Mortality's Righteousness In Selfishness and Self-Indulgence Is As Filthy Rags — Father Divine






The Lamb and the Bride, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

>The Holy Communion Table Bible Institute.

Directly after proof reading the dynamic Message or Sermon and Office Talk which our Lord had recently given in New Jersey, FATHER arose to further explain the mystery mentioned in the latter part of the Office Talk, concerning the revelationic prediction about GOD judging the great whore.

Read carefully HIS every Word, for the thoughts expressed in this mighty Sermon open wide the mystery of GOD's direct Work and Mission here on earth in Bodily Form.


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)


Just as proof read a little while ago, the quotations of the Scripture, yea, the revelationic prediction of John concerning the mystery, it is a true saying, for it is even written there:

"Write, for these sayings

(or these things}

are faithful and true!"

Then to retrace your thoughts back to MY judging the prostitute:

"LORD God,"

it says,

"omnipotent, reigneth, for he has judged the great whore"

by interpretation, the prostitute!

Do you not see that this Truth that is purifying the sons of men and purging them as silver and as gold are purged—cleansing them from all human affection, lust and passion and all self-indulgence, and re-creating within them the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary and causing them to cease to indulge in human affection and lust and passion from the ripe old age down to the infant—GOD is dealing in the affairs of men and this Truth is a threat to all mortality!  Aren't you glad!

You have never seen or heard of such, saving as it was by the revelationic prediction of John when he saw an hundred and forty and four thousand that stood on the Mount Sion with the Lamb of GOD.

"These are they",

said he,

"that follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, for in their mouths was found no guile"

no deception—nothing in the actuated words of their expression to deceive.  Can you not see the mystery?

"Actions speak louder than words."

In Your Actuated words of expression you do not have the beguilation of Eve in an attempt to deceive.  Therefore, you are without fault, on such terms, before the Throne of GOD, being the first fruit unto GOD and the Lamb; for in your mouth is found no guile!  Aren't you glad!


A Threat to All Mortality

Then truly this is a threat to mortality and all of mortality's version.  In the best of its light of understanding, according to mortality, human affection, lust and passion and self-indulgence, this is a threat to that which would be deemed as the prospect of continuous propagation, (aren't you glad!) because GOD has judged that prostitute .

Great and mighty is HIS Name!  The LORD GOD reigneth!  GOD Almighty shall reign hereafter!  And what is GOD going to reign in HIS Expression?  HE shall reign in Righteousness, in Truth and in Justice, and shall express HIS Holiness and HIS Virtue; and with it I impregnate the nations and they will study self-indulgence, human affection, lust and passion no more, because I have judged that great whore!   I AM stopping them from the infancy and from every walk of life!  I AM purifying them and purging them as silver and as gold are purged!  That is what it is all about!

This is not a supposition.  The very work of MY Mission has judged that great prostitute— that prostitute mortality, human affection, lust and passion. It has already judged it for I have stopped it in its wild career.  Aren't you glad!   I have harnessed the mentality and the energy of humanity and I have brought them into subjection to GOD Almighty, and they shall live soberly, righteously and godly.  They shall live virtuous and holy forever.  They shall not want to do as they have been doing.  Can you not see the mystery?

The worst prostitutes of our civilization, I have harnessed their energy in the making, and I shall universally establish it and shall close up the brothels universally and shall establish the going of the righteous.  And I will say to you, as said in the prediction of Isaiah in the prophetic age:

"Say ye to the righteous, ye shall eat of the fruit of your doing."

Aren't you glad!


GOD and the Lamb

Therefore, this Righteousness truly is a threat to all mortality.  A mortal man and a mortal woman cannot copy after this fashion!  They cannot do it for this is not matter—this is GOD! (Aren't you glad!) This is GOD and the Lamb, and the Bride, the Lamb's Wife.  That is what it is all about.  And none can make comparison, It is not for anyone else to try, because you may die.

Self-indulgence, human affection, lust and passion and all of mortality's version I have harnessed and I have brought into subjection even as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the lightning and invented electricity and brought it into subjection for the people.  It shall serve GOD!  That is what it is all about!

So mortality need not try to slightly measure GOD with the measure of a man.  This is not a man and this is not a woman. (FATHER indicated Mrs. Divine seated at HIS right and said:) This is an angel, prepared as a Bride for Her Husband.

John spoke of it in the mystery so explicitly depicted:

"I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife."

And as GOD was Personified and no longer merely as a supposition, invisible and intangible, G0D Personified HIS Bride, the Lamb's Wife, that she might no longer be in the abstract or invisible but be visible, tangible and practical!

Then I say, there is no comparison.  No person on the face of the earth can do it unless it is GOD unadulterated and GOD in HIS own Majesty and Dominion ceases to function.  Aren't you glad!

I have judged that prostitute!  John the Baptist, down round about Jordan, he came saying:

"Who has warned thee to flee the wrath to come?"

He said,

"Ye adulterous generation"

— indulging in self and human affection and diluting the Truth by your own adulteration.  GOD in HIS Majesty and Mercy would come and take humanity out of the clutches of mortality and give them their real emancipation.  That is what it is all about!

"The LORD God omnipotent reigneth.

Aren't you glad!


The 144,000

Holiness and Virtue shall replace, shall substitute and replace lust and passion.  That is what I AM talking about!  And the hundred and forty and four thousand was a sketch in the revelationic prediction as revelation, though a supposition, was depicting the mystery of what I shall do and AM doing, and shall do it universally!

He said,

"I looked and lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion, and with him an hundred and forty and four thousand, having their Father's name written in their foreheads."

Their FATHER's Name was uppermostly in consciousness— by interpretation— their forehead. Aren't you glad!

"These are they that were not defiled with women, for they are virgins."

These, as men were redeemed; these were not defiled with women for they are virgins.  They as men were not defiled with women.  And as women they were redeemed from among men.

I came to redeem them. Aren't you glad! If anybody wants to live, they will be redeemed. If they don't want to live, go ahead and die.

"The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ your Lord."

Therefore the mystery is being revealed for I have partially revealed it.  I have loosed the seven seals!  You could not understand it because it had seven seals on the book.  Can you not see the mystery?  But GOD is the looser of the Seals and the Savior of HIS people.

The hundred and forty and four thousand they followed the Lamb whithersoever HE goeth, as I said. They were redeemed from among men. As women they were redeemed from among men, and as men they were not defiled with women.


A Number No Man Could Number

Then John caught the glimpse of the mystery of the kind of people we shall have again.  He said he saw a number that no man could number, of every nation, of every language, every tongue and every people that are coming up through great tribulation, that have washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb—but by interpretation, the Life of Christ—and made them white; for they, the Righteousness of the Saints, are washed in the Life of Christ and made pure and clean.

(FATHER again refers to Mrs. Divine, saying:)

That is why she could wear the pure linen, white and clean— the Righteousness of Saints; (aren't you glad!) the Righteousness of the Saints with which you are clothed; for truly this is the General Assembly of the Church of the Firstborn where the spirits of just men are made perfect. I AM perfecting them now! I AM reincarnating them now—the spirits of Just men —those of whom have lived just and honorable— those who are righteous and true to an extent but had not paid the price in the fullest measure, for they lost their bodies; but they were righteous or just men and their spirits sought new bodies to dwell in.  And I came to give them new bodies as it pleases HIM .

I think I had better stop!

This is a threat to this civilization, for truly the whole civilization must have a new birth of Freedom.  They must be born again—born into this Light of Understanding that gives victory over lacks and wants and limitations; gives victory over adverse and undesirable conditions; gives victory over sickness, sorrow, pain and diseases and gives you the victory over every undesirable existing condition mentally and spiritually and establishes your going in the land of the living that you might have victory once, henceforth and forever.


The Church of the Firstborn

Therefore, I say, it is the General Assembly of the Church of the Firstborn, and truly the spirits of just men are being made perfect. Therefore, it is a threat to civilization for I AM taking them off of their feet.

Just look over this vast audience!  Here, there and elsewhere thousands and thousands and millions redeemed from human affection, the worst hobbies of mortality, lust and passion and all self-indulgence and all of the abomination of self indulgence and human affection and the beguilation of Eve.  From all of those things you are now redeemed and made new creatures and have been made pure and clean.

Then it is a marvelous thing, for truly this is a threat to mortality's version—the best of it, for what said the prophet concerning the mystery?

"Your righteousness is as filthy rags."

Can you not see the mystery? Mortality's righteousness in selfishness and self-indulgence is as filthy rags.

So "the Lord GOD omnipotent reigneth" and shall reign on!  I have contagionized the atmosphere in which we live.  I shall contagionize it universally with or without MY Personal Presence.  That is the mystery!

So it is a wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful thought! I was obliged to stress that thought apparently, because mortality looks upon the Angel -of GOD, the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, as mortality — and looks upon ME as such — as though I would be at this date an indulger after the mortal version of men.  But I came to let you know I came to redeem and save men and women and all mankind from every such an expression, that they might express the Holiness of GOD and the Virtue of Mary.

According to MY letter to The Answer Man a few years ago, what I said to him explained definitely what I have been doing and what I AM now doing—not to propagate mortality and mortality's version.


Consider the Message

I hope all government and all our civilization will take cognizance of MY Message, for if they believe it and concentrate on it and harmonize with it they will reproduce it by concentration and through harmonization; for "The thing you vividly visualize and that with which you harmonize you tend to materialize."

If you harmonize with the wicked you begin to be a part of them.  It is written,

"Evil communications corrupt good morals. Ill qualities are catching as well as diseases, and a man is known by his company-keepers."

So then, vision the Positive, the Perfect and the Holy and reproduce it.  Substitute these virtues for the vices of mortality as you extract them from your conscious mentality.  When your conscious mentality and your vocabularies are purged, you will be able to observe what you have seen and heard, and the Glory of GOD will overshadow you and the Spirit of GOD's Presence will actually reveal the mysteries before you.

But the one great mystery I have already revealed to you.

"This is a great mystery ... I speak concerning Christ and the Church."

He was not talking about mortality anyway; he was just depicting the way to purge yourself of self-indulgence, by living holy and righteous according to the illustration, and rid yourself of all of those things that pertain to self that will cause you live in misery, disappointment and failure!  I thank you.


PEACE, EVERYONE: I did not and I do not wish to bore you, but what I have attempted to tell you as I told you, for your sake and the sake of humanity I AM trying to show you; because it is true, I set before you a blessing and a cursing.  None need lack in GOD's abundance!  But in all of your getting get understanding and use and serve GOD to the glory and the honor of GOD and not for self; and by this method you will be blessed.  I thank you.








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