those who are serving the public at times refuse to serve the public and say, "I will not serve them until after the Banquet." If you are of ME your work would continue, and especially when it is for the good of others, for their comfort and for their convenience. Not only to say, "I will not give you a drink of water while the Banquet is going on," but you would even serve them from start to finish if any person was hungry. If you are of ME you would do it!


Do By Others Even as I Would do for You

Now those of you who have refused to do such, you are telling ME and telling others definitely, you are not of ME; you are not living according to MY Teaching and you are not rightfully connected with ME; for if you are rightfully connected with ME your mind and attention, your love and devotion will all be concentrated on the Fundamental. And automatically by being in harmony with ME it will cause you to respect and do by others even as I would do for you.

I AM serving you all every time I sit at the Banquet Table. Why not consider you should, if you are privileged to do so, serve others and be watchful and mindful what you do, for that is what is required to be MY Followers.

Truly might have Jesus the great Love Master said,

"Love ye one another even as I have loved you, for greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend."

So this should be put forth into practice in your daily activity. I speak of it because here and elsewhere—I mean up here in the Promised Land and elsewhere, there are those who claim to be followers and coworkers in the Kingdom refuse to serve the public when they are in need of something; will not even give them a drink of water at times. It is evidently known you who would refuse to do such are not of ME.

If either one of MY Personal private waitresses would be serving ME Personally at that particular instance, if they are of ME and a person would ask for a drink of water for thirst or for being over-heated or for any cause that would cause them especially to desire a drink of water, you would halt the service and serve them or you would at least see that someone else would serve them. There are always a plenty around of the coworkers who can serve them.

I AM saying this because I want you to know it and others who may be concerned. This will be going down on record far the future as well as for the present, for the Promised Land in all of the different extensions and at all places universally.

Take cognizance of this Message. If you are of ME you will follow ME. Then you can sing in all simplicity and all sincerity and be conscientious in what you are singing:

"Minds and Attention,
Love and Devotion,
Ideas and Opinions,
All concentrated on the fundamental."


Selfishness Would think to Serve FATHER Only

Selfishness may prompt you to say, if you have all of this concentrated on the Fundamental, your mind and attention, your love and devotion, your ideas and your opinions~, you would not think to do anything else but, to serve ME Personally. Far be it from the truth as the East is from the West! For when you are concentrating on ME in all sincerity and in the spirit of unselfishness with a wide open consecration as a living sacrifice to GOD, MY Spirit automatically without your conscious consideration would lead you in the direction that I would direct you Personally! That is what I AM talking about! Then you would do for others and by others just what I would Personally tell you. Can you not see the mystery?

I would not need to te11 you if your mind and attention is concentrated. on ME in its fullest measure; I would not need to tell you Personally, for the Spirit of MY Presence would automatically direct you personally in the Positive direction and would cause you to do automatically just what I would Personally tell you. That is what I AM talking about!


I AM the Spirit of Equilibrium

When this is done you need no man to teach you, for the Spirit of Truth has come; it will lead you and guide you and direct you accurately in the perfect and positive direction.

Take these thoughts to consideration. Again, there are those who will say at times, "I would have done this (or would have done the other), but I was thinking so hard and so strong on FATHER." I AM the Spirit of Equilibrium for spirit, mind and body. If you think and concentrate vividly on FATHER, the One of Whom I AM, I will regulate you more accurately and more perfectly and will cause you to do the thing you should do automatically, even if you would not do it without ME.

GOD is Omniscient, GOD is Omnipresent, GOD is Omnipotent and GOD is the Spirit of Equity and Square Dealing; therefore, MY Spirit will make you more accurate and more perfect from every angle expressible in the act of doing anything that I would Personally tell you.

I need not Personally tell you when you have MY Spirit effectively and when you concentrate on ME vividly personally; for the reaction of your concentration will bring the concentration of MY Spirit of Equilibrium. The Spirit of Equity will be in evidence in your experience and I will cause you to express accurately from every angle expressible. I thank you!







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