Presentations to Father and Mother Divine on Their 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Circle Mission Church


FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1976 A.D.F.D. TIME: About 4:55 P.M.




On this beautiful occasion, Followers from far and near expressed their thanksgiving, their love and praise and adoration by presenting beautiful arrangements of flowers to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. All the beautiful flowers of springtime of every hue and description, yielding their fragrance, were in the arrangements. A few of the speeches of some of those who presented flowers are herein transcribed. Mr. Eugene Ammann of the Circle Mission Church of Switzerland spoke as follows:

Mr. Eugene Ammann:

Peace, FATHER, Peace, MOTHER., Peace, Everyone! Thank YOU, FATHER, for the privilege and the honor to present to YOU in the name of the Circle Mission Church of Switzerland this beautiful symphony of flowers as an expression of love of all the children in Switzerland, for YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, for all YOU have done, for all YOU are doing and for all YOU will do. (Thunderous applause resounds.) It is so wonderful to keep and to stay in a state of mind where we can praise YOU and thank YOU continually, for as long as we do that, we will be in contact with YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, and there are no troubles and no handicaps and no oppositions!

I thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER to help us and to help all to overcome our own self. As FATHER says, the worst enemy is that of our own household — the enemy within; and we know we can't do anything, but as MOTHER, said once, "when we come to our end, then GOD will begin." Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, to help us to do our job, and it should be a full time job — to concentrate on FATHER and MOTHER.

This presentation, it is a lesson, a good lesson for us all, because I thought to make this presentation yesterday when MOTHER Personally was there at Unity Mission Church, but FATHER'S Work, it is called the Peace Mission Movement, no stagnation, but Movement, it is going on all the time, and so the thought came to me that we have got to come to that point where we have got to recognize FATHER's and MOTHER's PRESENCE all the time. So we do not have to wait for the Personal Form to appear, because THEY ARE HERE!("It's true," came the sanction.) That thought is the solution to all of our problems because it is not the BODY that can help us when we are somewhere far away in Switzerland or Australia. We have to realize and be conscious there in Switzerland and in Australia and everywhere! We have to make that mental and spiritual contact in order to get the results. And as FATHER says, in all of HIS Interviews, as we make that mental and spiritual contact, we get instant results, and that is the most important thing to realize and to recognize and to be conscious of GOD's, FATHER's and MOTHER's, PR.ESENCE at all times. Thank YOU, FATHER. Thank You, MOTHER.


Mrs. Rosa Kunz:

Peace, FATHER Dear, Peace MOTHER Dear. Peace, Everyone! On this occasion, FATHER, I wish to thank YOU so much from the depths of my heart for the blessing of coming to Philadelphia, the Country Seat of the World. It is beautiful. It is the first time I have spent in Philadelphia for the Anniversary. I thank FATHER to bring to YOU so many, many greetings from the coworkers from the Church in Switzerland. YOU blessed us so with the Church. YOU know it took a long, long time, and I thank YOU. FATHER, they are so happy now to have a building where they can come and serve and be served and not have to have services in a restaurant.

I thank YOU, FATHER, and I bring to YOU and MOTHER so many, many greetings. They love YOU and they adore YOU. Thank YOU, FATHER, and MOTHER.


Miss Roma Graveur:

Peace, FATHER Dear, Peace, MOTHER Dear and Peace Everyone! We thank FATHER and M0THER for all being gathered here in this beautiful Church. We thank YOU for all the hearts that want to give YOU honor and give YOU praise and give YOU love. And those of us who are here and those who have come here, those who have never been here, we know that your hearts are full of love and thanks today and every day, for the great blessing we have had bestowed upon us. Just this minute I was thinking of the ones who have had the privilege to come here to America and they are not here today, because once you have been here and seemingly are away, you have a special feeling about here; and these flowers come from two of YOUR children who have been blessed to come here, Mr. Walter Tarnutzer and Elsie Tarnutzer from Effretikan, Switzerland, and I feel that they are only representing so many of YOUR children who have been here and have been blessed and graced by being in YOUR PRESENCE. I know they are enjoying it wheresoever they are today.

It came to me as I was standing out there about David, David who just praised GOD because of the goodness of GOD. It was something in him that wanted to praise something greater than himself. I thank FATHER, and MOTHER that there will always be praise especially in bodies that will want to give YOU thanks and give YOU praise and bring YOU love and give YOU honor, because it is meant for us to give honor to our MAKER. Thank FATHER and MOTHER that the desire to praise will never leave us, that is why we have thanks in our heart to praise that ONE that is within us to call it what you may, call it the Principle, call it anything. And when we have that Spirit in us to praise Something bigger than ourselves, then it is really glory to GOD in the highest individually, governmentally and in every way. Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, and a happy Anniversary to everybody!


Miss Debbie Gains:

Peace, FATHER, Peace, MOTHER, Peace, Everyone! We want to give these flowers to MOTHER and FATHER because we really appreciate what they have done for us, and for my father — for giving him a job here, and for my family, We really thank you all. I don't know what to say. Thank you and Peace, everyone.








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