The Bride, The Lamb's Wife.



  1. The Reincarnation of MOTHER DIVINE
    'The Brides are those that are being purified through the visualization of the Perfect Bride. Now, isn't that Wonderful!"
  2. "No More Immaculate Birth be Considered, for There Are Enough People Already!
    'Come up hither, one said by Revelation, "and I will show you a great Mystery, the Bride, the LAMB'S Wife."
  3. FATHER DIVINE Has Lifted up a Standard for this People, All Nations Can Be Redeemed and Emancipated If They Would but Copy after the Fashion That HE Has Shown Them!
  4. "I Came to Show You . . . A Spotless, Virgin Bride"-- FATHER DIVINE. Man Shall Leave Father and Mother Be Joined unto His Wife and They Two Shall Be One Flesh. This Is a Great Mystery, but I Speak Concerning Christ and the Church."
  5. Re: The Sacred Marriage Ceremony in Washington, D. C.
  6. The Marriage of GOD to HIS Church
    It Is Not a Marriage of Man and Woman for Passion and Self-indulgence.
  7. "I Bless the People Through MOTHER, Even as I Did Through Jesus."
  8. The Union of GOD and Man.
  9. All the World Rejoices in The Marriage Feast Of the Lamb and the Bride.
  10. Heaven is Here on Earth! . . . Not Somewhere Millions of Miles Away. - MOTHER DIVINE
  11. A Sweet Angel Comes From Afar.
    MOTHER DIVINE'S Own Story of Her Religious Conviction and Her Preparation to Be the Bride, the Lamb's Wife
  12. My Spotless, Virgin Bride actually symbolizes My Church without Spot or Wrinkle.
    The Angel of His Presence Saved Them.
  13. FATHER DIVINE, YOU are Married to YOUR Creation.
    Your every action, Your every deed, Your every thought is GOD! GOD! GOD!-
  14. A Splendid Fifty Years. A New Era. Great Change.
    The World Was Unraveling, and Sagging-weary of War.
    Fifty Years of Incredible History!
  15. MOTHER Divine's Thoughts on Her Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.
    I Can Truthfully Say That it Has Been Fifty Years of Joy, Peace, Happiness and Love Beyond Measure for ME.
  16. "Upon this Rock I Shall Build My Church !"
  17. This Marriage is the Salvation and Deliverance of humanity.
  18. The Marriage of GOD and His Spotless Church
  19. FATHER DIVINE Started Many Wheels Turning For Good In His Marriage To MOTHER DIVINE
  20. The 29th Day of April — It Shall From Henceforth Be Called a Holiday
  21. Behold the Beauty and the Virginity Materialized and Personified — FATHER DIVINE
  22. The World Has an Invitation to Come --- FATHER DIVINE
  23. The Holy Marriage of the Lamb and the Bide Shall Stand Throughout Eternity!
  24. The Reincarnation of MOTHER DIVINE
  25. May 1959, MOTHER DIVINE'S Inspirational Declaration
  26. The Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, What Does it Mean to Followers After seventeen Years?
  27. The Marriage That Crusades Against Everything But Godliness
  28. Come up higher and I will show you the mystery, the Bride the Lamb's Wife.
  29. This List Locates Messages, etc., Concerning the Marriage of Father and Mother Divine that are on the Internet.
  30. We Are Giving The Whole Nation A Re-Impregnation of the Truth by the Thoughts of Our Minds Transmitted to Them through the Virtuous Mind of The Bride and The Iamb
  31. All Glory and Honor to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE - April 29th 1976
  33. Presentations to Father and Mother Divine on Their 30th Wedding Anniversary
  35. Bicentennial Weddinq Anniversary of Father and Mother Divine
  36. Testimonies of Praise, etc.
  37. More Speeches Delivered Durinq Forum Meeting of the Internatianal Riqhteous Government Bicentennial Weddinq Anniversary
  38. Remarks of Visiting Guests and Friends During Anniversary Celebration of the Holy Marriage of Father Divine to His Spotless Virgin Bride.
  39. Mother Divine's Invitation to Visiting Guests. Their Responses. Also Remarks of Mother Divine at various Times during Anniversary Celebration of the Holy Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to HIS Spotless Virgin Bride
  40. International Celebrations of the Anniversary of the Marriage of Father and Mother Divine. (This article includes a few of the first accounts to come in to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE from overseas.)

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