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  1. "I quote scripture practically all the time, and then I live it and put it forth into manifestation in MY daily deeds and actions....
    We accept as our guide the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and especially the Sermon on the Mount!"
    New Day, Dec. 10, 1949; Page, 10-11. Interview - granted a group of ministers, Dec. 2, 1949; 5:15 p.m.
  2. When You Do Your Alms, Conceal It And When Thou Prayest,
    "It is just as erroneous to do something that is good so that you may be seen and heard by men and for men to know what you are doing and have done as a good deed, as it is to do wrong otherwise. New Day, Dec. 7, 1957; P. 8-9 Message - Given May 11, 1942; 11:10 P.M. .
  3. In the Beginning They Were All of One Language and of One Speech.
    The Scripture Is Authentic-- Not Merely A Fairy Tale.
  4. "I Say to Any Person, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Mohammedan, or Even Buddhist: Be True To Your Own GOD Until You Find ME"
  5. "Your Faith Is Worth Your City's Weight in Gold. "Your Faith in God Is Priceless!" --- FATHER DIVINE.
  6. Where Is Heaven? The First Heaven and the First Earth Are Passed Away.
  7. Interview Granted by Father Divine to a Bishop and His Wife.
    Subjects: Father's Divinity; Marriage; and Eternal Life
  8. As the Bridegroom Rejoiceth over the Bride So Shall Thy GOD Rejoice Over Thee"
    -- Is., 62:5
  9. ". . . You Are the Temples of the Living God; And God Has Said, I Will Walk in Them, And Dwell in Them. but First . . . Come out from among Them, and Be Ye Separate, and Touch Not Any Unclean Thing.
    'A Great Disturbance Is In the Earth Today Because A Spiritual Nation Is Being Brought To Birth!"
  10. "Fast from Envy! Fast from Malice! Fast from Strife! Fast from Jealousy! Fast from Prejudice! Fast from Doubts! Fast from Fears!"
    'Go in Opposition to Your Sense of Feeling and Tendencies And You Will Feel the Actual Presence of GOD."--- FATHER DIVINE
  11. God in the invisible realm of expression, was, and is, the Universal Mind Substance - the invisible, intangible, infinite Power, of the Holy Ghost; in other words, Spirit and Mind!
  12. LET GOD BE TRUE: 'If a Man Keep My Saying He Shall Never See Death."---JESUS CHRIST
  13. When You Find Man and His Origin, You Will Find GOD.
    'Then When You Find GOD, You Will Find HIM Coming in the Likeness of Man, Even as Man Came Firstly in the Likeness of HIM. " --- FATHER DIVINE
  14. "Praise Will Unlock Every Barred and Shut Door."
  15. "The Mortal Mind Is Not Subject to the Law of God, Neither Indeed Can Be."
  16. If You Sow Bountifully You Must Reap Abundance!
  17. "Cleanse Yourselves From All Filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit, Perfecting Holiness in the Fear of GOD."
  18. "Where Is Heaven?" --- FATHER DIVINE
    The First Heaven and the First Earth Are Passed Away..
  19. "The Letter Killeth But the Spirit Giveth Life."
  20. Littleness of Man in Infinite Universe








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