More Speeches Delivered Durinq Forum Meeting of the
Internatianal Riqhteous Government Bicentennial Weddinq Anniverssay of Father and Mother Divine








A large part of what preceded these speeches in the Forum meeting was covered earlier in the year during our Righteous Government Convention in January. For those interested in retracing these thoughts, see N.D. 1-17-76, page 9; N.D. 1-31-76 pages 5-12; N.D. 2-7-76 page 10.

As to the following address, by Miss Darling, a thorough compilation of what we would hope to accomplish during the season 1975-1976 was given in January of 1975 during the Righteous Government Canvention by her, and MOTHER DIVINE also gave Her thoughts on the forthcoming Bicentennial year at that time. MOTHER'S Speech can be found in N.D. 2-1-75, pgs. 14-16. Miss Darling's remarks were published in N.D. 2-8-75, pgs. 13-15.


Miss Mary Justice:

Peace FATHER and MOTHER Dear, Peace Everyane: I thank FATHER at this time, as you know our Righteous Gov~ertiment Department is set up with various departments, and at this particular time we are going to hear from our executive department through Miss Dorothy Darling.


Miss Dorothy Darling:

Peace to my Holy FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE; Peace to my colleagues on the Executive Staff, my beloved Sisters whom I love and appreciate; Peace to the members of our foreign churches; Peace to all of our visiting members from churches in other states; Peace to a11 of the Followers who are here, the immediate Followers, and Peace to the whole round world! I thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, I have nothing prepared to say so whatever I say I thank YOU that YOU will say it because YOU said, "Open your mouth and I will speak through you," and I'm depending on YOU because that's just the way it is! But when we had our first Bicentennial Congress in 1975 many proposals and suggestions were made concerning the Peace Mission properties, things that needed to be done and things that we considered should be done, and at that time we did say that these various improvements or renovations would be taken care of as the Spirit worked it out, and since that time and even before that time, that's exactly what we've been doing. We did not wait for the 200th birthday of America to do our 'homework' for the Bicentennial, because we've really been working on it I think, well, to my knowledge, ever since I've known FATHER. DIVINE, we've been improving and renovating and getting ready for this NEW WORLD that FATHER is bringing about, this NEW DISPENSATION, this NEW ERA. It is true this is America's birthday, and we are very glad that America has joined us in cleaning up and improving and in building and doing everything that we have been doing for many years, and we are proud to see the improvement in this City of Philadelphia. It is really becoming to be a very beautiful city. (thunderous applause) At the time FATHER said this was the Country Seat of the world, believe me, it didn't look so much like it; it looked like New York City or some other place might have been more appropriate to be the Country Seat — but of course we know FATHER is always right and what HE says MUST BE. And since that time they have torn down so many old buildings and put up so many beautiful new buildings here and the City is really beautiful now, and we know the cause of it! We know that YOU, FATHER Dear, are the cause of this City becoming so beautiful, because it must take its place as the Country Seat of the warld. (applause)

We know that we have much work to do yet and continually the work is going on and there are improvements being made, not only at the Divine Lorraine Hotel — I enjoyed the report of the representative of the Divine Lorraine Hotel — and just as that report went out it really applies to just about all of our Hotels and properties. So really, the cities don't let us get away with any violations, they really demand perfection from us I suppose because we are Followers of FATHER DIVINE and we represent perfection, and they really mean to make us bring it forth. If we have the slightest little violation they let us know, and of course, FATHER has taught us to conform to the law and we do. It is quite a big job to keep the properties in operating condition and free from violations, and as the representative from the Divine Lorraine Hotel said that the taxes are paid, well I can say that the taxes on all of the properties are paid when they become due. (applause) There is no soliciting, no love offerings, no collections taken. No body knows when they are paid but they are paid — all to the Glory and Honor of FATHER DIVINE! (thunderous applause)

The last time that I spoke to you, I believe, was in 1975; at that time I said there was a major renovation going on at Circle Mission Church in Philadelphia, and at this time that particular renovation has been completed. The Church has all new windows throughout the entire building.

In the Circle Mission Church of the Bronx we have a brand new roof. The Unity Mission Church Annex here in Philadelphia has a brand new roof. The Divine Hotel Riviera in Newark has had considerable renovation going on; its dining room, its Holy Communion Hall, has been renewed completely; all new wall covering, all new electrical fixtures; all new chairs in the dining room. The kitchen has been painted. The small dining room has been carpeted wall to wall, and their praise room — I'm not sure that's what they call it — has been beautifully redecorated and new appointments have been added.

There has been much furniture added in many of the properties and, of course, the work here at the Westminister Apartments is still going forward and we are beginning to see the results and it is beautiful; it is more than we could have hoped for, and we are just hoping that it won't be too long before it will really be ready for full service.

Also when I spoke to you last I said that I thought the Divine Tracy Hotel would be ready by this time, well it is not quite but it's very nearly so and it is shaping up beautifully. (applause) We feel very proud of the Divine Tracy Hotel; it may have been a long time and a lot of work but it certainly is worth while. All of the rooms have been renewed, all new wall covering, all new electrical fixtures. Wherever the floors needed to be renewed they have been renewed. All new plumbing throughout the whole building. As I said before, the site stands but the Divine Tracy Hotel is new! And at this time I can say that the Divine Tracy Hotel has been practically re-furnished with very beautiful furniture — not this commercial furniture that you would see in most hotels or motels, but really beautiful furniture that you could go in and feel that you were in your own home, and it is lovely. (applause)

At this time the Holy Communion Banquet Hall is being worked on there, and as I say in the very near future I am sure that FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE are going to be dedicating the new Divine Tracy Hotel. And I do want to say that I happened to be at the Hotel a few nights ago and I was so pleased to see the guests who are coming into the Hotel. It is all that we hoped it would be; it's really international. There were a number of Japanese Doctors coming in, talking in their native tongue and they are so happy, and even though they are here with their wives they are happy to live there under the Modest Code, just to have the privilege of living in a Hotel such as the Divine Tracy with such moderate rates. (applause) Because as you know the rates in all of our Hotels, the weekly rates, are just about what the nightly rates are in the other hotels, and it is samething to consider. In fact people just almost feel we are a little ridiculous, but we only know it is because of FATHER's great Love for humanity that HE has made this possible. (applause sanctions this)

And I would like to say that even though the Hotels are operated, many of them, at full capacity, even with the income from the rental of the rooms, and that of the dining rooms, you can be sure it is not suflicient to maintain the Hotels in the condition that they are maintained today. No doubt what comes in may take care of the utilities, but that's just about it, and whatsoever else is done, is done through the owners of said pmperties, and we do thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear, for making this perfect way of taking care of the Peace Mission holdings. We are so proud of YOU, FATHER, Dear! We don't owe any debts, we don't have any mortgages, we don't buy anything that we can't afford to buy. If we don't have the money we don't buy it, and really, we do have the money for whatsoever we need because of FATHER DIVINE and HIS great Plan tliat HE has laid down for us to follow. And I thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHEB Dear, for a11 of YOUR true Followers that are serving in YOUR Vineyard, gratis, and are happy in serving YOU!

I thank YOU, FATHER, for this marvelous Peace Missian Movement, it is something to consider; I mean, with the economy as it is today, and as one said, with so many hotels and so many businesses closing, and yet we go on — and believe me, we are not in lacks, wants or limitations and it is something to praise GOD for! (thunderous applause)

I could mention many improvements that have been made in many of the properties, in fact, they are made in most all of the properties because, to have a property you have to continually keep it. I know at the Divine Fairmount Hotel in Jersey City that much painting has been done, interior painting. All of the hallways have been painted, many of the rooms have been painted. Of course we had the report on the Divine Lorraine, the Divine Tracy and the Divine Riviera, and as was said they are being continually renovated and renewed and re-furnished, and we thank YOU for YOUR Spirit and Mind, FATHER, Dear, in YOUR Followers that causes us to have the interest to keep the places in such good condition. And I do think, FATHER and MOTHER Dear, that all of us who have the privilege of living in these Peace Mission Homes, Hotels, and Churches, should be more than grateful because, really, you just don't know what you're missing by not living out in that world; you would really be missing the Peace Mission properties for sure, because it's an entirely different form of living. ("So true!" came the sanction.)

FATHER, I thank YOU for YOUR Abundance. As I say, there is much that could be said but I thank YOU for the privilege of having these few words — and I do want to say to YOU and MOTHER — I know this is the 200th Anniversary of our nation, the Bicentennial, but primarily it is the Sacred Holy Anniversary, and I do thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear, because it is because of YOUR Marriage to MOTHER, I feel, that all of this has come about anyway. I mcan, I think it's even the motivation for the Bicentennial. Probably the Country wouldn't even have the spirit if it wasn't for the Holy Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. (thunderous applause) So while we are founded spiritually, FATHER did come on the material plane and HE did say that HE was making material things spiritual. So while we are speaking on the material things, with us it is spiritual because FATHER made them spiritual.

So I thank YOU, FATHER, and MOTHER Dear, for the privilege of being here today and I thank YOU for this glorious occasion, and I thank YOU that MOTHER really rang the Liberty Bell today when She Spoke! (thunderous applause) She rang the Liberty Bell in each and every heart that heard Her speak and many that didn't hear Her speak, because She told us of the Freedom that FATHER DIVINE has brought not only to Her but to all of us — the freedom to do right, the freedom to go forth and live this Life, the freedam to love one anather, and the freedom to let go of self and just be lost in YOUR Holy Will, FATHER, Dear. Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear!


(MOTHER DIVINE's Speech to which Miss Darling referred can be found in Ths New Day under date, May 8th, 1976. pgs. five and six.)


Miss Justice:

Thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER. Thank you, Miss Darling. At this time we are going to hear from a very enthusiastic group known as the New Jersey enthusiasts!

The New Jersey Enthusiasts, resplendent in costumes of red, white and blue, sang and dramatized several stirring inspirational patriotic songs, depicting their love for GOD and Country, and the entire Assembly was caught up in their enthusiasm.

Miss Zacchaeus Hope, one of the co-managers of the Divine Lorrairle Hotel, stepped forward to speak volitionally as follows:


Miss Zacchaeus Hope:

Peace FATHER! Peace, MOTHER,! Peace Everyone! What is this all abaut? FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE! (thunderaus applause and cheers) Our hearts are gladdened today at this great Anniversary Celebratian of the Marriage of FATHER to HIS Spotless Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, and let us, with all the feeling we have, give vent to that which is within us in thanksgiving and Praise to THEM! (The vast Assembly arose as one man at JerusaleRn in a standing ovation, and when Miss Hope could be heard again she said:)

You know it is wonderful to have such a beautiful FATHER and MOTHER — a perfect FATHER and MOTHER — like we have to become perfect Children!

We are so proud of You, MOTHER. We are so glad to see You today looking so beautiful, besutiful, beautiful!(thunderous applause) And this being the Bicentennial year celebration, the 200th birthday of our natian, we are privileged to be living in this day and to be standing on a firm foundation; on the Grace, the Love, the prophecies and the declarations of FATHER DIVINE made to us and to the nation many, many years ago, and we have seen all HIS Words being fulfilled today! (thunderous applause)

We thank FATHER and MOTHER for the enthusiastic New Jerseyans. That's the Spirit! Now get the Spirit and let us go along with that Spirit that keeps us enthused about FATHER and MOTHER. If you don't keep enthused you will lose your way. We muat keep enthused, because FATHER said if HE can't thrill you HE can't heal you. Now such as that thrills us and we know if we need a healing it will heal us. We thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, for YOUR great Condescension to be with us today in YOUR BODIES! (again thunderous applause and cheers) We thank YOU for serving us, we thank YOU for unveiling the Bell, we thank YOU for every little tiny Word YOU said to us, and we thank YOU for looking so beautiful! It gives us the motivation to go on and on and on. FATHER and MOTHER, we love YOU and adore YOU, and one more clap for FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE! (Again the sound was tumultuous.)


Miss Beverly Bryant, Rosebud:

Peace FATHER Dear, Peace MOTHER Dear, Peace to our Visiting Guests and Peace Everyone! I just want to say, FATHER, I thank YOU for being here in a body. I thank YOU to be married to YOU, to do as YOU will. Let YOUR Will be done.

It is good to be here to see so many Children who have come from afar. We know that it is FATHER's Love that brought them and that will take them back safely!

I just wanted to read an excerpt of FATHER's about the Marriage.

FATHER says:

"That is what MOTHER DIVINE and I actually produced: HONESTY, COMPETENCE and TRUTH, LOVE and DEVOTION for our Fellowman and for GOD and for our Country! Aren't you glad! Through that glarious unnatural but legalistic marriage I produced and gave birth to millions into this Light of a real Citizenry of a true Democracy through Her. That is why not one of MY true Follawers is gaing around begging, soliciting, borrowing and stealing; because I have given them a New Birth of Freedom of Honesty, of Competence and of Truth and of virtue and of Holiness! Therefore, the Virginity of Mary I have made a living reality for you! . . .

"The thing you vividly visualize you tend to materialize!"

In these audiences over which I preside you can see the VIRTUE and the HOLINESS exemplified in the very physical bodily forms of the children of men, for they have visualized and concentrated on these qualities and lived them and stressed them in their memory until they have produced them and brought them to fruition. Therefore, ye are now Living Epistles of a true Democxacy, Christianity and Americanism and of a real Virgin Standard of living to be exemplified universally! You are seen and read by men!

Read these qualities in the faces of the adherents to MY Teaching! Talk with them if you wish to—both men and women. See if they have not produced and brought to fruitian the very Nature and Quality of GOD transmittad, and the Virginity of Mary as GOD to the world, through Her, gave it!

I need not say more. Through this Birth and through this Marriage of which we are now speaking, it was marvelaus because thousands and millions have gone back and paid their old back bills! Can you not see it is not a Personal affair? Can you not see the profundity of Virtue, of Honesty and of Truth? Can you not see what I AM doing for the benefit of humanity among you? It is NOT for ME!

In your City right here, MY Fellow Citizens, Hearers and Friends, thousands of dollars have been paid to charities, and back bills in the thousands and even millions have been paid, that were outlawed—by the Spirit of MY HONESTY and MOTHER's combined that gave BIRTH to such a FAITH among the children of men! ...

Therefore, I shall do more now, from henceforth, than I have ever done before, in the producing and bringing to fruition the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus, of Virtue, of Righteousness and of Truth in the people!. ..

They are walking in MY Statutes by the millions because of this great Conversion, this New Birth of Freedom I AM giving; for Abraham Lincoln desired' that this whole nation might have a New Birth of Freedom and. I AM here to say, a New Birth of Freedom I have given millions, that they might live Soberly, Righteously and Godly and express Democxacy, Brotherhood and Christianity and prove to the world conclusively, once and forever, that which was deemed as Something supernatural is tangible, materializable, reproducible and personifiable!

The Principle of Mathematics has been personified many times, has it not? When it was develaped, or when it is develaped in one's skill and ability to use the Principle expertly and accurately, that persan is a mathematician; the personification of mathematics developed. Can you not see the mystery ?... ~

I AM reproducing and re-personifying Virtue, Holiness, Honesty, Competence and Truth; Americanism, Democracy and Brotherhood, as I say it to you!

. . . And eventually it shall be just this way all over this wide extended plane! There will be no more race riots and confusion among the inhabitants of the Land! Can you not see the blessed mystery? There will be no more lacks, wants and limitations; there will be no more adverse and undesirable conditions; for GOD HIMSELF shall be with you thence, henceforth and forever! I thank you." (applause)

This was given August 7th, 1946 —(re-printed N. D. 5-12-73 pgs. 15-16

I do thank FATHER and MOTHER for everyone's blessing. It is good to be here and just to do better, because we have it, and I just thank FATHER to bless each and everyone. I thank YOU FATHER. and MOTHER!


Later in the Service Mr. Eugen Ammann who recently arrived from the Circle Mission Church of Switzerland, but is now here to stay, arose to speak as follows:


Mr. Eugen Ammatun :

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: I am just so glad to be here, I thank YOU FATHER and I thank You MOTHER! Thank FATHER for such a beautiful Family! (applause) Thank YOU FATHER and thank You MOTHER we know we are truly living in a new day. With YOU, FATHER, we live, in an ETERNAL NEW DAY, and it is just so wonderful. We thank YOU for having brought us such a beautiful Teaching, and not only that, but having exemplified it in YOUR Holy BODY, FATHER, and in YOUR beautiful Bride so that we can have something to eat, for it is said, "Without a vision the people perish !"

Thank YOU, FATHER, for having brought us such a beautiful outlook on a new way of life. I thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, for having brought about that beautiful human race. There is only one race, the human race, where there is no discrimination, no segregation — nothing of that kind — just one race, the angelic race! (applause) And thank YOU FATHER, once again, for having built this new world in America, which is said to be 'the new world,' (thunderous applause) I thank YOU FATHER.

You know FATHER says in all of HIS wonderful Messages, to take the Consciousness of GOD's Presence with you, and I thought about that one day and I was talking to FATHER and asked HIM, well, what shall I do? I don't know what — what sha11 I do to improve and to strengthen this Consciousness? And then HE told me, "Don't look that far away. Just feel your pulse." I felt my pulse and THERE IT WAS — a little Voice talking to me and It said, (he speaks the words rhythmically) "I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM!" And then FATHER said, "Well, there you have it. Here I AM! What are you looking for so far? — HERE I AM, BECAUSE I AM LIFE !" Thank YOU FATHER, thank You MOTHER.


Miss Faith Wilmott of the Circle Mission Church of Australia:

Peace FATHER. Dear and Peace MOTHER, Dear and Peace Everyone: Well, I am not much of a speaker, I don't speak, and especially when I get in front of these `mikes'. I heard one say something about how they feel, and I really feel I've got `butterflies'!(merriment) But I thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, to be here at this wonderful occasion and I know that as I stand here and represent Australia—Melbonrne and Sydney — I know that all the Followers over there could wish to be in this same spot! (applause) And I bring their greetings to FATHER and MOTHER and to all the Children. I just thank YOU FATHER that I know Lhat they are thinking about us today here, and they are with FATHER, and MOTHER celebrating, or getting ready to celebrate this wonderful Holy Marriage.

I thought it was so wonderful today as I saw MOTHER walking up the stairs in this beautiful white gown of purity and blue cape, and the little red shces — I thought, well, it wouldn't matter what you did to represent America, you couldn't have anything more beautiful!(thunderous applause) And I could not help but think how, you know, they honor the Queen of England and everybody thinks she looks beautiful, I suppose, but my goodness!— if only they could see MOTHER in all of Her beauty — if only the world could see it, it would be so wonderful! And the last time I was here I had the privilege of seeing FATHER, in HIS BODY — that was something I will never forget, because I saw the meekness of FATHER, and yet I saw the Majesty of FATHER — those wonderful shoulders of FATHER's, they were so beautiful! (thunderous applause)

I thank YOU, FATHER Dear, for having that wonderful privilege, but I just want to say that I did not have to come to see FATHER, to know HE is GOD. I knew HE was GOD !(again thunderous applause) And for many years the so-called family that I was with, we were in the Teaching of FATHER, DNINE, but apparently there comes a split because, well, you rea11y can't walk along together unless you are united together in spirit, mind and body, and for twelve months or so, the spirit was warring with the flesh—not with my flesh, because I knew, and although I was brought out, and I apparently am the only one left, I just thank YOU, FATHER, that I had that Conviction that I KNEW YOU WERE GOD! And in 1937, you know—I think it was in 1937 or there abouts when the world was writing about FATHER, there were so many things written about FATHER that went through Australia, that were aften lies and wickedness, and it was not easy to hold up the NAME of FATHER amongst all of this — and I was in a position, in a business in the same city where FATHER's Message was given out. We had meetings, and you know, the people would come in and you knew that some of them didn't want that sort af thing, and for the moment it was depression days and I could have thought, well, maybe I should go the other way. I mean that a thought comes to you when you know your livelihood is dependent on the job, so to speak.

But I thank YOU, FATHER, YOU kept me in that position for just on sixteen years and then I left. Because when FATHER married MOTHER I knew I could leave home because I felt I was married to FATHER, and it was then that I said I would be leaving work, leaving home, and going to the Church, which I had always wanteci to do — and so I did — and I thank YOU, FATHER Dear, that since then I have had nothing but wonderful love; work; plenty of work and I love it; happiness and joy; and I have never wanted one thing. FATHER has supplied my all!(thunderous applause) And when I was leaving work, you know, they wanted to give me six months leave on full pay, to think it over and let me come back, and give me twice the salary — twice the salary and less work. But nothing, not a thing would keep me! I felt I had my freedom from that day — and thank YOU FATHER, YOU have kept me with that freedom and I feel so free, because FATHER said in an early letter to me when I wrote and told FATHER what I wanted to do I can't quote FATHER's Words; I wouldn't try; but HE said, when I had broken the bonds of mortality, not to be bound again; and that little phrase of FATHER's has kept me all the time so FREE, and I just thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear, for it, and I feel so honored to be able to be called one of FATHER's Children! (applause)

I just feel that it is a wonderfu] blessing to be here. When I see all this crowd and all the abundance and beauty that I saw today, I feel we haven't even got on the `first run' back in Australia somehow — but I guess as long as there's a Chureh I thank YOU, FATHER,, to be in it and to hold YOUR NAME there and to keep the doors open, because I feel FATHER mentions Australia so much, as well as other countries, but I suppose I feel I am personally linked with Australia at the moment in the Church, and I just feel so happy, FATHER Dear, to do YOUR Will and to always keep the door open for YOUR Holy NAME! Thank YOU FATHER.


Miss Justice:

Peace FATHER and Peace MOTHER Dear: I just wanted to say, before we conclude, that T thank FATHER and MOTHER for the Peace Mission Band, for their lovely renditions. (thunderous applause) And we thank FATHER and MOTHER for the cooperation from all of those who have paxticipated this evening in making our Forum a success. And we do thank You, MOTHER, for Your Personal Presence, (thunderous applause and cheers) for we do realize it is a condescension. Whether we see it, it is a condescension. And for all of these Blessings, FATHER and MOTHER, we do thank YOU — and at this time let us all stand and sing, "All Hail the Power of FATHER's NAME."

(All stand and sing:)

"All hail the Power of FATHER's NAME,
Let angels prostrate fall,
Bring forth the Royal Diadem
And crown HIM LORD af all,
Bring forth the Roya1 Diadem
And crown HIM LORD of all.

"Let every nation, every tribe
On this terrestrial ball,
To HIM all Majesty ascribe
And crown HIM LORD of all,
To HIM all Majesty ascribe
And crown HIM LORD of all!"








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