JUNE 19-20, 1951 A.D.F.D. TIME — 1:10 A.M.

(After sending for the sister, and she arrives, FATHER speaks as follows:)

What I wanted to speak to you about, was that I have noticed or have heard about you two or three different times, waiting until after the Table is filled and we are serving, to ask to be seated down there where the seats are known to be reserved seats.

Sister: Yes, FATHER.

FATHER: I want to know what is your reason for doing it? What do you have in your mind? Why don't you take a seat, get a seat, and not wait until the Table is filled and then ask for a seat? I made that announcement tonight. I said anybody at all who is in the dining room and has the chance to get in the dining room, you should get a place before it is crowded. Now that seat you have asked for every time, is a reserved seat.

Sister: It is true, it is true.

FATHER: And if you know it is one of the reserved seats, why would you want to take a reserved seat?

Sister: Well, FATHER, I don't like to get into the crowd.

FATHER: You should have taken a seat before the crowd came in.

Sister: I can't get in before YOU ring the bell, FATHER Dear.

FATHER: Well, weren't you in there before the bell rang?

Sister: No, I was not, FATHER Dear.

FATHER: Well, even so, if you could come up that far up and then just sit there and wait, and try to take a reserved seat, in the which it was a reserved seat — they consider it is a reserved seat — somewhat reserve~ for someone—

Sister: Yes, FATHER, Dear.

FATHER: and if it was a reserved seat for someone, why would you want to take a reserved seat?

Sister: Well, as a rule, FATHER, I don't like to get in the crowd.

FATHER: Well, if you are getting in the dining room you will be in a crowd.

Sister: I don't like to push and get in the crowd. I get in after they are all in.

FATHER: Well, I just want to 1et you know you are welcome in any of the dining rooms and are welcome to take any seat, with the exception

of the reserved seats.

Sister: I won't ask for it any more, FATHER Dear.

FATHER: No. You are welcome to come in at any time and take any seat with the exception of the reserved seats, and it will be all right. I AM telling you for your good, and it is for your good, because, owing to your seeming weakness, I would not want you to get resentful at ME, at MY Name, for MY Name is a Redeemer and Savior — can bless you and will bless you.

Sister: Oh, yes, FATHER Dear!

FATHER: But if you think antagonistically to ME, it will not be a blessing. And many do such things — such little things as that — a person hastily trying to aggressively do something selfishly —

Sister: That's right.

FATHER; and not be able to do it, or not get the attention that they may desire to have, and then they may think antagonistically or critically concerning ME and bring something upon themselves undesirable! Because it is written, if a person speaks a word against the Holy Ghost it is detrimental — or even thinks a thought! I AM not saying you did, but I want you to think well of ME so I can heal you and keep you healed! I don't have to look at you, I don't have to think about you Personally. That is what I AM talking about! I don't have to do anything to heal and to save the people universally ...

Sister: That's right, FATHER Dear. I know that.

FATHER: ...but if you have implicit Faith and unshaken Confidence, matters not where you may be, in any part of the world, MY Spirit can reach you and reach your condition, for MY Spirit and MY Mind are Omnipresent-

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER. Dear!

FATHER: and the less Personal attention I give you, the more results you will get out of your faith you have in ME. So that is the thought! And that is MY reason for calling you, because I want you to be blessed as I want all others to be blessed, if you will allow ME to!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER!

FATHER: And I want to lift you from that I would say, suggestive and premeditated condition, and prospective condition; because your prospects have made a reality, in your experience, of such as you have expected! Your expectancy of an undesirable condition and your expectancy of your affliction, it seems to have resulted in the~ condition; for "The thing you vividly visualize you tend to materialize!"

Sister: Yes, FATHER Dear.

FATHER: And the Patriarch Job said, "The thing I greatly fear has come upon me!" So you see, if you fear anything, you may be as Job was — if you wish to! I mean, be a perfect and upright person. But yet, you may fear something. And fearing that something, shaping and forming the prospect of that something to come from your human imagination, in other words, from superstition and the mortal version of carnality impregnated in the person and the personality, it may cause you at times, to shape and fashion some undesirable condition as an obstruction in your pathway of life! And you can and will overcome it if you will let go that preconceived prospective and expectancy of the undesirable and reverse your gears of thinking and think in the positive instead of the negative, and let your prospective be that of the Desirable instead of the undesirable, and concentrate on it vividly and trust ME implicitly and I will bring it to you!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

FATHER: Obstructions that are in the path of thousands of people today, they have superstitiously and, I say, prospectively shaped and fashioned such conditions as an obstruction in the pathway of their life in which they are traveling, and they meet with those conditions because they have shaped and fashioned them visionally!

In the imagination a person can think suppositionally that something is going to happen to them — they are going to be sick — and prepare for al1 such as that — and they bring such conditions upon themselves in their experience! But oh, how marvelous it is to realize, GOD is the Cancellation! — GOD is the Dispeller! — even as light dispels darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not! The Light is the reality, as a parable in the illustrated quotation, telling you of the mystery of GOD's Actual Presence and what It will do for you if you trust HIM! The light will cause all darkness to disappear! GOD's Presence will cause all oppositions and all opposite expressions to disappear, and cause that which is adverse and antagonistic and conflicting to be no more, for GOD'S Presence will dispel it as the Light does the darkness! I thank you!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER Dear! Oh, I thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

FATHER: It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

Sister: Wonderful, Dear. YOU are so Sweet, FATHER

FATHER: It is Beautiful!

Sister: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

FATHER: Rest in this Blessed Assurance, and as the original composition says, so let it be in your experience:

"Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh, what a foretaste of Glory Divine! Heir of Salvation, purchased of GOD."

(You don't belong to yourself. You are not your own!)

"Born of His Spirit and washed in, His Blood!"

This way you become to be heirs and joint heirs with Christ Himself, unadulterated, and the Glory of GOD will shine, and you will be Free completely! I thank you! Okay, Peace, Dear!

Sister (caught up in the Spirit): YOU are so beautiful!

FATHER (smiling sweetly): This call and calling was a blessing in disguise. I had to have something to call you for, even though I did not nor do not have to contact you Personally, nor does it need be a Personal contact;

Sister: I understand.

FATHER: but as you make your mental and spiritual contact and then relax wholeheartedly, you will get results!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

FATHER: It is Wonderful!

Sister: I thank YOU! I thank YOU for every Blessing, FATHER Dear! YOU are so Beautiful and so Sweet!

FATHER: Peace, and many Blessings!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER! Peace Darling!

FATHER: Peace!


— TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1952 A.D.F.D. TIME — 5:20 P.M.

Sister: Peace, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace. You put your name in because I called you the other day, didn't you, Miss R.?

Sister: I didn't put my name in, FATHER. I haven't for some time.

FATHER: Someone said you did.

Sister: No, I didn't put any name in.

FATHER (turning to secretary): Did you say Miss R. wanted to see ME?

Secretary: She came up and said she understood her name had been called, and I told her YOU had called for her several days ago; and she said she came up to report that she is here today.

FATHER: Well, I consider that is putting your name in.

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER. I didn't understand it.

FATHER: Well, it was ME calling you at the time and I had desired to call you several different times. Now have you had luncheon?

Sister: Well, I was here just about the time they started the other table. I don't know what time that was, but I haven't eaten.

FATHER: Now that is just exactly what I AM talking about! I don't mind even the public, and of course you know I class you not as the public but as a follower — a believer. But I do not mind the public eating at our table and at any of our settings of the table, but they can do it. They don't have to wait until I go down with the Staff to interfere with the service as to be served with the Staff, you see.

Sister: I see.

FATHER: So I notice it has been on several different occasions like now you have nothing to do; you have had nothing to do since you have been here. If you want to eat, of course, you have a home here in the city; you eat at home and you eat when you get ready and so on like that; then when you come here, you wouldn't have to wait until I came down with the immediate Staff to conflict the service of the immediate Staff.

Sister: Yes, FATHER.

FATHER: So, I wanted to tell you the other day, I don't want a sense of embarrassment to be reflected or to be put upon you or anyone else if you come to the table out of line and out of turn! MY reason far asking you then, had you dined and how long had you been here, was because now the table has been served that you should have been at.

Sister: Yes, FATHER. I didn't understand it that way.

FATHER: The table has been served that you should have been at. I mean, the announcement that I made, that MYSELF and MOTHER and MY Staff would be down later, and those of you who had not dined and had nothing else to do could fill in all the seats and eat your dinner on time at the first table. It is no greater or no better. They used to try to have a better service for the tables that I would be expected to be at, than at other tables; that is why I change. That is a great part of the reason for ME changing MY service at times from two o'clock ...

Sister: Yes, FATHER.

FATHER: From the first table at two o'clock to the next table, so I can be in among those who would eat last, and if there would be any such a thing as the refuse, let ME have it, or if there be any such a thing as not giving the second table the best food and first choice, let ME have that which would be given to those of the second table! That is why I say, I will serve the second table.

But so often you have come in and have been here and wait until I go down to serve and then you come down when the seats are needed for the Staff. Now the seats at the head of the table are set apart for the Staff, for you do not have to eat at the table like someone who would not have a home and not have any place to eat, or like someone who just came in and would desire to dine and would be hungry, or something of that kind. Why, naturally, it would look reasonable that you might would be expected to dine at that time, if you just came in. But even if you just come in any time, if you just come in and if I AM serving the second table, you should know that you should have been at the first table! The first table was set apart for you and all of the coworkers; for MY Staff, I might say; but if I postpone the service for ME and MY Staff and we go to the second table, then those of MY immediate Staff should wait, and those of you as guests or as diners at the table should go to that table. So then the other day when I told you that was for a secretary's seat ...

Sister: Yes.

FATHER: Well, I was going down then and you had the chance to serve at the other table; you should have served. at the other table!

Sister: Yes, SIR, FATHER..

FATHER: If you wanted to sit in that seat at the head of the table, you should have sat there before we came down, at the first table. Then it would not have been a sense of embarrassment on MY part or on your part because if I have to tell you to get up or go out, or something of that sort, it would be embarrassing to ME if I would allow it to be. I mean, it would be embarrassing to ME as well as yourself, if I would allow it to be; but I should not allow it to embarrass ME, for I AM for EQUITY! Therefore, when one fails to do that which is just and right, they place themselves at a place in consciousness for embarrassment or for a demotion instead of a promotion! So I want to let you know that.

Sister: FATHER, I want to report the victory because I saw what the "other fellow" tried to do and I met the victory before it tried to reach me, because I said, "FATHER DIVINE IS GOD! Now go somewhere else!" I wouldn't accept it!

FATHER: If you would have been meek enough, you would have gone on to the Annex and taken a seat. There were some vacant seats in the Annex. In the first place you jeopardized your seat and your privilege at that time by not going to the table when the first table was set, just like you have now. You didn't go to the table when the first table was set and served, then you have jeopardized your right to the seat at this time, for if someone else had it and you were here at that time, they didn't have any business to have it until the changes were made, which would have been set apart for you. Now remember, I changed Miss W. and gave her another seat.

Sister: Yes.

FATHER: Because she would often do as you are doing and have been doing, conflicting the service at the time I go to eat, and wait until then when the table is set up as MY table. Those who were to dine, should have gone on with the exception of those of the immediate Staff. Those of us of the immediate Staff may postpone our rights to serve at that particular service at the first table at times, so that we may be the ones to get the refuses if there would be anything as the refuses or if there would be anything that would not be as good as the choice food that would be set up for ME. I want others to have what they have for ME!

Sister: I am just glad to see YOU and MOTHER, so I come down. Then I thank YOU, FATHER, I see the point now, but I hadn't seen it before! I hadn't understood it.

FATHER: And not only so, but you know you are not what might be deemed a secretary. You are not a secretary. You are not on the Staff. You are not a personal associate of MOTHER or neither of MYSELF. Those who would be working with us through association directly — the corresponding secretaries and all those who are working together, and any official and others who would be on the immediate Staff, they could be deemed as associates in a way of speaking, in the service. Now they might or would be expected to be served when we go down to be served, and I want to serve them at a time and serve MYSELF at a time when it would be the service for the others.

Sister: Yes.

FATHER: And let others have the service that would be for ME!

Sister: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER, that I do understand it now better than I did. I didn't understand it at all. I didn't see that point. In fact some of the followers have said to me, that "You should always be there because FATHER gave you that seat!" And I said I don't see it like that. FATHER told me HE had established the banquet at the home and I should be at home!

FATHER: Why, sure!

Sister: Well, I could be here once in a while.

FATHER: Well, if you are going to eat at a certain table, then eat at the table; the same as I said today. I wasn't bearing record whether you were here or not, personally. We had a lot of work to do and I spoke MYSELF over the loud speaker and told Miss B. S. to go ahead and serve the first table and use all the reserved seats because we, MY Cabinet, MY Staff, wouldn't be down. Well, you could have gone and dined! So it is not a matter of trying to do something more for those of us as the Staff or Cabinet than what we do for others, but to the contrary, if there is any banquet that would not be fully adequate or perfect, I want to be the One to serve it and see what they are serving!

Sister: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER, I don't want anything but YOUR, WILL and that is what I am daily seeking. And I seek to understand. I have had several occasions where the followers tell me this, that and the other; now I don't listen to very much of that kind, and I say, whatever FATHER says to you, it is okay. We don't always understand.

FATHER: Now we serve systematically and try to seat the guests systematically, democratically and evangelically.

Sister: Yes, FATHER, I understand that.

FATHER: Of course, when I go down I customarily put someone — as a rule Mr. P. sits the second down the line down from you, and Mr. H., if he is here, he customarily sits next to your seat, the seat that used to be yours, and of course, I customarily put someone else as an enactor with Mr. H. at the seat where you sit and then someone else between you, where you sit and Miss A., so as to enact the Bill. So that is why I speak as I do and that was MY reason for calling you because I want you to understand.

Sister: Well, I am very grateful to YOU. And FATHER, it is a wonderful experience to me. I had a victory there because I am always grateful to do YOUR WILL, no matter what it may seem to be; or no matter what may occur that might come to me, I won't listen to it, and I knew and I saw the right of it and the justice of it and I was very happy that I was able to take that stand.

FATHER: But after all, you weren't humble enough or meek enough to go and get a seat when there was one for you; but if you had been, then I could have appreciated your victory!

Sister: I am sorry, I didn't understand that point.

FATHER: Now Miss W., she has a reserved seat lower down with the secretaries, but she — I didn't see her at the table so much now. Many times the different ones would try to come in at the time the place is crowded when I AM Personally serving, the same as yourself, and it would be the very time they wouldn't fit in so much.

Sister: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER, I will just continue and simply go to the table when I first come, no matter whether YOU are serving or not.

FATHER: You are welcome to sit at any of the tables, but especially if you want to sit up and in that seat, it would be your time to sit there when I AM not down there Personally, because when I come down there Personally, I always have MY Staff, and many times we have guests and I want the guests to sit up where I can entertain them or serve them!

Sister: I can see that, FATHER, and I am thankful.

FATHER: But over and above all of that, you see, you have a beautiful home here in the city in which to live and a beautiful banquet table!

Sister: Yes, I have.

FATHER: You have a beautiful banquet table where you can serve at any time! It isn't, say, like you would be away and living somewhere and had to come home but if you were living somewhere else and had to come home, unless you have that seat here a11 the time and are here all the time, I should not reserve any seat for anyone, as many hundreds and thousands there -are to dine, if the person or persons are not going to be here all of the time! Even like Mr. H., of course, his business calls him away and he is only here at intervals, but I always place someone else in that seat when he is not here persona11y.

Sister: Yes.

FATHER: And like where Miss Q. used to sit, until Miss A. was taken on MY Staff, that seat was vacant practically all the time. Well, I should not have any of the seats vacant, not even for anyone unless it was a seat classed or considered or similar or equivalent to the Crown or the Chair!

I would consider or they do consider they wouldn't give anyone MOTHER,'S seat and MY seat, but otherwise we should not cause others to suffer and not have something to eat on the account of someone else having a reserved seat and refusing to fill it!

I AM speaking this so it can go on record as an information and as an ultimatum for all who might hereafter be in that state of consciousness or feel the seat should be reserved for them! We have kept it up until now — when Q. comes in, even though she is not a secretary and has been out for more than a year, and in mercy and compassion I have allowed her to have a reserved seat.

Sister: Yes.

FATHER: And the secretary filling her place as a secretary, sits there until she comes, and when she comes she usually gives up that seat and tries to get another seat. And since that seat you used to sit in has been vacant, of course, it has somewhat been directed to Mr. G. as a chief executive secretary; he hardly ever comes up because he tries to be very meek! There are some others who will try to push themselves where they are not qualified to be. I AM not speaking of you although that was where you were supposedly assigned to sit. Some others, when they see a vacant seat, they try to get up to the head of the table!

Sister: I had taken that seat because YOU had told me to sit there and I just didn't understand the situation. I thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Well, you are welcome to eat at any of the tables and at any time, the same as I have said publicly and privately. Not only you, but anyone and everyone; but the general public, they are welcome to sit at any of the tables and at any of the settings and at any time so long as they do not take the reserved seats set apart for special ones!

Sister: FATHER, would it be YOUR WILL that I always be at the banquet table at home? That is, we have the banquet about one or two, between one or two.

FATHER: Well, not especially, but you have an exhalent cook there.

Sister: I enjoy the food there, but it doesn't make any difference, I just love to come down to see YOU and MOTHER at the table, and that has always been my desire.

FATHER: Well, I have been teaching for lo, these many years, you can retrace your thoughts back to the most recent published messages as reprints from The New Day, from back-in thirty-two, thirty-four and up until thirty-eight, and now there seems to be so many messages published from nineteen thirty-eight when I stressed the mystery of transcending all personality and a11 individuality; and one of your type, one that is a metaphysician or has been a metaphysician in that status or standard, they should be able to transcend it more than someone else who is just starting.

Sister: I thank YOU, FATHER, that many times I have proven experience of YOUR Deity, and I have declared, FATHER, DIVINE is Omnipresent and HE is Present at all times, and I am only here because I can be of service at the table.

FATHER: When you do that, you feel good!

Sister: I go there to be of service and I recognize YOUR OMNIPRESENCE when YOU are not Personally there, knowing YOU are there just the same as when YOU are Personally Present, and I wouldn't allow myself to tell me YOU are not Omnipresent, because YOU are Omnipresent and YOU have proven it to me!

FATHER: Well, as long as you believe it and see it as you believe it and live it and express it, to you I will be it over and above every apposition!

Sister: Thank YOU, FATHER..

FATHER : In that way you will always have the victory. I thank you.

Sister: YOU are FATHER, YOU are! It is wonderful, FATHER! Well, I thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome, I'M sure.

Sister: I tell YOU, I had a wonderful experience proving YOUR Omnipresence when they mashed my hand in the door in the car and they said, "The first thing in the morning, you must go right down to FATHER,," and I was suffering terribly and I just asked them to let me go to my room. I said, "Why wait until morning? FATHER DIVINE is Omnipresent right here!" and FATHER, I was freed there and then! And during the day I was using the typewriter. That proved YOUR Omnipresence, FATHER.

FATHER: Sure! The same remedy is very applicable and operative and expressive for a democratic work, and evangelical, and you can prove it giving service, and I AM always glad to see you at the table and see you near if it is convenient to do so if it doesn't conflict the service otherwise. But whether or not, know within yourself, I AM not only Omnipresent ...

Sister: But YOU are Ever Present!

FATHER: But I AM Ever Present, and MY Ever Presence is just as operative and expressive when I AM Personally absent, as it is when I AM Personally Present. So live the Life and be conscious of it and to you it will be a reality, for the Spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD is truly the Source of all supply!

Sister: I am really very grateful that this has come up, and for YOUR talk because it is wonderful. I have been just feeding on those Messages, and day and night I am reading and trying to find out YOUR Teaching exactly.

FATHER: Pardon ME for interrupting, but we are going back, getting those old Messages as far back as twenty years ago and more, to show you that I AM not just starting to preach the Ever Presence and Omnipresence of GOD as the Source and the Supply and as the Satisfier of every good desire, but I have been doing it all along! So I want this to be stamped in your memory, and we have others who are actually stressfully observing it and I AM getting correspondence from other countries bearing witness of the same; those who have been metaphysicians and masters and teachers of philosophy and otherwise, they are obliged to see that the perfection of these is in evidence in whatsoever I have said to them in these last reproductions and last reprints of the Messages I have given.

Sister: YOU had given me that seat and I felt I should sit there, but I didn't get the understanding of it.

FATHER: Even that thought in itself is selfish. I don't care how much metaphysics you have and how much you claim to love ME, it is selfish to feel that it is yours!

Sister: I see that point, FATHER.

FATHER: That is what they want you to do or say, and lay a personal claim on something. It is selfish to feel like that.

Sister: Well, the idea that was given me, "Well, FATHER DIVINE gave you that seat and it is your business to be there." And then when YOU established the banquet at Allegheny, I said, "I am supposed to be home. I can't come here all the time." And they thought I should be here, and the diminishing I had to learn.

FATHER: Just look at all the places we have here in the city, and the place that you call home where you personally reside, I have established that there, and there is, as well as here, at the head of the table a seat reserved for MOTHER and MYSELF as though it is ME. Well, I don't have to be there just because it is a seat reserved there for ME! I don't have to be there Personally!

Alegeny Ave. Philadelphia, Home for Sisters.

>FATHER DIVINE at 115th Street,New  York City Getting ready to go

Sister: I am conscious of YOUR Presence just the same and I thank YOU for it.

FATHER: And the same like manner, just look at The New Day. (FATHER turns to some of the pictures of the different churches and extensions here and abroad, saying:) A seat is supposed to be reserved there for ME and for MOTHER, but we don't have to be there Personally. Look at Germany in the U.S. Zone; a seat is supposed to be reserved there for ME, but I don't have to be there Personally! New Zealand and Australia and all of the places all over the world, seats are reserved in those places for ME, but I do not have to be at any of those places Personally since I AM Ever Present and Omnipresent, and as with ME, so with you.

Sister: FATHER, it is a question right there that has been put to me that I never have accepted and that is this, that if you do not seek to be even in the Personal Presence, that you are denying the BODY of GOD! Well now, when YOU say "Transcend MY Personality," I say, that doesn't mean to transcend the BODY of GOD! I realize what the BODY of GOD means — the Personification of all Righteousness is everywhere and that has been brought to me sometimes that I am really ...

Secretary : Ignoring FATHER?

Sister: Ignoring FATHER, and if I don't come and seek the Personal Presence, well— they seem to feel that I am missing in some way. But I do love to be in YOUR Presence, FATHER. I can't help it. I love YOU and MOTHER.

.FATHER: Well, as you love ME, so I love you, and I love you so much more.

Sister: As YOU say, "Love MY Words and MY Teaching!"

FATHER: Sure, but there are people who selfishly and through self-justification, try to say that "FATHER is here as well as there." and they say, "I am here (speaking of themselves)." They look at themselves! They may be far from the fulfilment of ME, you see. I may not be in them functionable. I may not be in them functioning or functionable, but yet I AM in a chicken's body or anything that has life. But through self-exaltation, they drive the CHRIST away from that place of expression, and through their exaltation, some of those would speak on thuswise would say, "FATHER, is here! HE is always here!" And in the same thought they are saying, "Look at me!" That is the thought. Through selfish exaltation and selfish bewilderment, they bring almost a separation between MYSELF and them!

Retracing MY thoughts back to the one that was called Bishop Selkridge, and how marvelous it was with the followers trying to observe ME in him, and he took the quotation of MY Motto and MY Assertion:

"The Spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD) . . ."

and through self-exaltation and through self justification he committed suicide! And the same like manner with the body called Faithful Mary, you see that didn't work along with that self exalted and self-bewildered mind, thinking I AM talking about personality or individuality! If it is impersonal, then it transcends their personality as well as it transcends MY Personality.

Sister: Sure, and theirs first!

FATHER: That is the thought of it; but it is just to the extreme reverse with the majority of them who accept of the transaction of the Personality. They will want you to transcend MY Personality, but they want you to observe their personality!

Sister: They want you to recognize their personality; yes, I know that, FATHER.

FATHER: So that is where they make their mistake; but if they would be honest about it and want you to transcend all personality as well as theirs you see, like I express — I stress the way all personalities should be transcended and all individualities, then that would include all individualities as well as MYSELF; but they do not say that! Some of those selfish bewildered individuals have said, "FATHER said don't look at HIS BODY! Transcend HIS BODY! See the SPIRIT!" and all such as that. Well, some of them say that, and they turn right around and get offended with you, and they get, as though to say, physically offended with you if you do not do what they say, but they do not want you to do as someone else says do.

Sister: Well, it is wonderful, FATHER. I am grateful, FATHER, that I am here under YOUR Personal Jurisdiction and I know I am progressing!

FATHER: It is true, you are.

Sister: And I am progressing in the love and understanding of YOUR. Teaching!

FATHER: As you harmonize with ME and unify with ME mentally and spiritually, you are becoming to be more of ME, and to be more in ME than you could dare be otherwise. And being one with ME and becoming to be ME, you will not be ME of yourself, you see, through self-exaltation, but with the right concept and the understanding, you will be the same and there will be no other one.

Like I have often told the children of the Staff, when someone comes along with the light of understanding, they may say someone else may say: "I am GOD", or something of that sort. I say, "Well, all right, it's nothing against ME if a person is GOD!" If they can formulate and produce and personify GOD, okay! And then it is just the more of ME manifested, because I wouldn't be manifested so much if I would be limited to that which is called ME, as a Person. So that is the way those things go. It is wonderful!

Sister: It is wonderful. I was taking up the studies of the Christ Qualities and I took up humility and meekness, and the first thing that came to me — it is not me being meek, it is GOD expressed in meekness! Not of me doing something — not of self being meek! And I thank YOU, FATHER, that YOU are ruling that thing out of my consciousness. It is not self trying to be something, but it is YOU expressed.

FATHER: It is true. You are right.

Sister: And I thank YOU, FATHER, because it really has meant a lot to me.

FATHER: And yet I make that little leaven as the lump! It is not you, as of ME, I might say, in the which it is true; but when you are self-denied, then there is nothing else to, see, but that which is the expression in you! See the Mystery?<.

Sister: It is true, just the expression!

FATHER: For that expression is you personified, and you are the personification of that expression of that meekness and of lowliness in heart, and therefore, you are the personification of that which has been called for — the Meekness of GOD!

Sister: Thank YOU FATHER,.

FATHER: You are welcome, Peace.








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