Letters from Two of Many Students and their Teacher
Sending Expressions of Gratitude for Tour of Divine Lorraine Hotel and Woodmont




Divine Lorraine Hotel Lobby

 Divine Lorraine Hotel Loby



948 North 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123,
April 4, 1990
Mother Divine
Broad and Fairmont Philadelphia, PA
Dear Mother Divine: >

How are you Mother Divine? You have a nice place. Thank you for everything you did. Mother Divine, can we come back some time soon? We saw your house, it looks like a castle. I have seen a castle before. Mrs. Robinson told us many things about Father Divine. I like your church and dining room.



The House of the Lord

The House of the Lord


I like your church and dining room. I saw a view of the city from the windows. I could see Broad Street winding. When I get older I'm going to live at one of your hotels. I told my Mom and Dad about my visit to your hotel and they were so excited.

Your friend, Job Seth Eli Davidson



Brown Place, Apt. A Philadelphia, PA 19123,
April 4, 1990

Mother Divine
The Divine Lorraine Hotel Broad and Fairmont Streets Philadelphia, PA
Dear Mother Divine:

When we first walked into your hotel it was so beautiful. The hall has furniture and boy--was it beautiful! First, we went into the crystal room. It was so pretty. Then we had a tour through the kitchen. Then we went up the marble staircase. We went into a room with antiques.

Then we went into the auditorium. We looked out the window and saw a view of our city. Then we sang America the Beautiful. Then everybody sat down and the lady Rosebud talked to us and we asked questions. The lady told us that the whole hotel was shaped like a V. We could not go over to the other side because it was being repaired. We went back upstairs and went inside a beautiful room. It had expensive furniture and a piano.


Then we went to go see you in a beautiful dining room. My teacher was introduced to you and you shook her hand. Then we were given a tour through Mother and Father Divine's rooms and their offices.

Mother Divine had a gold brush, comb and mirror. After all the touring we finally went back downstairs and ate. It was good.


Your friend, Charmaine Price




5630 Crowson Street Philadelphia PA 19144,
June 20, 1990

Mrs. M. J. Divine
Woodmont Estate 1622 Spring Mill Road
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Dear Mother Divine:

I would like to personally express my sincere appreciation for your concern and interest in our children.

You have been an inspiration in their young lives through your discussions. A spark has been ignited and is kindling an eternal flame directed toward self-gratification as they pursue their future goals.

The memories of April 4th, our visit to your hotel, "The Divine Lorraine" and May 16th of this year, our tour of your estate "Woodmont", are days we will always remember and cherish in our hearts.

Your kindness and generosity has shown us how people can unite and work together for a common cause.

Again I say thank you for the invitation, your help and support, Respectfully yours, Lovie Lamb Robinson








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