The Righteousness of GOD is Marching Through the World







  1. FATHER DIVINE'S Righteous Government Platform in its Entirety Was Introduced into the Congressional Record.
  2. Daily Correspondence is Bringing Forth My Version
    In the Hearts and Lives of the Children of Men.
  3. State Official Pays Glowing Tribute To FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission
  4. God is in reality your fifteen senses; being your five Spiritual, your. five mental and your five physical senses.
  5. A letter from Mr. Lanyon
  6. Lambert Fairchild, Former New York City Alderman and Prominent Politician Writes Letter to New York Herald Tribune
  7. The Influence of FATHER DIVINE which can reach into the hearts of the people, of His Followers, His Children, and cause them to make personal sacrifices in order to make restitution which the Law could not compel, is a Work which deserves the highest praise of every right thinking citizen.
  8. Assistant District Attorney, Wilson: I do know it to be true that I have never yet, among the hundreds of people who have passed through my hands to the prison walls in the State of New York, I have never yet sent one of FATHER DIVINE'S followers to prison.
  9. Correspondence between FATHER DIVINE and Walter Lanyon
  10. Righteousness Marches On, A Series of Letters From Around the World Requesting FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Blessings and THEIR Replies.
  12. Letters from Two of Many Students
  13. FATHER DIVINE'S Significant Letter to Dr. Edw. Warner, Pres. I. C. A. O., Reveals causes of Airplane and Other Disasters
  14. If I Were a College Professor.
    New Day, May 29, 1965; P. 20-21 Letter - dated July 25, 1939; A.D.F.D.
  15. $1000 Paid on Debts to VAN DEVENTER and GRIER Answer by FATHER - The opposing forces of the Spiritual consciousness of every true hearted American are active in the Cause of Justice.
  16. "I AM MY Law Personified"
    Note letter dated May 5, 1958. Philadelphia suggests FATHER offer HIS services to the City. "...I have entered in where the door is shut and I have made MY law of righteousness, of honesty, of truth and of justice the standard for all governments universally."
    New Day, Dec. 16, 1961; P. 13 Letter - Dated June 26, 1958
  17. "This (Philadelphia) Is The Country Seat Of Democracy.
    'All of our hotels, homes, extensions, training schools and churches are operated as a true democracy. Our economic laws of justice and equity for all have established the low cost of living for the people."
    New Day, Dec. 24, 1949; P. 30-31 Letter - Dec. 19, 1949 in reply to a letter dated Dec. 11, 1949.
  18. Reports to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE of the Woodmont celebrations from Sacramento, California; British Columbia, Canada; British Guiana, South America.
    Letters - Righteousness Marches On! New Day, Nov. 17, 1962; Page 13-17, 22-23.
  19. President of Nazareth Mission Church of Australia Acclaims Supreme Teaching of GOD FATHER DIVINE









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