Honesty, Competence and Truth, the Attributes of GOD
The Requirements of the Kingdom of GOD.





Meeting Place, British Guiana

Meeting Place, British Guiana



  1. "Not Any of the Holy Blessings of God Will Do You Any Good
    --if You Get Them Dishonestly."
  2. "If You Will Lift Yourselves from All Indecency, Incompetence and Untruth
    I Will Establish the Truth In All You Say and Do".
  3. "I Have Created Honesty in the Land."
  4. "It (The Sermon on the Mount) will produce the desirableness of the desirable in you and will produce the competent-ness of the competent in you and cause you not only to be hundred percent efficient and hundred percent proficient, but will cause you to produce two hundred percent in whatsoever you may endeavor."
  5. "The Transmission of My Thoughts . . . Is Actually Contagionizing Society.
    Every Undesirable Condition, And Warfare And Confusion Could Be No More."
  6. Living Epistles of True Americanism.
    'I Have Stamped My Name in the Hearts and Lives of Millions of the Children of Men, and I Have Changed Them from Vice and Crime and Sin and Debauchery of> Every Kind, Such as No Man Can."
  7. FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Concerning His Refusal of a $200,000 Gift.
  8. "City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, the Cradle of Democracy,
    and now I have made it the Country Seat of the World."
    'Let Me Solve Your Problems."
  9. "Be Independent of Everything and Everybody.."
  10. The Foundation of the Whole World of Our Advanced Civilization must Be Reconstructed. It Should Be Honest from Start to Finish








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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