We Are Giving The Whole Nation A Re-impregnation of the Truth by the Thoughts of Our Minds
Transmitted to Them through the Virtuous Mind of The Bride and The Iamb — Father Divine









During the Holy Communion Service, a sister testified of the many blessings bestowed upon her by FATHER, and thanked HIM for purging her of all dishonesty, as she had been born in a prison and had a birthmark of thievery, as her mother before her birth was an habitual thief. She stated that she stole everything she could get her hands on; and many times she desired to do right and was prayed for by the priest and others in the Catholic Church, but it did not stop her in her wild career. But when she heard of FATHER, HE put HIS Spirit in her and caused her to walk in HIS Statutes. And from the day she heard of HIM, she has not stolen as simple a thing as a tiny brass pin, for which she gave FATHER all the glory and honor and thanked HIM for HIS great redeeming grace.

Read this glorious and profound Sermon and you will see, as well as get, firsthand information of the wondrous working Power of Almighty GOD, FATHER DIVINE.


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER's profound Sermon:)


PEACE, EVERYONE ! Good Health, Good Will, a Good Appetite, with Good Manners, Good Behavior, All Success and All Prosperity, Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness. These and all other blessings you have been diligently seeking. At this time we have brought them into outer expression by causing you to be the reincarnators of them, the blessings for which you all have prayed through all ages and through all religion and for yourselves individually from your early existence.

It is a privilege to live in such a recognition as this one, recognizing and realizing GOD's Actual Presence that is actually changing the tides of governmental affairs. I say, it is actually changing the tides of governmental affairs. Aren't you glad! Changing the hearts and lives of the children of men and reproducing in them, for disappointment and failure, Success and Prosperity, Life and Liberty, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and every other good and desirable expression. It is a privilege beyond a reasonable doubt for criticism. GOD in the midst of this people is actually changing their nature and their characteristics. Aren't you glad!

A little while ago you heard one testifying of her hereditive tendencies of thievery, dishonesty and incompetence; how by nature, through prenataled influence, I might say, by the curse of a birthmark that could not be reached by all of the prayers of the priests. and by the cardinals, by not any of the higher and greater churchmen, she was born an habitual thief and lived it continually until about fifteen or sixteen years ago when she met ME. Since that time, she declares she has not stolen the least thing because of that miraculous—supernatural and yet miraculous change —a new birth of freedom under GOD no man could give them.


The New Birth of Freedom

For this cause, millions do thank ME! She, as an individual, just one out of millions and millions that have been changed from that Adamic state of consciousness to the Christ Consciousness, in other words, changed from dishonesty, incompetence and untruth to Honesty, Competence and Truth by the propagation and by the promulgation of the Truth as exemplified among you, changing the minds and the ideas and the opinions of men, bringing them into subjection to Righteousness. Through all of the world of religion, through every field of activity, through every unfoldment of our civilization, GOD HIMSELF right here now is giving them a new birth of freedom. Just think of what GOD, through mercy and compassion, through HIS Condescension, has brought to this present generation—a new birth of freedom for each and everyone, that they might be lifted out of that Adamic state of consciousness and emancipated from hereditation, from the old characteristics and from the old nature and the old disposition handed down prenatally.

What a privilege! What a privilege! It is worth more than your weight in gold; yea, it is worth more than your weight in diamonds and rubies! Not only so, but is worth more than can be told, for truly I AM changing the tides of governmental affairs by changing the characteristics and the nature and disposition and the minds of the children of men by giving them a new birth of freedom mentally and spiritually and hence physically. By giving them the new birth of freedom mentally and spiritually, psychologically, it takes place also in the physical body.


FATHER's Marriage

As has been said of a very recent date, stressed over and over again for the benefit of humanity that they might better understand it, the question came to ME some years ago, "Am I married?"—and if so, "Have I any children?" MY answer was pronounced and profound. The question came through and by the Answer Man, but he failed to publish MY answer concerning MY Marriage and what I was married for. I explained it very explicitly, I was not married for self-indulgence neither for sex-indulgence, neither AM I married for physical cohabitation and neither for physical propagation, but I married to propagate honesty, competence and truth! Who can say that MY first Marriage did not produce such honesty, such competence and such truth and such virtue as no man on earth could do?

The honesty of millions and millions and millions just in a brief few years since I have made MYSELF known to the universe at large has saved millions and millions and millions of lives from lives of destruction through immorality as they were going; I say, from those things, from lives of destruction and from immorality, from incompetence, untruth and inequality and all of those detestable characteristics and tendencies prenataled within you, and from such as the Bilbos and Rankins and Hitlers and others are propagating and promulgating to keep the people divided, to bring about confusion, dishonesty and incompetence.

But I came to the extreme reverse, and through MY first Marriage, millions and millions and millions have been made honest, competent and true and redeemed from vice and crime and healed from birthmarks and the curses of their ancestors and redeemed from their hereditation. Aren't you glad!


A New Nation Rising

Then, truly I can say, a nation is rising, rich in the virtues of brotherhood and of peace. No man has and no man can can produce such brotherhood and democracy as I have produced through MY first Marriage. Aren't you glad ! The first one was national and what the people would call racial, but the second one is interracial and international, to give all nations of our civilization a new birth of freedom, of the virtue and of the brotherhood, of democracy and of truth, until there will not even be the slightest refrain or reflection of division and confusion among the people.

I came to do away with Hitlerism and all of his traits and tendencies prenataled within you. I came to establish brotherhood for which your forefathers have prayed and sought diligently, but they could not find it. I was obliged to come to give birth to the seed idea and reincarnate it in the hearts and lives of the people and reproduce it and bring it to fruition within, that this nation might have the new birth of freedom as mentioned by our great national statesman, Abraham Lincoln.

The Pilgrim Fathers came to this country seeking religious liberty. They sought it diligently, but not altogether intelligently. If you retrace your thoughts back, as in the experience of John Brown desiring to emancipate the slaveric people of this nation, he sought to emancipate them, but he sought it not in the scientific and perfect intelligent manner of expression that might give them their real emancipation. He sought it with an ambition to bring an abolition to it, and by so doing, no doubt, he would and could have thought, no doubt it would bring an abolition to racism, sectarianism and all the isms of division, but in his method he could not do it.


Not by Power or Might

Abraham Lincoln tried to bring it about politically and legally, but he could not do it effectively, therefore he said, "That this whole nation under GQD might have a new birth of freedom." Gan you not see the mystery? I came to give them that new birth of freedom as mentioned by Abraham Lincoln. And I would give it to them not by violence nor by bloodshed, neither by—as one declared,

"Not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD."

I AM changing the minds and the nature of the people. I AM purging their vocabularies and their mentality of all mortality and of all immorality. I AM purging them of obscenity and blasphemy. I AM purging them of vulgarity and I AM purging them from immorality from every angle expressible. Vulgarity that is within itself the seed idea of profanity and obscenity, Vulgarity, obscenity and profanity are synonymous. I came to purge humanity of those things, as said the Scripture, yea the Gospel Epistle,

"Wherefore, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit."

I AM purging your vocabularies of obscenity, of profanity and of vulgarity. And when this is done, you will have Peace on earth and Good Will toward men. Where there is vulgarity— even the usage of vulgar terms concerning your fellow citizens—it creates in them antagonism, division and you may express inequality and set yourselves up as self exalted or as highly exalted above others, trying to reflect inequality to those of whom you think are beneath your standard. But oh, how glorious it is to realize GOD in the midst of thee is mighty to save and came at this time to give this whole civilization, not only this nation, but by the second Marriage, an interracial and international Marriage, as it may be termed, we are propagating brotherhood, virtue, honesty, competence and truth and we are giving the whole nation a re-impregnation of the Truth by the thoughts of our minds transmitted to them through the Virtuous Mind of the Bride and the Lamb. I thank you.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE we are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD.  Amen

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