I do not wish to bore you all, but as I cannot and will not be in your audience all day and all night— have many other things to do—those of you who desire to speak, you may; and have the privilege to continue until twelve o'clock tonight, or even after—those of you who have the time to do so.

But I have arisen at this instance to say, in reference to people, or someone—telling Dr. Allen what he should do or what he should not do—I do not necessarily tell people what they should do. I do not customarily tell them, "Thou shalt not drink a quart of liquor a day." Get drunk as much as you please. Those who adhere to MY Teaching, automatically they are brought into subjection to the Fundamentals for which I stand. I have long since declared:

"I will preach Christ in words but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in the masses (in other words, in the people) and cause them to walk in MY Statutes."

I cause them to walk in MY Statutes automatically.

You do not hear ME preaching so much about, "You shall not smoke, you shall not drink, you shall not do this, you shall not do the other." I know when MY Spirit gets a hold of you, you will do right. And as far as telling you as a person not to marry, or leave your wife, or leave your husband, or any such thing as that—you never hear ME telling you that. ("So true, Lord!" — verified the congregation in one voice.)

You come to ME as men and women, or man and wife. Men and women come to ME as man and wife as far as sitting, eating, drinking and serving together in our audiences, you are welcome to do so without the slightest criticism on MY Part. And if anyone as a minister of the Gospel, comes among us and especially a Pentecostal minister, I do not have to tell them what not to do nor what to do, because it is in the Gospel and that is what the Pentecostals are taught and what they teach—the Gospel. And whatsoever Jesus said in the Gospel, that is sufficient, and I need not tell them.

Those among you of whom will try to set up a barrier of prohibitation or try to throw a stumbling block in the way of others by telling them something that I have not told them, that they think might cause them to stumble or disbelieve or deviate—those persons are not of ME. As it was in the beginning of the creation when I was Spirit and Spirit alone and moved out upon the face of the waters and said,

"Let there be light and there was light;"

and when I said,

"Let dry land appear"

and dry land appeared—then when I said,

"Let us make man";

or GOD formed man out of the dust of the ground, and after which shaped and formed the woman—shortly thereafter came the serpent; after GOD had told them what to do and what not to do, then came the serpent trying to get ahead of GOD to tell them what they should do or what they should not do. The same spirit is operative and expressive today.

You will find those who are not of ME but of ME pretentiously, who will go or come and try to get ahead of ME in telling you what you should do or what you should not do, and yet they do not do what you should do. That is the way it is with the majority of them who do those things.

So I mention this just to put the person or persons on the spot, whomsoever you or they may be that will try to preach to others when they come to ME as students or as believers or unbelievers. I happen to preside here.

It is written,

"He that lacketh knowledge let him ask of God who giveth liberally and upbraideth not."

The same Spirit is speaking today, for GOD can speak in your hearts. So I need not say more at the instance, but I thought to call your attention to the fact that there are those who will try to teach others and need to be taught themselves. So take these thoughts to consideration.

There are those who are jealous, there are those who are envious. Some may even claim to be followers of MINE and want to be envious and jealous of someone else—say, "Well, if you claim to believe, then you have got to leave your wife, you have got to leave your husband, you have got to do this, that and the other." I mean, that is what some would say. A pig, when you feed him his slops, he will get in the slop trough and he will make a whole of of noise to attract others and draw others to him, and then when they come, he will try to fight them away. (This last remark of FATHER's caused a burst of merriment from the audience, and FATHER joined in. Then our Lord said:)

These thoughts are well worth considering, so take them to consideration. GOD deals in the affairs of men and there is a season and time for all things; and if there is a question as to whether I AM preaching, teaching and living the Gospel of Christ or not, any person or persons, if it comes to a show-down and they think I AM doing something or teaching something contrary to same, read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and stress your memory with those sayings —and whatsoever Christ said, believe thou it and you will be with ME. I thank you !








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