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I will not bore you long at this particular time; I just arose to say it is good to be here and it is a blessing to be mindful how you entertain strangers. As I continue, I would like to say especially, those of the Cloth, a special emphasis I place upon giving our ministering angels of the Gospel of Peace and of Biblical Truth, whether it be Christians, Mohammedans or Jews, the privilege of free speech in our divers assemblies.

If we give them the privilege of speaking freely, although they may not see exactly as we see each other; but according to their respective gift or calling, they may speak if they are true, and they may encourage you, they may help you; and if not help you, they may help themselves and others with whom you have to do.

Therefore I say, when ministers of the Gospel, political and intellectual speakers are in our midst, we especially give them privilege to speak and we desire to see them speak. I do not necessarily wish them to speak according to MY version, neither according to yours especially, but to speak according to their individual and personal conviction. When this is done, MY Spirit can be with them or help them if they are conscientious, sincere and true.

The experience of the majority of you has been, you have gone through the murks and mires of human superstition, mortal versions and ideas and opinions, and especially in your suppositions you have imagined many vain things, but going through with the spirit of sincerity, I have led you diligently until I came to you, until I brought you into the recognition of that which you had surmised in your suppositions. I have brought you into the actual recognition and the realization of your superstitious suppositions. I have caused your fondest imaginations to be made real, tangible and practical!


Be Ready to Hear All Speakers and Teachers

Then I say, be watchful how you entertain strangers and be willing and ready to hear from the divers strangers, speakers and teachers of every degree, and especially the teachers and speakers of religion; for the world, by the Spirit of GOD's Presence, as being termed religion, was created and GOD HIMSELF, the Creator and the Maker, through HIS condescension was invisible but brought into visibility things that are and have been, even before HE made HIMSELF visible even to the visible things HE created. Can you not see the mystery? After which GOD brought into visibility HIMSELF; but HE did not bring into visibility HIMSELF firstly.

Therefore; those who come to us may not see us or see ME as I AM firstly. They may see ME secondarily, but they will see the things I created for them. They see the blessings bestowed upon you, for they are visible; as was in the beginning of the creation, GOD created the heaven and the earth and the earth was invisible; but GOD said:

"Let dry land appear."

Dry land was made visible and a tangible, matter like expression before GOD made HIMSELF visible. Can you not see the mystery?

Therefore I bring to the mind's eye of the people the mystery of the visibility of things before they observed ME visibly as I really AM (Can you not see the mystery?) GOD, being the Creator, the Author and Finisher; but GOD kept HIMSELF in the invisible until HE finished HIS Work in the consciousness of mortality, and then HE made HIMSELF visible to humanity.


That We Might Behold His Glory

"The word was made flesh and dwelt among us."

Then the flesh—mortality, humanity—could behold MY Glory as the glory of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth; but not until I had made visible mortality and all of its observation of the great creation. Still they could not see ME because I was invisible until I made MYSELF visible by visibilating and materializing and personifying MYSELF; by making MYSELF flesh the Word of GOD, GOD HIMSELF—that they might see ME and see MY Glory as the glory of the only begotten of the FATHER. Can you not see the mystery?

Therefore, you cannot expect the people to see ME firstly visibly. They see MY creation and they see MY blessings and they see the people, but they cannot see ME Personally because that is the way I came. I came in the people firstly visibly manifested before I made MYSELF observable Personally. I was not observable, I AM not observable Personally firstly; I AM observable Personally lastly, after I have made MY creation visible to the conscious mentality of the people.

Yet in the invisible they recognize the supernatural, but they cannot define GOD, they cannot confine GOD, they cannot locate GOD; for HE had no form or comeliness in the beginning of the prophecy. Can you not see the mystery? He had no form nor comeliness in the prophecy. As long as you live in the prophecies, and not in the fulfilment of the prophecies, you can say "FATHER is in heaven; the true and the mighty GOD is in heaven and HE is invisible." HE has no form nor comeliness in the prophecies and in the predictions, but HE has a Form.

"When thou shalt see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him."

Aren't you glad?


Hear Ye the Son

Moses and Elijah, the Spirit of the Law—the Law itself and the Prophecy—came on the Mount of Transfiguration. They came representing each unfoldment of expression they were representing in person. But Peter, James and John saw them. They thought they should have a tabernacle for Moses and for Elijah and then one for Him. But what said the Scripture concerning the mystery, as though it was a Voice from heaven?

"This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased: hear ye him."

Moses and Elijah disappeared. The Spirit of Prophecy, the prophets, disappeared, and the Law disappeared; and Christ stood alone as the Law for the children of men, the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Him—for there was no other law, there was no other prophecy; but the prophecy appeared. Can you not see the mystery? And the Law appeared. Each of them appeared and talked with Him and He with them. Moses and Elijah disappeared, and Jesus received all of the Glory that was in them. It all came to Him!

It was necessary for them to disappear, for they only represented a certain degree of Him; but He in all of His fullness now must be seen henceforth, now and forever, even though Peter, James and John fell as dead men; but I bid them to arise and see Him, yea, see ME as I AM. I thank you.








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