Photographic History.


Woodmont was built in 1892 at an estimated cost of $1,OOO,OOO by the Honorable Alan Wood, Jr.,
founder of the Alan Wood Steel Co. of Conshohocken.
William L. Price was the architect.  



In 1882 FATHER DIVINE and PENINNAH were married.   In 1892 the construction of Woodmont was completed by Alan Wood Jr., a devoted Shaker.  It seemed strange that a Shaker would build such an elaboate Estate but it was the Spirit of FATHER DIVINE working through him to establish what would become a corner stone of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  FATHER had prepared for Himself and His Bride a place suitable for the continuation of His Universal Work and Mission for it was to become The Mount of the House of the LORD.   The following are photographs taken after the original construction was completed with the exception of one, the 1201 Woodmont Road Gate House which had been built many years previously.  Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE.




The Manor House Manor House











Porte Cochere Porte Cochere

The Great Hall The Great Hall













Dining Room The Dining Room

Library The LibraryLibrary The Library

Music Room The Music Room













The Living Room The Living Room

Bath Room The Bath Room




Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

1201 Gate House 1201 Gate House












Christian Way Christian Way

Manager's House The Manager's House













Harmony House Harmony House

Independence Cave Independence Cave













Laughing Waters Brook Laughing Waters Brook

Looking Toward Hilltop House Looking Toward Hilltop House













The Manor House - South View The Divine Lorraine Hotel

Manor House West View TheManor House West View












Just beyond Hiltop House Just beyond Hiltop House

The Orchards The Orchards













Overlook Patio The Overlook Patio

Spring House and Peanut Pond Spring House













Spring Water Spring Water

The Triangle The Triangle












The View From Hilltop House The View From Hilltop House

Area below the Present Swimming Pool

The Area below the Present Swimming Pool








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