"For The Uplift Of Humanity And For Moral Betterment Generally
Enact The Property Improvement Tax Exemption Bill.

"You Will Have Victory over Sickness and Diseases in a Great Measure, for Cleanliness
Is next to Godliness."--- FATHER DIVINE




Our FATHER'S Message Given at the Banquet Table 152-160 W. 126th Street New York City
Wednesday, June 1st, 1938 A.D.F.D. Time After Midnight

MOTHER DIVINE at the Pennsylvania State Capital, Harrisburg, PA.

MOTHER DIVINE at the Pennsylvania State Capital, Harrisburg, PA.




Following the 63rd Street Righteous Government Forum, Wednesday, June 1st, FATHER and His staff, friends and visitors, followed by many from the 63rd Street Meeting, went to the 126th Street Extension for the Banquet. The hour was late, and the early hours of the morning found the Banquet Hall at 126th Street filled to capacity, but with all wide awake and filled with enthusiasm as always, at being in FATHER'S Personal Presence.

Seated at the Banquet Table were Mr. and Mrs. David Gross, who had attended the 63rd Street Meeting. Mr. Gross, as guest speaker of the evening, from his profession as public relations counsel, had presented as a free gift, a number of suggestions for the furtherance of the Peace Mission Work. Among these was a suggestion that all present make a practice of saying "Peace" to the first person and everyone they meet each day as they go about their daily activities, and he illustrated the tremendous effect this would have, by doubling and tripling the number of those present by the number of contacts daily, and so on.

A further suggestion was that a group of singers be organized from among the followers, to go from city to city accompanied by a few famous artists, to bring before the public the wonderful inspirational Songs of the Kingdom.

Speaking at the Banquet Table, FATHER referred to these and other suggestions as HE spoke in Power, to the great benefit and enjoyment of all.

(The foregoing statements come from the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)




PEACE EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will, and a Good Appetite; Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night, and Good Morning again! While listening to the reading of that Message, I thought further, how marvelous it would be if the State Government and the Federal Government would accept of My Message and take this tip, if they please:

'As with an individual, so with a nation.'

You can see, those of My followers allegedly under ME, are willing to do just what I would have them do.

Now if this bill (Real Estate Improvement and Development Tax Exemption Bill)which I have stressed here quite vividly, were passed, the thousands and thousands, and millions of dollars that are spent destructively, that money would be spent for constructive work instead of being spent destructively. Nextly, for this country, for your own state, for your own community, it would be essential for your respective inhabitants of such communities; your respective citizens of the respective states or cities, to invest their money in their real property at home; for this is something that is stable, it is something that will remain here. It is not as if you were taking your money going to other countries, or sending it to other countries

These thoughts are well worth considering. You would keep your own money in your own country. Even if you take it selfishly, from a selfish point of view, it would cause the country, the state, and the city governments to be much richer; for no doubt over night there would be turned into real property in the act of improving real property, millions of dollars, and that real property is stationary. It causes your city to be worth more, it causes your property, your communities to be worth more; it causes the value of your property and the means that you are spending to be concentrated in your respective state, city or country.


For the Uplift of Humanity

Therefore I say it is one of the great issues well worth considering. It is for the uplift of humanity and for moral betterment generally. Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery of living according to My Teaching, and as I afore-said, just get a slight glimpse of this of which I AM expressing! This is a common occurrence with ME. Thousands and thousands daily flock to ME because there is something within, and that Something satisfies! That Something satisfies your simplest desire! If this is true to you as an individual, it is true to the nation as a country; it is true to the country as a nation whichever. Therefore we can solve this problem of the slum-clearance situation; we can solve the problem of the unemployment situation. It is easily solved, by putting your money into circulation and causing your money to be used at home in real property that cannot be taken away from the country. Oh, it is a wonderful thought to consider! Build upon this foundation, and you will see that I have the key to the mystery!

Again I wish to say, this money that you invest in real property and in the act of development and improvements, it is making more comfort and convenience; it is saving the lives of millions from pneumonia and tuberculosis, and other contagious and incurable diseases, through and by improving your property and having better living conditions for all who are living in your respective vicinities.


"Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness"

When this is established among you, you will see definitely, the problem is answered, and you will have victory over sickness and diseases in a great measure, for cleanliness is next to Godliness. The sanitary condition of your respective communities will be altogether different. Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery! This is the Work and Mission of CHRIST your Savior, your Redeemer, of Whom you say I AM. You could not imagine what it means to have comfort and convenience; you could not imagine what it means to have sanitary conditions in your cities, even in the country and elsewhere.

The unsanitary conditions of the people of the earth have always caused sickness, and an accumulation of the creation of germs of diseases. If you read back in the Bible, in Moses' time, GOD taught cleanliness through Moses to the Leviticals. If you retrace your thoughts back to when Jesus went into Jerusalem and talked with the lawyers and the doctors there; I might say He was talking with the lawyers and doctors concerning the sanitary code of the city, the slum-clearance proposition, to keep things systematically arranged, to have our city in a sanitary condition. Oh, it is something to consider!

The actual cleanliness of the body will save thousands and millions of lives. If you will teach the sanitary code and bring such a code to fruition according to the teaching of the Scripture, you are saving lives from death, saving bodies from sickness and from contagion that will cause misery and much suffering when they do not die. Therefore I say, if the slum clearance situation would be considered from this angle of expression according to My Message, we would lift millions out of lacks and wants and depressions, aside from cleansing the communities throughout the country, and causing us to have a better sanitary system universally.


Cooperation Will Bring Better Living Conditions

I need not say more. I believe I have said enough to cause your minds to think; to cause you to see and know what it means, not only for yourself but for your community. When the communities are fully equipped with all modern improvements, can you not see there will be better living conditions, and health and happiness will have access where sickness and misery and discontentment and failure had once progressed?

I need not say more, but while I AM thinking, I wish to convey a thought to you that all might be willing to cooperate; at least, I know you are, My immediate followers; but that even the outside world those who are not with ME Personally, those who are not with ME socially, those who do not think they are with ME politically that they might see this mystery and cooperate with ME, and I will answer every problem, every question, and all things will change immediately.

Just think of it! Your money remaining at home in that which is called your own real property, your own personal real property which cannot be taken away. That is why I have encouraged My followers, co-workers and friends, and those who are working cooperatively together, to invest, especially in Real property, for Real property is stable, real property is substantial, real property is not taken away. You may have a fire, it is true, but I have declared even as Jesus declared to you, you will gain an hundredfold more for everything you apparently lose on those grounds, for you are more than insured.


Real Property Better Than Personal Property

But as I aforesaid, real property is everlasting. Your names that have been recorded in the county clerk's office will be there, unless the Government changes. Even if you sell the property, your name will be there unless the Government perishes from the earth. Though it be fifty years, five hundred years, or what not, your names will be on the record. This is to let you see and know definitely, it is more substantial to invest in real property than it is to invest in personal property. Personal property can be taken away in a way of speaking, but real property, if you secure yourself in real property, even though you may go and stay, so long as the taxes and the other assessments are paid, the property still remains your own.

Then I say, this proposition that I have presented to the public and to all of the different states and the different representatives of the people, to endorse a bill known as The Real Estate Development and Improvement Tax Exemption Bill I have presented it for the benefit of a national change of conditions, to lift all of the unemployed out of that rut of unemployment, out of the ruts of lacks and wants and limitations, that all of the people might be emancipated from all undesirable conditions continuously, by living according to My Teaching. By so doing, you also substantiate yourselves in your respective communities. You are also known as citizens, being citizens and being practical and profitable to your respective communities.

How glorious it is to know, you have something that has actually lifted you, and has lifted up a standard that others might copy after the fashion! If they do, they too will be lifted with you. I thank you.


Followers Awake and Enthusiastic

At this time I would like to say, we have visiting friends with us. Of course with us, time, or times and seasons, are no more. There is One Eternal Day with us, even though I did say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night, and Good Morning again. In My consideration it is One Eternal Day. That is why My followers are all wide awake. Aren't you glad? And as I said, as it is with ME here so shall it be universally. I do not say every individual will stay up all night everywhere, but you will be wide awake mentally and spiritually. Being awake and filled with enthusiasm, and your hearts also expressing merriness, will be only the outward expression, but the reality of it will be once and forever established.

I would just like to say Mr. Gross mentioned tonight, something that was very interesting, very important. He said he says "Peace" to everybody he meets on the street. That is a wonderful place to be, for when they refuse to say "Peace", your "Peace" will return to thee. But if they accept of your "Peace", it will be increased and multiplied, and will return, and still they will have the same. So it is a Blessing, any way it may be. Hence, he made a suggestion. He suggested that all of us at least, all that were down at 63rd Street tonight when we meet any person on the street, all of the people we meet and are going to speak to, say "Peace". I have often said, if you do not hold it up and do not keep it, someone else will get it and keep it. It is nothing lost in the great Universal Mind Substance. When you fail to do your duty, others will do it for you.


Let Us Great Everyone With "Peace"

Mr. Gross said that, and he suggested to each of us, everybody we meet on the street, say "Peace". It is a great suggestion, and we endorse it and consider it, for it is well worth considering. Just think of the millions and millions who are at war tonight; they do not know when fire shall rain down from Heaven as it may be termed, and burn up alive their families, their children, and each and every living creature about them. They do not know when those things are going to happen to them, all because of the lack of Peace. Still there are those who will attempt to ignore the Peace that I AM exemplifying, the Peace that I have been demonstrating, and mankind the Universe over, they know I AM an Ambassador of Peace even if they do not know ME.

The time cometh and is near at hand when we shall have Secretaries of Peace, but more than that, we shall have Ambassadors of Peace to each country. We may have a Secretary of Peace parallel with that which is called a Secretary of War today, but when we have Ambassadors of Peace to go out from this country, going to every country representing PEACE we may first begin religiously, but we will not stop nor end until we have it legal. We shall carry it forth legally and politically, even as we have it religiously and convictionally according to our own individual religious conviction. We shall carry it forth into all of the lands, as I say, and when Americanism is converted into true Evangelism there and then Americanism will go forth into all lands and countries, evangelizing all humanity. That will be the mystery of the Ambassadors of Peace that we shall send from this country.


A Fore-Runner

Now Mr. Gross has suggested many singers uniting themselves together, going from place to place singing the Message of Praise and Thanksgiving. This, of course, is a Fore-runner, as it may be termed, much as in this day women are voting. Woman suffrage came forth firstly before they were permitted to vote, but they fought for it and they received it, and the equal rights, political activities and legal duties the same as men have. They received it.

Now this Message of "Peace" going forth from the lips of every individual saying "Peace" if they like it, and saying it if they do not like it if this country would be turned into a like expression as Spain today, if you did not have My Spirit in you, you would be afraid for your lives. You would be afraid now that bombs would be falling on this building. Then I say, cry "Peace" before confusion comes. You had better use the word "Peace" while there is Peace, for if you do not use it "Peace" may go and confusion may come!

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies; live it and express it. Express it in deeds and in actions. Stress it in your very actions and in your very emotions, in your daily activities. Stress Peace, and know Peace will be with you.

I would like to say again, one of the speakers mentioned the millions I think this was also Mr. Gross the millions that were killed in the last war. Now all of those millions that were killed the ammunition that killed them, did anyone get paid for it? They did, the manufacturers the gun manufacturers, the munitions manufacturers they made their millions off your lives. That is why times are as they are and the inhabitants of the earth are becoming to be as they are or will be. Just think of it: the millions of dollars' worth of fire-arms, just merely to destroy the lives of the children of men, with the greedy gains of filthy lucre by the chief executives in the different countries; by those who are the manufacturers of such, and by the war-making discord creators, such as many of the newspaper representatives are.


War Is the Worst Crime

All of these thoughts are well worth considering. That is why they fight against ME all they can, because they know I will stop the crime of war. War is the worst crime ever devised by mankind; for war will kill millions and millions wholesale, and will teach your descendants, yea, the infants before they are born, to commit crimes. As I have often said,

'Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.'

You should train a child seven years before he is born, and train him seven years after he is born, and let him go. He will be just what you trained him to be, and will do what you have trained him to do. That is what I AM talking about!

Every war is the breeder of crimes, robbery and debauchery of every kind. Oh, it is something to consider when you see it distinctly! Then why not say, as one said,

'Give me freedom from war or give me death.'

If you have to get anything, you should be willing to get death here. I mean, if you were going to get death, why not get it here as well as going somewhere else to get it? Now you all need to get scared. That which I have said, I have said.

Oh, it is a privilege I say, to be in the Presence of GOD, for the mystery of all mysteries is being revealed for you all. Those things that have been in secret, they are now made known on the house-tops. The ammunition-makers, they have made their millions and millions off of the lives of the children of men, but there are, no doubt, a very limited few of their sons and daughters who have been slain by them.

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies and remember now, henceforth and forever, if you do as I tell you and live according to My Teaching mentally and spiritually as well as doing it in the acts of your duty as I tell you, My Spirit will be with you and will give you victory, and you will have Peace on earth and good will towards men. I thank you.








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