"My Plan and Activities Mean More Than Life to Humanity Because I AM Showing
How to be of Real Practical Service to All Communities.

"Real Religion Is the Practicality of Righteousness;
the Golden Rule Put into Practice In All of Your Dealings."



Our FATHER'S Message Given at the Banquet Table, 152-160 W. 126th Street, New York City,
Monday Afternoon, July 4, 1938 A.D.F.D. Time 2:22 P.M.



The American Flag at,
The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont.

The American Flag at The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont.



America! O America! Blind art thou, advocating Peace; crying for Peace, struggling for Peace, and yet ye fail to accept Peace in reality, for ye have not recognized the Prince of Peace, FATHER DIVINE!

At this very instance, and on this day, ye have set it apart in commemoration of "The Declaration of Independence", which Document declared the American colonies of Great Britain independent, as The United States of America; but now we can see in reality, this was but a type and a symbol of the real independence and freedom which CHRIST, FATHER DIVINE, came to give; for the world has not known the meaning of true Emancipation. It could not experience such with half of its subjects free and half bound.

Even though the Declaration of Independence was designed to grant every man his constitutional rights, selfishness, wickedness and greed created a greater bondage, and placed more people under servitude than did the chains of slavery; yet GOD intended that all men should be free. Until this day, The Declaration of Independence has not been rightfully interpreted in the lives of all humanity; for instead of peace, we have experienced wars; instead of liberty, we have been enslaved and made victims to vanity and unrighteousness, in many instances, unwillingly. Shall we continue to forego Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Peace and Righteousness, Joy and Pleasure, when all of the God-given blessings are here in GOD'S Storehouse for the children of men, just waiting for them to accept them, by the recognition of CHRIST?

If the world fails to accept of this "peace message" by its executive heads and ruling powers disrecognizing the Founder and the Giver of all blessings, great shall be its condemnation and woe be unto all who will deafen their ears to the call of salvation" by CHRIST, our LORD, FATHER DIVINE, on this memorable Fourth of July, in this dynamic Peace Message on individual and universal independence. King of the World, FATHER DIVINE, our LORD and our Redeemer, we thank THEE.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)




PEACE EVERYONE! ("Peace, FATHER Dear!" enthusiastically responded the assembly.) Good Health! Good Will! A Good Appetite! Good Manners! Good Behavior! All Success! All Prosperity and a better universal sanitary condition!

That little statement just made; I AM through this statement retracing your thoughts back to the Message read in "The New Day" just a little while ago. I was just thinking of an actuated discussion of "Cleanliness and Godliness," which we are actually discussing daily in our activities, for "actions speak louder than words," and we shall speak scientifically, yet actually in our daily dealings. Aren't you glad?

Then I say, we are having an international discussion, an actuated discussion. In actions we are discussing righteousness, truth and justice, and bringing these qualities into legality and into our daily activities and in our surroundings. For this cause the Message was read a little while ago as published in "The New Day", in reference to the dedication of one of our newly and most recently erected buildings in High Falls. This building was built very recently. A couple of weeks ago we had the dedication of it as an opening of the building, dedicating our work and our activities there in that particular building, of Righteousness, Truth and Justice, in the same manner of expression as we are expressing in all of our activities.

The garage in High Falls on the Rondout Creek, was built on the very same site where another old dilapidated building stood. This old building was a disgrace to all of the community of High Falls Village. It stood right on the corner. The followers of Mine purchased this property, having a very nice building dwelling house next door, just about one hundred feet or one hundred and twenty-five feet away from the corner, but this building stood right on the corner; the most dilapidated and condemned building standing on the corner in our village as a disgrace to the community. As is the experience or condition of thousands of other places throughout the country, there are those of the old dilapidated houses standing, they are a liability. They are, or in other words, they should be heavily taxed.

Showing Righteous Government to Humanity

All unoccupied buildings that are allowed to run down, and all idle land, should be heavily taxed, while those who put their talent to an exchange, according to the Gospel, and will turn their land, their property and cause it to be of real service to man and to the community generally, such property should be tax exempt, in a great measure.

According to My Personal conviction, such as to others I AM transmitting, I AM exemplifying and demonstrating to all humanity and all governments, a slight sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of the Government we will have all over this wide extended plane, when GOD alone shall have been elected and reigns.

'Cleanliness is next to Godliness.'

This is commonly known, but there are but a few who stop to consider such an assertion should be put into practice among us. There are a very limited few who consider the foundation of our present government was built upon the teaching of GOD as transmitted through and by and to the Leviticals by Moses, a great teacher.

In the book of Leviticus, you will find GOD through the teacher taught the "sanitary code" distinctly. It has been handed down in a great measure to this present day in which we are living. Men have extracted from these, laws, rules and regulations that were given to Moses, and the others in the foundation and the establishment of this history, to build upon as laws and as documents and as standards for the consideration and for the constitution of the public generally.

Cleanliness and the American Flag The American Flag
at, The Circle Mission Church Dining Room

The American Flag at The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont.

CHRIST Was Talking About Sanitary Conditions

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery, coming through the ages! CHRIST, in the Person of Jesus, came as an abstract expression of the perfected inculcated idea transmitted through the ages of that particular dispensation. When Jesus as a Person, at the age of twelve, stopped and talked with the doctors and the lawyers in Jerusalem, by inspiration I may give you a slight sketch and interpretation of His Mission and of His Activities there no doubt He was talking about the sanitary condition of the city; the unsanitary condition of the city, teaching them of the Book of Leviticals, although as they say,

'A letter HE had not learned.'

But He came teaching them something that was very essential, that they might be lifted from sickness and diseases, by cleanliness, as

'Cleanliness is next to Godliness.'

It is, because cleanliness takes away a lot of contagious germs, diseases and other undesirable ailments that exist among the people.

Cleanliness will take away immodest and ill-famed tendencies that are created in you when you do not express the spirit of cleanliness. Cleanliness should be established in you from an economic point of view, from a scientific point of view, from a physical, healthful point of view, that you might have health, happiness, vigor and courage; that you might live long upon the land which the LORD your GOD giveth you. This should be done from a scientific and from a biblical point of view. This will you do, if you will but live according to the Scriptures. Where you are committing suicide daily, by the infantry condition of your surroundings and by refusing to be Godly in the act of cleanliness, you are causing sickness and diseases and other undesirable, immodest and conflicting germs to be created among you. Even germs of immodest habits will rise in you, by having infantry surroundings. By your surroundings being infantry, the very spirit of immodesty will result and conditions will be the worse mentally and spiritually, socially and otherwise as well as physically.

A Moral Betterment

Then I say, the cleanliness of which I AM stressing and of which I have spoken in this message as read in reference to our dedication of the building, "the Rondout Garage" in High Falls I called the attention of the public to such an act of our duty to bring about a moral betterment generally, by living exactly according to My Teaching in the act of cleansing and cleaning up our surroundings and making our surroundings a much better place in which to live.

This I have accomplished and I have put it forth as a sample and as an example for others, and there are others beginning to copy after the Fashion I have shown them. Then I say, our work and our activities are not bound nor confined to that which is termed religion. It must work hand in hand with our daily physical activities and our daily dealings in our communities. Religion, from the very beginning, was taught merely to bring about the Righteous Government among men, that righteousness as described by the Spirit of GOD in them, might be enacted in the dealings of the children of men; that the Righteous Government as surmised and considered to be invisible, might be transmitted to this people, that we might have the Government of Heaven on earth among them.

This is it for which Jesus taught you to pray:

'Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.'

Can you not see the mystery that this was not merely something as an imagination, although it did not come by observation; but it is a mental state of consciousness, whichever, that you must establish among you and bring such a state of consciousness in our community and cause such a state of consciousness to create an environment according to the characteristics of such a state of consciousness?

This Consciousness Shall Envelop the World

Oh, it is a privilege to realize GOD in the midst of you is mighty to save! HE is bringing a state of consciousness to you and among you, and establishing such a state of consciousness that shall eventually envelop the world, and bring all of humanity into subjection to such a state of consciousness as in this state in which we are now living. Those of you My followers who are living evangelically, are in this state of consciousness, and you are abiding in this state where I AM living. You have the victory over undesirable conditions, for you have won the victory over self and all selfishness. That is the mystery!

Then I say, live in this recognition, and as I have lifted you, I will lift others; not only a limited few, but I will lift all mankind universally, and they shall all know you have the GOD of Heaven among you.

Oh, it is a privilege to observe it, for that which was spoken by Moses, the prophets and the seers, GOD has brought it in your midst and caused you to be partakers of such; caused the very laws of GOD to be transmitted and lifted as a standard through reincarnation, that you might be the expressers and the enjoyer's of such a state of consciousness. Your minds are lifted, hence, it cometh not by observation.

Truly the Heaven did not, nor does not come by observation, but by coming in you as a state of consciousness into which I have lifted you mentally. When this shall have been once and forever established, you will bring it into actuality and make this state of consciousness real, tangible and practical. You are the personal actuated expressers of the state consciousness in which you are represented. You are the outward expression of your mental and your spiritual conception. You are conceiving ideas that pertain to Life, Peace and Health. I AM causing you to become to be the personification of such a state of consciousness that I have created in this environment in which you are living.

A Slight Sketch of GOD'S Doings

Then I say, the dedication of this garage of which I AM now speaking, was just a slight sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of the real activities of GOD among the children of men and of what GOD is actually doing for them: how GOD will establish a universal Government in all likeness and exactness of HIMSELF transmitted, for

'When HE shall appear,'

one declared,

'We shall be like HIM.'

Godliness is an expression as a standard for cleanliness, and if you firstly accept the way of Righteousness, in the act of being Godly in your dealings, you will produce the spirit of cleanliness, of Righteousness and of Truth. As I explained a little while ago, when Jesus was talking with the lawyers and the doctors in Jerusalem, by interpretation according to the inspiration, yea, according to the revised version of that particular quotation, Jesus was talking concerning the sanitary and infantry conditions of the city. These conditions were deeply considered, for Jesus as a Person knew cleanliness was next to Godliness. That is why GOD taught the children of Israel, and others through the children of Israel by Moses, to cleanse themselves from the filthiness of the flesh and keep themselves and their surroundings sanitary, that they might express the Righteousness of GOD as revealed to him.

Then I say, in bringing about a moral betterment generally, it is My duty to present to you and to the public a sample and an example for all humanity, and show them definitely the way it will be universally when all mankind shall have been brought into subjection to this fundamental. We will not have any more sickness and diseases among us. As I explained in the message, even the extermination of all pests, such as insects and other plagues that are harmful, they will be completely exterminated and will no longer have an existence among us.

Cleanse Your Minds

Cleanse your minds of every detestable tendency, of every antagonistic and conflicting idea and opinion and recognize GOD as the Infinite among you, and from those conditions you will be lifted materially and the undesirable conditions existing in outward expression will be completely eradicated once and forever.

What brought about the plagues in the day of Moses? In the days of Moses and in the days of Pharaoh, plagues were in evidence because of the sins of the people; because of such minds which they held in themselves one against the other. Therefore, the plagues came as insects in expression and harmful insects that were destructive to man and to beast. It has been in our recent years, in this present dispensation, yea, even in this present generation, the boll-weevil and other undesirable insects that are destructive have been in evidence, the Japanese beetle and other antagonistic and pestful insects coming forth into expression, even from other countries, apparently, because of the wickedness and antagonism of the minds of the people.

The antagonistic and conflicting minds of the people, they create those things themselves by having infantry minds and impure minds. They allow conditions to result around them in their communities and in their surroundings that will actually create those pestful insects that are harmful to both man and to beast, and thousands have died from the effects of such pests.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, for when you have a perfect sanitary condition in your surroundings, you will cleanse yourselves of those things that will bring sickness, diseases and death. Therefore, GOD in His Actions, in His Activities and in His Work on the material plane, economically, socially and otherwise, GOD is actually saving the lives of the children of men.

There are more lives destroyed from the lack of cleanliness, and from the lack of righteousness, than there could be, by any means, from the lack of that which is termed religion or "getting religion," or some such foolishness as that. Real religion as I describe religion, is the practicality of righteousness: "The Golden Rule" put into practice, lived and enacted in all of your dealings.

Lifting A Standard on All Planes

Then I say, we are lifting up a standard socially, intellectually, economically, politically and otherwise for this people, and they must recognize this standard, for I have lifted it up, according to the day's memorial, as an independent standard of expression, declaring GOD'S absolute Independence.

How glorious it will be when mankind realizes, GOD as a living factor among you, has been lifted, and has been put forth into expression. When men see definitely, there is no other, then they will copy after the fashion I AM showing them.

In speaking of our actuated discussion, we are daily discussing righteousness, truth and justice and other expressions of righteousness in our daily activities. "Actions speak louder than words." I have told the communities in all of Ulster County, wheresoever I AM represented, that I will not tolerate being molested or embarrassed, but I will set a sample and an example for them to copy after. We are cleaning up our communities. In our communities where My Peace Mission is represented, we are cleaning the communities of the undesirable surroundings, and we find our county is also cooperating with us.

In most of the places where My followers have purchased real property and are function, they are widening out and enlarging and straightening the highways. Where they did not have altogether asphalt roads, they have macadam roads. They are fixing up the roads and highways in cooperation with My activities; therefore, My Presence and My activities are a blessing for all of the communities; but as I mentioned this garage, it was an out-standing figure as a disgrace to the community. The old garage that stood on the very same site where the new garage is built, with modern improvements of a real apartment above the garage for accommodation, fully equipped in the most modern manner of expression and that which has not yet been actually connected, it will be, for it is on its way.

The Method, Plan and Activities Mean More Than Life

Then I say, I AM showing others just what they should do, and when this is established, men will see definitely, My method, My plan and My activities, mean more than life to humanity, and more and more and more than life to all of the communities, because I AM not telling My followers to buy properties and take the places and carry them away to some other country or state. I AM showing them and others how they can be of real practical service to the communities, by investing their moneys in these different communities, in real property, substantiating their wealth in that particular community, by attaching it to real property in the way of improving and in the way of developing such property for the common good of all humanity generally.

As I aforesaid, the highways are being improved and they are making a better community in which to live, and through which to travel. You can enjoy going on the highways when you strike those communities where they have improved them in practically every place . . . We are, as I aforesaid, not asking for tax exemption for real property as it has been, unless the assessors have assessed the property for more than its assessed value should be; but we are demanding an exemption for improvements and for any development that might be developed in real property. Now where could there be anything in that which would be detrimental to any community? It is a matter of impossibility, for you are substantiating your money in that particular community, and causing your constituents and others who may cooperate with you, to spend their money in the respective communities in which they live.

They Will All Run For It

Then I say, when all see this as they shall see it throughout this country, they all will run for it, for it will be a moral betterment lifted and a social standard lifted that will save you from all of the depressions, lacks, wants and limitations which you all have been undergoing before I came. As with an individual, so with a nation, and as with a nation, so with all nations, if you please. If this, as an Individual, can, could and actually did lift up a standard of independence over and above all depressions, adverse and undesirable conditions and prove to the world conclusively, all of My followers can be absolutely independent, it can and it will work for all humanity universally, for it is all impersonal. I do not have a monopoly on these blessings, neither on My Views, although they are Mine. I AM transmitting them to all mankind. They are just as operative and expressive for others as they are for those of us here with ME; for all things that are of GOD are impersonal; hence, I AM impersonally stressing them for the benefit of all humanity.

How glorious it will be when others observe it! From lacks, wants and limitations not only in "The Promised Land", but throughout this country and other countries, all humanity will be lifted from those undesirable conditions, and the budget-making proposition will be forgotten. Why should they talk about the budget and such like as that? You never hear ME talking about a budget. You do not hear My followers talking about budgets. You hear them talking about the cooperative system in the act of our daily dealings in righteousness, truth and justice, in our daily activities. By this, they have been lifted from all lacks, wants and limitations. They are above depressions and above reproach, if you please.

Produce the Spirit of Independence

Everyone who lives exactly according to My Teaching, I have put him forth or such an individual forth as a sample and as an example for other people. Why should you live in lacks, wants and in limitations, when the Declaration of Independence was declared by a few people representing this country? Every American citizen under the Constitution, if you are a real American citizen, you must produce the spirit and the meanings of the Declaration of Independence, such as this day is actually representing. When you bring this to fruition within you, you will declare your individual independence, even as the country declared it as a nation.

Oh, how marvelous it is to be in the Actual Presence of GOD where these things are made real, practical and profitable to you and for you! Every one of My real followers will, if they have not done so, declare their real individual independence even as this day represents the Declaration of Independence as declared by the country as a nation.

How glorious it will be when all humanity will be able to unite with ME, in the act of declaring their individual independence even as My followers are independent by refusing to beg, borrow, steal or solicit; but declare their independence in their deeds and in their actions by expressing it.

These actuated words of expression, and every "emotionated" word or expression, they are all transmittable. We are transmitting them to others. Copy after this Fashion I have shown you, and AM showing you. Not one of My real followers is on the welfare! Not one of MY real followers is a beggar! They do not take up collections in churches, in the different assemblies, for they are the real representatives of true independence.

All the Followers Are Declaring Their Independence

You cannot be a real representative of this day's memorial as a day of independence unless you can express independence individually and prove to the world conclusively, you are not dependent on others. Even though the oppositions are against us at times, they try to make the odds against us; nevertheless, each and every one of My real followers, they are declaring their independence individually even as the nation declared it as a country.

What a glorious privilege to present, not only to this country, but to all civilization, yea, to all government, a real sample and an example of true independence, this day of independence as set apart as a memorial day for the Declaration of Independence.

Let us consider, each and every American citizen must express his or her individual independence, or else he or she is not a real American citizen. Why go around in lacks, wants and limitations? Why live in infantry conditions and surroundings, when the Spirit of My Presence, as the spirit of cleanliness, is actually cleansing and cleaning all communities wheresoever they will let ME, and giving individuals with whom I AM connected, their real emancipation? Why not come and be partakers of this emancipation which I AM representing, which will give you your real individual independence from all infantry conditions and from all uncleanness.

They Will Study War No More

When men realize GOD is on earth among them, they will lay aside their equipments of war; they will study war no more; but they will come together in the unity of the spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose, and will work constructively for each and all of us. War is the expression of destruction. It is the lack of Divine Intelligence. Because of the lack of true Divine Intelligence, transmitted, men are slaughtering one another as cattle at the slaughter. Hence, because of the lack of the unity of spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose, they are actually ignorant instead of intelligent. But I have lifted up a standard for this people, and I shall teach the ignorant wisdom, and I shall tell them the way of Salvation, and give mankind their real emancipation.

How glorious it is to live in the Actual Presence of GOD, that for which I came. I shall not be discouraged until I shall have accomplished it all. The Declaration of Independence, it is not necessary to talk about independence unless you reincarnate it and reinculcate it in your minds and in your hearts and in your lives, and express it individually, the true independence of which I AM representing. Then and only then, can you represent real Independence.

Oh, it is a privilege to live in the Actual Presence of GOD, where GOD alone shall reign, and none shall hinder HIM from giving all mankind their real emancipation, and giving them their emancipation from lacks, wants and limitations. There and then, HE is giving them their real independence.

Foretaste of Real Independence

I present to all civilization a foretaste of Glory Divine. I present to all humanity and to all government, a true foretaste of real independence, for they do not know anything about it unless they can express it and enact it in their dealings even as I AM representing it among My People.

They are talking about it this day, as Independence Day! True Independence I AM representing, and I AM giving humanity universally, and all civilization, a slight taste of it. As I say, not one of My real followers is on the welfare. Not one of MY real followers will buy on credit and on installment. When they are real followers of Mine, they will adhere to My teaching, and I will abundantly bless them and lift them above limitations, above lacks, above wants and undesirable conditions; for what said the Scripture concerning this mystery, as one was speaking as though of himself as a person:

'The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want.'

If GOD is your Shepherd, how can you want; if GOD is the Creator and the Author and the Finisher of all things? Why go around in wants, and lacks and limitations, if GOD is your Shepherd?

'His Rod and His Staff, they comfort you.'

I know there are those who rise in opposition; there are those who have striven to bring pressure to bear against My following and against My followers; but the more they oppress, the more expressive I will be in showing all humanity their real emancipation above those conditions, and prove to the world conclusively, they cannot be oppressed by the people.

GOD appears on the scene when and wheresoever HE is most needed. In the time of depressions and oppressions and suppressions, lacks and wants and limitations, and all adverse and undesirable conditions, there is GOD'S opportunity for expression, and you see HIM coming, you see HIM appearing.

A Tribe Coming out of Great Tribulation

Oh, it is a privilege to live in the Actual Presence of GOD. I shall not be discouraged, neither shall I be disturbed, until I shall have emancipated you all . . . of every nation, every language, every tongue and every people; a Tribe that is coming up out of great tribulations, who have washed their robes and made them white in the

'Life of CHRIST",

as being termed by the Christian Religions,

'The Blood of the Lamb.'

All of these, and those I AM emancipating. I AM giving them their real freedom from those conditions. Of every nation, every language, every tongue and every people, those of the under-privileged, those of the downtrodden, those of the molested, they are the ones whom I AM lifting and I will give them their real emancipation. Aren't you glad?

Then, as Jesus said in the Sonship Degree:

'Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
Take My Yoke upon you and learn of Me, for My Yoke is easy and
My Burden is light, and thou shalt find rest for your soul,'

and I will give you your real emancipation from suppressions, from the oppressions, from the depressions, from lacks and wants and limitations . . . all of those things, from them I will emancipate you. There and then, you will be able to declare your individual independence, even as I have declared it for you.

Live Exactly According to the Teaching

A few great men declared their independence as a nation for this country. I have declared your individual independence, for I have emancipated you. I call for your individual independence. Every one of My real followers should live exactly according to My Teaching. I say, you are independent, and as the nation declared its independence as a country, each and everyone of you should live exactly according to My teaching and declare your individual independence even as the country declared it.

Oh, it is a privilege to live in the Actual Presence of GOD, bringing about a real renovation of all things and declaring to the children of men,

'The former things are passing away.'

You can plainly see all things are informal with us. Aren't you glad? Daily we have banquets, but they are all informal, for we are fulfilling the Scriptures, yea, the "revelationic" predictions of John in the twenty-first chapter of Revelation:

'For the former things are passed away.'

Yet we are enjoying all of the benefits and all of the privileges, and all of the blessings that those things called for; but yet, they are all informal, for GOD has declared it by the "revelationic" prediction of this dispensation and of this time in which we are living.

I need not say more. I believe I have said enough to stir up your pure minds, and to send a warning to all governments universally, that GOD has actually inculcated and reincarnated the true Spirit and the meaning of independence, for these My followers are independent, and they will declare it in the actuated words of their expression, so long as they live evangelically, according to My teaching. I thank you.








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