The Choirs Serve the Church in Many ways as Well as Singing Inspirational Patriotic
and Sacred Songs.




FATHER DIVINE'S International Rosebud Choir

The Rosebud Choir at City Hall.

The Rosebud Choir. The Rosebd Choir at ThePhiladelphia City Council



The Rosebud Choir of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission Movement is international in scope, serving in churches under the Movement all over the world.

Philadelphia, the Country Seat of the World, is the scene of much of the activities of the United States Northeastern Choirs at this time of the year. People come from all over the world to take part in the yearly Anniversary Celebrations of the establishment of Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the LORD, on September 10, 11 and 12.

Although the choirs in this country are strictly American, they consist partly of the Rosebuds that have come from many foreign countries to become citizens of the United States. Because FATHER DIVINE is the Holy One of America, they too, desire to be Americans, not only in heart and mind but legally.

Uniforms of the Rosebud Choir are red, white and blue. Red jackets with white letter V's mean Virtue. Skirts are navy blue and blouses are white with a red, white and blue bow at the neck. Blue berets and shoes and white gloves complete the full dress uniform. The Rosebuds also give their service otherwise for the benefit of all mankind.

So, in churches of the Peace Mission Movement, we present FATHER DIVINE'S International Rosebud Choir.


FATHER DIVINE'S International Lily-Bud Choir of the Peace Mission Movement

The Lillybud Choir.

There is an older feminine choir group in the Peace Mission Movement known as Lily-Buds. They consist of followers of FATHER DIVINE who are over the age of those qualified for the Rosebud Choir. Membership in any choir of the Movement is optional.

Uniforms of the Lily-Bud Choir are green and white. On the jackets are white letters HV which stands for Holiness and Virtue. This qualification is rigidly upheld for all choirs of the Movement, in fact every follower of FATHER DIVINE. The berets are white; blouses are also white and worn with green bows.

The Lily-Bud Choirs are international with many large groups in foreign countries. The motto of the choir is Service; for beside singing as a choir, Lily-Buds endeavor to give service in a practical way under churches of the Peace Mission Movement and elsewhere.

Lily-Buds conduct themselves according to a set of creeds called the Lily-Buds' Creeds. Other choirs under Peace Mission churches also have their own creeds to which they adhere. FATHER DIVINE has told all of His followers to learn and live by all of the Creeds of the Peace Mission Movement as well as the Sermon on the Mount and the New Covenant. (Jer. 31:31-34)


FATHER DIVINE'S International Crusader Choir

The Lillybud Choir.



The masculine choirs in churches of the Peace Mission Movement are called Crusaders. Their slogan, "We sing and Serve", indicates their function they are singing waiters. This explains their uniform, consisting of immaculate white coats and dark trousers with white shirts and black bow ties.

Aside from singing while they serve during Holy Communion Services of the Peace Mission Movement, they sing as a choir in the strict sense of the word during Devotional and Praise Services in the Peace Mission Churches.



A Crusaders' Ensemble, a select instrumental group, is an added feature of the choir.

The Crusaders, like other choirs of the Movement, are international and interracial with groups in various parts of the world.The Crusaders inserted in their Self-Discipline a statement made by FATHER DIVINE concerning them. It says,

"A true Crusader carries the Shield of Righteousness,
And wields the flaming Sword of Justice,
And his Armor is Truth.
A true Crusader is the Spirit of Youth;
For he knows no defeat or oppressions;
Every seeming failure to him is a Victory won,
And his work is his FATHER'S Mission."








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