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After the introductions, FATHER speaks firstly as follows:)


All right, Miss M. What did you want to see ME for?

Lady:  FATHER, I am in financial difficulty; I have to meet a debt; and I would thank YOU, FATHEK, for opening some way where I may be able to very shortly.  Also another problem is, according to the mortal mind of the doctor — (She states the nature of her illness; then says:) I wish healing on that.

FATHER:  I see.  Well, I would just like to say, it is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition under the circumstances, but if one contacts ME sympathetically, conscientiously, sincerely and undoubtingly, having implicit faith, I can and will reach the condition with or without a physician.  Cooperatively I can help you with the physician if you have a physician, if you contact ME to that end mentally and spiritually, conscientiously and sincerely, sympathetically and harmoniously; doubting nothing.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  The Spirit of MY Presence will automatically work, for

"It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD."

For this cause it is far reaching and convincing to the masses how they can be healed and lifted from undesirable conditions by contacting ME, and yet I do not do anything from a Personal point of view because it is by the Spirit.  Therefore, the Spirit does it in MY Name and I speak in the Spirit saying, which is the same.  The Holy Spirit goes forth because it is just as it was, operative and expressive without the Body.  The Body shall not prevent ME.  The Body shall not hinder.  The Body will be instrumental in conveying the thought to the conscious-thinking people — the conscious mentality — that there is a reality in the supernatural that is back of the personality and the body and individuality.



Hence, I relax MY conscious thinking as a Person and also transcend MY Personality and Individuality and leave the individuals in the realm of the unadulterated Spirit, absolutely incorruptible and undefiled Spirit and Mind of GOD, of which I AM; that will reach the condition according to the faith of the individual.

So I can help you from that angle of expression if you can but believe it and realize the reality of the supernatural and the invisible and intangible; yet I AM tangibilated and materialized and Personified.  But since it is from the impersonal and invisible realm, it brings you back into that state of being where the Spirit and Spirit alone will do what you have heard and what you have seen.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  What you have heard it has done for others — the Spirit and the Spirit alone will do what you have heard it has done or what others have heard it has done and what others have seen.  It is the Spirit!  It is just the same as the wind from the fan.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  The fan is not wind but it puts into operation the wind that is in the room lying dormant or still and inactive; it puts it into operation, into circulation, by putting the fan into operation, and you feel it physically and you get comfort physically and personally because of the operation of the fan.  Through and by the fan the wind, air, is put into circulations and gives you comfort and makes things convenient for you.

The Spirit of GOD's Presence is just as operative and just as expressive and it functions and expresses and manifests when we relax our conscious mentality and still our individuality and personality and allow it to be done supernaturally — for it is written,

"By my spirit, says the LORD."

And if you can believe it and can receive it and without any visible evidence more than what I AM telling you, you can get the witness in yourself by the sense of feelings and by the sense of...

Lady:  (interposing) Imbibing like.

FATHER:  Yes, that's right — and you become to be the partaker of the very selfsame of that of which I AM speaking.

Lady:  Yes, FATHER.


Impersonality of Spirit

FATHER:  That is the mystery.  And success and prosperity, health and happiness can and will follow, for it is impersonal by nature, and yet GOD is creative and also operative and a Tangibilator, Materializer and a Personifier, but yet it is impersonal by nature just the same as the wind.   And that fan there (pointing to a large fan nearby) is putting into circulation the wind that is silent and the air that is silent, and it brings comfort and convenience to the indwellers of the room.

Lady:  It is Wonderful, FATHER! Yes, FATHER, I do understand what YOU say and I read The New Day and I am so very much uplifted.

FATHER:  So glad!

Lady:  And also I am able to relax my conscious mentality and let the world go, and at that moment I have a Light that flashes when I close my eyes and let the world go.  When I say, "GOD!" suddenly and close my eyes, a marvelous blue light flashes before my eyes.

FATHER:  Certainly, certainly.

Lady:  And during work — I am a secretary by trade — I try to pick up a thought and keep it during the day and not to swerve from it; and I can feel when I swerve from it and I know when I am in it or out of it.   And I like to stay in the Atmosphere all the time,

FATHER:  It is Wonderful!

Lady:  And I have no pain, FATHER.  It is only the result of an operation.   I only feel it once in a while but I have no pain.   The doctor says I am doing extremely well.   But the great test in the spiritual development is the question when debts come up and money is needed and you have to re-center yourself; and it makes you think, "What shall I do? But that is just a test.

FATHER:  That's all.

Lady:  But when you can get re-affirmed and stay centered you know matters will open up and you don't have to worry.


Be Still

FATHER: Yes, through the conscious relaxation of your mentality; in other words, through the relaxation of your conscious mentality; for I did say Scripturally and also metaphysically,

"Be still and know that I am GOD."

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  And when you be still, still yourself and your personality and individuality and conscious mentality and all those things that pertain to the physical being, and trust GOD implicitly, you know then it is GOD that is doing the Work for you and matters will be adjusted satisfactorily automatically because it works automatically.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  But we have a starting point at times.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:   It seems to be the same as switching on your radio to get the message from yonder broadcasting station.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  And yet you can get it here and it can be had, the same message can be had out West or out East or down East and out West or down South and up North. The same message can be heard from the different angles and from the different points because it is as GOD is, you see.   It is Ever Present and it is Omnipresent.  When it is broadcast over the station, it is not confined to one place in its area when it is broadcast and yet you cannot see it but you can get it.   You can even feel the vibration from your radio receiving set.  From your radio you can even feel the vibration until it will shake the places where you are sitting, at times.  It goes to show you that GOD is Ever Present and Operative and Expressive.

Lady:  Yes.

 Transcend the Psychic Plane

FATHER:  Then if you take it from a supernatural point of view, and direct your thoughts into the invisible realm; transcend the psychic plane or forge through the psychic plane directly to GOD — to that plane — you will find it will react there, for that plane is it that said,

"Let dry land appear."

The things that are necessary for your well-being personally will appear if you will allow ME within to speak it into visibility and into outer expression; because I AM the same as when expressing as Spirit alone, without Body, Flesh, Blood or Bones — as Spirit alone moved out upon the face of the water Biblically and historically speaking, and said,

"Let there be light and there was light."

But I did not stop in giving light to the understanding of the conscious mentality but I also said,

"Let dry land appear."

That was more profoundly convincing to the conscious thinking person to see something tangible.

Lady:  Yes.

FATHER:  Anything that you need for your well-being — physical and material things, like money, and the full whole of the economic conditions, surrounding conditions, can be adjusted satisfactorily by the self-same invisible mentality of GOD, which is the Creator of all.   And that is just where we stand, and we bring into operation and into outer expression.   The people say, "How can HE do it?   This one doing this — this one giving HIM so much money."   This one doing this, that and the other!   I don't need anything but MY own Spirit.   MY own Spirit will do it for it is not by power nor by might but by MY own Spirit.   And as with ME Personally so with all who will connect with ME and harmonize with ME.

Lady:  Yes.


 The Harmonious Attitude

FATHER:  That is why I say, if you contact ME mentally and spiritually, conscientiously and sincerely, sympathetically and harmoniously, you will get results, because the harmonious condition of the Spirit will conditionize and bring about the same results wheresoever the harmonious attitude is applied in business, profession, labor and trade, and all can be abundantly blessed and none need lack in GOD's abundance for Life, Health or for anything else

Lady:  (enthusiastically): How wonderful, FATHER!


Lady:  Yes, for the few times I have come I have found everything changed for the better; like gearshifts, shifting for the better.

FATHER:  Sure.

Lady:  And every Word YOU say, I eat it up; I absorb it. Everything YOU say I take in!

FATHER:  Yes, sure.

Lady:  And people can't realize it.  They say, "You are so changed."   It is Wonderful!

FATHER:  Well, it is Wonderful! The imbibation of the Spirit, and the Mind and the Spirit that is imbibeable, it changes your mind and your countenance and your appearance, and even the reaction of your countenance and facial expression by the Spirit is changed when you are permeated by MY Love and by GOD Supreme. I thank you!

Lady (rising): Thank Y0U, FATHER, and peace!

FATHER: Peace!








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