"Our Own Nation Itself Must Subjugate Itself To
The Doctrine Of Jesus Christ."


The Wages of Sin


Newrochelle, N.Y.




  1. "Your Body or Any Other Selfish, Mortal, Human Claim Will Bring Limitation, Misery, Disappointment and Failure, For It Was Not Ordained That Man Should Be Selfish."
  2. "As with All Other Civilizations for The Last 1,500,000 Years So Will It Be With This One
    If They Do Not Recognize the Fundamental For Which I Stand."
  3. "Adam Through Disobedience . . . Was Driven from God's Actual Presence."
    'I Will Gather the Remnant of My Flock out of All Countries Whither I Have Driven Them . . . and I Will Set up Shepherds over Them." -- Bible.
  4. "HE shall purge the sons of Levi and purge them as silver and as gold are purged!"
    'Those Who Oppose ME, See Them Go Down! They Are Committing Suicide!"
  5. "Our Own Nation Itself Must Subjugate Itself To The Doctrine Of Jesus Christ As Exemplified By Your Humble Servant Or Else They Themselves As The Most Perfect State Of A Democracy Constitutionally, Will Be A Failure."
  6. "The Serpent in Man is Robbing GOD.
    'Will a Man Rob God? They All Have Robbed Me." Malachi 3:8
  7. The Story of Sodom and Gomorrah. "The Righteous Shall Save Your City And Your Country From Destruction!"
  8. "It Is Not by Power Nor by Might but by My Spirit, Declares the Lord!" Be Mindful How You Touch the Ark."
  9. Thou shalt Love the LORD, Thy GOD, with all they Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. Your Own Destructive Thinking, Your Own Destructive Actions, Your Own Destructive Nature and Disposition Has Wrought Destruction on Your Behalf.
  10. If You Get Safely in the Holy Heart of God You Will Be Protected from All Hurt, Harm and Danger."
  11. The Way to Perfection
  12. An Open Confession Is the Only Hope Of Your Redemption For the Spirit, Body and Mind For You Shall Not Hide even If You Commit Suicide. It Is Essential to Have the Spirit of Discernment and Be Qualified to Analyze the Spirit and Mind of the Children of Men
  13. I Have No One to Walk with ME but that Which Is Spirit of MY Spirit and Mind of MY Mind That's All!— FATHER DIVINE








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