All Glory and Honor to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE - April 29th 1976












Glory and Honor to Our FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE On Their Eternal Wedding Anniversary Day



as an International, Interracial, Universal Holiday so that all people all over the world could celebrate together, something significant to each one, in the spirit of peace, unity, abundance and holiness.

What a glorious privilege and a wonderful Day of unfoldment to be living in the Revelationic fulfilment of the Marriage of the - Lamb and the Bride (Rev. 19:7. 8, 9). The Marriage of Christ to His Church without a spot or a wrinkle; and the union of God to those of every nation, language, tongue and people. So we can truly sing —

I heard a Voice saying, "Come up higher, I'll show You the things that will surely come to pass."
It's the Voice of your FATHER saying,
"Come up higher — the Mystery of the Seven Seals."

To Our Holy Parents from Hearts of Love and Devotion
YOUR CHILDREN Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





The Holy Anniversary of the LAMB and the BRIDE, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

WE are rejoicing in YOUR Holy Marriage to YOUR Spotless Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE. Behold, Christ married to that Conviction, "I KNOW YOU ARE GOD."

YOUR Marriage symbolizes Americanism, Virtue and Honesty and brought Freedom and Liberty to mankind, fulfilling the Scriptures.

The Supreme, Holy One of America—we glorify and magnify YOUR Holy Name, Founder of Americanism. In signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Spirit of Just Men signed into Law, Liberty, Justice and Freedom to all men, but YOUR Personal Body brought it about, putting the Law UNDER GOD.

We thank YOU for this Bicentennial Righteous Government Celebration and on YOUR RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT PLATFORM all mankind must STAND. As the Liberty Bell chimes out on JULY 4th, may all men enjoy the reality of life, liberty, peace, and victory.



YOUR International Lily-Bud Choir




Glad Anniversary Greetings to Our Beloved FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

Now that the DAY of GREAT GLORY is here
Songs and Sweet Praises fill the air.
We rejoice in Your Beautiful! PRESENCE,
Our Redemption is nigh --
For Your SACRED MARRIAGE has ushered in
The "SUN of Righteousness," as declared in MALACHI!
"From the rising of the sun unto the going down of same,
GREAT among the Gentiles shall be My Name!"

(Malachi 1:11)

Our Glorious KING and Celestial Virgin BIDE,
We, Your Loved Ones, reverence YOU for giving the universe this Hallowed Day, APRIL 29th, Eternally!

YOUR CHILDREN, Circle Mission Church Inc., of New York, 2064 BOSTON ROAD, BRONX, NEW YORK



Happy Anniversary to the LAMB and the BRIDE, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

We stand as one man at Jerusalem in our Universal determination to persevere on this holy path of perfection, that YOUR Truth and Great Works and that YOUR greatest and most recent sacrifice, shall not be in vain — that this Government of the people shall continue on, by and for the people — on into a perfected democracy whereby the Kingdom of Heaven may be ushered in on the earth plane.

O, praised forever be the HOLY NAME of FATHER-MOTHER DIVINE and blessed the land of America where by Thy Grace, the Kingdom is come.


We are well-pleased with YOU our GOD and also with YOUR SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE — thank YOU for us being here in this day to see YOUR Words being fulfilled.

YOUR CHILDREN, Palace Mission Church and Home Inc., 22 Halleck Street, Newark, New Jersey



Anniversary Greetings to Our Beloved FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on this most Sacred and Holy Day of the Year Christ's Marriage to His Church.

Let us rejoice and be glad and give Honor to YOU our GOD, FATHER DIVINE for YOUR Marriage to YOUR Spotless Church and Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, our perfect sample to copy after. Through YOUR condescension, in love, suffering it to be so—making Honorable the Law, thus fulfilling all scripture, YOU married the conviction, I KNOW YOU ARE GOD and upon this Rock we stand UNITED; upon the WORD of GOD, and as YOU said,

"And why is it humanity cannot understand just as explicitly that it was essential for ME to search the universe over to find a Virgin Bride that would be PURE and SPOTLESS as a Lamb, that could be offered up to the Church for the REDEMPTION of the WORLD, as I had established the CHURCH upon that FOUNDATION of what Simon had said in his conviction that "THOU ARE THE CHRIST!"

With reverence, loyalty and devotion,


{Bethlehem} Yonkers, N. Y.



One Eternal Anniversary Greetings!


As THE LAMB PERSONALLY so often declared concerning HIS BRIDE, "I FIND NO FAULT, I AM WELL PLEASED," so we, on YOUR 30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, re-declare and reiterate, "We find no fault, we are well pleased," and reverently appreciate this sublime privilege to mingle our felicitations with YOUR children universally as all Heaven continually smiles and the Angels rejoice that GOD has created HIS PERFECT MATE and THE TWAIN ARE ONE!

YOU wed to propagate Virtue, thus. we are the offspring of YOUR DIVINE Union, conceived by The HOLY SPIRIT and born of GOD'S LOVE to exemplify The Christ Life, the Christ Nature and the Christ Characteristics. Thus, we earnestly aspire to ever be true as we offer sincere Love, Gratitude; Praise and Adoration eternally to YOU, our PARENTS, BELOVED FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, INCORRUPTIBLE, UNDEFILED— CHANGELESS PERFECTION in SPIRIT, BODY and MIND!

We YOUR Children are eternally well pleased with our Holy Parents.

22 East Kinney Street, Newark, N.J.



Glorious Anniversary to Our Lord and Savior, GOD Almighty, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE!

Precious LORD, we thank YOU for YOUR Supernatural, Beautiful Holy, Incorruptible and Undefiled BODY, our joy complete. YOUR altogether Lovely BODY is our Heavenly River of Life that is flowing so free with Peace, Joy, Wealth, Health, Happiness and every desirable blessing for all whom YOU have so condescendingly blest with that Immortal, Supernatural Conviction, "I KNOW YOU ARE GOD." No tongue can ever express the wonderfulness of this Blessed, Sacred, Holy Love that we possess — YOUR Magnetic Love that is a Healing Balm to our bodies, Heavenly Music to our souls and the Satisfying Portion for all mankind. We have the Everlasting FATHER and HE sufficeth us. We know there's no greater Glory, no greater Honor, no greater Blessing than to walk and talk with our LORD and SAVIOR, GOD ALMIGHTY, FATHER DIVINE.

Blessed, blessed are we who have been called unto "The Marriage Supper of the LAMB and The BRIDE."


". .. Oh, how MY loved ones, both those who are called men and women, love ME as they never loved before (the Marriage) ... because it is a double fold power of love in accord! It is the symphony of souls in accord, for these are the spirits from the old generation! These are the spirits of the Lord."

FATHER DIVINE - The New Day 5/7/49

Eternally Grateful, Evangeline Faithful Love



Eternal Love and Heartfelt Greetings to Our Precious Lamb and Holy Bride on This Holy Anniversary Celebration

"Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord"

What a glorious day to be living in, where we have the honor and privilege to give praises to God, Father Divine — and~ Mother Divine — for allowing us to enjoy this Holy Anniversary Celebration of the Marriage of God to His whole creation. For we did read and can see it fulfilled today-

"And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
"And he sayeth unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he sayeth unto me, These are the true sayings of GOD"

We love YOU both dearly and ask YOU to bless us to stay ever conscious of Your Sweet Ever-Presence for that is the Key to all our joy, peace and happiness.

Evangelical Dress Shop

Divine Riviera Hotel - Newark, New Jersey



Peace and Greetings to Our Beloved FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

Let everything that has breath awaken and praise the Lord their GOD, for truly this is the Day of the Lord. We do thank YOU, FATHER DIVINE for this Belief in the Sacred, Holy, Spiritual Marriage of FATHER DIVINE, who is our FATHER-MOTHER GOD to HIS Spotless, Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, Who before the world was, was predestined to be, and now is the symbol of the Church without spot or wrinkle. With this conviction YOU have blessed us abundantly and do protect us daily in our every transaction.

Let us all praise and respect this great Event so that the whole world may be blessed.

Eternally at Your service,
Your Children,
Divine Hotel Riviera
169 Clinton Ave., Newark, N. J.



Eternal GOD of All Creation, Eternal Virginity for the World to See

We are so grateful to YOU, our LORD, for this wonderful day, the day of the LORD. To be here with our GOD, Changeless Perfection, impregnating us with this everlasting joy, peace and happiness that only GOD HIMSELF can give. Thank YOU and MOTHER for the mind to obey and love YOUR Way, for truly it is the way of the LORD, our GOD FATHER Dl VINE.

YOUR Children,
Divine Riviera Bible and Creed Class
Newark, New Jersey



Father And Mother Divine Our Love to You on This Anniversary Celebration, The Marriage of The Lamb to His Spotless Virgin Rosebud Bride


We give thanks continually and rest securely in our conviction, "We know FATHER DIVINE is GOD!"

Thank YOU Dear FATHER and Beloved MOTHER DIVINE.
All our love to YOU.



Eternal Anniversary Greetings to Our Beloved Lamb and Spotless Virgin Bride

Thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER Dear for being so near and dear to us all. We know that through YOUR International, Interracial Marriage, all classes and nations of people are being drawn into this great unfoldment of Truth. This eternal Truth of Spirit and Life, where YOUR Words are being made law in the hearts of millions.

We are truly living in the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer,

"I pray that they may be one, even as we are one."

And today the Spirit and the Bride say come, and truly they are coming.

Eternally grateful to our FATHER-MOTHER GOD for being in the number that rejoiced on the 29th of April for this Holy, Sacred, Divine Event. We are so glad, glad, glad.

Your Children,
From The State of Michigan



1976 A.D.F.D.

Happy Anniversary Greetings to Our Sweet Lamb and Dear Bride

Thanking YOU for this wonderful 30th Anniversary in this Bicentennial Year. Praising YOU for all the beautiful blessings throughout the years. Your Holy Marriage and YOUR Supreme Sacrifice — our hearts are filled with praises, great joy and happiness.

Bless YOUR Holy Heart.

YOUR Children
Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.



Eternal Greetings on this Anniversary of the Marriage of Christ to His Spotless Church — Father and Mother Divine

Many hearts are rejoicing on this day when the Scripture has been fulfilled, the Marriage of the Lamb and HIS Spotless Virgin Bride. We thank YOU for being one in this Family to celebrate this glorious day.

Peace Mission Sorority Home



Joyus Anniversary Greetings, Sweet Lamb and Dear Bride, 0ur Father and Mother Divine

Oh HOLY LAMB, we magnify YOU and YOUR SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, The Church Triumphant! All heaven and earth rejoices in YOUR MARRIAGE to the CHURCH—to that CONVICTION—"I KNOW YOU ARE GOD".

Millions proclaim YOUR DEITY and recognize Virtue as it is Glorified in YOUR HOLY MARRIAGE. The SPOTLESS CHURCH, MOTHER DIVINE is clothed in the Robe of Righteousness, Virginity and Purity.

FATHER and MOTHHR, YOU are that light shining Bright all over the world propagating this virtue, peace and love that the whole world is needful of today.

"Can you picture the future world with mankind living the precepts of true spirituality, having found their soul-mate, their God within and without!" —FATHFR DIVINE

JUNE 6, 1961 A.D.F.D.

We rejoice because we have found our Soul-mate—Hallelujah.

Peace Dress Shop and, Accessories—Peace Mission Hotel, 300 West 155th Street, New York City




Sing Praises to The Lamb And Bride on The Anniversary of The Marriage of Christ to The Church

FATHER DARLING — MOTHER DEAR we feel YOUR NEARNESS and we know YOU FATHER DEAR ARE HERE with us — so we are grateful for this conviction and can enjoy the ANNIVERSARY OF OUR LORD AND QUEEN OF THE WORLD — GOD IS HERE AND HERE TO STAY.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU.




CONGRATULATIONS, Peace, Happy Anniversary to Father and Mother Divine

WE thank YOU Sweet FATHER for YOUR Love and Care.
WE thank YOU dear FATHER, we know YOU are here.
WE Love YOU, WE Praise YOU, WE know YOU are GOD.
WE live in secureness by trusting YOUR love.

We remain eternally, Rosebuds — Canada




With grateful hearts, we Praise and Exalt YOU on YOUR HOLY, ETERNAL MARRIAGE of the LAMB and the BRIDE — the CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE. We thank YOU FATHER for YOUR Great unchanging Love that came to earth in BODILY FORM and made the GREAT SACRIFICE to save us all.


With sincere love And devotion,
YOUR children,

[P. Parson]




Thanks to Father and Mother Divine and Greetings on This The Marriage Celebration of The Lamb And The Bride.

Oh, YOU are so wonderful Lord of Lords and King of Kings; Queen of the Universe, how we thank YOU for this Marriage that causes us to be happy every day of the year. We praise YOU for all YOUR blessings.

Thank YOU dear to keep us always in YOUR love and care.

4061 Pacific Ave., Sacramento, California



Anniversary Greetings To Our Father and Mother Divine


I know deep down in my heart that Father Divine is God—that He is the personification of God in a Bodily Form.

Thank YOU Beloved Father and Mother.

The Church of Mary Mystical Rose Of Perpetual Help - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS




Happy Anniversary

Greetings To Our Holy Divine Parents

We are rejoicing 'tis the Anniversary of the Lamb and HIS Spotless Bride; Always a Bride right by HIS side.

The Bible quotes in .Revelation 22:17

"And the, Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of Life freely."




Greetings To Our Beloved Father and Mother Divine

We Glorify YOU — adore and love YOUR Eternal Body. Oh Holy Lamb and Virgin Bride, this Holy Marriage propagated Virtue in the land: Virtue is here to dwell on the earth amongst men, for this is the only redemption for man. We appreciate the honor and privilege of being in the number that can declare, even as YOUR SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE declares, that FATHER DIVINE IS GOD.

Loving YOU and our Beautiful MOTHER eternally,
1808 RIDGE AVE., Philadelphia, Pa.



Joyous Greetings


The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, Praise the LORD of hosts: for the LORD is good: for his mercy endureth for ever: and of them that shall bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the LORD. For I will cause to return the captivity of the land, as at the first, saith the LORD Jeremiah 33:11

Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE for the blessings.





CONGRATULATIONS To Our Holy Parents, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on this YOUR Wedding Anniversary

We thank YOU for the privilege of knowing that YOU ARE GOD ALMIGHTY and we can raise our voices and sing and praise YOUR HOLY ETERNAL NAME.

We thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER for every blessing.





Peace — Happy Anniversary Father and Mother Dear

FATHER I love YOU so, I know YOU are standing besides me, I can hear YOUR Gentle Voice, I can feel YOUR EVER PRESENCE so near me, My LORD. It makes my heart rejoice. With all my love to YOU and MOTHER.





The Earth Is Rejoicing for The Marriage Celebration of the Lord is at hand, Our God Married to His Creation, Father and Mother Divine

Our hearts rejoice and beat for joy, for our LORD is with us and never shall our voices cease to give praise and thanksgiving to YOUR HOLY BODY for bringing us into this light of understanding.

We LOVE YOU and our Darling MOTHER.

Love eternally,
International House
1430 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.




Our Congratulations to Father and Mother Divine on This Holy Anniversary of The Lamb And His Spotless Virgin Bride!

I thank YOU FATHER for YOUR SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, unifying YOUR whole creation. Thank YOU for keeping me here to see the scripture fulfilled; One in the number to sing and give thanks to YOUR HOLY NAME. Thank YOU to be with YOU and Mother on the 29th of April our international, religious Holiday. Thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER.


Your Child,





TOUCH OF AMERICANISM IN SERIES OF SERVICES OBSERVING MARRIAGE ANNIVERSAftY OF FATHER AND MOTHER DIVINE Praise and appreciation were the gifts brought to FATHEft and MOTHER DIVINE by devoted Followers on Their 30th Wedding Anniversary, celebrated in numerous observances of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb in Philadelphia and at Peace Mission church ps throughout the world on April 29. In Philadelphia, festivities drawing Followers from as far as Australia, lasted for a.lmost a week, beginning April 27, the day of the arrival of groups from the Circle Mission Church of California who have be~en coming by air each year since the second anniversary, and from the Circle Mission Chureh of Switzerland. Services were filled with a spirit that only FATHER DIVINE can create, the "spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD". Peace, joy and an indescribable love for FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE ran from heart to heart as people dedicated to the principles of virtue and brotherhood came together to extol these qualities produced by FATHER and MOTHER. Bicentennial Flavor There was a touch af patriotism in this year's celebration. Place favors at the Unity Mission Chureh, 90? N. 41 st., on April 29 noted the "30th Anniversary of the Marriage of Christ to the Church and the 200th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America". Flags, banners and decor theme at churches and connections of the Peace Miasion Movement were a testament to the high-spirited patriotism FATHER DIVINE has instilled in HIS people. Virtue's Day — April 29 This was Virtue's day as bells at Woodmont rang the hour 30 years ago when Virtue and Holiness were legalized in the nation's ca.pital throughtheMarriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. Woodmont's sun-drenched b e a u t y brought a feeling of the eternality of all things holy and virtuous. MOTHER looked lovely as She descended the stairs of the Great Hall. The long white chiffon gown She wore was enhanced by the beaded floral design of bodice and sleeves. Epaulets of a blue full length cape were piped with red. Liliesof- th~valley adorned Her 18th century coiffeur. The lobby of the Unity Mission Church was full tooverflowingwhen FATHER and MOTHEft arrived for services. Rosebuds lined the stairs leading to FATHEft'S offtce on the floor above. Here They greeted several of many guests including a representative from the mayor's office before going in to serve the Marriage Feast. Decor in the Holy Communion Hall was pastel and daintily bridal. Clusters of white bells were hung with chiffon streamers and pink rosea. At the far end of the hall the words of FATHEB DIVINE'S Peace Stamp were displayed in Iarge blue letters on either side of a large reproduction of the International Peace card :"This is GOD'S Administration, a n d a11 nations, thia whole generation and even our present civilization shall have a new birth of freedom under GOD, for l declare that Americanism, Brotherhood, Christianity and Judaism are synonymous." Each guest received a wallet-size International Peace card on ta.ble favors. At the entrance to the Communion Hall adjacent to FATHEft'S suite, suspended doves carried an International Pea~ce casd in their mouths. Everyone stood when FATHER and MOTHER entered the Communion hall. All of heaven was smiling. Hundreds of people crowded in to see and to hear, to take part in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. After the bell was rung, the applause su1~ sided and guests respmed their ~eats, the service began with the reading of the prophetic Revelation of Saint John the Divine of this hour. "And I heard aa it were the voice o! a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Iard God omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made he~rself ready. And to her was granted that ahe ahould be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteouaness of sa.ints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which axe called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God." Rev. 10:6-9 As course after course was served, the Rosebud Choir filled the room with their songs de,- picting the Marriage of Christ to the Church~ which was ta come ~ and now is here. Many Followers expressed thei~r love and appreciation to FATHER and MOTHEft DIVINE. (Continued ou followin8 FaBe) ,I i 1 i2 The NEW DAY May 15th, i976 A. D. F. D. MOTSEIt DIVINE (center) pulls the cord nnvei~ng a hand crafted replica of the Liberty Bell in 1.he lobby of the Unity Miasion Church, April 29. Cbse-up of the bell is seen in the insert. Smiling at guesta, MOTHER reaches for the bell to begin the service at the Divine Lorraine Hotel Penthouse Holy Communion Hall, May 1. (Continu~ed from pi~eceding page) A beautifully significa.nt Meaga,ge fmm FATHER on virtue was punctuated with the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the righteouaness of HIS Followers that has spared this country and others from war and HIS Marriage as a sample and example for all mankind. The Crusaders who had bsen serving the table came forward to give volitional expressions of praiae and love to FATHER, and MOTHER for the occasion. MOTHEB is Moved to Sp~lc Moved by a teatimo~* from a Follower who had flown in from Hawaii, expressing his a~ preciation for the pri,nciple brought to mankind by FATHEft, MOTHER was moved to ap~ealc. She touched on the beautiful Sermon from FATHER heard during the servioe, apoke of the need to dress the Garden of Eden, of the imperative need that everyone capy after the fashion of FATHER DIVINE. "FATHER, truly YOU are the Light of the World and YOU have illuminated thia planet earth with the Truth thati YOU have established," MOTHEft concluded. "Nobody can root it up and no one can stop YOUft onward and upward everlasting and eternal purpoBe to bring all mankind into the glorious at-one-ment with YOU, the rea.son for which YOU condescended so low to wed YOUR creataon when YOU wed Me in nineteen hundred and forty-six on thi~ Day thirty years ago!" Unveiling of a Bell People had been gathering in the lobby early in the evening near a large dra.ped object suspended from the ceiling. By the time MOTHER arrived the lobby was full. She was introduced and spoke briefly before pulling the cord unveiling a beautiful replica of the Liberty Bell by hand. Its 170 pounds comprises 265 pieces of wood t~ ~' ~ ~7li1~~:+ 3 ►: ,' ►S'::..'J'i:: .7.^... ~C.'.:~'T:1.'i:. .. glued together to form the identical and size of the original bell, complete with inscri~ tion, sanded for smoothness and given a bronze enamel finish. Even the metal portion of the clapper was shaped by hand. The bell, taking months to complete, was made for the occasion by one of the co-workers of the carpentry department of the Circle Mission Church. After the unveiling the Rosebud Choir sang and a drill group wearing red, white and blue tricorn hats and blue jackets with large white stars, marched in drill form under the bell as they sang. Bicentennial Forum After the unveiling MOTHER went directly to the sta,ge of the auditorium to attend a session of the International Peace Mission Bicantennial Forum. Miss Justice, of FATHER DIVINE'S cabinet, gave introductory remarks as the session opened. This was followed by the siiiging of the National Anthem and a Scripture reading from Revelation 21:1-7, depicting this new heaven and new eazth. Speakers, summa.rizing accomplishments of the Movement as outlined during the convening of the Peace Mission Bicentennial Congress in January, 1975, highlighted work done with the individual, in groups and by the Movement as a whole p~tory to its observance of the nation's 200th birthday. The International Pea.ce Mission Bieentennial Forum presented a"Bicentennial Salute to Virtue" scroll to MOTHEft in appreciation for Her life of virtue a~s a contribution to sceiety. The presentation was made by Miss Faith Wilmott of the Cirele Mission Church of Australia at Melbourne. and Lily-Bud choirs, the New Jersey. Enthusiasts and the Peace Mission Band. ftesplendent in new blue uniforms with a red and white trim, the band played as never before to the glory and honor of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. Representativas from Switzerland and Australia spoke concluding the forum. Services at Headquarters Stars of Freedom was the theme of decorations at the Circle Mission Church, whe,re the Marriage Feast was held April 30. United States and Bicentennial flags and a paTChment scroll mounted on blue velour paper reading, "Americanism is our religion and we live it day of the week," decorated the lobby and entrance to the Holy Communion Hall. Service of the Marriage Fea.4t was extended to the dining room on the lower floor to accommodate the hundreds attending the occasion. The T-shaped table was beautifully appointed. Floral arrangements of pink roses and tall white candles were bridal, as were two delicately beautiful cakes that could have easily vied with Schraft's for beauty~ that were made in the church kitchens. Pastel icing flowers of one were enhanced by a gracefully formed eagle. The other bore a shield embellished with the Liberty Bell. A white ribbon with red, white and blue Uncle Sam hats laid over a wider blue satin ribbon extended from the head to the foot of the table. Overhead, twinkling white lights called attention to silver stars in outline holding blue silhouettes of the founding fathers — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abra.ham Lincoln, Benjamin ~anklin and William Penn. A star at the head table framed a color phota graph of FATHER and MOTHER. MOTHER graciously acce~pted, giving all the Table favors carried out the theme. Parchglory to GOD FATHER DIVINE. ment scrolls were inscribed in hand written script, "Mother Divine arui I actually pra. Musical renditions were ~ve ~y the ~pg~ b~]d du~.~ ~~ j~ + n }''A i.',It = ::'_';3rV'~:~uR ..13~ ►1:~1~1 ;Ilxil`~ 1)I1S .;L~~ , f ~!~ -1:Vtl ?;.'YY`ii:~VPf~~a~l~`•1J7'aJ~V~'1~~;} f.l'Fi:~~1tF~~►!~~~~~.'. ~ .~~; ~~ `_' ~ !! ~~ ~ r ,i ~ ~,; May 15th, 1976 A. D. F. D. The NEW DAY 1~ Full view of the Holy Communion table from a balcony at the rear of the Divine Lorraine dining room. FATHEB and MOTHEft DIVINE are seated at the far end. A group of Rosebuds sing patriotic songs~ from the head of the table at the Divine Lorraine Hotel. and for our GOD and for our Country. Father Divine." A picture of FATHER and MOTHEB on a blue star and red, gold and blue ribbon provided a touch of color. Various quotes from FATHER DIVINE mentioning the Marriage, the founding fathers and Americanism, encompassed the spirit of the occasion. During the spirited service, station LOVE broadcast the service to all parts of the building. There were Anniversary and patriotic songs from the Rosebud Choir, heartfelt singing by the congregation, testimonies, witty commercials, a Bicentennial Salute and excerpts from FATHER on Abraham Lincoln and William Penn. FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon, I Have Made Philadelphia the International Country Seat of the World, was appropriate for the occasion. Miss Happy Word of the Cirele Mission Church of California ]ed Rosebuds in a march around the table. B e a u t i f u 1 presentations were made to FATHEft and MOTHER. Mr. Eugen Ammann presented an arrangement of lilies, red and white roses an3 pink and white carnations from the Circle Mission Church of Switzerland. Mrs. Rosa Kunz presented a bouquet of yellow and white roses and mums from co-workers of tne Circle Mission Chureh of Switzerland ; peach roses were given to FATHER and MOTHER from Elsi and Walter Tarnutzer of Switzerland ; a bouquet of red roses were presented by a young girl from the neighborhood of the Unity Mission Church for w h a t FATHEB a n d MOTHER have done for her father and her family and Miss Happy Word ca.11ed for the 'living roses' to come forward and present themselves to FATHER and MOTHER, members of the group here from the Circle Mission Church of California. Divine Revised Yersion of Americanism At 7:30 in the evening, a class in rhythmistically apeaking gave a recita.tian of FATHEft DIVINE'S Words, The Divine Reviseri Version of America.nism and depicting the Ideas and Ideals of FATHER DIVINE concerning Americanism and the Practice Thereof, in the church auditorium. Holy Communion that followed was an enjoyable service. The sincere praise and thanks to FATHER and MOTHER. in appreciation for Their Marriage and Lives of virtue and holiness were so gratifying and soul-satisfying that no one wanted to leave. Peace Mission Tour Saturday afternoon between the hours of 2 and b, a tour was conducted of a sampling of Peace Mission properties especially for the foreign and out-of-town guests. The tour also included anyone who wished to take advantage of the opportunity to see some of the beautiful old mansions under the jurisdiction of the Movement. The Pea,ce Mission Fraternity Evangelical Home, 507 S. Broad st.~ like Woodmont, was built at the turn of the century. Its ornate woodwork, high ceilings, open stairs and sta.ined glass windows are always a delight to see, as are the paintings and antique furnishings. International House of the Palace Misaion Church at 1430 N. Broad st., also built in this period, housing international female guests of the Movement, equally ornate, was included on the tour. The tour concluded at the beautiful Bible Institute of the Unity Mission Chureh, 1530 N. 16th st., adjacent to the Nazareth Mission Church at 16th and Oxford sts. Here, a buffet, prepared by the Culinary Arts class, provided the time to meet and talk with old acquain~ances and to make new ones. Penthouse Service MagniBcent Continuation of theMarriage Feast of the Lamb which is one eternal celebration of the unification of GOD and man, brought Followers and guests to the Divine Lorraine Hot~l, Saturday evening for service in the Penthouse Holy Communion Hall at 8 P. M. The crystal dining room and lounge on the first floor accommodated those not able to be aeated upsta.irs. It was a significent sight and service with FATHER and MOTHEft at the head of the long 8-wing table. MOTHER was beautiful in white lace and chiffon. Two large American flags and tapestries of a bicentennial nature on either side of large gold letters G 0 D on the wall above and behind the head table spelled out what the occasion was all about. Only GOD FATHEA DIVINE could and would produce this new world and holy people within the world and among the people as HE is doing in HIS own way and time. . Large flags flanked both sides of the table above heads of the dinera. Between them American eagles sparkled with miniature blue and white lights. An attractive arrangement at the foot of the table combined a tapestry of the signing of the Declaration of Indepen,dence, the Liberty Bell, Betsy ftoss and Bennington flags. Lights dimmed dramatically as Rosebuds quie~ ly took places behind FATHER and MOTHER facing the celebrants to sing a selection af patriotic songs including, "O Holy One of America," "The Spirit of Liberty Caruiot Die," and the moving, ever new, "I Love America." The red, white and blue of their uniforms was striking in the spotlight. Candles on the table toak one's mind to colonial days when candles were the only source of light. The great men of those days would have been stirred to aratory had they been present to witn~ ess the occasion. As the Rosebuds marched off to take their stand at the right of the table and the lights came on, waitresses and Crusaders assumed their posts and the service began. Courae after courae of delicious and artistically decol'ated food to i~ ~~. ~ ° ► ~;~ 9~~ , , ~., . ~;~.;: ~ 14 The NEW DAY May 16th~ 1976 A. D. F. D. Crusaders sing for FATHER and MOTHER in an impromptu manner at the Divine Lorraine at MOTHEK's request, a selection brnught to mind by remarks of a guest. An extension of the Holy Communion feast, April 30, at the Circle Mission Church. The lower dining room accommodates many not able to be seated at the two tables upstairs. suit the taste of evea~yone as ia FAT~iER DIVINE's custom, pasaed down the table. Sma11 Betsy Ross and Bennington flags were placed in glass alternately. Tall wedding cakes, white taper candles, arrangements of yellow roses and babies-breath and red, white and blue favors at each place setting made a majestic table. The illuatration on the cove~r of place booklets depicted the light of Truth, carried by Lady Chvilization, shining upon books labeled, Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, Magna Charta, Declaration of Independence, U. S. Constitution—Bill of ftights, FATHER DIVINE's ftighteous Government Platform, United Nations Charter, from the darkness of superstition and igno~rance to the full light of GOD's Administration. Worda from the national documents, atatesmen of the past and FATHER DIVINE, under specific he~dings, wer~ descmibed in the booklet as "~uths that formulated America, and, if acted upon, will perpetuate this nation." A atatement at the back of the book admonished, "Let us declaxe our independen~ce from corruption, bigotry, an.d racism; let ua join the stea,dy stepping of millions into this new world of FATHER DIVINE, Who is the Keeper of the American d~ream and the Progenitor of her d~tiny! This is our revolution of 1976 A.D.F.D." The Rosebud Choir sang Anniversary aongs telling of the Marriage of FATHER, and MOTHEft DIVINE, its meaning and symbolism and otheT original patriotic songs given inspirationally by the Spirit ~and Mind of FATAER DIVINE to the choir. A reading of FATHEft DIVINE's Words on Americatusm and a taped Sermon from FATHEft entitled; "This Is the Country Seat of the World," brought to the gathering the wonderful philosophy and Teachings of FATHER DIViNE in a message of peace and goodwill and HIS pronouncement that Philadelphia is the Country Seat of the World. ~ MOTHEft DIVINE, inspi~ed by FATHER's Sermon, spoke of the dispensation Anno Domini FATHER DIVINE: ". .. It is a glorious privilege to be living in this dispensation for it is a new disper~sation, it is a new era and the former things have passed away and the government of GOD is in effect— this government of the people, by the people and through the people—for this is where GOD governs, from the hearts and minds of HIS people." She alluded to a song sung by the choir, "Through all the generations right has been opposed, wherever the Christ was manifest, the opposing forces would enderavor to make it extinct, and it seemed like it was impossible for right to take control. But FATHER DIVINE, through YOUR glorious Coming, the sacrifice that YOU have made to come in a Personal Bodily Form and to live on the earth plane and to walk through the various expressions of life, YOU have established this Truth and now nothing can hinder the full express~ion of it being manifested on the earth plane. And that is why Ameri~a, as it comes of age, so to speak, on its 200th birthday, will come into the reality of what she was born to fulfil, a new race of people on the earth, the American race, which will eventually be the Angelic race, a people of every nation, people of every culture. "Truly, a representation of all of GOD's creation has been mixed and molded together to form this American race. And now, as YOU have exemplified it, FATHEft Dear, in YOUR Family, so shall it be in America as a nation. .." Presentation frnm Switzerland Mr. Walter Kunz from the Circle Mission Church of Switzerland, presented a tufted replica of the Betsy R~ss flag which he made especially for the occasion. MOTHER graciously accepted it with appreciation for the love with which it was done. M,any guests spoke of the impact of the yVork and Tea~chings of FATHER DIVIN~ in ~heir t lives, some having contact as far back as 40 years ago and others, not even half that age, expressed the same feeling of elation over FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. Open House at Woodmont After the usual Sunday morning service at the Unity Mission Church and a 12 o'clock Holy Communion luncheon, Followers went to Woodmont for the afternoon. The day was perfect and Woodmont was lovely. The early summer foliage of trees and shruba was lush after a heavy rain the day before. Flowering dogwood, azaleas and bridal wreath were profuse. - The great hall was filled with tropical greenery from the greenhouses. A huge cutleaf phila d~ndron, compared with one displayed at this year's Flower Show, filled a corner nea,r the stairs. A gold eagle, wings spread, faced the front entrance from the gallery ballustrade. American flags stood like sentinels at each side of the large picture of FATHER and MOTHER on the gallery. In the music room, a parchment scroll of the Declaration of Independence on the table, nestled against an arrangement of blue and white pansies. A red candle and Bicentennial flag added color. A mirror on the piano reflected an American flag encircled with flags of the Thirteen Original Colonies and two gold eagles that were set upon it. Deep red roses and white candles adorned the mantel beneath a new portrait of FATHER over the fireplace in the library. In the center of the solarium, a large eagle perched atop granite rocks on a pedestal. Moss at its base was arra.nged to resemble the rough terrain of the earth far below and a young Norway spruce and two small Norfolk Island pines gave the impression of height. Flags of the countries where Peace Mission churches and connections are located encircled the whole naturai ~:.'2~•.'~ hr,i:~~:.'.::,: ec F,~,;;::t!~. ,' ~ _ ~ - .z ~ ~~ t u. ,.3 , ~ j ~ ~ ' t ~:, , ~~ ~ 4.~ ~A lf~ ~ i ~~~ ~ ~ ~~4. e',~ ~:~, .~1 ;_~ ~i ~ ~ - — ` ' t~ ;e:.~_:...~.`.°a~ ~~ ~ ► :. Mey Sth, 1976 A, D. ~. D. The NE~ DAY ~ MOTHER holds one of the favors as She speaks on its contents during the service at the Divine Lorraine Hotel. "painting". Pure white blossoms in the Chapel Dining Room provided contrast against the dark wood af oak paneling. The centerpiece on the table combined white roses, calla lilies, azalea.s and bridal wreath. A smaller ,arrangement at the head of the table included a gold eagle. Niches around the wallq were filled with white azaleas and sprays of b~ idal wreath into which amall American flag:~ were tucked. Some of the ftoral presentation.g made to FATHER and T~tOTHER at the Circle Mission Church on F~-iday evening had been placed in FATHER's office. Looking aut the window over HIS de.4k, a fl~g at the Shrine could be aeen waving in the breeze. T'hc almost life size pictnre of FATAER a~td MOT'HE~i fn Woodmont's great hall as seen May 2 at an ogen house in observation o~ the Marriage of Chriat to the Chua~ch. ~ ~~~,~ ~' g ~"` ~~~ ~ 2 ~~ ~ , a ~ ~.. 7 ~ F : ` ~„ ~,'. ~ r ~ ~~; ~ ~; ~ : ~ ~ ~. ~"~ " ~ MOTHER stood in FATHER's office with Miss Peaceful Love to receive each one of hundreds of Followera who had come to enjoy the afternoc~ n. The full length Lutesong gown She wa.g wearing, desigr►ed and executed for Her by Her personal couturier, wa..4 hand embroidered. It took months of worlt to complete. The white on white motif was strictly Philadelphia, which FATHER DIVINE has pruclaimed "The Country Seat of the World," except for the embroidered Statute of Liberty on the bodice. At the hemiine, Independence Hall extended across the full width of the gown. Above and at its left, little Be~gy Rwgs House and on the right, a replica of the statue of William Penn as he stands atop City Hall were interestingly w~orked into the deaign. Again ab~ve these, left and right, the Liberty Bell and an American flag were em~sroideresi and cente~ed above all near the piped wai,9tlin~ was the Great Seal of the United States. Embroidered stars from hem to neckline became diminutive as the skirt narrowed. The back of the gown was plain, accentuating its graceful lines. Neighbors who httd come to e~ctend greetings to FATHER and MOTHER were carried away (Conti.~au~ed oa Pollowing pa.g~e) _3 ~ a~.~ ~,~. ' ~: ~_~;; ~~, ~. . ~': n3 ~(',- ~; ~ R~~~~~ ~~~ ~ _ . " _ __ .~w..r1~= ~OTdiE~ DIVINE's 'Ixautifal Annivereary gown wl~~ch She wm~e At Woadmont. The white a~ w~ite gown, hand embroidered in thrPe s~ta.des of em'~roidery cotton, took 200 hours to com~lcte. 16 The NEW DAY May 15th, 1976 A. D. F. D. (Continued from precedi,ng page) with Her gown, expressing the thought that it should be placed in the archives when She ia finished with it. FATHER and MOTHER served Holy Communion to international and California Followers. Others enjoyed a buffet bea.utifully set under a large green and white canopy on the lawn near Sunrise Cottage. A fountain in the center of it and flowers in arrangements all around and on tables spread on the lawn for the diners made the delicious and artistically displayed food even more enjoyable. Long after dark, the last of the guests depa. rted, some who had sta.yed on to speak to MOTHEit because they were leaving and others having children who had asked iVIOTHER earlier in the day to beccme R,osebuds and Crusaders. Project Positive Rally Monday evening, groups from the various popular "Project Positive" classes throughout the city, and including a group from California, held a rally in the auditorium of the Circle Mission Church before the evening Communion service. Members of the groups displayed placards dcclaring positive attitudes such as Bindness, Competence, Radicalness and a11 the characteristica t7►ey are trying to personify, as FATHER's t~oughts were projected by the class. ~t was a rally* for the Christ Characteristics, wltich are the true posi~tive attitudes. And so, at this celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Marriage of F A T H E R, and MOTHER DIVINE and the 200th anniversary of the birth of our country, we saw a new breed coming into manifestation. 1~is is the sacred society of the "American Ra~ce."







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