907 N. 41st STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA MAY 28 and 29, 1946 A.D.F.D. TIME: 2:00 A. M.





PEACE, EVERYONE: We do not wish to bore you and we do not wiah to disturb, or did not like to disturb the speaker and did not mean for him to stop at the instance, but I had arisen to say something as soon as he had finished his speech and that was this — we have visiting guests with us as usual, and our visiting guests are not accustomed of working all night and all day as I do. For this cause, we desire to give any and a11 of them that desire to go, after they have served generously of a11 the material and mental and spiritual foad that they desire to eat—we want to give them the privilege to go any time after then, but not until then.

Our honored senat0r and representatives did not refrain from coming in to break bread with us. They had started away from the auditorium even before the services were over, down there; but I insisted on them staying to break bread with us, because this is where I preside. This is the great part of MY Work and Mission. Jesus said to Peter or Simon:

"Feed my lambs" and "Feed my sheep."

I told him to do both, I told him to feed the lambs and to feed the sheep. Therefore, this is our system of service especially and our custom of Holy Communion. It was in olden days more of the manner of a Love Feast, according to the way we see it, and, any and everybody, they are all privileged to come in and dine. Therefore, when we serve our Holy Communion, we are glad to have visiting guests to partake —not necessarily as Communion service to those to whom it is not Revealed, but I can say, we can give you a good hearty meal.

Now the senator and, no doubt, his party, are about ready to go, according to the message that came to ME. While I ahall just go out with them for a moment, you all do not have to vacate immediately unless it is those who are going to. I will be back in a few minutes, no doubt, and Rev. Selfless may have something to say while I AM making MY seeming get-away with the senator and his party, to entertain them.








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