Mother Divine's Invitation to Visiting Guests. Their Responses.
Also Remarks of Mother Divine at various Times during Anniversary Celebration
of the Holy Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to HIS Spotless Virgin Bride








SATURDAY — MAY 1, 1976 A.D.F.D. TIME: 8:00 P.M.





MOTHER DIVINE's first remarks on this glorious occasion were published in the New Day under date, May 22nd, 1976 on page 18. But so much happened during this beautiful Holy Communion Service — guests and Followers from here and abroad giving vent to heartfelt praise in glory and honor of FATHER DIVINE's great Work and Mission and its accomplishments — that it could not be covered in one issue alone. These speeches stirred MOTHER DIVINE, the Spotless Virgin Bride, to speak forth Words of Spirit and Life, filling the atmosphere with a feeling of Love that this world has never tasted, for it can only be received by hearts opened to GOD HIMSELF and letting HIM Rule and Reign in one's daily life and affairs.

One speaker arose volitionally to speak—Mrs. Irene Wormley of Chicago, Illinois. It was after her testimony that MOTHER UIVINE invited others to express volitionally if they so desired.

Mrs. Irene Wormley, Chicago, Ill.

She spoke in part as follows: Peace FATHER and Peace MOTHER; Peace Everyone: I thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER to be here today to be present at the Holy Communion Banquet, but I thank YOU, FATHER, especially, and most of all, for the Conviction that I have, that YOU have given me. We hear a lot about the progress America has made in the twentieth century, but as Followers of FATHER DIVINE, having seen all of these things come about not especially in the twentieth century but in the year of our LORD GOD FATHER DIVINE, it makes us know what can take place.

It is wonderful to sit here and listen to the patriotic songs by the Rosebud Choir and to see the integration or the amalgamation of the people that FATHER has brought together — it is beautiful! For maybe three hundred years America, the United States, just ignored those of a dark complexion, and in so doing they destroyed a great source of potential. But as we all know today, just as FATHER said in the Message we heard, HE is going to bring all of this about by HIS Spirit, and HE has brought it about!

I was in Europe a couple of years ago and it was interesting while there to go though the catacombs to see how the people used to worship underground, especially in the catacombs, because they were not allowed to worship Christ openly, yet Jesus was the Son, the manifestation of GOD in the Sonship Degree. But being of Jewish heritage from Israel, they were not ready to accept of Him as He was — they had to dress Him up as they thought He should look ... they could not accept of Him otherwise. Now FATHER has come in the FATHERSHIP Degree and HE is the Personification, the manifestation of GOD ALMIGHTY in the Flesh, and I am sorry if the people don't have that Conviction, because in time they will, when they see all these things coming about which were spoken of that would come to pass.

(Mrs. Wormley gave some statistics in reference to this, and after mentioning another item of interest along this line she concluded by saying:)

So all of this has been brought about by GOD FATHER DIVINE ... and we have the privilege of visualizing the work and the beauty and the productivity of American people — not just one nation — not just this and that, but all of the people. As MOTHER DIVINE said, "this American race". It will be entirely different, an entirely different kind of people! And I thank FATHER, I am eternally grateful that I came into the knowledge of FATHER. When you get this Conviction things begin to manifest for you; you begin to experience success and the abundance of the fullness that FATHER has placed before you. You can demonstrate this in your own home, in your own life, and you do not live in lacks, wants or limitations, because GOD has brought it about! I thank YOU, FATHER. I thank You, MOTHER.


Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone: I am very happy that Mrs. Irene Wormley felt free to volitionally get up and express her thoughts and her convictions, because this is the hall of democracy and everyone has the privilege to move volitionally and speak to the dictates of their own conscience.

We have many visiting guests with us this evening. Indeed it is a blessing to be called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; to be HIS Guests and have HIM serve you of the abundance of the fullness of the food for the sustenance of your bodies, and to be fed of the mental and spiritual food such as we have been fed here—HIS matchless Words of Spirit and Life! — to hear the inspirational compositions sung by the Rosebud Choir, and to be fed by this Atmosphere of beauty, tranquility and love, it is a blessing to be here; I am sure you all feel it! (thunderous applause)

It is a wonderful thing to know that GOD is a Free Gift to mankind. HE came, HE is here giving of HIMSELF so freely, and asks only that we love HIM and serve HIM and praise HIM; give vent to the Spirit of Christ that is within you, that that Spirit might grow and produce fruit that can be a pleasure to GOD. That is why America is so wonderful, because it gave liberty to the Spirit of Christ, and that is why GOD loves America. That is why you are here and I am here and we are all gathered here together in this liberty and this freedom and this privilege to gather together. So I am sure that none of you want to miss this opportunity to let the Holy Spirit have Its way, and if you have something to say you may move volitionally as I have explained, in stating that this truly is the hall of democracy. Thank YOU FATHER. (As two speakers arose at the same time, MOTHER said, We will hear from Mr. Eugen Ammann of Switzerland.)

Mr. Eugen Ammann:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: It is good to be here. Aren't you glad! Thank YOU, FATHER, for this glorious holy gathering here, and as FATHER used to say, "The Abundance of the Fullness of all good things, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof." And so this beautiful gathering is an outward expression of that sentence. (applause) Where can you enjoy such a beautiful Banquet where we have the abundance of the fullness of a multitude of courses going around in such a beautiful way? And then the abundance of the fullness of light and the abundance of the fu1lness of decorations, the beautiful decorations! (applause) And the abundance of the fullness of the beautiful music of beautiful songs! But it does not stop at that because there is much more, and that is, the abundance of the fullness of the within, of beautiful thoughts, of good ideas and of good opinions — and this glorious abundance of the fullness of the mind within is truly the Woodmont consciousness. And in this beautiful consciousness we do not have to look afar, we do not have to seek it afar, but I see it in the expression of your faces. I thank YOU FATHER what YOU have brought about on this earth plane— this beautiful Family where there is no discrimination and no segregation, no races, no colors, nothing of that, but just ONE Happy FAMILY, and as FATHER wrote me once in a letter — it was a beautiful passage, I'll never forget that, and it is for all of us. FATHER wrote there: "As pioneers in this new world, I AM lifting MY Own above the limitations of mortality." And as we all know, the work of pioneers is hard work, but I thank YOU, FATHER, that we have YOUR Help because we of our own, we can do nothing, but we have FATHER and MOTHER to help us to go on in that glorious Highway of Holiness! Thank YOU FATHER, thank You MOTHER.

Mrs. Rose Kunz — Switzerland:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: FATHER, I thank YOU to be here to partake of the Banquet with the Holy Family of GOD, and I thank FATHER for bringing back MOTHER to the Banquet Table — our Queen of the Universe! (applause) I thank YOU FATHER, the day, I never shall forget the day I saw MOTHER dancing at the Banquet Table, so beautiful!— so sweet! I thank FATHER, it was so Wonderful! Thank FATHER, thank FATHER! Thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER.

Miss Suzette Ammann — Switzerland:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone! FATHER Dear, I am so glad to be here! It is so wonderful, FATHER, I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. I thank YOU! I thank YOU! I thank YOU! And first, FATHER, I thank YOU for YOURSELF. I thank YOU for YOURSELF, FATHER Dear, that YOU brought YOUR BODY on this earth plane! (thunderous applause)

We have a song (reciting the words, then singing):

While the world is in confusion,
The LORD GOD of Heaven
Is establishing HIS Kingdom on earth!

Isn't that true? (thunderous applause and cheers sanction this.)

Mr. Walter Kunz — Switzerland:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: I am so glad to be here. It is truly a privilege to be here in this Bicentennial year and in this Bicentennial City, and I am glad to present to FATHER and MOTHER a copy of the flag that was made two hundred years ago right here in this City, and I thank FATHER and MOTHER for all HE has done for Philadelphia, for the United States, and for all mankind! I present You this Flag.

1776 American Flag

1776 American Flag




Mr. Walter Kunz of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Switzerland at Wallisellen presents a Betsy Ross flag he made to FATHER and MOTHER during Anniversary services at the Divine Lorraine Hotel, 699 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia on May 1.


(Thunderous applause and cheers rang out as MOTHER DIVINE arose to accept the flag.)


Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone: FATHER and I are very happy to receive this beautiful replica of the Betsy Ross Flag. (MOTHER held the Flag up for all to see, and again the applause and cheers were tumultuous.) To Me it is especially significant that a representative from Switzerland would have the inspiration to present this to FATHER, and to do it with such love and appreciation for FATHER, and it is just FATHER's Love coming back to HIM, because we know how FATHER loves little Switzerland! (thunderous applause) For little Switzerland has, I guess, been a consolation to the Heart of GOD because she has been democratic, and because of her democracy she has grown many beautiful, beautiful people for GOD! (thunderous applause and cheers) So we thank YOU, FATHER Dear. (MOTHER resumed Her seat, only to rise again to say:)

I think Miss Anna DiFrancisco from Buffalo wanted to say a word.

Miss Anna DiFrancisco:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: I wanted to thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear, for this blessed privilege to be here, Darling, to rejoice with the LORD GOD. I thank YOU for this beautiful Holy Communion Table, Darling. Oh Darling, we enjoy everything, FATHER and MOTHER Dear; especially me, Darling! I thank YOU for every Blessing, Darling. I thank YOU for health and strength, for YOUR Love and tender care, Darling. I thank YOU for YOUR eyesight, Darling. I want to thank FATHER and MOTHER Darling for these few words — I don't know how to sing it:

Blessings and blessings shall fall on you,
GOD is your FATHER and your MOTHER too,
Blessings and blessings shall fall on you!

I thank YOU FATHER and I thank You MOTHER Dear.


Mr. Aaron Shapiro of Philadelphia.

Mr. Aaron Shapiro:

(To MOTHER DIVINE) Thank You. Congratulations, FATHER and MOTHER, on YOUR. Anniversary, and GOD bless YOU both! As I told before, I am not much at public speaking — that's a Bicentennial joke — only at FATHER's and MOTHERS's Table.

I'll tell you an incident that happened some time ago — well, before that I'll tell you this, what I wanted to tell you first. You know, GOD gave us everything, but one thing HE didn't give us and that was money, because FATHER said to go out and work. HE gave us all these things — the air we breathe and everything, the material things, but HE wanted us to go out and earn our money and that's why GOD didn't give us money. That was one thing HE didn't give us! (merriment)

I have been here several different Banquets several years, and I never wanted to interject commercialism because I am here to spiritualize. I'll tell you a little incident that happened a few years back. FATHER and MOTHER came with an entourage of two limousines and THEY parked in front of my place and THEY came in, and I was so overwhelmed and blessed. And we had a certain meeting to go to at another place and we went to the other place, and the following week, my business doubled. (applause) Well, I didn't want to interject commercialism because I'm here to spiritualize. Now the trouble with the Country is that the people commercialize without spiritualizing. (loud applause)

Now if there is a doctor or if there is an accountant, or whatever you are — a truck driver — everybody is important; nobody is higher or lower; we are all under GOD's care. And what we have to do is have heart, and heart is part of spiritualism. Now there was a statement made, "All men are created equal," which I go along with — but I interject this: All men are created equal if they have spirit, and GOD help them if they don't have the Spirit! (applause)

I want to thank FATHER and MOTHER, and GOD bless THEM again, for having the privilege to be here with my friends, distinguished guests, and everyone that made it so possible for us to be here, thank you, and Peace!


Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone: I didn't mean to be a jack-in-the-box, always popping up, but I think it is wonderful, what Mr. Shapiro said, because we know that GOD deals in the affairs of men, and FATHER has preached and demonstrated and told the people how they should consider GOD in their business dealings. I mean Mr. Shapiro is absolutely right, what he said — but the point I want to comment on is that they say that all men are created equal and many people have questioned this because they feel that certain circumstances of birth makes them unequal because they don't have the same opportunities — but I reconciled that as true in MY Own Mind by that fact, that if you have the Spirit, that you are equal. FATHER says "the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." There is that of GOD in all men and if we recognize it, it doesn't matter whether you are a doctor, or a truck driver, whatever it is, you are just as much in GOD's Sight. And whether people are conscious of it or not, their goal is to become one with GOD — to come into the fullness —"Of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace." That means that we all have this Christ within us, and that if we obey It and allow It to develop and be brought to fruition we all can have the same inheritance.

We are all not only Sons of GOD, but FATHER said, as the Son — as if we were the only Heir. As FATHER would say, "Can you not see the mystery?" It may seem a mystery but it's really not a mystery, because GOD is operative and expressive for everyone — and I do believe that whatsoever situation we find ourselves in, in life, that is the place we should be and the best place for us to develop and bring the Christ within to fruition. We all are different because we are expressions of GOD. GOD is just Infinite and HE loves .., what is the word I mean? (Voice from the Assembly: Variety! MOTHER joins in the merriment, saying,) Yes, HE loves variety! Just like every snow flake is different, every fingerprint is different, we all are individual and yet we are all required to express perfection. Perfection doesn't mean sameness, but we all can be an individual expression of GOD. We all have our own particular ca11ing in GOD, and when we all fulfil it we will make up that beautiful Body of Christ. (thunderous applause) And just as the human body is made up of different parts that all have their function to make the body useful and what it is, it's the same with the Body of Christ, and I think this is so wonderful!— and if everyone would recognize this, they would know there is no need for jealousy or competition but only unification and a spirit to help everyone to fulfil their calling. Because we know that we feel much better when every member of our body is functioning right and feeling better. (applause)

So I just wanted to comment on that, and I think that is wonderful, what Mr. Shapiro did say — that the thing that is the matter in the material world is that they have left GOD out of it, and when they bring GOD into consideration things will be different! I thank YOU FATHER.

Miss Faith Wilmott — Australia:

Peace FATHER Dear, Peace MOTHER Dear, Peace Everyone: FATHER Dear, I do truly thank YOU far this wonderful blessing of being here at this Holy Communion Table to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Lamb and the Bride. I was thinking too, as the brother spoke, how everything is commercialized and that's true, because you know, they commercialize Christmas, they commercialize Father's Day and Mother's Day, but I thought how wonderful it is that they can't commercialize on GOD's Holy Marriage! (applause) Because it is so wonderful to think that it is so pure and so Holy, and that's what draws us all together tonight, I am sure — the Holiness, the Virginity and the beauty. And as FATHER said on that Message too, how we are all ONE, and I feel I am very blessed to be an American — I call myself an American, because I don't worry about nationality or anything like that, I just feel that I am trying to live the Principles of the Teaching of FATHER DIVINE. (applause)

I also would like to thank FATHER and MOTHER for all the beauty and everything that I have seen since I have been here. We were on a tour today of the places, and, well, I know FATHER said to aim at perfection — well I always thought I would love to do everything perfectly but I don't think I'll be even started that much yet, when I see the perfection around! And how as MOTHER did say that you can't put anything on to one — there is so many — when you think of all of this beauty and all the work and the abundance, and what it takes to get all this for us here, and yet it is all given freely because of the Love of GOD. To me I think that is a very, very wonderful thing, because if it wasn't for FATHER, this would not be! (applause) If it was not for FATHER expressing in the bodies it could not be, because money couldn't buy this, it really could not, and I just think how wonderful it is — it is one for all and all for one — and i feel so grateful, FATHER, to be one in the number; to be amongst the ALL for the ONE, because I am for all, but I am for the ONE! (MOTHER DIVINE; That's right.) Because FATHER, YOU know YOU have my heart — because when I was here before and I had the privilege of having an interview with FATHER, I told FATHER, that I gave HIM my heart, and FATHER looked at me and smiled and HE said, "Do you want to do that?" and when I said yes, FATHER said, "So glad."

So I just thank YOU, FATHER, to just keep me keeping on praising YOU and serving YOU to the greatest of my ability, which I feel is so very small when I see what is done for YOU, but I feel if I just keep on keeping on, I won't worry about it — I'll just keep on keeping on! (thunderous applause)


Excuse Me. I just feel I must say that the last speaker is our distinguished guest from the Circle Mission Church of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (thunderous applause and cheers)

Mr. Steven Civera:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Friends: My name is Steven Civera, and I and my wife, and my friends, Dr. and Mrs. Aukburg, were invited as guests here tonight. I would like to thank FATHER and MOTHER for the invitation, and I would like to say that I can't remember when I've spent a more memorable evening. Thank you very much.


We have with us Mr. and Mrs. Pindell. They have been with us on other occasions and perhaps they would like to have something to say.

Mr. Howard D. Pindell, former Professor of Temple University and former member of Common Pleas Court, Philadelphia.

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everybody: I always find it quite an inspirational experience to be with you. I don't know of any experience I have had any place that gives me the kind of inspiration that you do; you are beautiful! I think you are precious because you radiate Peace, you radiate Love, you demonstrate team-ship — I have never seen such team-ship— and in this room tonight I think you have shut out the evilness of the world. If there is any Heaven on earth, it's in here! (applause)

I would like to tell you a secret — I've told you this before on my visit. In the 1930's — I'm dating myself — when I was doing graduate work at Columbia University, some of us heard that FATHER DIVINE was coming to Rockland Palace in New York, and that there were only two men in the United States who had ever filled Rockland Palace; that was the popular Franklin Delano Roosevelt and FATHER DIVINE. I went, and may I tell you, I have never seen such beauty — such a ray of human beauty! It was packed, and during that Service as you all waved your handkerchiefs, it was beautiful to see — you were lifted out of yourself! And here I am forty-three years later, and I see the same beauty. Thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER.

Mrs. Howard D. Pindell, former member of the Philadelphia School System.

My husband has expressed the same ideas that I have. As I look about, MOTHER and FATHER, I see familiar faces. We have not been for some years, but I can think back the last time we were here, as you will recall, I was recuperating from a major heart attack, and I am very happy to say even though the doctor had told my husband, which I didn't know, and my daughter, that it would take five days for them to determine whether I would make it or not, and see, I am here! (loud applause) And I truly think it was the faith that my family had, and the love that I felt. I wasn't concerned. I had no idea, I did not give any thought that those hours were perhaps my last. When I came to this place and saw all the beauty, and I love beauty — I could recall when I was a child, that they said if you had love for GOD in your heart you prayed in sackcloth and ashes. That's not true, and you have proved that it is not true! And whenever I come I feel inspired by all the beauty that I see.

I am going to date myself and go back some forty years. I was working then, I was teaching in Maryland just eighteen miles from Washington, D.C., and as you know it was the Depression. Now I had never seen FATHEB, sorry to say, but I sought all of the things that HE has stood for and the things that HE believed in and has taught you. That was during the Depression, as I said. We had heard that in Washington there was a FATHER DIVINE Mission, and as you know, in Washington D.C. there is a great University—Howard University. Students could barely make it. And it was FATHEB DIVINE's inspiration, HIS help, HIS Hand reaching out — and for 35 cents those students went to HIS Place and they were sustained physically; spiritually. And I know if I were to meet any of those former students of Howard University that I saw at FATHER DIVINE's they would say THANK YOU, FATHER. Thank You, MOTHER!(thunderous applause)

May I just tell you one other thing? I am glad to be here, because I had the privilege of meeting this gentleman at my left. When I heard he was from Basel, Switzerland — the year before last I went through Paris to Basel, Switzerland, to Lucerne, Switzerland, and it was a thrill to have him sit beside me.


Peace FATHER, Peace Everyone: I would just like to introduce to the audience Professor and Mrs. Kenneth Burnham—Professor Burnham of Temple University. I don't know if the Professor wishes to have a word to say. It is your privilege to speak or not to speak, Professor Burnham.

Professor Kenneth Burnham:

I would like to say, thank YOU, FATHER, thank You, MOTHER — Happy Anniversary! So glad to see MOTHER back here in Person!(applause and cheers)

I was not going to speak because everybody else beats me to it and says things I was going to say — but I was impressed with FATHER pointing out how things don't come by mysticism; that HE doesn't do things mystically. When you talk about putting spirit into spiritual things, I was thinking how people overcome prejudice. They overcome prejudice by taking a different spirit in. And when I think of all of this beauty I think how people have the spirit of working all the hours and hours and days and days to get this together. To me if somebody talks about love and brotherhood and all that stuff, but they never tangibilated it in any way that people can experience, I don't think they really mean all they say — but here I come, and here all these beautiful things are, which I know somebody had to love first, but then they had to sweat to make this love real! (applause)

(During the Depression, meals in any public restaurants in the Extensions under the Personal Jurisdiction of FATHER DiVINE throughout the United States were sold at ten and fifteen cents.)

Mrs. Hightower, Chicago:

Peace, thank YOU FATHER and MOTHER. It is my pleasure, my husband and I— this is my first time and it is a pleasure to be here with my husband Raymond, from Chicago, and mother, to be at the Banquet Table. I can think of all of us, and myself included, as scholars of GOD, and how richly you have been endowed with Divine capabilities in overcoming the challenges of life. Keep on keeping on and, GOD bless all of you!

Mr. Raymond Hightower (excerpts):

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: I would just like to take this moment to wish YOU Happy Anniversary, and to say that that Message tonight was so very appropriate. I can understand what Professor Burnham is speaking of — I had a chance to speak with him briefly before coming in, talking about some of the different kinds of religion and so forth. My experience has been, during the last several years, to be exploring into several different reported religious convictions, and in religions you find a lot of sincere people, but I think that one thing that I appreciate more than anything else about FATHER DIVINE, is in, as HE mentioned, this Message tonight.. Folks want to know, you know, how can HE be GOD? Can HE do something, you know, like pull a rabbit out of a hat or something of that sort? Many people today are looking for magical solutions without working, without effort, and they have a spooky-minded idea about GOD. Now I know that FATHER DIVINE has said, "I AM making religion scientific as the principles of mathematics," and tonight HE said, words to this effect "I bring things about through the natural course." Now that's really a blessing because that brings us out of that spooky-mindedness and that darkness. (applause)

... Folks are looking up in the sky for GOD or expect to meet GOD after they are dead, and all that nonsense, so therefore when those folks go into college and listen to professors, they study and they don't believe in that GOD, and they go to Church on Sunday and they pay their alms, and so forth, it is so hypocritical, because they know in their own minds it is not so, and yet they have been taught a}1 of that through the leaders of the people, and like FATHER. said, the leaders of the people would cause them to err! So, Peace Everyone.

(Upon request the Crusaders sang the following inspiration:)

Take GOD out of the sky and give HIM a Body,
And you will be happy too,
And you will be happy, all the time,
All the time, all the time!

Miss Karen Farer:

Peace FATHER, Peace MOTHER, Peace Everyone: I am so happy to be here; I have been coming so long and every time I come I just feel better. I just have so much more inside, and I am just so happy to have been able to know FATHEK and MOTHEK DIVINE throughout all my years! FATHER has blessed me — I was accepted for early admission into Syracuse University next year, from the eleventh grade. I have finished school this year. (applause) HE has done so many things for me, and when I meet people and talk to them I know so much from just being exposed to the Teachings and everything, that I have just learned from just being here. And people wonder, how do you know all about this? I have known it all along. How do you know? I just don't go into any explanation, I say, automatically, "I just know about the good things in life!" And there are so many good things in life that people don't even realize, the natural beauty and the wonderful things — that you can just come here and just feel it and see it — and when you go out there, people are so cold. When you come in here they cannot understand how you can be so warm and so loving, and this is the way it is to be! I am just so happy to be able to get into this! Thank you.

Several inspirational songs of praise intervened, then, midst thunderous applause, MOTHER DIVINE arose to speak.


Peace FATHER Dear, Peace Everyone: Truly this is a glorious occasion, because we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of FATHER's Marriage to Me. As I symbolize the Church, I symbolize the Creation that GOD condescended to marry — HIS Creation — and FATHER said in HIS Sermon, HE is married to everyone who believes in GOD. And it is wonderful to be celebrating also, here in the City of Brotherly Love, in nineteen hundred and seventy-six, the 200th Anniversary of the birth of our nation. FATHER would so often say, this is a Gospel Country and a Bible land, and we know that the Founding Fathers who were instrumental in composing and legislating the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and its Amendments were very sincere. They were of the Christian persuasion; they believed in GOD and trusted in GOD; and I know this is why GOD could use them. And it is not by accident that this nation was formed, but we know that GOD sent HIS Son over nineteen hundred years ago and HE gave the Sermon on the Mount, which was the Law of the Spirit of Life, that if we would abide by it we would be completely emancipated and would live in Heaven on earth in our bodies.

But much work had to be done before this could be a reality and that's why Jesus told us to pray to let the Kingdom come and the Will be done on earth. We know that after Jesus apparently disappeared from our view, that the Christ appeared in many bodies in various degrees for various reasons, to establish different facets of this democratic form of government. That is what eventuated in the Declaration of Independence. But I Am saying all that to say at each of your places is a little booklet that I think you will be happy to take along with you. Read it carefully, and if you look at the picture on the front you see a woman, who symbolizes civilization, with the torch of Truth, and this is how Truth was evolved — from (symbolized by steps which the women has walked up) the Sermon on the Mount; the Magna Charta; The U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence; FATHER DIVINE's Righteous Government Platform; the United Nations Charter; and until this day — this is GOD's Administration. Inside, there are many thoughts from the Mind and Spirit of GOD that have been expressed through different personalities, and most of all, the Thoughts of FATHER DIVINE that correlate with them. The last statement says: (reading)

Let us declare our independence from corruption, bigotry, and racism; let us join the steady stepping of millions into this new world of FATHER DIVINE, Who is the Keeper of the American Dream and the Progenitor of her Destiny!

This is our Revolution of 1976 A.D.F.D. (applause)

So you all are welcome to take this along with you, but most of all, take the SPIRIT of this occasion with you and I Am sure you will find that your blessings will increase as the days go by! Thank YOU FATHER Dear.








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