"Give To Every Person What Is Due Him And Express GOD'S Independence.

"A Cause of Sickness and Diseases and How Such Can Be Overcome by Individuals.

"This world will be a paradise when FATHER'S Work is done". --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Message At the Banquet Table, 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, New York City, Monday Afternoon,
May 6, 1940 A.D.F.D., Time 3:15 P.M.






It often happens that through the misconception of the Truth, or in other words, through misunderstanding along Spiritual lines, the followers speak erroneously and misleading concerning certain things. In the course of a testimony, a sister mentioned how she had been sick and even though she knew what FATHER has said concerning seeking the advice of a physical physician if they are not healed within three days through what she considered to be her faith in FATHER and according to her understanding, she said she would wait until three weeks or three months if she was not healed within three days. Aside from this thought she said she was not earning the salary she should be getting according to the Peace Mission wage scale. The sister also sang a song which, along with the testimony, was mentioned by FATHER.

As a bit of information to the world of science and health, to the advanced minds in the medical field, FATHER also brings out in this Message, the cause of sickness and diseases and how such can be overcome by individuals. Many thoughts along this line are explicitly brought out in detail by our Savior in this significant Message of Truth. Thank YOU, FATHER!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber and following are a number of verses added by FATHER to an inspirational song by one of the angels, followed by His Message.)



'When FATHER'S Work is done, when FATHER'S Work is done,
This world will be a paradise when FATHER'S Work is done, etc..
When FATHER'S Will is done, when FATHER'S Will is done,
This world will be a paradise when FATHERS Will is done, etc..
GOD'S Ways are not your own, GOD'S Ways are not your own,
This world will be a paradise when FATHERS Will is done, etc..
When FATHER'S Will is done, when FATHER'S Will is done,
The Kingdom has come and the Will is being done
When FATHER'S Will is done, etc.. .
Your thoughts are not My Own, your thoughts are not My Own,
But this world will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done, etc..
As high as the Heaven is above the earth, so high are My Ways above yours
This world will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done, etc. . .
Your thoughts are not My Thoughts, your ways are not My Ways
As high as the Heaven is above the earth, so high are My Ways above yours.
When FATHER'S Will is done, when FATHER'S Will is done,
This world will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done.'



(FATHER speaks as follows:)




PEACE EVERYONE! That little composition was a composition by inspiration well worth considering as a message to the inspired one, to the one who actually sang the song by inspiration. It was a message to her I had given, but she did not bring out the significance of it in the actual composition.

'This earth will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done";

but the significance of the composition and the message I was conveying, was that,

'When FATHER'S Will is done, when FATHER'S Will is done,
This earth will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done.
Your will is not My Own, and My Will is not yours,
But this earth will be a paradise, when FATHER'S Will is done.'

Truly might have I said by prediction,

'Your ways are not My Ways, neither are your thoughts My Thoughts
As high as the Heaven is above the earth, even so high are
My Ways above yours.'

The message to the speaker who sang the song, should be stressed vividly in her memory and she should consider vividly with all others in that state of consciousness

'Your ways are not My Ways, neither are your thoughts My Thoughts
As high as the Heaven is above the earth, even so high are
My Ways above your ways, and My Thoughts above your thoughts; but
When FATHER'S Will is done on earth, as in Himself in Heaven
This earth will be a paradise, when GOD Alone has Dominion.'

That is the significance of the little composition as I revised it for you and stressed it vividly for your consideration and for the consideration of others; to realize, you must bring an end to self completely and relax your conscious, egotistic and self-bewildered mentality and still yourself with your self-exaltation and make yourself of no reputation.

She has so much faith, she will do more, according to her statement, than what I have required of you to do. But if your faith is sufficient and efficient to reach the difficulties, the trials and the tribulations and the crises and still give you victory and keep you absolutely independent and self-reliant and self-supporting, you are expressing the Supernatural Presence of your Savior above the undesirable conditions!

But if you are suffering and cannot gain victory over sickness, afflictions and diseases and are in lacks, wants and limitations, you are denying the reality of your faith for the lack of confidence in GOD to get the victory over those physical or mental and economic undesirable conditions.

Why live in lacks and wants? Why be sick when you can get healed? Why go around groping in lacks, wants and limitations and the like, such as those who are not of GOD? Those who are not of GOD and live the life in the first place, they will not get sick! You get sick because you do not live the life according to the Teaching of CHRIST and you do not bring your bodies into subjection and live soberly, righteously and Godly by being obedient. Then you may get sick and as you say, you do not want anything between you and ME if you get sick, sickness is between us, that disease is between us.

Now you would rather have a disease between you and stay bound under the affliction for three weeks, three months or six months, or three years, and be in lacks, wants and limitations and be a liability to others, rather than be one who is willing to be meek and lowly and submit yourself to a physician who is better than you are physically and no doubt mentally and spiritually, for he may not have been as disobedient to cause himself to be afflicted as you have.

Then you do not want a physician to come between us. I would rather have a living physician to come between us, than to have a casket to come between us! Some do those things. They will not be, and they do not wish to adhere to My Message and desire to be free; yet will not pay the price or deny themselves in simplicity, in meekness and in obedience, by making themselves of no reputation and realizing when you have gotten in some certain condition sin is the cause of it.

The undesirable condition itself, whatever it may be, it is between you and ME! Then it may take the neutralization of an expression of something that you would not desire, to neutralize the condition, the same as in the case of a vaccination. When you are vaccinated, the serum germs of that which you are being vaccinated against and for, are the germs of such disease as you are being vaccinated with to neutralize your blood and your system to cause you physically, and your blood to be immune to the results of the disease germs. The disease germs may affect you if you are not immune to those conditions that the disease germs bring, and the results in the system of those who are susceptive to them; but by getting a vaccination according to physical science and vaccinated for the purpose of fixing you physically and neutralizing your blood, you will not be susceptive to the germs of those diseases.

Hence you will not be affected by them, even though you come in contact with them; they will not defect your physical system. So then the neutralization of the undesirable conditions must result by taking on something or doing something at times, you do not desire to do, for you have done something that caused the undesirable condition to result in your system.

Therefore it is essential to take on something, no doubt undesirable to you mentally, that your physical system might be neutralized and qualified to be immune to the existing condition. Can you not see the mystery? The neutralization of the undesirable as a rule, is accomplished by that which is not desired.

Naturally you do not wish to have a physician, but you have no business to get sick and be sickly. The undesirable will result in the physical condition and cause the undesirable physical condition to be neutralized and has to have its access in your system at times, because you have taken on something mentally undesirable undesirable to you mentally.

You do not desire to take on those things, but the neutralization of the condition must result by taking on some undesirable expression, for it is the undesirable conceived in your system. Therefore it causes the undesirable to bring about the neutralization of that undesirable condition.

That is the way whose things are at times. But if you live the life and stay in My Spirit and in My Mind, germs of diseases do not exist in the CHRIST Consciousness in the highest order of the unfoldment of GOD'S Presence. Germs and diseases are only in evidence in that state of consciousness where they exist. They can only exist in the world of mortality and in the world of mortal consciousness or where the law of health exists, controlled by the mortal versions of men.

If you make your rightful contact and conceive the accurate idea concerning the mystery, you will see and know definitely, you have no business to be sick or sickly. Raise your vibrations high enough to contact the CHRIST Consciousness effectively and live in this recognition; you are no longer susceptive to germs of diseases; whether they be mental or physical germs, they will not affect your system.

They only result where you are not above the mortal concept of men. So long as you are under the law of health, under the laws of men, you are susceptive to their versions and their laws and by-laws and regulations, by saying you have a certain disease.

That is the law! You would have it, because they said it! You are under that law and under that jurisdiction and in that world of which you are speaking

'When FATHER'S Will is done, this world will be a paradise.'

But until My Work is done mentally and spiritually within you, your physical system will be susceptive to those conditions resulting from some act or reaction, or expression according to the law of health that you have violated.

Get above the law of health and you will be in GOD, and those conditions will not result, matters not where you are. But if you are in and under that government, naturally you have a right to obey the law that you are under; you have a right to obey it until you crack the shell of mortal limitation and transcend the borders of materialism, the law of health and every other mortal version of sickness and diseases.

When you are in that world you must obey the law and rules and regulations thereof; but rise from your sleep and CHRIST will give you light and give you life and liberty, that you might have the victory. Then sickness and diseases will not come in this world of which I AM now speaking, when you shall have transcended the mortal versions of those laws, rules and regulations of men, the law of health, that they are making for you and all who live in that mortal state of consciousness. But oh, how glorious it will be,

'When FATHER'S Will is done when His Work is done.'

Truly might it have come to her inspiration, "When FATHERS Work is done", because I have a work to do both in the physical system and in the mind. Now when My Work is done in your physical system and in your mind, why, the earth in which you live, (your body) will be a paradise where CHRIST alone has dominion and CHRIST as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings will be reigning over you, in you, through you and over yours a real paradise of GOD.

These thoughts are well worth considering! If you take cognizance of My Message and consider, "Your ways are not My Ways, neither are your thoughts My Thoughts; as high as, (I could say) the sky is above the earth, even so high are My Ways above your ways and My Thoughts above your thoughts."

You cannot expect to bring your self-exalted versions and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, without the Way that GOD has paved out for you. "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life!" No man cometh to the FATHER, but by ME", said HE. Copy after the fashion the CHRIST Life exemplified and manifested for you, and you will go in the positive direction; for JESUS the CHRIST Himself as a Person was crucified, dead and buried, so that you might get victory over such conditions by living in HIS Version and obeying HIS Teaching.

If you obey the Teaching of CHRIST, you will not die. You will not have an occasion to suffer sickness and diseases, lacks, wants and limitations, for GOD through the obedience of you will give you victory over all undesirable conditions.

Now when you come into the city or go out of the city, if you live Evangelically whole-heartedly and bring your body into subjection to My Teaching and be honest, competent and true and express My Independence as I have exemplified it to you, then you will do everything whereby you will not express the slightest reflection of dependency; but you will express GOD'S Independence from every angle expressible.

Then you are expressing ME as being eligible to be a real American citizen. You cannot expect to be considered independent when you are going around in lacks, wants and limitations. This is not expressing GOD'S Independence! It is not even expressing the independence of this Country, as this Country declared as a Nation!

The Country declared her independence, but those who declared it, no doubt, did not know the significance of it. I AM sure ninety-nine one hundredths percent of the people of this Country do not. They think you can say, "Well, I am independent; we are in an independent Country!" and go ahead and consider they are independent and are still in lacks, wants and limitations and being dependents from every angle expressible.

This is not the true Independence of which I AM stressing, and you cannot and will not be an expression, neither express independence until you live it and express it even as I declared it and as I AM exemplifying it among you. Not one of you should be a liability! Not one of you should be a public charge! Not one of you should owe any man! You should not owe an angel! You should not owe GOD!

What said the Scripture concerning this mystery in reference to owing GOD?

'Offer unto GOD Thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the Most High.'

Therefore owe no man, but pay tribute where tribute is due, custom where custom is due, and give to every person that which is due him and due them, and express GOD'S Independence among the children of men by being independent individually, even as I stress it for you to be collectively and nationally.

I heard one of the speakers say a little while ago, how she went around from one place to the other and did not find accommodation. If you are of My Spirit and of My Mind, you will always be independent. You can get accommodation; if not at one place, you will be able to get at another. If not under the jurisdiction of some home or extension owned and operated by My followers, you can in some other home or some other place.

You need not go around in the streets of the city of New York without sleeping accommodation. Any follower of Mine will and actually does have money to meet such obligations even out of the Kingdom. If they could not get accommodation under the jurisdiction as being termed the Kingdom, they can find it elsewhere, if they have to pay five or ten dollars a week for accommodation. And you have the money to do it if you are of ME, unless you are dishonest in some way and have not been blessed to get it.

Take these thoughts to consideration. It sounded very queer and strange, if it could have been an expression of strangeness, in My consideration, to see and hear one say they had gone to this place and the other place and could not find accommodation, as if though they were obliged to go to some place like that, that was owned and operated by My followers.

If you do not get accommodation in the homes and extensions owned and operated by the followers, you can get accommodation somewhere, and especially for over night until you can locate some place where you wish to stay. You can get accommodation at a hotel or some place. That is what any and all of My real followers can and will do. They will not be scouting around in the streets at night as though they have no place to go.

Again I wish to say, honesty and competence will produce the same for you, for "That which you sow, you must also reap." When GOD blesses some people, they do not appreciate it, and if you are predestined to dishonesty of incompetence, you reflect it even though you have homes paid for and everything all free and clear for yourself alone yet you go around in lacks, wants and limitations because you do not live according to My Teaching!

That is the cause of it. Now take these thoughts to consideration and remember what I have said. Build upon this Foundation and let My Will be done in you, and your home (your temple) will be a paradise "When FATHER'S Will is done" in you. I thank you!








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