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The Holy Communion Table Circle Mission Church

>FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Holy Communion Table Circle Mission Church



(After Mrs. Bryant tells FATHER of her physical ailments, desiring HIS Blessing, FATHER replies:)

I see.   I would just like to say, it is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition.   Of course, no doubt, you have heard of ME.

Mrs. Bryant: I have.

FATHER:  But out of all you have heard and whatsoever you have heard that has been done by ME, it was all by faith and not by any physical effort or method of MY Own.   As individuals contact ME mentally and spiritually conscientiously and sincerely and have implicit faith and unshaken confidence, MY Spirit will do it — will adjust matters satisfactorily — heal individuals of terrible disappointment and failure, if they have faith sufficient; for it is written of ME,

"It is not by power nor by might but by my spirit, says the LORD God of hosts."

Therefore, by those terms, which is commonly considered the terms of the Scripture, often considered as on the terms of the Gospel, people are blessed and healed through faith and through the relaxation of the conscious mentality by one stilling himself or herself and trusting GOD wholeheartedly.

So if you can and will but do that, without sight, you can get results; for as I have often said, it is not especially necessary to contact ME Personally, for the Personal Contact is not the great essential, as it is written,

"You know not how to pray as you ought, but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us in groanings which cannot be uttered, for he that searcheth the heart knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, for he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God."

I would like to say in keeping with that foregoing statement, in this week's issue of The New Day page 3, you can see that I gave a Message on Sunday, July the 10th, 1938, more than twelve years ago, and the same thought in MY Message I conveyed was just what I AM saying today.   The heading here says (FATHER shows the paper to her): "To be Impersonal is the Great Essential, for without being Impersonal it is Impossible to please GOD."   It was a Message given, as aforesaid, on July the 10th, 1938. I stressed the thought and emphasized the fact that the personality and the individuality is not the real thing that will help the patient or the suffering, but the impersonality and the unindividuality of GOD HIMSELF.   Even Jesus the Christ did not heal the people from a Personal point of view as to what He would do Physically or Personally. Of course, on one occasion it is written, "He spat on the ground and made clay and anointed the eyes of the blind and they did receive their sight."   But practically all of GOD's blessings to the children of men, it was given to them by faith and was predestined to be by faith and not by sight.

So if you can make that rightful contact and observe these things as I have said to you, and know from the very experience and the testimony of what I have given you that I did not just begin to say what I AM saying now, but I have been saying it all along.   (FATHER again refers to The New Day as HE says:)   This is a reprint from The New Day of July the 10th, 1938, more than twelve years ago; and this reprint is being put in by the request of some who saw this in the old New Day and they felt as if though it would be helpful to others; and others have been benefited by it; and that is why The New Day does publish many Sermons and Speeches I gave some fifteen or twenty or more years ago — because if it was helpful to those at that time, it is helpful to those here and now.

The Spirit of MY Presence can help you and will help you if you can and will but let go and let GOD; relax your conscious mentality and still yourself; contact ME sympathetically, harmoniously and democratically but mentally and spiritually, knowing that faith is the Substance of the thing to hope for — it is , the evidence of things not seen.   When you contact ME mentally and spiritually by faith and even think sympathetically and harmoniously, by believing you get the substance of that which you are getting.   You get a foretaste of glory Divine.   You find you are an heir of salvation.   Spiritually and mentally you are purchased of GOD.   You are born of HIS Spirit mentally and from a psychological point of view.   You are washed in HIS Blood or in HIS Life, as being termed the blood, and you find you can be set free completely.

Now if you take these thoughts in, even though you cannot commit them all to memory, just by hearing ME rehearse them or reiterate them, the Spirit of MY Presence will be with you according to your faith you have in ME and you will get results; and I will be glad to hear from you again, even though it is not necessary to contact ME Personally again unless you wish to.

You are welcome to attend the meetings, and in the meantime and over and above all, you can just hold fast to the thought and the belief to know that GOD is Ever Present — not only Omnipresent but is Ever Present — and the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence, of GOD will be your Source for good.  I thank you.

Mrs. Bryant(gratefully): Thank YOU.

FATHER (offering her The New Day): Now if you would like to take this copy of The New Day along, you are welcome to do so.

Mrs. Bryant (gladly accepting the copy): Yes, I would like to very much. (Mrs. Bryant opens her purse, saying:) Now how much is this?

FATHER (quickly): Not anything for ME, not anything for ME.

Mrs. Bryant (persistently): Well, I will pay for the paper.

FATHER: Oh, no, this is from MY Office.   I Personally never charge far anything.  My Service Personally is gratis to the world and The New Day is not a publication of MY own.   It is published by a number of MY following.

Mrs. Bryant: I see.

FATHER : Some of the members of our Church publish The New Day, but they publish MY Message verbatim; they do not pervert it; they do not try to change it from what I say; and that is why I allow them to carry MY Message — where a good many of the daily press— papers — would carry a certain part of MY Message but a good many would desire to pervert what I say and change it into their own way.   But The New Day has been carrying it or has carried it, up until now, verbatim; therefore, it appears as if it is MY own publication.   But as they carry MY Message they always give ME a number gratis for MY immediate staff and for MY Office and MY immediate Friends and others.   When we travel we carry some along in MY office car, and of. course, if I happen to come in contact with someone who is interested, it does not cost them anything if I give it to them, whether at home or abroad.

You are privileged to buy The New Day at the newsstands, and at the different newsstands in the Churches and connections it is five cents; but from ME it does not cost you anything. Peace!

Mrs. Bryant (rising to go:  I was stopping at the Lorraine this year and I was rooming with a lady in Baltimore who was sick and was advised to come here, and I did just as she did. She was sick and now she is well, and she has gone back to Baltimore.   She has been well ever since.

FATHER: Well, you can do the same.

Mrs. Bryant: I certainly thank YOU.

FATHER: That which is operative and expressive for you, it is operative and expressive for another, for GOD is absolutely impersonal by nature, and you will see it in the Message there, how all people should be impersonal; but especially I declare I AM impersonal and working impersonally for the benefit of all humanity generally.

Mrs. Bryant (enthusiastically): Yes, we all can see that. Thanks so much!

FATHER: Yes, thank you. Peace, and many blessings.

Mrs. Bryant: Peace.



(The Message stressed by FATHER DIVINE in the above interview was given 7-10-1938 at 1:00 P. M. and can be found in The New Day dated April 17, 1936, page 9.)









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