"Of Course, You Will Be Healed Completely Through Your Contact with Me
If You Have Faith Sufficient to Reach the Condition.
But You Should Not Eat Anything
That Would Tend to Irritate or Advance the Physical Condition".



FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. E. K. Benjamin, Seeking Healing. In FATHER'S private Office Study of the
Peace Center and Nazareth Missions' Home for the Aged, Church and Training School, Inc. of New York,
13-17 W. 128th Street, New York City, Sunday Evening Dec. 21, 1947 A.D.F.D. Time 6:06 P.M.








(Mrs. Benjamin speaks firstly as follows:)




Peace, FATHER: First I would like to thank YOU for what YOU have done for me, because I wrote YOU two letters and I want to thank YOU for that.

FATHER: So glad!

Mrs. Benjamin: And then I have a bad hand and both of my feet are bad, and it seems like all I do is no good. I can't get much results. In fact, my whole entire body seems to draw up on me. I make my living by my hands and feet and I can't afford that to happen.

FATHER: Are you an operator?

Mrs. Benjamin: No, I work doing domestic work but the main trouble goes all the way up and it seems like it wants to draw up on me.

FATHER: Did you have a physical examination?

Mrs. Benjamin: I have had kind of one. The doctor just kind of felt my pulse and took my blood pressure.

FATHER: How did he say your pressure was?

Mrs. Benjamin: He said it was high.

FATHER: Yes, that is what I was considering. Well, according to that you should not eat the things that I AM quite sure he told you not to eat.

Mrs. Benjamin: Yes.

FATHER: You should abstain from all things that are detrimental to the physical system, and in the mean time, give Thanks and Praise to GOD continually and do not allow yourself to get frightened by fear or anything, or certain noises, or anything that might happen and someone come and tell you that such-and-such a thing has happened, or anything of that sort; neither allow yourself to get angry, matters not what one does or says. If you be thoughtful, in other words mindful along that line and abstain from the mental antagonism and mental destructive forces that would tend to hinder you those tendencies of resentment and anger, jealousy or prejudice and fear and fright and all of those things, you will be healed completely! But abstain from the things you have been eating that are detrimental to your physical system according to the instruction of the M.D. physician, and between the two of us, I might say, you will be healed completely! Everything will be all right.

Of course, you will be healed completely through your contact with ME if you have Faith sufficient to reach the condition, but you should not eat anything that would tend to irritate or advance the physical condition of your physical system in its undesirable condition such as the high blood pressure or the heart condition, which all relates to the same. The heart will soon beat normally if you calm your thoughts and nerves by calming yourself in preconceiving the idea of being still stilling your conscious mentality and relaxing it completely and trusting GOD implicitly you will be healed completely! I thank you.

Mrs. Benjamin: Thank YOU, FATHER.









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