Righteousness Shall Exalt The Nation




Cooperative enterprises in New York City.

Cooperative enterprises in New York City.




  1. Re: Immigration, feeding the people, etc.
  2. The Righteousness of GOD Exemplified in Our Personal Lives
  3. "GOD Will Use Individuals in Any Place to Get at Corruption When They Fill Official Duty But it Is GOD'S Spirit Doing It"
  4. A Summary of the Three Day Visit of FATHER DIVINE to Philadelphia in 1939.
  5. "I AM stressing the Law that was in CHRIST JESUS, transmitted from the ALMIGHTY to this people that they might be the reincarnators of this Law, that by this Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS, all law might be made a legal standard, or document, for all humanity in all government." Philadelphia, 1939.
  6. "I have been called to Philadelphia on this particular mission, not by MY followers alone but stressfully and especially by a good many of the officials of this City, that they might also convey the Message of this Truth such as I AM conveying, that the inhabitants of this City might be contagionized with the spirit of honesty, competence and truth such as I have established among you."
  7. "We Have Come to the City of Brotherly Love
    to Personify as Well as Reincarnate That Spirit of Brotherly Love"
  8. Question: Where Does HE get So Much Money? - Testimony.
    Righteousness, Justice and Truth
  9. "God in Majesty, Dominion and Authority Has Truly Come
    But in Simplicity, in Meekness, in Lowliness of Heart"
  10. "The High Officials of New York City Have Declared If We Had a Peace Mission in Every Block and I Would Be Free to Express in All of Them, We Would Not Need a Policeman Except to Direct Traffic"
  11. An account of the day's proceedings at the Philadelphia Ball Park, September 4th, 1939.
  12. "I AM Reinculcating and Reincarnating
    The Spirit and Nature Of Democracy
  13. "I Am Advocating the Constitution and its Amendments
    As the Hope of the Redemption of the American People!"
  14. "Cast out of Your System
    all Prejudices, All Confusion, All Strife, All Malice and
    you Will Have a Righteous Government."
  15. "I Came to Cause the Name of God to Cause You
    No Longer to Desire To Commit Vices and Crimes"
  16. By Bringing Capital and Labor Together All Are Blessed Abundantly"
  17. "How Can We Expect to Express Our American Independence Unless We Get Away from Soliciting, Borrowing and Begging?"
  18. Father Divine's Personal Presence in Philadelphia Is The Result of The Request of Chief Officials and Leading Citizens Seeking His Cooperation in Cleaning up The City of its Vice and Crime
  19. " Depressions Are Due to the Lack of Cooperation, Consecration
    and Self-denial"
  20. Honesty. Paying Your Old Back Bills.
  21. Let us go up to the Mount of the House of the LORD, that HE might teach us of His Ways.
  22. "The Government Shall be Upon HIS Shoulder
    and HIS Name Shall be Called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting FATHER," and now Comes, "The PRINCE of PEACE"
  23. "If the immigration officials do not let the people cross the Canadian border without hindrance I am going to move with a mighty hand!"-- FATHER DIVINE
  24. Officials of the Police Department of New York and other cities, are seeking FATHER DIVINE'S continued cooperation in greatly reducing the vice and crime.
  25. "To bring about righteousness in government, a general cleanup is needed."
  26. "Lift yourselves from all indecency, incompetence and untruth and I will establish the truth in all you say and do. Men and Women Speak According to What Is in Their Hearts and Minds."
  27. "This Great Contagion of Righteousness Is Actually Contagionizing the Universe.
    We Rejoice and We Salute You Who Will Take a Stand for Real Americanism; In Short, for Real Religion, Real Christianity."
  28. "This Is the Mission of Christ:  To Get the Kingdom into the Hearts and Lives and the Minds Of the Children of Men in the Way of Righteousness, Equity and Square Dealing."
  29. "The Very Life You Live and the Light You Give, it Lights up the Pathway for the Children of Men."
  30. "All of GOD'S Promises Are Conditional.  Do Not Think Within Yourself You Can Live as You Please and Do as You Choose and Yet Demand the Blessings of GOD Anyhow."
  31. "There Should Be a Secretary of Peace in Our Government."
  32. The Universal Brotherhood of Man.  'Fret Not Yourselves Because of the Workers of Iniquity."
  33. "Each Nation must Get this Great Contagion of Righteousness." -- FATHER DIVINE
  34. Righteousness in Government.
  35. "Righteousness (It Is Written) Exalteth the Nation, While Sin Is a Reproach to Any People."
  36. If They (Congress) Do Not Pass the Anti-lynching Bill, the Government Itself Shall Be Branded as a Blood-thirsty, Barbaric and a Savage Nation.
  37. You Have a Right to be Governed by Your Own Intuition and That Would Be Your Own Individual Conviction and You Would Be Standing on a Principle.
  38. That Which Is Termed Religion or Christianity Means Merely Doing Right--the Right-use-ness of Things
  39. If a Man Keep My Sayings He Shall Never See Death!"--- Jesus
  40. From Every Angle of Expression We Mean to Produce Perfection, and We Mean to Bring it into Materialization by Personification
  41. If an Individual Is Not Willing to Deal Justly among the People, Unselfishly and with Non- Prejudice, He Shall Not and Will Not Fill the Office, for I Shall See That He Is Moved Out!
  42. If I Did Not Reign in Righteousness It Would Be Woe To the Inhabitants of the Earth.
  43. To Judge With Equity Means Righteousness, Justice and Truth In Legality ---- FATHER DIVINE
  44. The Righteous Are Those Who Use Their Energy, Mentality, Ambition and All Their Activities For an Unselfish Purpose.
  45. Truth and Righteousness Must PrevailFor It Is According to the Scripture, Fulfilling the Word Exactly as It Is Written.
  46. Men May Come and Men May Go But the Impersonality and Un-indivisibility of Such Expressions Will Go 0n Forever









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